Cleansing Crystals with the Dry Salt Method

Cleansing Crystals with the Dry Salt Method

Have you cleansed your crystals recently? If not, you really should and here's your friendly reminder to do so.

Crystals are incredible instruments of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. However there can come times where their energetic integrity becomes worn down leaving them unable to perform with the usual gusto they are known for. 

Some Signs Your Crystal Needs Cleansing:

  • The energy around your crystal feels dull
  • You have not used it recently
  • You and your crystal have been around bad energy
  • When you want to reprogram them with a new intention
  • After healing or spellwork

There are many approaches you can take when recharging and cleansing your crystals. A very simple 1 ingredient technique that I frequently use is the dry salt method.

Salt is known for having protective and purifying qualities, as well as the power to absorb both psychic & negative energies.

The Dry Salt Method:

For this method all you need is some salt, a bowl, and a windowsill. Fill your bowl with salt, gather your crystals, lay them in your bowl of salt and place them in front of a window. You'll want to leave them for a day and night, this allows the salt, sun and moon to do their cleansing work. Once you've allowed this process to complete you're crystals are ready for use.

Please note it is important to dispose of the salt that has done its work and absorbed all negative energies, do not reuse.

I recommend getting in the habit of cleansing your crystals at minimum once a month. Although, please be aware that some crystals such as pure quartz are easily sapped of their energy at quicker rates than other crystals and will require a more frequent cleansing schedule.

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