Pictured here are gardening gloves adorned with the serene blues and greens of the Earth, symbolizing Pisces' connection to the intuitive and fluid aspects of life.

Planting the Seeds of Success Under the New Seed Moon in Pisces

On March 10th at 3:00 AM PST, the New Moon will emerge quietly in the early morning hours marking a subtle yet potent juncture in lunar influence as March takes its initial steps.

This New Moon's manifestation in Pisces invites us to delve into the realm of intuition and introspection, urging us to embrace a spirit of fluidity and compassion as we navigate the sacred waters of our subconscious.

Our latest blog offers a detailed guide on the New Moon in Pisces, packed with insights, rituals, and practices. Whether seeking clarity or a deeper connection with its energy, this is your go-to for a personalized lunar journey.

This read is crafted to cater to all—immerse yourself fully, skim through, or let your intuition guide you to the sections that speak to you the most. It's designed to be a flexible companion on your path to lunar discovery, inviting you to explore in whatever way resonates best with you.

Why is it Called the New Seed Moon

The image of someone tending to a plant reflects the themes of care and connection to Earth, resonating with the nurturing spirit of the season.

The New Seed Moon symbolizes the start of awakening and the first signs of spring, a time when the cold grip of winter begins to ease.

Named the "Seed Moon," it perfectly captures the beginning of life's emergence and growth. This moon phase is all about planting seeds in the literal and figurative sense, setting the stage for growth and renewal in the months ahead.

As the New Seed Moon rises, it ushers in a period of subtle but significant change. Seeds beneath the cool soil start to awaken, ready for the surge of life spring brings.Animals venture out from their winter shelters, and the natural world gradually moves towards vitality and abundance.

Unlike full moons that light up the sky, the New Seed Moon focuses on the promise of light and life after darkness, signaling the upcoming burst of life that spring embodies.

This moon serves as a gentle nudge of life's cycles and the quiet strength found in new beginnings. It's not just about physically planting seeds but also about fostering ideas and plans for the future, looking forward to warmer, brighter days.

This moon phase encourages us to set intentions, nurture our dreams, and prepare for the growth to come. It's a well of potential and hope, softly glowing in the night sky, leading us towards the season of warmth, vitality, and plenty.

New Seed Moon Themes

ictured here are gardening gloves adorned with the serene blues and greens of the Earth, symbolizing Pisces' connection to the intuitive and fluid aspects of life.

The New Seed Moon is a powerful symbol of transformation and growth, marking a perfect time to reflect on several key themes as spring approaches:

Embrace Potential:

This period inspires us to explore the possibilities that the new season brings. It's a call to envision the personal and professional growth awaiting us. The Seed Moon reminds us to consider what we're about to sow, both in the literal sense with plants and in a metaphorical sense with our ambitions and plans, as nature reawakens.

Acknowledge New Beginnings:

The soft glow of the Seed Moon highlights the fresh starts and opportunities spring offers. It's an invitation to pause and appreciate the early stages of our new ventures, reminding us that, just like seeds ready to sprout, our fledgling projects and dreams are poised for growth.

Nurture Seeds of Hope:

Transitioning from winter into spring, this lunar phase symbolizes a shift from darkness to potential-filled light. It celebrates the cycle of renewal found in nature and in ourselves, encouraging us to embrace change and growth.

The New Seed Moon brings hope, motivating us to look towards a future filled with vibrant opportunities and to nurture the hopeful aspirations we hold dear.

By reflecting on these themes, we can align ourselves with the natural cycle of renewal and prepare for a season of abundance and transformation.

Enter the Spiritual Tides of Pisces

Gaze into the rippling waters of a koi pond, where the vibrant fish move with intention and grace. This image embodies the contemplative and adaptive Piscean spirit.

Pisces, symbolized by the fish, is a sign deeply connected to the mysteries of the ocean, embodying an ever-changing, boundless nature. This zodiac sign, ruling the twelfth house, combines an intuitive, dreamlike approach with a strong drive for empathy and spiritual connection.

Pisces is all about bridging the tangible with the intangible, excelling in environments that allow them to express their caring nature and imaginative spirit.

As a mutable water sign, Pisces adapts easily, always flowing and evolving, with a focus on emotional depth and healing. This makes those born under Pisces emotionally insightful, capable of understanding and easing the emotional struggles of themselves and others.

