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How to Use a Pendulum: Easy Tips and Tricks to get you Started on your Divination Journey

Pendulums are a tool that can be used for divination practices or energy healing and are wonderful to have in any witch's arsenal. Pendulums are a unique tool in that they are a siphon for spiritual energy and can make communicating with your higher self and the spiritual realms much easier. In this blog post I cover a few easy tips and tricks to get you started on your pendulum journey. 

“The Pendulum Chooses the Wizard, Mr. Potter…”

Choosing a pendulum is no joke, because this tool is going to be your little buddy through thick and thin, so making sure you and your pendulum vibe and feel that mutual connection is essential. You can also get multiple pendulums to use if you like variety in your practices, especially if you enjoy using pendulums made from different crystals and stones like rose quartz or amethyst. 

Using the Pendulum 

To begin divining with your pendulum, start by taking a deep breath and centering yourself. You can call in your ancestors, angels, spiritual guides, and deities to help assist your reading or to make communicating with your higher self-easier. Using a pendulum board can make divination easier with clear parameters for yes or no questions. 

Keep your hand relaxed and rest it on a stable or smooth surface before divining. You can also use pendulum stands if you don’t feel confident in the stability of your hands or you can purchase pendulums that are already made with their stands. It's really up to you and what fits your practices best. 

What Questions to Ask your Pendulum

For divination purposes a pendulum can answer a majority of questions as long as they are phrased in a manner that can be answered with a simple yes, no, or maybe. Examples of good questions to ask the pendulum can be “Is this job the right path for me?”, “Does this person have my best interests at heart?”, “Is this my soul calling?”. 

Locating Physical Imbalances with a Pendulum

Pendulums can also pinpoint physical imbalances within the body such as places of blocked energy. Pendulums make an excellent tool for those who are interested in energy healing like Pranic healing and Reiki. 

A Tool for Connecting to Ancestral Planes

Pendulums used for divination purposes can also be conduits to communicate to the divine and ancestral planes. As always, be aware of your spiritual safety and make sure you are only calling in and interacting with entities you know and trust. In the same way you wouldn’t let a stranger into your house, you wouldn’t use a pendulum or any kind of divination tool to speak to unknown beings. A good rule of thumb is to keep your practices within the family; angels, ancestors, spirit guides, and your patron deities are welcome, and their presence will set the tone for who is and isn’t allowed to communicate. 

How to Use a Pendulum Without a Board

If you are using a pendulum without a board, you can easily make one yourself using a pad of paper and drawing on it. Or if you choose to forgo a pendulum board as I did in the beginning an easy rule of thumb for yes or no answers goes as follows: 

  • Pendulum swinging clockwise = yes 
  • Pendulum swinging counterclockwise = no
  • Pendulum swinging up and down = maybe

You can also create a unique language between you and your pendulum. Essentially you can communicate in a secret code, for example you can ask your pendulum to swing (X) number of times to confirm specific questions or you can ask your pendulum to tap your free hand a certain number of times the language between you and your pendulum is fully customizable. 

Use your intuition when using a pendulum to choose which one is best for you and your practices, and always be aware of your spiritual safety!

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