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Crystal Quartz Point Pendulum

Crystal Quartz Point Pendulum

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Tap into your intuition and get in touch with your higher self for greater clarity and decision-making ability with these natural stone, crystal quartz point pendulums.

These Pendulums come with the stone of your choice and have a crystal quartz point on the bottom and a little crystal quartz sphere on top attached to a silver plated chain.

Choose the stone that is perfect for you:

*Green Aventurine (Lucky crystal, especially in manifesting prosperity & wealth.)

*Rainbow Moonstone (Enhances perception, brings answers to light, and offers mental clarity.)

*Sunstone (Facilitates self-empowerment and independence.)

These are natural stones thus each item will vary slightly in size, color, and characteristics

Approximate Dimensions:
Pendulum - 10mm x 60mm - 15mm x 80mm  
Chain - 6" - 7.

Made in India

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