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Handcrafted Blue Ceramic Incense Holder

Handcrafted Blue Ceramic Incense Holder

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Set the tone for tranquility with our handcrafted Blue Ceramic Incense Holder.

Made individually by highly skilled U.S. artisans, each holder is unique - no two pieces are identical thanks to the thoughtful hand-glazing process.

Why You’ll Love It

    One-of-a-Kind: Lovingly handcrafted and hand-glazed by skilled U.S. artisans, ensuring each piece is beautifully unique.

    ☯️ Versatility: Adaptable to various forms of incense - sticks, cones, coils, and smudge sticks, accommodating your personal preferences.

    🌿Earthly Connection: Made from natural clay and minerals to foster a bond with the Earth's grounding energies.

    🌊Soothing Blue: The tranquil hue calms the senses, cultivating inner peace and clarity.

    🙏Spiritual Enhancement: Ideal for rituals, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

    Symbolism of Blue

      Calmness & Serenity: Cultivate a soothing, peaceful atmosphere.

      Communication & Expression: Enhance clear communication and self-expression.

      Healing & Protection: Encourage healing energies and safeguard your space.

      Ways to Use Your Incense Holder

        🧘‍♀️Meditation & Mindfulness: Use with your favorite incense to deepen focus and relaxation.

        🕯️Setting Intentions: Begin your day or specific activities by lighting incense to visualize and set your goals.

        🌬️ Space Cleansing & Purification: Clear negative energies and purify your environment.

        🪔Rituals & Offerings: Enrich the sacred ambiance of rituals and make offerings to spiritual guides.

        Elevate your daily rituals with our Blue Ceramic Incense Holder - a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality.

        It’s not just an artifact; it's a tool for mindfulness and well-being. Make serenity a part of your life today.



        Approx. 4" diameter

        Single hole

        Use with incense sticks, cones and coils

        Handcrafted by skilled U.S. potters


        Due to the uniqueness of all handcrafted and hand-glazed pottery, variations in glaze colors and effects are common. The piece you receive will be similar but not exactly match the image displayed.

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