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Colors in Spellwork

This week's journal post is a fun one and one of my favorite topics to discuss. As someone who’s grown up trying to use every crayon in the box, colors and color theory are deeply ingrained into my daily life and my spellwork, as color can alter mood, surroundings, and reality. 

Color or what we perceive as color is merely the visual perception of how objects reflect or emit light, and light is an electromagnetic wave that can vibrate on different frequencies. Some colors vibrate on faster or slower frequencies and can emit various wavelengths. For instance, the color red has one of the longest wavelengths but the shortest vibration, while other colors like violet on the opposite end of the spectrum carry short wavelengths coupled with fast vibrations of electromagnetic energy. 

In my ongoing studies of magic and spirituality I’ve often found that while there is an esoteric answer there is also a scientific way to back it up and more importantly that there is a way to actually view the phenomenon behind why our spells work and why they are powerful. Science is a grounding experience that demystifies the mystic while still adhering to and marveling at the unknown and unforeseen, and rather than separating the two I often see them as various ways to explain the same thing. This is  why I started this journal post by explaining the scientific phenomenon of how light travels to create what we see and observe as color. Now, on the more mystic side of things you could describe color as a way to align yourself or to charge your spellwork with a precise kind of energy.

Certain colors vibrationally move faster or slower which can accelerate or decelerate the speed at which your spell will move depending on what it is you are trying to achieve. For example warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow tend to create looser wavelengths and the colors themselves tend to invoke a feeling of speed and urgency. Compare this to the cooler colors of blue, indigo, and violet which create tighter wavelengths and generally incite feelings of relaxation, peace, and the need to slow down. 

When using color in our spellwork it’s important to consider the physical and psychological traits of each color as they all carry distinct wavelengths and vibrations that can alter or change their surroundings. 

Below I’ve listed the colors with their properties and uses which you can utilize in your spellwork for how you see fit. 

Red the Passionate 

Ardent and vigorous the color red adds charisma and spark to any spell…

The color Red stimulates spellwork surrounding passion, courage, willpower, fast action, and intense sexual desire. The color red is associated with the element of fire, and is connected to the root chakra. This color adds a sense of urgency to any spell ensuring a quick and speedy result. We use red in spellwork that involves love, romance, and sex, as well as protection in some cases. 

Orange the Invigorating 

Vivid and expressive, the color orange brings a thrilling buzz to our practices…

The color orange, similar to red, has a bright and stimulating energy making it a good color to use in spells to boost good luck and success in legal matters such as winning a court case or improving your chances of winning lotto tickets. The color orange is also useful for spells that increase buzz so if you want people to get people talking or gathering around your pursuits the color orange will help the right people and opportunities more easily gravitate towards you. 

Yellow the Jubilant 

Sunny and bright the color yellow invites joy and light wherever it goes…

The color yellow brightens any spells and is synonymous with the feelings of intense hoy, happiness, and creativity. The color yellow will infuse any spell positivity and delight, it is especially potent in spells involving creative pursuits. The color yellow can also be used in supplement of many love spells that may require red materials and is an especially auspicious color for marital vows. 

Green the Copious 

Lavish and bountiful, the color green yields abundance and grace…

Green is a rich, luxurious, color that is connected to the earth, divine feminine, and of course to money/financial abundance. This earthy color is best utilized in matters regarding finances and fertility as this hue represents the wealth and abundance that can be found in nature. This color is especially potent when used in spellwork that helps to connect us to the energy of the divine feminine.

Blue the Serene 

Soothing and tranquil the color blue washes away our deepest worries…

 Blue much like the cooling depths of the ocean and the endless vastness of the sky brings with it a sense of peace and serenity. The color blue is used in spellwork to stimulate feelings of harmony and emotional healing as well as unlock hidden wisdom and knowledge. The color blue soothes and softens difficult situations and can be used to usher in gentle and clear communication between opposing parties. Blue can also be used in spells to dispel anxiety and worry, and can help return intense emotions to a sense of calm. 

Purple the Mystic 

Mystical and otherworldly the color purple unlocks the mysteries long held deep…

The color purple is regal and ripe with metaphysical properties that are known to enhance and boost spiritual and psychic awareness. This makes it an excellent color to use in divination, astral projection, and lucid dreaming. Purple is deeply connected to the subconscious mind and the mysteries that flow from it, hence why utilizing this color heightens intuition. The color purple can also make it easier to tune into the angelic and spiritual realms. 

Pink the Tenderhearted 

Gentle and affectionate, the color pink spreads love and beauty throughout…

The color pink conjures up soft and wholesome emotions making it a sweet addition to any love or glamour spell. Pink is a romantic color but unlike red which is fiery and passionate pink is subtle and sentimental. This is why it is usually reserved for spells involving self-love which often require a gentler hand, and can even be used to attract or strengthen platonic connections. 

Black the Protective 

Fierce and unyielding the color black shields and dispels negativity…

Though somber and seemingly devoid of vibrancy the color black is known for uncrossing, banishing, dispelling, negative or stagnant energy. It is a highly protective color and can be used to ward off misfortune, violence, and low vibrational situations, entities, and people.  

Brown the Healer 

Stable and grounded the color brown invokes discipline and structure… 

The color brown shares many similarities to the color green and can even be used as a substitute in it’s absence however the color brown suggests properties tied to ideas surrounding order and authority, Brown is an excellent color to use in spellwork when you feel ungrounded and aloof, as the rich hue invites a sense of structure and organization.  

White the Purifier  

Simple and clean the color white invites translucent clarity…

The color white is elegant and purifying thus making it a mainstay color in many cleansing rituals. White is also unique in spellwork in that it can be used to substitute any color making it extremely accessible and multipurpose in a pinch. The color white is calming, healing, and clarifying and can be used to find coherence in confusing situations. 

Ways to use colors in your spellwork:

  • Using candles in specific colors that correspond to your needs 
  • Wearing certain colors to heal or increase certain properties
  • Using certain color pens when scripting in a manifestation journal
  • Meditating with a certain color in mind by focusing on a specific chakra 

The options for how to utilize colors in spellwork is nearly endless and dependent entirely upon what it is you're trying to manifest. However, I hope this blog post provided you with a solid jumping off point or perhaps a lovely re-introduction to old concepts. Whatever this post provides you with, I hope it is sound information to help you at whatever stage of your spiritual journey you are in. 

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