A woman in a floral dress stands in contemplation among vibrant flowers, evoking the introspective and analytical qualities of Virgo during the Snow Moon.

Snow Moon in Virgo: Allowing Time for Rest and Reflection at the Edge of Winter

On February 24th, 2024, at 4:31 AM PST, the Full Snow Moon in Virgo will cast its glow over the pre-dawn sky, signaling a peak moment in lunar activity as February wanes. 

The Snow Moon's ascent in Virgo, calls on us to imbue our routines with practicality and precision, encouraging a meticulous and diligent ethos that lays the groundwork for a period of purification and self-betterment.

This exploration ventures into the distinct attributes of the February Snow Moon in Virgo, providing insights, rituals, and practices tailored to this particular lunar phase.

Whether you're aiming for a straightforward understanding of its impact or seeking to connect deeply with its energies, this guide is your companion for a tailored and revelatory lunar experience. 

Why is it Called the Snow Moon?

Image of a delicate snowdrop flower with a slender stem, dusted with a light coating of snow, symbolizing the purity and clarity brought by the Snow Moon in Virgo.

The significance of the February Snow Moon is deeply entwined with the waning chill of winter. In February, the Northern Hemisphere experiences the final full moon of the season, casting a bright light upon the snow-covered terrains.

The term 'Snow Moon' resonates with the persistence of winter's presence, a time characterized by the enduring cold and the quiet anticipation of spring's return.

The Snow Moon embodies the moment when nature, beneath its frosty veil, holds the latent promise of renewal. Beneath the blanket of snow, the earth is poised for transformation, with seeds readying to sprout and wildlife stirring from hibernation.

These subtle yet significant shifts in the natural world are reflected in the Snow Moon's brilliance, a reminder of the cyclical nature of seasons and the powerful, impending surge of life and rejuvenation.

This Full Moon is like the last hurrah of winter’s chill before the Spring Equinox (March 19th) and the sudden rebirth of life. It is a symbol of endurance and potential, as it illuminates the lingering cold and stands as a beacon to the forthcoming warmth and vitality of spring.

Snow Moon Themes 

Scenic landscape showing a tranquil lake nestled among mountains with patches of snow and autumn-colored trees, reflecting the serene energy of the Snow Moon.

As the Snow Moon rises it becomes a beneficial time to contemplate the following ideas and concepts as we prepare to spring forth with Spring: 

Embrace Reflection:

The Snow Full Moon invites us to mirror the winter's calm, urging us to reflect on our resilience and the foundations we've built during colder times. This lunar phase reminds us to appreciate our inner strength and the strides we've made, much like life's persistence under the frost.

Acknowledge Completion:

Illuminating completion, the Snow Moon highlights our achievements and the hidden abundance of our lives. It prompts a moment of gratitude for our fullness and accomplishments, often concealed like life beneath the winter soil, waiting to be recognized.

Honor Life's Endurance:

Symbolizing the perseverance needed through winter, the Snow Moon celebrates life's tenacity and our own steadfastness. As an ode to resilience and the imminent revival, it inspires us to appreciate our journey through the cold and look forward to the reawakening that spring brings.

Witch Tip: The quietude of winter, while seemingly stagnant, offers a valuable gift: the opportunity to rest, recharge, and plan for the vibrant days ahead. Utilizing this period of stillness prepares us for success as the world reemerges, reminding us that what we cultivate in silence blooms in abundance.

Enter the Meticulous & Methodical Sign of Virgo

A woman in a floral dress stands in contemplation among vibrant flowers, evoking the introspective and analytical qualities of Virgo during the Snow Moon.

Virgo, symbolized by the virgin, encapsulates a pure and practical essence that mirrors a well-tended garden. This zodiac sign, presiding over the sixth house, expertly blends a detail-oriented mindset with a steadfast commitment to service and self-improvement. 

Virgo emblematic of self-contained completeness, excels in settings where they can apply their analytical skills and nurture their surroundings with precision and care.