Guided by Neptune, the planet of dreams and intuition, Pisces shines in their insightful and artistic expression. Neptune's influence brings out Pisces' ability to create spaces of empathy and understanding, emphasizing their desire to break down barriers and connect deeply with others on a spiritual level.

The fish symbol reflects Pisces' fluid identity and adaptability, portraying a being constantly in motion, seamlessly navigating the material and spiritual realms. This symbolizes Pisces' quest for transcendence, always striving to blend with the universal flow and adapt gracefully to life's changes.

Pisces New Moon Lessons

With this New Moon in Pisces, it's an opportunity to reflect on the lessons that this water sign has to offer:

Embrace Intuition and Creativity:

Pisces champions the power of intuition and the creative flow, urging an exploration of the inner depths and a focus on the emotional and imaginative realms that build the foundation of our being. Now is the moment to tap into your intuitive insight, allowing creative expressions to flow freely and enhance your spiritual and emotional life.

Cultivate Empathy and Spiritual Growth:

This phase is ripe for nurturing a profound connection to empathy and spiritual understanding. Inspired by Pisces' compassionate and soulful approach, it’s a call to deepen your emotional connections for your own healing and to extend your compassion to those around you, fostering a sense of universal unity.

Prioritize Emotional Health and Mystical Pursuits:

Governed by the 12th house, Pisces' essence is intertwined with emotional well-being, spirituality, and mystical activities.

This New Moon emphasizes the importance of emotional balance and wellness, inviting an immersion into spiritual practices, organizing your inner world, and engaging in activities that connect you to the collective consciousness. It's a period to recognize the influence of emotional and spiritual health on personal development and fulfillment.

These Pisces New Moon lessons encourage a harmonious blend of intuition, creativity, and empathy, steering us towards a more connected and spiritually enriched existence.

Witch Tip: Pisces energy flourishes in the realms of the esoteric and mystical arts, making this New Moon—and indeed the entirety of Pisces Season—a divinely aligned time to reconnect with our personal magic!

Other Astrological Happenings

his chart is a cosmic guide for navigating the introspective waters of Pisces, where dreams merge with reality and the unseen realms reveal their wisdom.

With all lunations there are various factors that provide subtle influences from the heavenly bodies above on both the individual and the collective of society at large.

Here are a few important astrological and planetary placements to consider and work with under the culmination of this New Moon:

All Major Planetary Bodies are Direct

For the New Seed Moon in Pisces, all major planetary bodies are direct, offering a unique celestial alignment that infuses the atmosphere with an undiluted flow of Piscean energy.

This astrological event marks a period of unobstructed potential and forward momentum across the night sky and within our own lives. This is monumental as it signifies that this period is energetically unobstructed.

The direct motion of these celestial giants in the backdrop of the New Seed Moon in Pisces creates an unparalleled opportunity for initiating projects, setting intentions, and manifesting dreams with clarity and conviction.

We are urged to align our actions with our highest ideals, fostering connections that transcend the ordinary and nurture our souls.

In this extraordinary moment, the heavenly spheres offer us a clear passage for our aspirations to flow freely, unimpeded by retrograde currents. It's a potent time for healing, creativity, and spiritual growth, as we are supported by the full direct motion of the cosmos, encouraging us to move forward with confidence and grace.

Witch Tip: With all the major planetary bodies going direct, use this lunar phase to move forward on the fruition of your dreams without any friction! Sky's the limit!

New Seed Moon Correspondences

Embrace the energy of the Seed Moon with these essential correspondences, crafted to enhance your rituals and spiritual reflections during this lunation.

Whether you are taking your first steps on your lunar journey or are a seasoned practitioner, these elements provide a rich source of inspiration for deepening your connection to this distinctive lunar phase.

Herbal & Resinous Allies for the New Seed Moon

Amidst an array of lush fruits and verdant leaves, nature's bounty resonates with the fertile promise of the New Seed Moon in Pisces, heralding a period of growth and sensory abundance.

Incorporate the following herbs, barks, roots, essential oils, or even fruit into your practices to align with the New Moon's Energy:

Oranges (Citrus sinensis):

Symbolic of abundance, happiness, and rejuvenation. Oranges, with their vibrant color and refreshing fragrance, capture the joyful and revitalizing energy of the New Seed Moon.

