How to: 13-Card New Year Ahead Tarot Spread

How to: 13-Card New Year Ahead Tarot Spread

Looking to start your New Year off on the right foot using Tarot Cards as a guide? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! Today I’m going to teach you a super simple spread that will provide insights on themes you may encounter, uncover specific challenges that may arise, give you an opportunity to plan on how you want things to go and set yourself up for success in the upcoming year.

This super simple Year-Ahead Tarot spread involves using 13 cards. 12 of the cards represent the 12 months of the year beginning with January and ending in December, where the cycle will then start again like a snake biting its tail. You’ll want to perform this reading on New Year’s Eve to ensure apt timing with your Tarot Cards.

The card spread flows in a circle that is similar in appearance to the Pagan Wheel of the Year . The cards will flow in a cyclical nature through each month highlighting certain lessons or important tidings. The 13th card which is arguably the most important card in this spread is going to be the card that details the biggest theme of your year.

For example let's say the 13th card you pull is the “Judgement” card from the Major Arcana you can assume that your guiding theme for that year will be about following your soul calling or that you will eventually be called to make a crucial life changing decision such as a change in career or studies, deciding to make a big move to a new place, or perhaps you will be asked to contemplate whether to stay or end a crucial relationship. Whichever card you pull as your thirteenth know that it will be the force guiding your year ahead as your latest soul lesson in your spiritual journey.

The other 12 cards will indicate the focus or the specific challenge of that month starting from January and ending in December. While card 13 indicates your main spiritual lesson of the year the surrounding twelve cards will be there describing your month-by-month prognostics and forecast.

New Year Tarot Spread Key

13-Card New Year Ahead Tarot Spread. New Moon Tarot Deck spread clockwise.

I recommend setting the mood for this tarot reading as it is a very important reading that will provide you with insights and keys to manifest and create the playing field for a successful year. Ways you can set the mood include meditating beforehand to clear your mind, cleaning, organizing, and smudging the space or area you’ll be performing divination in. Lighting candles or incense are also fabulous ways to set the mood and invite good energy to attract ascended beings like angels or spirit guides to help out in your reading.

Once you have your space just as you like it you can ask Spirit/Universe to show what your year ahead is going to look like drawing twelve cards and laying them out in a circle plus one more card which will sit at the center of your spread. Now that you have your reading be sure to take a photo or write down the cards you pulled so that you can reference the spread throughout the incoming year to accurately assess where you are at on your journey! 

We hope this blog helps you to bring clarity and enlightenment to your future endeavors, and all of us at Chai Bunny are wishing you a very happy and fruitful New Year, may all your li'l witch dreams come true! 

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