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Mountain Mist Ceramic Incense Holder

Mountain Mist Ceramic Incense Holder

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Manifest a world of change and rejuvenation in your sanctuary with the Mountain Mist Ceramic Incense Holder.

Each of our incense holders is individually crafted by skilled artisans in the U.S., creating truly one-of-a-kind pieces. The unique identity of each holder is guaranteed by a hand-glazing process, celebrating artistry and uniqueness.

Why You’ll Love It:

Uniquely Individual: Every holder is thoughtfully handcrafted and hand-glazed by expert American artisans, resulting in each piece being uniquely beautiful.

☯️ Versatile Design: Our incense holder accommodates various types of incense - sticks, cones, coils, or smudge sticks, catering to your specific preferences.

🌿 Natural Connection: Made from organic clay and minerals to cultivate a deep bond with Earth's grounding energies.

🔄 Symbol of Transformation: Embodying the ever-changing clouds and mist, the holder serves as a reminder of life's impermanence and the potential for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

🙏 Spiritual Enhancement: Perfectly suited for rituals, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

Symbolism of Clouds & Mist:

☁️Mystery and Transcendence: They symbolize the intriguing boundary between physical and spiritual realms, fostering a sense of awe and the unknown.

☁️Divine Connection: The mist signifies the presence of spiritual energies, encouraging individuals to connect with higher realms and seek guidance.

☁️Transformation and Renewal: Clouds and mist stand as a symbol of change, impermanence, and the opportunity for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

☁️Spiritual Retreat and Solitude: The misty ambiance creates a space conducive for introspection, meditation, and spiritual reflection.

☁️Cleansing and Purification: Symbolizing purifying forces, clouds and mist serve to dispel negativity and restore balance.

Ways to Use Your Incense Holder

🧘‍♀️ Meditation & Mindfulness: Enhance your focus and relaxation by pairing it with your favorite incense.

🕯️ Setting Intentions: Begin your day or specific activities by lighting incense, aiding in visualizing and setting your goals.

🌬️ Space Cleansing & Purification: Use it to clear negative energies and purify your environment.

🪔 Rituals & Offerings: Augment the sacred ambiance of rituals and make thoughtful offerings to spiritual guides.

Embrace evolution in your daily rituals with the Mountain Mist Ceramic Incense Holder. Beyond aesthetics, it's a conduit for spiritual growth and tranquility.

Unite with nature and the cycles of change. Bring the serenity of mountain mist to your space today!



Approx. 4.5" wide x 2." tall

Single hole

Use with incense sticks, cones or coils


Due to the uniqueness of all handcrafted and hand-glazed pottery, variations in glaze colors and effects are common. The piece you receive will be similar but not exactly match the image displayed.

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