They remind us of the richness of life, the sweetness of success, and the invigorating promise of renewal, hinting at the blossoming opportunities and vibrant vitality that spring brings.

Medicinally, oranges are celebrated for their rich vitamin C content, essential for immune system support, skin health, and antioxidant benefits, embodying the essence of physical and energetic rejuvenation.

Common Sage (Salvia officinalis):

Symbolic of wisdom, protection, and spiritual cleansing. Common Sage, with its aromatic leaves and sturdy growth, embodies the wise and protective energy of the New Seed Moon.

It serves as a beacon of knowledge, a shield against negativity, and a purifier of spaces and spirits, guiding us toward a path of enlightenment and safeguarding our journey into the new cycle.

Medicinally, sage is renowned for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, offering benefits in oral health, cognitive function, and digestive health, symbolizing the holistic approach to wisdom, protection, and purification.

Bee Balm (Monarda spp.):

Associated with prosperity, protection, and the power of attraction. Bee Balm, recognized for its vivid colors and aromatic leaves, resonates with the themes of the New Seed Moon.

This vibrant plant represents the flourishing of wealth, the safeguarding of the spirit, and the allure of positive forces, encouraging us to embrace the burgeoning growth and protective energy as we step into the renewed promise of the season.

Medicinally, bee balm is celebrated for its antiseptic and digestive aid properties, offering relief in cases of nausea, bloating, and minor infections, reinforcing its role in prosperity and protection.

Rose (Rosa spp.):

Representative of love, beauty, and healing. Rose, with its iconic blooms and rich fragrance, embodies the timeless and healing energy of the New Seed Moon.

It reminds us of the depth of love, the healing power of beauty, and the gentle unfolding of our own vulnerabilities and strengths, as we renew our commitment to self-love and the nurturing of others in anticipation of the rejuvenating spirit of spring.

Medicinally, roses are valued for their anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, beneficial in skin care, easing emotional tension, and soothing sore throats, symbolizing the deep healing power of love and beauty.

New Seed Moon Animal Allies

Embrace the Piscean theme of perseverance with an image of a salmon leaping upstream, embodying the strength to overcome obstacles and swim towards higher consciousness, much like the journey we undertake during the New Seed Moon in Pisces.

𓆟 Hermit Crab:

Emblematic of adaptability, home, and the journey of self-discovery. Hermit Crabs, known for their unique ability to find and inhabit shells that fit their growing bodies, align with the themes of the Seed New Moon.

They remind us of the importance of creating a nurturing space for ourselves, the art of adaptability, and the journey to find where we truly belong, leading us to seek comfort in our own growth and transitions.

𓆟 Whale:

A powerful symbol of emotional depth, communication, and the mysteries of the deep sea.

Whales, with their immense size and sophisticated forms of communication, mirror the introspective and communicative energy of the Seed New Moon in Pisces.

They teach us the value of emotional depth, the power of sound in creating connections, and the importance of understanding the vast, unseen worlds within and around us, guiding us to navigate life's emotional depths with wisdom and grace.

𓆟 Mourning Dove:

This graceful slender-tailed bird embodies peace, hope, and the promise of renewal.

Mourning Doves, with their soft, melancholic calls and gentle presence, symbolize the soothing balm of peace and the quiet hope for a new dawn.

They resonate with the Seed New Moon's focus on the nurturing of inner peace, the whisper of hope in times of change, and the gentle unfolding of life's cycles, encouraging us to embrace the tranquility and promise of renewal that this new cycle brings.

𓆟 Salmon:

Symbolizing determination, resilience, and a profound connection to one's origins, salmon are celebrated for their remarkable upstream journeys back to their birthplaces to spawn.

These journeys epitomize the courage to surmount obstacles, a strong sense of purpose, and a deep-rooted pull towards our origins.

Aligned with the Seed New Moon's focus on determination and the natural impulse toward growth and renewal, salmon inspire us to navigate life's challenges with resilience.

They remind us to honor our roots as we courageously chart our way forward, embodying the spirit of rebirth and progress.