As a mutable earth sign, Virgo demonstrates a grounded, pragmatic approach to life, prioritizing organization, health, and efficiency. This orientation endows Virgos with a diligent work ethic and a keen eye for the minutiae, allowing them to refine and improve every aspect of their daily life and work.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, Virgo's traits of discernment and conscientiousness are brought to the forefront. Reflecting Mercury's analytical and thoughtful energy, Virgo creates an environment of order and utility, driven by a profound desire to make practical use of their knowledge and skills.

The representation of Virgo as the virgin speaks to the signs' pure sense of identity and values, embodying a figure who remains authentically themselves without the sway of external influences. This symbolizes Virgo's pursuit of personal integrity and their dedication to maintaining their true nature, irrespective of the changing tides around them. In this way, Virgo captures the quintessence of the sign—a blend of purity, self-sufficiency, and a meticulous nature that strives for perfection in all things.

Virgo Full Moon Lessons 

With this Full Moon in Virgo, it's an opportunity to reflect on the lessons that the Earth sign offers:

Embrace Precision and Practicality:

Virgo champions attention to detail and the pursuit of practicality, urging a fine-tuning of routines and a focus on the minutiae that forge the bigger picture. Now is the moment to adopt thoroughness, applying diligent improvements to enhance everyday life.

Cultivate Self-Improvement and Service:

This phase is ripe for nurturing a dedication to betterment and service. Inspired by Virgo's methodical and health-conscious approach, it’s a call to refine personal habits for your own welfare and to contribute positively to those around you, fostering community upliftment.

Prioritize Health and Analytical Tasks:

Governed by the 6th house, Virgo's essence is intertwined with health, work, and analytical activities. This Full Moon emphasizes the importance of order and wellness, inviting a deep dive into healthful routines, organizing your spheres of life, and engaging in precise analysis. It's a period to recognize the influence of meticulous care on personal development and productivity.

These Virgo Full Moon lessons encourage a harmonious blend of practicality, improvement, and analysis, steering us towards a more organized and healthful existence.

Other Astrological Happenings 

An astrological chart with symbols and planetary positions, representing the detailed and analytical aspects of astrology during the Snow Moon in Virgo.

With all lunations there are various factors that provide subtle influences from the heavenly bodies above on both the individual and the collective of society at large.

Here are a few important astrological and planetary placements to consider and work with under the culmination of this Full Moon: 

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Axis 

This Full Moon in Virgo opposes the Sun who has been stationed in the sign of Pisces since February 18th. This creates a strong axis between the Moon and the Sun as Virgo and Pisces lie on opposite sides of the zodiacal wheel, hence their energies require greater balance and further integration with one another.

Due to this Virgo-Pisces axis this Full Moon will likely pressure the collective to create a greater sense of balance between our physical health (Virgo) and our spiritual well-being (Pisces). 

A disconnect between the physical and the spiritual can lead to imbalances that cause us to detach from our empathy and emotional core or to be completely uprooted and ungrounded within the flow of our daily life which leads to fatigue, aimlessness, and a lack of passion.

To find harmony and a deeper sense of integration between these two energies will require us to create unique ways to balance our spirituality with our daily lives and overall, well-being. 

Harmony with Jupiter 

Despite the polarizing axis with the Sun in Pisces, this Full Moon in Virgo does find a benevolent ally in Jupiter, which is stationed in Taurus, forming a trine that bathes us in a grounding yet expansive energy. 

This astrological aspect, known as a trine, indicates a harmonious flow of energies between the diligent Moon in Virgo and the abundant Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter, known for its influence on growth, prosperity, and wisdom, aligns seamlessly with the Full Moon's emphasis on practicality, health, and meticulousness.

The trine between Jupiter in Taurus and the Full Moon in Virgo merges the abundance and stability of Taurus with the detailed accuracy and service-oriented nature of Virgo. It's a time when the heavenly bodies from above encourage us to foster our well-being through practical means, enhancing our physical surroundings and personal resources in ways that support our growth and health.

Snow Moon Correspondences 

Embrace the energy of the Snow Moon with these essential correspondences, crafted to enhance your rituals and spiritual reflections during this lunation.

