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Your Primer to Breaking those Pesky Generational Curses

I don’t believe there is a family out there who is not touched by some sort of family curse. Even the most loving or gentle of families can harbor within their lineage a blight of some sort that can be unconsciously passed down through the generations. These blights can be generational trauma, physical abuse, substance abuse, a long history of messy divorces, or financial instability.

Identifying and ridding a line of a generational curse is like cutting off a necrotic limb and stopping its ability to spread at the source. Breaking a generational curse is in many ways the epitome of leaving something better than you found it and in this short article I’m going to show you how to break these pesky karmic ties and how to cultivate a healthy one in its place. 

Now I understand that it's not fair that you’ve been left with this burden, family can after all be selfish and life itself is many things, but fair is often not one of them. Curses themselves are born from an ill will or an accumulation of negative energy. Generational curses can be born within a family and passed down or the curses themselves can be inflicted from outside forces. Whatever the birthplace be of the curse itself they all will share the commonality as spiritual ill that spreads throughout the family tree. 

Once the curse and the source are identified breaking the spell requires a bit of elbow grease and some reconciliation. The curses must be reconciled more than anything and reconciliation requires forgiveness just as much as it requires recognition.You can go about breaking the curse in a plethora of ways but a potent cord cutting ritual should do the trick to symbolize the physical cutting or breaking of the curse plaguing your line.

A cord cutting ritual usually requires two black candles that are tied and connected by a red string. For the cord cutting spells I’ve done, I’ve placed the candles on a plate in a ring of black salt and finely crushed eggshells to contain the spell in a purifying environment and to make sure no energy escapes. This essentially creates a room or a space to house the spell in which the energy must find peace and conclusion unto which it cannot be set free until the spell is completed. The candles are tied together with string and are lit with red string burning alongside the candles. 

Be aware this is not an easy spell and I dare say it requires more than one hand. If possible, bring in close family and friends to perform this spell preferably family who can aid in solidifying the intent of this spell. Breaking off karmic ties that span generations is a heavy lift that requires all hands-on deck, and it also requires you to speak closely and connect with your ancestors' equal parts forgiving them and upholding them for their triumphs.

I recommend doing a deep cleanse of the space the ritual was performed in as well as calling upon the angels to aid in the healing process. These spells can be very willful and can take on a mind of their own as negative energy rarely wants to leave without a fight which is why I recommend doing this spell with a group as well as calling upon angelic forces.

Doing a cord cutting spell with deities like Hekate or Kali will also be potent. Especially Kali, being the vanquisher of evils would aid in the complete nullification of the curse. Summoning Guan Yin could be excellent as well during these kinds of spells because she brings the healing and compassion which is crucial to moving on. 

After performing a cord cutting ritual you may want to consider creating some kind of a family altar to dedicate to your deceased loved ones as a designated space for the living and the dead to commune and harmonize, where you can begin to rebuild a stronger, healthier, relationship with your family and leave stable foundations for future generations.

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