Runes & Tarot

Amidst a scatter of tarot and rune cards, each card invites us to dive into the mystical wisdom of the New Seed Moon in Pisces.

Engage with the following tarot cards and runes to align and seek clarity during this New Moon.

*Please note: I've personally cast and shuffled these runes and cards, tuning into the collective energy for insights during this lunar phase.


ᚹ Wunjo

The rune Wunjo, depicted as a P or a flag, signifies joy, harmony, and the culmination of well-being. Its connection with the New Seed Moon highlights the importance of happiness and satisfaction during this time of renewal and growth.

Wunjo represents the bliss that comes from achieving balance and fostering positive relationships. In runic practices, Wunjo is often invoked to enhance personal fulfillment and bring about a sense of peace and contentment.

For this New Seed Moon, Wunjo's influence suggests a time to focus on cultivating joy and harmony in our lives, encouraging us to seek out and create moments of happiness in our personal connections and endeavors. It's a period for recognizing the value of positive energy and well-being, reminding us that true growth and fulfillment stem from a foundation of joy.

This is a time to embrace the principle that life's most enriching experiences are born from a state of harmony and contentment, inspiring us to pursue goals and relationships that bring us joy and satisfaction.

Wunjo guides us to appreciate the beauty of our community and the natural world, preparing us for the flourishing season ahead with a spirit of optimism and unity.

ᛒ Berkano

The rune Berkano, depicted as a B or resembling the shape of a pregnant woman, signifies growth, renewal, and the nurturing aspects of femininity. Its connection with the New Seed Moon underscores the importance of new beginnings and the potential for rebirth and regeneration.

Berkano represents the cyclical nature of life, akin to the nurturing warmth needed during the emergence of spring. In runic practices, Berkano is often invoked to support personal growth, healing, and the fostering of care and compassion.

For this New Seed Moon, Berkano's influence suggests a time to focus on personal development and the nurturing of our ambitions and relationships. It's a period for recognizing the value of care, both for ourselves and for others, reminding us that true growth and fulfillment stem from a foundation of support and kindness.

This is a time to embrace the principle that life's most enriching experiences are born from a state of nurturing and renewal, inspiring us to pursue goals and relationships with a spirit of rejuvenation and care.

Berkano guides us to appreciate the cycles of growth and renewal within ourselves and our community, preparing us for the flourishing season ahead with a heart full of compassion and unity.

ᚢ Uruz

The rune of Uruz embodies the primal, fertilizing essence that courses throughout the cosmos and can best be described as matter on the verge of becoming.

Symbolized by the aurochs, the now extinct ancestor of our modern domestic cattle, this ancient and formidable energy signifies untamed strength, robust health, and the raw force of nature, mirroring the dynamic energy of the New Seed Moon. It represents a time when we are called to materialize our deepest desires and to shape the fabric of reality in order to cultivate harmonious outcomes. 

The presence of Uruz during this lunar phase signals a potent opportunity to harness our indomitable spirit and raw untapped potential. Uruz urges us to create concrete plans while also tapping into our most personal and fundamental power.

This rune guides us to carve out our destiny with resilience and determination, utilizing our inner fortitude to overcome obstacles and pave the way for innovation and the fulfillment of our desires.

Aligning with the vigorous energies of the New Seed Moon, Uruz encourages us to embrace the formidable energy within, directing it toward growth and new ventures. It serves as a reminder of the critical role of strength and vitality in the genesis of new beginnings and the transformations that await.

By channeling the aurochs’ legendary might, Uruz inspires us to embrace change as the pathway to regeneration and progress, empowering us to shape reality and cultivate the future we envision with boldness and clarity.


𓇼 Four of Pentacles

As we align with the energy of the New Seed Moon, the Four of Pentacles emerges, signaling a time to examine our relationship with security, control, and material possessions.

This card serves as a reflection on the balance between safeguarding what we have earned and remaining open to the flow of abundance, as well as the sharing of our monetary gains.

Unlike the more expansive tarot cards, the Four of Pentacles points to the potential pitfalls of becoming too fixated on material stability at the expense of growth and generosity.

This card invites us to reassess our priorities, encouraging us to find a middle ground between conserving resources and embracing the possibilities that come with trust and openness.

It’s a reminder that true security lies not only in the accumulation of wealth but in our ability to adapt and share.