Whether you are taking your first steps on your lunar journey or are a seasoned practitioner, these elements provide a rich source of inspiration for deepening your connection to this distinctive lunar phase. 

Herbal & Resinous Allies for the Snow Moon

Close-up of dried jasmine flowers in a bag, suggesting the theme of purification and preparation for spring, which aligns with the Snow Moon's significance.

Incorporate the following herbs, barks, roots, essential oils, or even fruit into your practices to align with the New Moon's Energy:

Jasmine (Jasminum spp.):

Emblematic of love, purity, and sensuality. Jasmine, with its intoxicating fragrance and delicate white flowers, captures the enchanting and romantic energy of the February Snow Moon.

It reminds us of the beauty of love, the purity of intentions, and the deep emotional connections that flourish in the quiet of winter, hinting at the warmth and renewal to come.

Heliotrope (Heliotropium arborescens):

Associated with devotion, healing, and the attraction of good. Heliotrope, with its vibrant purple clusters and sun-seeking nature, aligns with the energy of the February Snow Moon.

It serves as a powerful symbol of unwavering devotion, the healing power of love, and the attraction of positive energies, symbolizing the nurturing warmth that prepares us for spring's embrace.

Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha):

Symbol of purification, protection, and sacred connection. Myrrh, known for its rich, aromatic resin and ancient ceremonial use, resonates with the themes of the February Snow Moon.

This sacred substance represents deep spiritual cleansing, protection from negativity, and the strengthening of sacred bonds, encouraging us to purify our hearts and homes as we transition into the promise of new beginnings.

Pine (Pinus spp.):

Representative of resilience, cleansing, and renewal. Pine, with its evergreen needles and revitalizing scent, embodies the resilient and cleansing energy of the February Snow Moon.

It reminds us to stand firm through the cold, cleanse our spaces and spirits, and renew our commitment to growth and vitality as we anticipate the awakening life of spring.

Snow Moon Animal Allies

An exquisite Snowy Owl is perched gracefully amidst a wintery scene, with soft remnants of snow covering the ground. The owl's feathers are beautifully patterned with black and white markings that provide camouflage in the snowy environment.

𓆃Vaux Swift:

Emblematic of agility, community, and the swift passage of time. Vaux Swifts, known for their remarkable speed and communal roosting habits, align with the themes of the February Snow Moon.

They remind us of the importance of adaptability, the strength found in unity, and the readiness to embrace the transitions of life with swift grace.


A symbol of wisdom, mystery, and the silent depth of the night. Owls, with their keen vision and nocturnal nature, mirror the introspective energy of the February Snow Moon.

They teach us the value of inner knowing, the power of intuition, and the importance of navigating life's darkness with quiet confidence and insight.

𓆃Mountain Lion:

Representative of courage, leadership, and solitary strength. Mountain lions, as apex predators that roam the wilderness with stealth and power.

They embody the courage to lead, the might of solitary reflection, and the spirit of independence.


Emblematic of regrowth, majesty, and renewal. Stags, with their magnificent antlers that are shed and regrow each year, symbolize the cycle of renewal and the regenerative power of nature.

They align with the Snow Moon's emphasis on the promise of new beginnings and the graceful acceptance of life's cycles of growth and rebirth.

Snow Moon Insights from Runes and Tarot 

A serene setting with candles and cards laid out on a wooden table, highlighting the reflective and ritualistic aspects associated with the Snow Moon.

Engage with the following tarot cards and runes to align and seek clarity during this Full Moon. 

*Please note: I've personally cast and shuffled these runes and cards, tuning into the collective energy for insights during this lunar phase.


ᚷ Gebo

The rune Gebo, depicted as an X or a cross, signifies partnership, balance, and the art of giving and receiving. Its connection with the February Snow Moon emphasizes the importance of harmony and reciprocity during this chilly season.

Gebo represents the balance of equal exchange, like the mutual support needed during the winter months. In runic practices, Gebo is often invoked to enhance relationships and foster mutual understanding.

