What to do when Fantastical Worry Stories are Ruining your Sunday

What to do when Fantastical Worry Stories are Ruining your Sunday

It’s Sunday, how do you feel? Relaxed and present or full of a dread induced anxiety, ruminating on what’s to come in the week ahead? This foreboding feeling is sometimes called the Sunday Scaries, the Sunday Blues or Smonday. It's when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday starts to kick in. So what can be done to combat this thief of peace? Here’s a li’l witch tip on how to deal.

First it’s helpful to identify the particular breed of dread hijacking your Sunday. Grab your journal, notepad, scrap of paper, whatever you got and dump every worry and anxious feeling onto that paper, no holding back let it rip. You should find that just the act of writing, pen to paper may ease some anxiousness. Give your worry to the paper and feel your mind clear.

Once done your list will be a mix tape compilation of both fanciful made-up where’d you come up with that worry, and a real world anticipatory to-do list type anxiety. It’s good to differentiate between what is true and false. The load lightens tremendously when you dump the fictional worry. I mean do you really need weird doom scenarios where everything goes horribly wrong looping in your head? No, no you do not. Just cross the fanciful worries off the list and what remains, if anything, is now much more manageable.

You can deal with the remaining list in a few ways. 1. Burn it cause who cares it’s Sunday and it’s time to be present in Sunday good vibes. 2. Tuck it away, Monday is tomorrow and if you recharge today you’ll be better able to tackle any challenges the week ahead brings. 3. If anything on your list can be easily dealt with and will provide your mind freedom just do it and enjoy the feeling of being done.

Honestly it really doesn’t matter what you choose to do with your list. The real value in this exercise is learning how to recognize when your mind has invented a fantastical worry story. Most of our human troubles can be traced back to false narratives and when we can identify them our mind becomes unburdened. Time is dear, don’t give it away to the decay of ruminations. Write your worry list, dump the junk, what remains give to Monday. Now breathe, be present and recharge in the beautiful moments of this Sunday.
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