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An Intro to Deity Work for Beginners Part: 1

As I was sitting down to write the first draft of this blog post I began to realize just how broad and diverse the topic of deity work is. It branches into so many other subjects and talking points all of which are increasingly important to get the most out of building a lasting relationship with your specific deity or deities. Hence why this will be the first blog post in what will become a comprehensive introduction to deity work. So, without further ado, let's get into our opening intro of Deity Work for Beginners Part 1.

What is Deity Work? 

Though the name is a bit self-explanatory it never hurts to start with the bare bone basics, so simply put deity work is the cultivation of a harmonious and reciprocal relationship between a deity and their devotee. Deity work can be viewed as a generally broad area of witchcraft and spirituality because it involves a plethora of other skills and rituals such as ancestral worship, meditation, candle work, arts and crafts, herbs, shadow work, etc, the list can and will go on and on.

Where do I start with Deity Work? 

Deity work can be incredibly fulfilling and exciting especially when you're first starting out on your journey into witchcraft, spirituality, and the esoteric sciences. 

The safest and best way to start dipping your toes into deity work actually doesn’t start with a deity but with your ancestors. 

“Why the ancestors?” you ask. Because in many ways they hold the keys to the doorway that allows you to walk through and communicate with these higher realms. Our ancestors provide the safety, supervision, protection, and guidance required on our journey up the tree of life. 

Nurturing the memory and peaceful rest of your ancestors can also teach you some of the crucial skills you’ll have to develop in order to have a fruitful relationship with a deity such as: 

  • Learning how to tend to a sacred space or altar.
  • Giving out routine offerings such as incense, prayer, burning candles, food, and libations such as alcohol. Incense helps the dead to sleep, food and libation nourishes them. So be sure to include their favorite food or drink if you know what they are.
  • Sharpening and nurturing communication between the invisible realm by tuning into the innate psychic skills we all harbor and can strengthen.
  • Gain access to self-knowledge through research and recognition of one's ancestry.

Our ancestors in many ways are the sacred manifestation of our DNA, something that we harbor within ourselves that carries the blueprint of our past, present, and future within it.

Establishing communication between the living realm and the spirit realm will set the precedence for what kind of beings are allowed to come through in your deity work. When we give our ancestors praise, thanks, and remembrance they can act on our behalf as a psychic shield against unwanted forces as well as provide us with the guidance we will need to assume the attributes of our destiny. 

Ancestral work and deity work share a lot of similarities, and in many African diasporic practices the honoring of the foremothers and forefathers is just as important as the honoring of our ancestral deities and spirits. Our ancestors in many ways are the sacred manifestation of our DNA, something that we carry within ourselves that carries the blueprint of our past, present, and future within it. So, take your time to honor those of the ancestral land and set the precedence for your deity work.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we will discuss the how-tos for discovering and beginning communication with the deity you wish to work with as well as what to do when a deity reaches out to first.

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