Let the energy of the Four of Pentacles inspire you to consider how you might hold onto your values and resources without closing off from the dynamic exchange of life’s gifts.

𓇼 The Moon

Continuing with our reading, The Moon bathes us in its mysterious light, heralding a period of intuition, dreams, and the exploration of the subconscious.

This card embodies the journey into the depths of our inner landscape, inviting us to confront our fears and illusions to uncover the truth hidden beneath the surface.

The Moon implores us to embrace the uncertainty and ambiguity that come with deep self-exploration. It serves as a guide through the shadows, illuminating the path toward understanding and enlightenment.

Let the energy of The Moon motivate you to connect with your intuitive self, navigate through the complexities of your emotions, and embrace the transformative power of introspection and revelation.

𓇼 Six of Pentacles

To conclude our reading, the Six of Pentacles graces us, symbolizing a time of balance and generosity, where the act of giving and receiving is in perfect harmony.

This card reflects the values of kindness, support, and the equitable distribution of resources. It reminds us that prosperity is not just about accumulating wealth but also about sharing our abundance with those in need.

The Six of Pentacles calls upon us to engage in acts of generosity, recognizing the interconnectedness of our well-being. It emphasizes the joy and fulfillment that come from supporting others and contributing to a more balanced and compassionate world.

Let the energy of the Six of Pentacles inspire you to open your heart and resources, fostering a community of care, gratitude, and mutual respect.

Witch Tip: read through this section and see what parallels and messages you can find within the cards and runes and how they may relate to your life at the time of this New Moon? Align with your intuition to find the guidance that has patiently been waiting for you.

Body Parts for Physical Workings

A solitary figure meditating on a rock amidst flowing waters captures the reflective and meditative essence of the New Seed Moon in Pisces, inviting us to find calm within life's continuous flow.

Under this New Seed Moon, the focus shifts to the intuitive and empathetic nature of Pisces, which directs us to the parts of our body under their rulership: the feet, lymphatic system, and immune system.

These parts and systems are pivotal for our mobility, defense against illness, and overall health, resonating with the fluid nature of Pisces.

Here's a simple guide to understanding their importance and maintaining their health in alignment with this New Seed Moon:


  • Importance: The feet support our movements and bear the weight of our body, playing a critical role in our overall mobility and balance.
  • Maintaining Health: Wearing comfortable shoes, regular foot baths, and massages can promote foot health. Exercises that enhance flexibility and strength, like walking or yoga, also benefit the feet.

Lymphatic System

  • Importance: The lymphatic system aids in removing waste and toxins from the body, crucial for maintaining immune health and fluid balance.
  • Maintaining Health: Staying hydrated, practicing regular exercise, and engaging in lymphatic drainage massages can support the lymphatic system's function.

Immune System

  • Importance: The immune system defends the body against infections and diseases, playing a significant role in our overall health and well-being.
  • Maintaining Health: A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants supports immune health. Adequate sleep, stress management techniques, and regular physical activity can also enhance immune system function.

Witch Tip: Give your feet a relaxing night off with a simple foot soak this New Moon!

New Seed Moon Crystals

Engage with and utilize some of the following crystals that are known for their abundant and creative energy to align with the New Seed Moon:

Purple Opal: for joyful freedom

Botswana Agate: to center and ground your creative spirit

Thulite: for joyful expression

Yellow Opal: for dynamic creativity


𓆟 Pale Green

𓆟 Violet

𓆟 Light Yellow

𓆟 White

Deities for the New Seed Moon

Invoke the protective and nurturing energies of Auset (Isis), the Egyptian goddess of magic and motherhood, whose wings spread wide to embrace and guide us through the transformative journey of the New Seed Moon in Pisces.

𓇼 Ostara:

In Germanic mythology, Ostara is the goddess of dawn, renewal, and spring, symbolizing the rejuvenation of the earth and the return of fertility to the land.

This New Seed Moon, a time of budding life and emerging possibilities, highlights Ostara's energy, encouraging us to embrace new beginnings and to celebrate the growth that awaits.

Her presence reminds us of the joy of resurgence, the beauty of nature's awakening, and the promise of new life, urging us to open our hearts to renewal and the fresh starts that spring provides.