For this Snow Moon, Gebo's influence suggests a time to focus on the give-and-take in our lives, encouraging us to seek equilibrium in our personal connections and endeavors. It's a period for recognizing the value of sharing and generosity, reminding us that true growth and fulfillment come from balanced exchanges.

This is a time to embrace the principle that life's most rewarding experiences stem from the harmony of giving and receiving, inspiring us to cultivate relationships and projects that are rooted in mutual respect and benefit.

Gebo guides us to appreciate the interconnectedness of our community, preparing us for the nurturing season ahead with a spirit of gratitude and unity.

ᚱ Raidho 

Raidho embodies the perpetual motion of the cosmos, illustrating that, like a wheel on a winding road, it is ceaselessly in motion—always beginning, evolving, and adapting.

This rune encapsulates the essence of forward momentum and aligns our personal journey with the universal flow, mirroring the moon's consistent orbit through the night sky.

In the realm of runic practices, Raidho is called upon for protection during travel and as a guide for spiritual growth and direction. Its presence during the Snow Moon serves as a powerful reminder to embrace change and approach transitions with poise.

The energy of Raidho, harmonizing with the contemplative atmosphere of the Snow Moon, invites us to proceed with intention and heightened awareness, appreciating that every step taken is integral to our overarching voyage.

This time signals an opportunity to harmonize our endeavors with our innermost aspirations, paving the path for personal development and leading us toward our goals.

By acknowledging the guidance Raidho offers, we engage with the natural cycle of movement and advancement, acknowledging that each journey—be it physical or spiritual—furthers our quest for wisdom and contentment.

ᛇ Eiwhaz 

The rune Eihwaz, symbolized by the yew tree, signifies endurance, protection, and the deep connection between life and death. Its presence during the Snow Moon emphasizes resilience and the necessary transitions that lead to the soul’s growth.

In runic magic, Eihwaz is often associated with the strength to face challenges and the wisdom to transform obstacles into opportunities for development. Furthermore, Eihwaz facilitates movement along Yggdrasil, the tree of life, enabling us to surpass the illusions and confines of the human ego.

Aligned with the enduring qualities of the Snow Moon, Eihwaz encourages us to hold firm in our convictions and to cultivate patience. This period invites introspection and the honing of our inner resolve, preparing us to navigate the transitions ahead with grace and determination.

By embracing Eihwaz's energy, we attune ourselves to the natural cycles of ending and beginning, acknowledging that perseverance through winter's trials brings the promise of spring's renewal. It reminds us that in every challenge lies the seed of regeneration, urging us to embrace change as a pathway to rebirth.


𓆃 Page of Pentacles

As we embrace the energy of the February Snow Moon, the Page of Pentacles appears, symbolizing a time of new beginnings in the realms of finance, education, and practical endeavors.

Unlike other more turbulent or abstract tarot cards, the Page of Pentacles represents the opportunity to ground ourselves in the pursuit of knowledge and the manifestation of tangible goals.

This card invites us to plant the seeds for future growth, focusing on meticulous planning and the diligent pursuit of our ambitions. It’s a reminder that with patience and perseverance, our efforts towards personal development and material achievement can lead to lasting rewards.

Let the energy of the Page of Pentacles inspire you to embrace learning, explore new opportunities for financial stability, and commit to the slow but steady progress towards realizing your dreams.

𓆃 Nine of Pentacles 

Continuing with our reading the Nine of Pentacles graces us, heralding a period of self-sufficiency, abundance, and well-earned success. This card embodies the fruition of hard work and dedication, showcasing the rewards of independence and financial stability.

The Nine of Pentacles invites us to savor the achievements and comforts we've cultivated through our efforts. It encourages a moment of reflection on the journey to personal and material fulfillment, emphasizing the value of patience and perseverance.

Let the energy of the Nine of Pentacles motivate you to appreciate the luxury and peace you've created for yourself, recognizing the importance of self-reliance and the ability to enjoy the finer things in life.

𓆃 Two of Cups 

To conclude our reading the Two of Cups emerges, symbolizing a time of harmonious relationships, mutual respect, and emotional connections. This card reflects the beauty of partnership and the balance achieved through sincere affection and understanding between individuals.

