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Tracking Tarot like a Habit

You’ve probably heard of habit trackers and journaling which are all the rage and uber helpful for seeing and organizing the most crucial areas of your life, but did you know you can do more or less the same with tarot?

Tarot cards are an awesome tool because they can easily tune into and articulate the current energies that are surrounding you or a situation, and an excellent way to keep track of these energies for future reference is to simply write them down for later review. This is an especially useful trick if you are someone like me who does daily readings in the morning, which usually entails me shuffling cards and asking questions like “What is the energy surrounding me today?”, “Or what is happening for me today?”.

Once I pull my cards for the day I write them down in a journal, taking care to note any reversed cards, synchronicities, changes, or patterns. Doing this simple little practice every day, over the course of a couple months will give you a more detailed idea of what’s going on in your life, spiritually, emotionally, and financially in really interesting ways. You can also see places where you might be stuck or stagnant especially if you keep pulling certain cards over the course of a couple months as well as places where you have improved or changed the energy. 

This is a super easy practice to introduce into your routine and it’s especially useful for our friends out there who like to journal and write. I originally started this practice as a way to more easily remember the daily cards and messages I was pulling, and it has slowly turned into a useful habit that allows me to analyze and review my spiritual journey in real time. I hope this bite sized tarot tip was useful and I can’t wait to see you all in the next one! 

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