Helpful Moon Water Basics: How to Easily Use, Charge, and Fill your Own Bottles

Helpful Moon Water Basics: How to Easily Use, Charge, and Fill your Own Bottles

Cleansing and deeply purifying, moon water has been a popular mainstay in the spiritual and witchcraft community for quite a while. In this blog post you will discover what moon water is, how to make it, plus some helpful ways you can make the most out of this powerful consecrated water.

A Refreshing Refresher on the Powers of Water 

In one of my earliest blog posts Water in Spellwork I spoke of water's unrivaled potential to assume the energy and form of its surroundings. With water’s endless programmability comes an endless array of uses and applications. One such application for water is of course moon water, the topic of this article.

What is Moon Water? 

Moon water is a form of consecrated water or blessed water that has been             imbued with the powers and energy of the moon. Unlike most things throughout human history our relationship and fascination with the heavens has been ever prevalent. These grand celestial bodies have always enraptured our attention and praise for their powerful presence as we gazed upward to find the divine.

Worship of the Lunar cycles is an old concept and humanity has always been enthralled by this luminous pearl and many deities draw their power and personage from the moon. 

Can I Charge Moon Water Under Different Moon Phases?

To answer your question, yes! You absolutely can and there are a plethora of varying benefits and energies you can gain from each lunar phase you choose to charge your water under. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to get you started on that! 

New Moon: Charge water under a new moon to bring new beginnings and increased opportunities to your spellwork

Waxing Moon: Charge water under a waxing moon to increase your manifestations and to push forward and expand 

Full Moon: Charge water under a full moon to strengthen your psychic powers and to prepare for deeper spellwork

Waning Moon: Charge water under a waning moon to banish or block any unwanted energies or people 

What You’ll Need to Get Started

  • A clean sealable glass jar or decanter 
  • Fresh spring water or water that has been passed through a filter (the less impurities the water has the better) 
  • Incense to smudge the container before use 
  • A window with a clear view of outside that can easily catch the moonlight
  • You can also use crystals that are water safe such as rose quartz, clear quartz, and moonstone (but please do further research to determine if your desired crystal is safe to place in water!) 

How to Make and Charge your Moon Water

Making moon water is generally pretty straight forward once you gather all your desired ingredients and tools. What you’ll want to start with is prepping your container by taking your clean jar or decanter and smudging the insides with incense or smudge stick to further remove any energetic impurities that may still be sticking onto the jar (and it’s also just a good practice to smudge all your magic tools before use). 

Once you feel that your container has been properly cleansed you’ll want to take your fresh water either from a creek or spring you can also use regular water but I recommend running it through something like a Brita filter if possible, and if you don’t have easy access to some kind of water filter, you can also run to your local grocery store and pick up distilled water, you can also opt to simply boil your water.

The reason I’m being such a stickler on the purity of the water is mainly for health reasons, as untreated water can contain bacteria, organic impurities, iron, magnesium and a whole slew of other stuff that you don’t want to put into your body especially if you plan to ingest your moon water. So this is really just a general precaution and a good practice to implement into your daily life. 

Now taking your clean water you’ll just want to fill your jar and if you have any water safe crystals that you want to make use of feel free to throw them into the container as well. Once you have your jar filled with all the necessary ingredients, you’ll want to find a clear window that can easily soak up and catch the moonlight. Let your water charge for three consecutive days under your desired moon phase and when you come back to it you will have made moon water! It’s that easy!

How Will I Know I’ve Made Moon Water? 

I’ve had some people ask how will I know I’ve made moon water? I can tell you that I find properly charged moon water appears clearer and a bit brighter than regular water. It should almost appear as if it has the slightest pale aura to it if you look long enough. But the easy telltale sign in my opinion is to observe the clearness of the water after charging as it will take on a brighter, purer appearance. This change is subtle but if you take a moment to observe your water after charging overnight and you’ll begin to notice the changes in its appearance. 

Moon Water Uses and Applications

You can use moon water to aid your practices in various ways such as using it to bless and cleanse tools, you can also throw some of it in your bath water to enhance your energy.

Moon water is also great to use in fertility spells for those who are interested in conceiving as the moon is tied closely to feminine energy as well as following with the natural flow of a woman’s monthly cycle, hence why moon water is great overall to use in spells concerning or pertaining to the divine feminine.

One can also use moon water if you or a family member is struggling with their monthly cycles due to inconsistency or painful menstrual cramps. Moon water is great for helping to heal or realigning these energies. 

Moon water can also be imbibed as another way to absorb these potent lunar energies, you can drink it on its own or add it to your tea. The practice of imbibing or drinking your moon water (or any specially concocted brew) is especially helpful if you plan to do taxing manifestation or road opening spells that require a great deal of energy as the lunar energy of the water can give you the energetic boost you need to perform any major spellwork. Just make sure your water or brew is safe to drink with healthy and edible ingredients!

Moon water can also be used as an offering to many powerful spirits and lunar deities such as the Greek goddess Selene or Chang’O the immortal Chinese fairy who lives on the moon. This is an excellent way to show gratitude and to honor the psychic abode that the moon naturally conjures. You can also ask these deities and spirits to further bless your moon water, however, take care to first build a strong relationship with these energies before asking any favors as relationships with the divine take the cultivation and care of two parties to maintain favor. 

The Final Verdict

Moon water is very easy to make once you have the right tools to start planning ahead for your desired moon phase, and the bottles can be remade or added to for every phase so that you can continuously reap the benefits of the moon's powerful energy and gravitational pull. This specially consecrated water is an absolute mainstay in my own practices, and I hope it will help to open the road for your practices to continue to flourish as well! Till next time and happy bottling on your moon water! 

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