The Two of Cups calls upon us to cherish and deepen the bonds that bring us together, whether romantic, platonic, or professional. It emphasizes the importance of equality and shared values, encouraging us to foster relationships where both parties feel valued and supported.

Let the energy of the Two of Cups inspire you to engage in partnerships that are nurturing and fulfilling, reminding us that true connection is built on mutual respect and emotional support.

Body Parts for Physical Workings 

A person in a casual outfit with a visible tattoo, resting their hand on their hip, represents the personal expression and detail-oriented nature of Virgo under the Snow Moon's influence.

Under this Full Moon, the focus shifts to the meticulous and health-conscious nature of Virgo which directs us to the parts of our body under their rulership: the digestive system, intestines, spleen, and nervous system.

These parts and systems are crucial for our overall health and well-being, playing vital roles in digestion, nutrient absorption, detoxification, and stress response and align with the methodical organized nature of Virgo.

Here's a simple guide to understanding their importance and maintaining their health in alignment with this Full Moon:

Digestive System

  • Importance: The digestive system breaks down food into nutrients the body can use, playing a critical role in energy production and overall health.
  • Maintaining Health: Eating a balanced diet rich in fiber, vegetables, and whole grains supports digestive health. Probiotic foods like yogurt can also promote a healthy gut flora.


    • Importance: The intestines are key in nutrient absorption and waste elimination, crucial for maintaining the body's balance and health.
    • Maintaining Health: Maintaining a high-fiber diet helps keep the intestines functioning properly. Staying hydrated is also essential for smooth digestion and waste removal.


      • Importance: The spleen filters blood and helps fight infections, playing a significant role in the immune system and overall bodily health.
      • Maintaining Health: Regular exercise and a diet rich in antioxidants can support spleen health and enhance its function.

        Nervous System

        • Importance: The nervous system controls and transmits signals in the body, playing a pivotal role in managing stress and maintaining homeostasis.
        • Maintaining Health: Techniques like meditation, yoga, and adequate sleep can support nervous system health, helping to manage stress and maintain mental clarity.

          As the Full Moon illuminates the sky, it's a timely reminder to focus on our health, particularly in areas governed by Virgo.

          Embracing healthy habits that support digestion, nutrient absorption, detoxification, and stress management aligns with Virgo's energy, promoting overall well-being and balance.

          Snow Moon Crystals

          Engage with and utilize some of the following transformative and healing crystals known for their purifying and grounding energy to connect with the Snow Moon: 

          𓆃 Selenite: for cleansing and purification

          𓆃 Chrysocolla: for peaceful alignment 

          𓆃 Lithium Quartz: for peaceful tranquility

          𓆃 Trolleite: for a flowing calmness 


          Light purple 

          Light blue 


          Forest green

          Snow Moon Deities 

          A classic painting of the goddess Diana, an embodiment of the moon, with a crescent diadem, capturing the divine feminine energy of the Snow Moon.

          𓆃 Diana:

          In Roman mythology, Diana is the goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature, embodying the independence and the primal strength of the natural world. This February Snow Moon shines a light on our inner wildness and the untamed aspects of our spirit.

          Diana's energy inspires us to embrace our autonomy, protect those we care for, and pursue our goals with agility and grace.

          Her presence reminds us of the power of solitude, the sanctity of the natural world, and the freedom that comes with living in harmony with the earth, guiding us to reconnect with our primal selves and the wilderness within.

          𓆃 Demeter:

          In Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, agriculture, and fertility, representing the cycle of life and the nourishment that sustains it.

          During the Snow Moon, a time of silent growth and unseen potential, Demeter's energy can encourage us to nurture our foundations and to be patient for the fruition of our labors.

          Her presence reminds us of the importance of sustenance, the bonds of family, and the cycles of loss and return, urging us to trust in the natural progression of life and the eventual return of abundance.

          𓆃 Guan Yin:

          In Chinese Buddhism, Guan Yin is the goddess of mercy, compassion, and unconditional love.

