A Mini Guide to Working with Aphrodite

A Mini Guide to Working with Aphrodite

What better way to celebrate the nearing of Valentine's Day than a series of mini guides dedicated to celebrating the goddesses of love and beauty in all their sensual glory? Better yet why don't we kick off this season of romance with arguably the most well-known love deity Aphrodite who's name instantly sparks images of female beauty and grace.  

Birth of Aphrodite 

Just off the coast of the Island Cyprus the sea began to bubble and foam following the castration of the Titan God Uranus. From this gentle white foam immortal flesh formed and with it grew a beautiful young goddess who the Olympians would name Aphrodite "She who was born from seafoam". Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure; thus, she can be viewed as the avatar for all that is love and romance.

Aphrodite's Temperament & Tools

Aphrodite is sweet, flirtatious, and decadently beautiful, and she is highly favored and revered in many ancient and modern Hellenistic traditions. This amorous goddess also shares many connections with the sea as it is her birthplace and Aphrodite was said to protect sailors from Poseidon’s harsh waves. She wears luxurious jewelry and boasts a magical girdle that increases her charm, and her iconic nude form is a homage to divine femininity.

Signs of Aphrodite

Aphrodite can contact a devotee in a numerous number of ways, and she gravitates towards those who are in artistic professions such as fashion, music, painting, or jewelry making.

A deity makes their interest in a devotee known either through subtle or not-so-subtle gestures. Possible signs of Aphrodite could be hearing a beautiful, disembodied voice, seeing her imagery in dreams, and feeling connected to Venusian energy which highlights aspects surrounding wealth, affluence, sensuality, and luxury. Those of Greek or Mediterranean heritage may also feel drawn to her.

It is mostly up to you to open up your mind and intuition to notice the signs and synchronicities regarding a deity so pay close attention to the world around you and don’t be afraid to ask for a sign of confirmation.

Aphrodite's Guidance

Aphrodite can provide her devotees with the guidance of nurturing self-love, creating opportunities for more passion, as well as provide aid and assistance during intensive spell work geared towards love, sex, and finances. Devotees may find Aphrodite to be very respondent during sexual acts especially if one is trying to conceive, as she is the granter of fertility and has famously conceived many children. The most well-known child being her son Eros the god of pleasure.

Lady Aphrodite also teaches her ilk the power of law attraction and can help them attune to higher frequencies that align them with experiencing a life filled with a deeper sense of beauty, sensuality, and abundance. Aphrodite’s energy allows us to heighten and expand our assets and she will often push her devotees to dream bigger and envision life with a growth mindset.

Offerings for Aphrodite 

♡ Red and pink roses & other sweet-smelling flowers

♡ Jewelry especially those made from freshwater pearls

♡ Seashells

♡ Candy, sweets, wine, rosé, chocolates

♡ Milk, honey, apples (golden specifically), and olive oil

♡ Aphrodisiacs such as ginseng, peach leaf, nutmeg, cinnamon, Vanilla, etc

♡ Beauty products and makeup

♡ Candles in the colors pink, blue, or green

♡ Items with heart shaped images

♡ Love songs and poetry dedicated in her name

♡ Sex toys (don’t be shy she is the goddess of sensuality after all)

A list of Aphrodite offerings, feminine form aphrodite statue, seashells, roses, love songs

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