𓇼 Auset (Isis):

In Egyptian mythology, Auset (Isis) is the goddess of magic, motherhood, and healing, embodying the depths of love and the power of restoration.

During the New Seed Moon, a period ripe for transformation and rebirth, Auset's energy inspires us to harness our inner strength, to weave magic into our daily lives, and to nurture the bonds of family and community.

Her presence reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit, the healing power of love, and the sacredness of life, guiding us to heal, to protect, and to empower ourselves and those around us.

𓇼 Nerthus:

In Germanic mythology, Nerthus is the goddess of the earth, fertility, and peace, symbolizing the sacredness of nature and the nurturing care it provides.

With the New Seed Moon illuminating the path to growth and renewal, Nerthus' energy calls us to deepen our connection with the earth, to cherish its gifts, and to live in harmony with the natural world.

Her presence reminds us of the importance of environmental stewardship, the cycles of life and renewal, and the peace that comes from living in balance with nature, guiding us to honor the earth and to seek tranquility in its embrace.

New Seed Moon Activities

Set the stage for serene introspection with a spiritual bath under the New Seed Moon in Pisces. A book floats beside a steaming cup of tea on a wooden bath tray, surrounded by the gentle glow of candles, creating a sanctuary for relaxation and release, embodying the tranquil Piscean energy.

For the New Seed Moon, embracing activities that celebrate new beginnings, growth, and the nurturing energy of the season perfectly harmonizes with the New Moon's energy. Below are curated practices to enhance your New Moon experience:

New Seed Moon Intention Setting

The New Seed Moon offers an ideal moment for setting intentions for the coming cycle. Gather some cute stationery and a pen, and maybe light a green or earth-toned candle to symbolize growth and renewal.

As you write, focus on your hopes and dreams for the upcoming season, planting seeds of intentions for what you wish to manifest. This activity taps into the fertile energy of the New Seed Moon, helping you to visualize and prepare the soil for your aspirations to flourish.

New Seed Moon Garden Ritual 

The New Seed Moon's energy is perfect for forming a bond with nature and initiating growth, be it through an actual garden or within yourself.

Consider setting aside a moment to plant seeds in your garden or in containers. As you plant each seed, think of a personal wish or goal you're nurturing.

If you can't start an actual garden, why not make a vision board or keep a journal focused on your dreams and aspirations? This taps into the New Seed Moon's spirit of new starts and personal development, helping you foster a deeper relationship with nature and your own journey of growth.

New Seed Moon Cleansing Bath

Create a calming, purifying bath ritual to tap into the cleansing energy of the New Seed Moon.

Start by tidying up your bathroom, creating a serene and refreshing space. Fill your bath with elements that symbolize fresh starts, such as essential oils of lavender or rosemary and sea salt for purification.

Before stepping into the bath, pause to set an intention to clear away the past and open yourself to new beginnings. As you soak, imagine the energy of the New Seed Moon enveloping you, revitalizing your spirit and preparing you for growth.

Upon leaving the bath, picture yourself stepping forward renewed, infused with the New Seed Moon's vibrant potential. Reflect on the beauty of starting anew, not just in the external world but within yourself as well.

Witch Tip: After your bath, let the water air dry on your skin for a few moments. This practice helps the positive intentions set during your soothing soak to fully absorb and remain with you, enhancing the bath's benefits more than if you were to towel off immediately.

New Seed Moon Final Thoughts

Captured in this image is the rich abundance of coffee beans, both raw and roasted, nestled in woven baskets, exuding a sense of warmth and invigoration.

As the New Moon rises in Pisces, seize this moment as an invitation to dream, evolve, and transform. The New Seed Moon signals the onset of spring, softly urging you to plant your intentions with optimism and sincerity. In this time of unobstructed celestial alignment, the cosmos invites you to embrace clarity and take decisive steps forward.

Allow the gentle guidance of this lunar phase to lead you into a profound exploration of your intuition and to celebrate your creative spirit. This is an opportune moment to integrate empathy into your personal evolution, fostering changes that truly reflect who you are.

With the New Seed Moon in Pisces lighting the way, step into this cycle with assurance and grace. This is your time to bloom—welcome it with enthusiasm and an open heart, poised to reveal the full extent of your potential.


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