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Chai Bunny’s Favorite YouTubers from the Spiritual side of YouTube

Here at Chai Bunny we love the mystical and spiritual side of YouTube which is teeming with fantastic individuals ranging from sex positive kitchen witches, to globally renown spiritual teachers. 

Evolving Spiritually 

Meet Kayla, a dancer, artist, and tarot reader who’s been on the platform since 2016 with over five years of spiritual advisory under her belt. Kayla offers her critical thinking and natural intuition to any reading with an unmistakably chill vibe that is nothing sort of big sister energy. Whatever it may be you can trust Kayla to give a thought-provoking reading to help channel change and deep healing. 

Sonia Choquette 

Sonia Choquette is a globally recognized spiritual teacher, Consultant, and storyteller who is the author of nineteen best-selling books on spirituality and psychic growth. Sonia is my spiritual grandma and I want her to be yours too. She’s sweet, humorous, and endlessly knowledgeable and though her videos are relatively short I always end up walking away with a new kernel of knowledge that I didn’t have beforehand. 

Healing Vibrations 

Here at Chai Bunny we love Healing Vibrations who is based out in the PNW just like us! Healing Vibrations is a media company that focuses on facilitating spiritual and physical wellness through therapeutic sound healing using singing bowls and many more relaxing tools and instruments. Healing Vibrations is our go to for meditating, relaxing, and sleeping, and we hope they are for you too! 

The Dick Witch

Funny, sexy, and unapologetic is how I would describe The Dick Witch the kitchen witch who brings a sex-positive twist to the tarot reading side of YouTube. The Dick Witch posts weekly 18+ tarot card readings where she seeks to make talking about sex and sexuality less taboo topics. Think of The Dick Witch as a fun and flirty Glinda the Good Witch who seeks to spread positivity and self-acceptance throughout the kingdom. 

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