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Chai Bunny’s Favorite YouTube Tarot Readers

If you, like me are wishing to seek extra clarification or reassurance from a professional reader or psychic without having to leave your house, you may find some solace on social media platforms such as YouTube.

Not all of us have the time, patience, or cash to afford going to a professional tarot reader, astrologist, or clairvoyant. However like most things in this day-in-age of social media there is a community and outlet to help us work around these cumbersome developments of our daily lives. 

You'll probably find if you search "Tarot Readings" on YouTube that you get a nearly endless number of videos, readers, etc and this blog post is simply here to get you started on your journey into YouTube tarot readings.

Favorite Tarot YouTubers:

Kino Tarot

Kino is a Canadian tarot reader who is currently living in Japan, who specializes in pick-a-card readings that range from monthly check-ins, career advice, as well as readings geared towards love and romance. Kino gives incredibly thorough and in-depth readings that are sure to leave with you with the clarity that you seek.

Kino's you Tube channel also provides videos on random topics such as a highly extensive video Angel Numbers and their meanings which I personally cannot recommend enough.

All in all, Kino is an incredible reader who always brings a warm, supportive, and positive energy to any reading especially if you are in need of encouragement and gentle reassurance. 

Vanessa Somuayina

Vanessa Somuayina was one of the first tarot readers and psychics that I encountered on YouTube, and she has remained a mainstay in my life for the past two years and counting.

Vanessa always takes such great care to create a calming and high vibrational atmosphere in all of her videos from her beautifully picked oracle cards to her meticulously chosen crystals and gems that decorate her readings.

Vanessa is a true jack of all trades offering monthly pick-a-card readings that focus on love, career, and finances, as well as useful videos on astrology and other topics within the spiritual community.

Vanessa imbues each of her videos with a comforting big sister energy coupled with her indictable knowledge and intuition makes her another fantastic choice to give your subscription to. 

Julissa’s Messages

Julissa is one of my favorites and if her infectious confidence and positivity doesn't transfer over to you after each reading, well I don't know what will. Julissa like so many Tarot readers and Psychics on You Tube specializes in pick-a-card readings; however, I think Julissa adds a unique dash of fun to her readings, using dice, charms, Angel Numbers, and pendulums to add an extra layer of spice and clarity to her readings. Julissa also takes a very no-nonsense approach to her readings offering honest advice, encouragement, and guidance to each and every one of her readings especially if you are needing a push in the right direction. 

The Gem Goddess

Just like her name Gem is a gem, and similar to Vanessa Somuayina is another jack of all trades who dips into many different topics that are united under the banner of spiritual growth.

Gem has not only incredible monthly pick-a-card readings, but she also provides highly detailed astrology videos, as well as videos that focus on raising your vibration. Gem also has more than a few videos on Law of Attraction and Manifestation techniques that are well worth your time. 

Shonetta’s Divine Tarot

Shonetta bug is a beaming ray of light and a natural claire, and it shows extremely well in each of her pick-a-card readings.

Shonetta delivers clear messages of healing, support, and guidance in each of her readings as well as her innate talent as an intuitive. Shonetta posts at least one or two new videos at the beginning of each month which contain monthly predictions and advice from Spirit.


Roseology always chooses the most interesting topics for her pick-a-card readings that cover topics that range from Ancestral messages to unlocking your Starseed origins.

Rose is also incredibly well versed in her spirituality and always has brilliant advice. Roseology is a fantastic reader in that each of her readings focus some degree of spiritual self-improvement and exploration as she includes a lot of deity and ancestral messages throughout her readings.

Rose also allows viewers to choose their card pile based on their preferred methods of intuition such as clairaudience, crystals, etc, making her methods of personalizing the readings unparalleled in that respect. 

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