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Rock Paradise

Natural Stone Pendulums

Natural Stone Pendulums

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A great addition to your witch’s toolbox. Use for divination practices or energy healing.

Choose your own natural stone pendulum and call upon your ancestors, angels, spiritual guides, and deities to receive answers and solutions.

An easy practice to incorporate in your daily life that brings sacred time to connect with your higher self.

Use your intuition when choosing a pendulum, pick the one that calls to you.

Choose your Stone:

*Golden Quartz (Improve your ability to manifest what you're seeking)

*Lapis Lazuli (Helps with truth and self-awareness)

*Moonstone (Deepens psychic capabilities)

These are natural stones thus each item will vary slightly in size, color, and characteristics.

Approximate Dimensions: pendulum - 15mm - 30mm / Silver Plated chain - 7"

Made in United States

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