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A List of the Best Places to Perform Magic

Sometimes the most powerful spells to perform are those away from home or just outside your door. The world can be your altar space if you so choose to see it that way and sometimes stepping away from the perimeter of the familiar can be as simple as taking a walk down an unfamiliar forest path or dipping your toes in the sea.

Witchcraft can be done anywhere! 

One of the best and most rewarding parts of practicing witchcraft is how it often pushes us beyond the boundaries of our home. It implores us to get outside and observe the flow of the natural world whether that be from observing and working to gain harmony with the moon phases, seasons, animals, and plants.

Oftentimes a witch will have to venture to the source of certain energy to better manifest his, her, or their unique desire in correspondence to the unique archetype they are trying to connect with.

Below you’ll encounter a small list of places you can visit as well as the best spells to perform in these sacred spaces to help amplify your results, receive greater healing, and cultivate a deeper sense of wisdom.

The Ocean, Lakes, Rivers, and Creeks 

Any body of water no matter how big or small is an excellent space to perform cleansing rituals in. Oftentimes it can be as simple as sitting in the ocean for a few minutes and letting the waves rush over you. Or maybe it's going to a lake and submerging in the cooling waters for a few minutes.

Places where river water meets sea water is a powerful threshold to cleanse yourself in. These places where two or more energies converge are incredibly potent. When you feel energetically sapped, unclean, or emotionally heavy head to a clean body of water to wash off in.

Crater Lake

Formed some 7,700 years ago by the collapse of a volcano, Crater Lake in Southern Oregon is the deepest lake in the United States and has some of the clearest waters. The Old Man of the Lake is an old Hemlock tree stump, carbon dated to be at least 450 years old. Weathered white and splintered by time the stump has mysteriously floated perfectly upright for more then a century. The Old Man is said to control the weather. In 1988 scientists were exploring the lake and decided to tie up the old man. As soon as they tied the log up the weather turned bad, snowing in August and upon its release the weather cleared.

The Garden, Sacred Grove, and Sea of Trees

Places with dense trees or flowers are places designed to aid in healing rituals and spells. Nothing heals like the lush green embrace of mother nature.If you feel low, depleted, or in need of some nurturing energy to restore yourself go take a walk through the woods, lie on some grass, or meditate in your favorite garden area.

Places with trees and flowers are health giving and can help us to replenish ourselves. If something within ourselves has been lost, harmed, or exhausted to a point of breakdown spending time amongst the trees could be the medicine you need.

Spells that involve fertility can also be performed in these areas as nature is naturally fertile. This concept applies to the water as well, both sea and forest are seen as life-giving/life creating forces.

Sagano Bamboo Forest Kyoto Japan Forest Bathing shinrin-yoku

Originating in 1980's Japan, Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing is the practice of quietly immersing oneself in the atmosphere of the forest and paying quality attention to the sights, sounds and smells. Research has shown forest bathing has both physical and psychological benefits ranging from heart health improvements to reducing anxiety and ruminations. Some of the benefits of forest bathing come from breathing in the essential oils given out by the trees. These wood oils contain phytoncides an airborne antibacterial and antifungal chemical that helps the trees fight disease. When we breathe in these chemicals our bodies react by increasing a type of white blood cell called natural killer cells whose job is to kill tumors and clear viruses from our bodies.

Mountains, Hills, and Rock Formations 

This one is for my witches who like to hike and enjoy the view from above. There is nothing more grounded nor as stable as a mountain. It's no wonder you’ll hear stories of witches and wizards taking refuge or going on extensive pilgrimages in the mountains.

Places where unique rocks form like canyons, gorges, and hills, but especially mountains are places of incredible sacred power. These sites are often as old and as timeless as the sea. They hold within them countless crystallized memories of the Earth’s past. Such places are best for meditation, grounding rituals, and accessing old memories or wisdom from past lives. 

 Sedona Arizona Energy Vortexes Twisted Juniper Trees

In Sedona Arizona amongst the famous red rocks there are 8 known energy vortexes, invisible spots where the earth's energy is particularly strong. This energy can not be seen but many people report feeling an intense recharging and Juniper trees can be found oddly twisted as if shaped by immense energy.

From the hustle and bustle of the city to the tranquil peace of nature, there is no shortage of inspiring places to practice your magic. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, the water, forests and mountains offer the perfect backdrop to awaken your inner green witch. So dont be afraid to explore these magical realms and discover what hidden wonders await you.

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