          The February Snow Moon's illuminating presence invites us to embody kindness, to extend empathy towards ourselves and others, and to practice forgiveness. Guan Yin's energy teaches us the strength found in gentleness, the power of mercy to heal wounds, and the importance of compassion as a source of renewal.

          Her presence encourages us to embrace the healing properties of love and to remember that compassion can be a beacon of light in the darkness, guiding us towards peace and understanding.

          𓆃 Juno:

          In Roman mythology, Juno is the goddess of marriage, childbirth, and the protector of women, representing the aspects of loyalty, unity, and the nurturing care that binds relationships.

          As the Snow Moon glows in the winter sky, Juno's energy calls us to honor our commitments, cherish our connections, and foster the growth of our personal and shared endeavors.

          Her presence reminds us of the strength in partnership, the sanctity of vows, and the nurturing force of love, encouraging us to deepen our bonds and to support each other through the season's stillness, in anticipation of the renewal that spring will bring.

          Snow Moon Activities

          A cozy bedroom corner with a lamp, books, and a vase with dried flowers, conveying the comfort and organized space that resonates with the Snow Moon in Virgo.

           For the Snow Moon, embracing activities that celebrate reflection, resilience, and the quiet anticipation of spring's return beautifully aligns with the Full Moon's energy.

          Below are curated practices to enhance your Snow Moon experience:

          Snow Moon Gratitude Journaling

          During the Snow Moon, seize the opportunity to journal about gratitude and resilience. Collect a cozy notebook and pens, and perhaps light a candle to set the mood.

          As you write, focus on what you're thankful for from the past winter months and how you've shown strength in the face of challenges. This activity harnesses the reflective energy of the Snow Moon, helping you to recognize and appreciate the silent, inner growth you've achieved.

          Snow Moon Silent Retreat

          The tranquil ambiance of the Snow Moon is perfect for a personal silent retreat. Dedicate an evening or a few hours to silence, disconnecting from digital devices and external noise.

          Use this time for meditation, gentle yoga, or simply sitting quietly by a window to watch the moon. This practice honors the Snow Moon's theme of quiet introspection, offering a chance to recharge and connect deeply with your inner self.

          Snow Moon Sleep Sanctuary Ritual

          Create a serene environment in your bedroom to honor the Snow Moon's theme of rest and rejuvenation before the coming Spring.

          Begin by tidying your space, focusing on creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Introduce elements that promote relaxation such as soft linens, comforting pillows, and a cool, clean room. Consider adding a few drops of jasmine oil to your pillow or diffusing it in the air to enhance the calming ambiance.

          Before bed, engage in a quiet ritual to encourage deep, restorative sleep. This could include a warm bath, gentle yoga, or reading an uplifting book by soft light. Turn off all screens at least an hour before sleep to signal to your body it's time to wind down.

          As you settle into bed, take a few moments to meditate on the Snow Moon's energy, visualizing its silvery light bathing you in tranquility and peace. Reflect on the concept of resilience not just as the ability to endure but also to rest and recover.

          Witch Tip: Before bed try using any of the herbal and resinous allies mentioned into the correspondences section of the blog in their essential oil form. A few drops can easily be placed into a diffuser and are known to enhance feelings of calm and relaxation. 

          Final Thoughts

          An image of windowsill full of potted plants and candles illuminating the Snow Moon

          The Snow Moon in Virgo lights up the winter night, ushering in a season of reflection and precise planning. Anchored in Virgo, a sign synonymous with meticulous care and wellness, this Full Moon beckons us towards self-betterment and structured living.

          Symbolizing purity and dedication, the Virgo Snow Moon is an ideal time to review and refine our daily habits and health routines, emphasizing the need for actions that align with our well-being and goals. It calls for a strategic refinement of our lives, advocating for a balanced synergy between mental and physical health.

          Embracing Virgo's nurturing essence, this period compels us to pursue growth thoughtfully and efficiently. The Snow Moon in Virgo invites us to act with intention and precision, transforming our path to improvement into a transformative journey towards a more organized and healthier lifestyle.


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