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Connecting to the Hindu Goddess of Destruction Kali

The cosmos quivers in the face of the unmatched ferocity and mind-bending chaos that is Kali the Dark Mother and the destroyer of all evil.

Kali Briefly Explained

Kali whose name means “The Dark One '' orShe Who is Black” is the Hindu goddess of time and destruction. She is depicted as a fierce and wild woman whose eyes shine red with violent intoxication as she destroys everything in her path while wearing a garland of severed human heads. On paper Kali appears to be something closer to a bloodthirsty demon rather than a goddess however Kali is another form of the divine Parvati who represents love, nourishment, and motherhood. 

In Hinduism it is not uncommon for the gods to share different forms which are there to represent their changing duality; these forms can also be called aspects and they can be used to highlight the various traits that a god or goddess can assume. This essentially means that Kali is just as much Parvati as Parvati is Kali, and the two can be seen as separate sides of an opposing but united whole. 

Kali is an unpredictable force of the cosmos, and she cannot delineate friend from foe when in her divine frenzy and in this way, she represents the unrelenting forces of change and the sometimes the cruel passage of time, however there are many merits and valuable lessons to be learned from Kali. 

Kali Offerings

Offerings to kali are wide and various and are typically given to her during morning and evening Puja (devotional worship to a deity/deities, literally means reverence), to read more about Puja I recommend the following article to help you get started: Puja in Hinduism (

Kali enjoys offerings of red hibiscus flowers and garlands, as well as dishes such as Kheer (sweet rice pudding), and sabzi (mixed vegetable dish). Gifts of red candy, fabric, and jewelry are also suitable. A dish of goat meat and rice is also seen as very meritorious. FYI, we have a versatile Kali Manifestation Oil in our shop that can be used in offerings and practices involving Kali.

Simple Ways to Connect with Kali’s Ferocious Energy

  • Speaking your mind and standing up for yourself 
  • Call upon and meditate with Kali she is very responsive during meditation especially when her mantra “Om krim kalikayai namah” is being used
  • Dancing-Kali is known for literally dancing on the slain bodies of her enemies and if you're having a moment of intense frustration let it out by shaking it out 
  • Find outlets to express your pent-up anger, rage, and frustration, and know that it's okay to let it out and scream at the top of your lungs 
  • Engage in messy creativity, Kali is beautifully chaotic and transcendent so feel free to get messy with the finger paint or wild with the arts & crafts 
  • Put up those boundaries 

In Summary

The Dark Mother is the wild untamed divine feminine who is so often shushed, shamed, and silenced by society. Kali is the fierce rage of a healthy and untamable woman who has become one with her limitless potential as both a creator and a destroyer. In this way the chaotic energy of Kali can be utilized in helping us break down toxic beliefs, addictions, and ailments. Her lessons are brutal and are not for the weak of heart as she is the slayer of the ego who liberates us from our darkest depths.

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