Celtic Cross Tarot Spread for Beginners

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread for Beginners

The Celtic Cross is a classic go-to divination spread. Beloved for its specificity, flexibility and ease. Ideal for getting step-by-step clarification on the full picture of your life situations. It will handily decode your present and open up your mind to future possibilities. For all those reasons it was one of the first spreads I learned how to do when starting my tarot journey.

Situations that Call for a Celtic Cross

  • Changing jobs or starting a new career
  • What’s going on in a relationship
  • Feeling stuck and need clarification on how best to move forward
  • Analyzing an opportunity
  • How to solve a specific dilemma

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Key

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Key Cards 1-10

 Celtic Cross Tarot Cards Explained

  1. The Present: This card reveals the subject or issue of the situation your inquiring about.
  2. The Challenge: This is the obstacles you are facing.
  3. The Past: Near past events that are influencing your current situation.
  4. The Future: Near future events that are coming your way.
  5. Conscious: What are you manifesting and what is your potentiality.
  6. Unconscious: What in you're subconscious is influencing your present life.
  7. Your Influence: This card illuminates your personal power over your personal circumstances
  8. External Influences: External forces that are outside of your control.
  9. Hopes & Fears: Insights on how your fears and hopes are influencing your mindset and impacting your future.
  10. The Outcome: The probable outcome at this point in time. Of course you have some control over how your story is written and nothing is set in stone.

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