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How to Use Scripting to Boost Manifestations

Learning how to manifest your desired reality into existence isn’t easy. There are a lot of roadblocks that we can encounter on the path towards our deepest desires that can come in the forms of, self-doubt, past traumas, uncertainty, and lack of direction. In life we can find ourselves struggling with one or all of these and it’s especially hard when you don't feel grounded or solid enough within yourself to bring about co-creating your desired life with Spirit. 

While there are a plethora of reasons our manifestations may not be transpiring in our perceived reality, one of the biggest reasons I’ve encountered in my practices as well as others’ is that there is a lack of solid vision. Oftentimes we don’t have a solid vision for why we want what we want. I call these “baseless desires” as they are a demand without vocation or purpose. 

Many of us will want things without really understanding why that desire has been instilled in us in the first place, and while manifestation springs forth from the pools of our aspirations they cannot be brought into the 3-D by mere want alone. 

This is where scripting can come in handy. For those who are just hearing about scripting, allow me to fill you in on this simple but effective spiritual practice. 

What is Scripting? 

Scripting is more or less what it sounds like, it involves writing out a detailed script of your manifestations so that you can more clearly visualize and therefore connect with your deepest desires in a more hands on way. 

If you find that your manifestations lack vision or clarity, or if you find it difficult to visualize them, scripting can be incredibly useful in helping you flesh out the details of what your specific desires look and feel like. What I like most about scripting is how easy it is to use as a daily practice and in accordance with specific moon phases or astrological events, especially because all you need is a designated journal and your favorite pen(s) to get down. 

The Keys to Successfully Scripting your Desired Life

To script successfully there are a couple Key things to keep in mind. One being to write your manifestations out in as much detail as you can, the clearer the better. Treat it like telling yourself a story about how it feels to have your manifestation transpire in your desired reality.

For instance, let's say you want to manifest more money. What does that look like? What does having more money allow you to do, what are you going to use this abundant influx of money for? Where are you going to invest this money? Is it going to go into your savings? Towards traveling? Starting a business? Get crystal clear. 

The Universe, God, the Creator, or Creatrix (or however you like to refer to the Spirit of Reality) like any fine tuned algorithm or generator needs clear instructions or details to be able to co-create with you and bring about your manifestations. Simply asking for more money won't bring more money but it will leave you with the WANT for more money. Compare this to offering a clear and fleshed out idea of what it looks, feels, and tastes like to have more money with dynamic descriptions of how you're going to use it. This gives you and the Universe solid plans to begin enacting this manifestation in the 3-D. 

Using Scripting Before any Major Spellwork

In my own practices I like to script on New and Full Moons to bring in my Manifestations or clear out any stagnancy that may be blocking them. A good rule of thumb for this is that on New Moons we  focus on bringing in or scripting new energy, and we clear out/banish old energy on Full Moons. 

I like to do this Scripting Practice before any major spellwork to ensure that I’m really unambiguous on what it is that I desire and to precisely flesh out why I’m doing a certain spell. Scripting gives me more confidence and helps me to explicitly see what it is that I want to dream into reality. So when it comes time to perform the ceremony by either lighting an energetically charged candle, a healing bath, or a big meditation session, I’m clear on my vision and it makes my spellwork perform effortlessly. 

Scripting Allows us to See the Plot Holes in our Desires

Do you know the saying “Be careful What you wish for?”, because what you hope for may actually not be what you truly want, but rather what you're conditioned to think you want. Sometimes we have desires and needs that aren’t actually our own, instead they are what other people teach and want us to aspire to. Irregardless if it comes from friends, family, or society there are forces from every corner of the world telling us to want this, need this, achieve this, or have that. Whether it’s a big house, a fancy car, or material thing, on top of material things, make certain your desire is of your own.

Another pitfall to stay vigilant against is other people's socially acceptable timelines and pursuits. Wants such as getting into a relationship by X age or risk dying alone, or pursuing a specific career because it will make your family happy, the list goes on and on. 

Manifesting for the sake of appearing a certain way or to have what you think society or family wants will only bring you disappointment and emptiness. Especially in the scenario that your manifestation is realized, but in a way that doesn't align with your individual soul calling. Examples of a misaligned manifestation can show up in the form of a relationship that makes you feel lonely and unloved, or a job that’s making everyone in your family but you happy. Just remember, there is a dark side to asking and receiving when you are not in a state of bringing forth what truly sets your soul alight.

Scripting unveils the root of our desire. The act of writing our intentions word for word allows us to examine if what we are trying to manifest is truly for us or to meet someone else's expectation. When we manifest from a place of fear, envy, lack, or to people please we will always fail and receive half-baked wish fulfillment.

My advice here is to heed the saying “Know thyself” and to think critically about what you're scripting and ask the question: “Is this truly what I desire? Or is this something that I’m being told to desire?”. 

Final Thoughts

Scripting allows us to hold and uncover the meaning behind our most aspirational dreams in a way that helps us envision what success, abundance, and joy feels like to us as separate individuals on our own unique journey. Scripting is a powerful manifestation method that can help you see if a desire is stemming from a place of wholeness or from a feeling of incompleteness.

The practice of scripting particularly aids those of us who feel unclear about their path or their ability to manifest by giving you a simple tool that can help one more easily access and exercise their ability to manipulate the 3-D. 

This manifestation technique also gives us another excuse to buy a beautiful, designated journal or notebook to begin jotting down our grandest and most aligned visions for reality. 

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