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Water in Spellwork

I realize some of these earlier blog posts may come off sounding a bit basic and maybe even juvenile in their content, but as someone who gets easily overwhelmed by intense jargon, dense subjects, and the even denser books of the craft I find myself appreciating those who take the time to break things down into digestible sizes…even if it does prolong the journey by a lesson or two. With that said I want to move us into today’s journal post which is about water and how to utilize its properties within our spell work. 

Water is everywhere, I feel that I don’t have to go too in depth into this as we can observe in nature and within our biology just how integral water is not only to our planet but also to our own physical wellbeing. It’s also worth bringing up that all life began in the water, before sprouting on land and understanding and acknowledging all of life’s deeply rooted ties to the ocean and the sea is integral to anyone’s practices. 

Water doesn’t just hydrate us, it also has within it the capability to cleanse, heal, and amplify our spell work in amazing ways that can leave us feeling refreshed, recharged, and empowered. Water can serve us on our path in many ways which is why I want to touch upon a few ideas and practices that utilize water. 

Water is highly programmable:

If you happened to read our first journal post which discussed setting intentions, you might recall that to have intent is to have a purpose. We can give purpose to ourselves, and we can also give purpose to objects or forces. Water is highly programmable, and it takes easily to clearly set intentions. To help further illustrate this point look no further than Bruce Lee’s famous quote: 

"Be Water, My Friend. Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend." 

Yes, just like that, water can become and mold itself into whatever shape you put it into. Now you’re probably thinking that this sounds all fine and dandy, but maybe a tad bit too philosophical for your tastes, how can we test the programmability of water? Look no further than Dr. Emoto’s water experiment, in which it was demonstrated that water can be easily shaped by our environment, thoughts, and emotions. I won't get too in-depth on the actual experiments themselves which even for my tastes have a few fallacies as far as how the data was extracted, but Emoto’s water experiment brings up a very interesting idea which is that our thoughts and feelings influence reality. 

This experiment was done by introducing or labeling water with certain words or phrases like “Peace” or “You disgust me”, and it was noted that samples of water which were labeled with positive words or phrases took on much more pleasing molecular structures compared to those which were labeled with negative expressions. As I said before there is a lot of fallibility within this experiment as with the type of water that was used, amongst other things, but I think Emoto’s study brings up a lot of interesting ideas that aligns with our grand idea of setting clear intentions to receive clear results.

How to utilize the programmability of water: 

So now we have these two ideas of setting clear intentions within our spell work and that water can be a vehicle which can transfer our thoughts and feelings into the 3-D, so let's move forward in discussing just some of the few ways we can introduce this new idea into our practices.

Using Water to boost Manifestations: 

Knowing that water can react and assume the form of certain words or phrases, it should come as no surprise that you can use water or any liquid as a matter of fact to boost your manifestations. The trick here is to speak your intent into the water and to take small sips of it once every day to essentially imbibe your thoughts and feelings. Do this until you’ve completely drank all your water. I also recommend finding an attractive glass canister or mason jar that is strictly for your manifestation of water. Do note that you can do this simple manifestation trick with any kind of liquid. I know some people who have done this spell with coffee or apple juice who have met more or less the same results. Though water is the main star of this journal post I see fit to add that ANY liquid can be programmable, but water carries within it a pure crystalline structure that as I’ve said before is an excellent vehicle for intent. 

Using Water to cleanse:

 It should be of no shock that water is also highly cleansing but not just for your physical health. Water can be used to cleanse one’s aura which through our day-to-day interactions can become heavy and weighed down from stress and anxiety, and much like flossing I take spiritual cleansing very seriously. With that said it should be of no surprise that you can also program your baths or even your showers to follow your intent as well, (But more on this specific topic later).

Even though this is only our second journal post I hope even now you are beginning to pick up on a pattern that will ring true in many if not all journal posts to come in that your practice of the craft is nothing without intention and most importantly it’s nothing without intent that doesn’t empower you. My desire is that each and every one of you begins to see just how great of an effect you have on this reality especially when so many things seem to be so far out of our control. Our thoughts and emotions have a far greater influence on the world around us than we are initially led to believe at times, and my aim in these journal posts is to demystify the practice and to explain to you what you’re doing and why it works. I do this in hopes of dismantling the idea that magic is all miracle work that cannot be explained by scientific laws or truths. I feel this invalidates intent, and thus perpetuates the idea that your desires cannot be replicated in the same way that hydrogen and oxygen can be accounted for to create water. 

In this post it was my aim to get you all to begin actively thinking about not just water in your practices but to also explain to you the reasoning for the how and why purpose gives meaning to spell work.

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