New Moon Rosemary Hair Growth Recipe

New Moon Rosemary Hair Growth Recipe

New Moons are all about drawing in fresh expansive energy. They are the inhalation before the exhalation and they are a prime time to program something new and manifest big. Knowing this I decided to try something different in order to utilize the energy of new growth this Lunar cycle is providing.

As a black woman who is embracing her natural hair after years of hiding it away using harmful products. Taking care of and nurturing my curls has become a huge priority in my day to day life. Oils such as castor, jojoba, argan, and almond have saved my ringlets providing them with nutrients and vitamins they need to maintain their strength and moisture. They are an integral part of my hair care morning and night. 

Knowing this you can guess that I’m also always searching for natural formulas to help improve the quality, texture, and length of my hair so when I happened upon the benefits of using rosemary infused oil for hair growth I just knew I had to give it a shot. But because I’m a witch who loves her glamour magic, I of course had to put my mystical spin on this hair enriching oil using the powers and innate properties of rosemary (plus some additional herbs) and the New Moon to guide me.

Hair Benefits of Rosemary 

Before we talk about how to make this hair enhancing concoction let's talk about some of the useful ways rosemary can help your hair.

No matter what your hair story is, there's a little something for everyone to benefit from in regards to the healing powers of rosemary. Here’s a quick rundown of the physical benefits of rosemary on your hair: 

  • Rosemary helps increase blood circulation on the scalp promoting hair growth 
  • It has incredible anti-inflammatory properties which make it an excellent herb for nourishing and feeding your hair follicles especially if you suffer from an inflamed scalp 
  • Rosemary cleans clogged hair follicles which can lead to other problems such as dandruff and hair loss 
  •  Rosemary can assist in naturally thickening and providing a healthy shine to hair 
  • Rosemary can also prevent and stop the spreading of grey hair but it’s also amazing to embrace your beautiful grey hair too! 

To read more about the scientific studies conducted on rosemary check out this article published by the Healthline.

Rosemary’s Active Properties in Spellwork 

Rosemary isn't just for cooking and hair growth. It’s also chock full of spiritual uses and mythological lore too! 

This fabulous common household ingredient, witch pantry staple and popular food garnish is technically a shrub primarily found in the Mediterranean. It was known by the scientific name of Rosmarinus Officianalis until 2017 and currently known as Salvia Officianlis.

Rosemary derives its name from the Latin word Ros Marinus meaning “Dew of the Sea'' and is linked to the Greek Goddess of love Aphrodite. This makes rosemary a perfect offering to the sea-borne goddess of beauty. Rosemary's Venusian energy is a fabulous conduit to utilize in generating anything that you need to grow, enhance, or enchant especially in regards to manifesting money, beauty, and love.

Other Herbs You’ll See in This Recipe Plus Their Benefits

Because I have a fridge full of herbs like Mint and Sage I decided that this was their golden opportunity and time to shine as they too can benefit our hair in ways that work beautifully with our main star Rosemary.

Mint is one the freshest smelling herbs you can get your hands on and with its anti-fungal properties it eats away dandruff and protects our hair from breakage. 

Sage improves hair texture acting as a lotion which softens hair texture and makes it more manageable as this herb when set in a oil can penetrate deeper into the hair follicle and work its magic from the inside out. 

Curly haired girl making new moon rosemary hair growth oil in a boho style kitchen.


  • A crock pot or a pan
  • Large bowl
  • Cheesecloth to strain oil 
  • Funnel
  • Container for bottling


  • 5 sprigs of rosemary 
  • 5 sprigs of sage 
  • Five sprigs of mint 
  • 2 cups of Almond oil 
  • 2 cups of Castor oil 

Easy 4 Step Directions

This recipe was really easy using the crockpot method but I’ve also heard of people double boiling.

  1. All you gotta do regardless of hotpot or double boiling is add all your ingredients into your pot or pan. If you're doing the crockpot method, set your timer to three hours and cook on low. If you are using the double boil method you’ll want to set a timer for ten minutes and monitor your oil
  2. Once your rosemary oil is done simmering it is very important to let it cool. I let mine cool overnight which also has the added benefit of allowing it infuse with the herbal properties longer. When your oil is sufficiently cool grab a bowl and some cheesecloth. Carefully pour oil into your cheesecloth over your bowl. Then squeeze out your oil, separating the plant material from the oil. You will be left with a highly concentrated aromatic oil. Dispose of the used herbs, preferably in the compost
  3. Bottle your oil into a glass container, dropper bottle, or other container of your choice. I'd caution against using plastic as you wouldn't want those properties to leech into your carefully crafted oil. Remember to date your bottle for freshness. 
  4. The final step is placing your bottle on a windowsill the night of a New Moon so your oil can absorb the lunar energy. This will charge your oil with the same growing qualities as the waxing moon growing to fullness.

How to Use Your Rosemary New Moon Oil

Gently massage into your scalp before bed or after you’ve showered. It's an easy and relaxing addition to self care routines.

Final Thoughts 

This blog post will be ongoing as I’ve never tested the effects of rosemary oil for hair growth, but I will be keeping you updated on this rosemary hair growth journey! 

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