Lit glowing spell candle, carved with intentions, dressed in oil for manifesting surrounded by, dried babies breath and amber runes

Manifesting with Candle Magic

Candle magic has been an essential part of my spell work. It's what allows me to charge my intentions so that they become tangible and real in the physical world. No matter how big or small, it is our actions that make magic happen. A manifestation will only take effect when you focus on it with the intent to bring it into reality and Candle magic is a perfect vehicle to focus intent and create results.

Charging candles allows us to imbue them with our energy and intent so that they can become physical vehicles for our manifestations. The ways we can go about charging these candles with our energy involve a few simple steps to personalize and empower the wax with your vision.

1. Make Certain the Purpose of your Manifestation Spell is Crystal Clear.

    Begin with understanding the subject matter of your spell. What kind of spell are you performing? Is it a money spell, self-love spell, etc. Get clear on your intent or script in a journal beforehand the details of what it is you are trying to bring forth into the material. Having a clear vision of intent is key to a successful candle spell. 

        2. Carve your Intent into the Candle.

        Once your intent is clear you can begin carving your candle with a knife, chopstick. I've even used bobby-pins in a pinch to get the job done. You can carve into your wax whatever you wish. These carvings can be sigils, phrases, mantras, a key word, or a specific image that appeals to the nature of your spell.

        These carvings don't have to be perfect or particularly beautiful but they do need to be done with care and intent so make sure when you're carving that you are staying focused on the image of your desire whether that be money, road opening, or self-love. 

            3. Dress your Candle with Oil.

            After you’ve finished your carvings it's time to move onto the dressing stage. Like any great salad it is never complete without its dressing and the same applies to our candle. You can use any kind of oil to dress your candle, this can be olive oil, jojoba oil, apricot seed oil, argan oil, etc.

            Dressing a candle simply requires rubbing the candle in your desired oil and using your hands to charge it with your energy while you meditate/focus in on the image of your intent. An optional step would be rolling your oiled candle in dried herbs or flowers.

            4. Light your Fully Charged Candle

            Now that your candle is charged it's time to light it. Take care to place your candle in a fire safe container, or in a place where you can monitor it so that it doesn't catch anything on fire.

            It's preferable when lighting a candle spell to let the candle burn through completely without having to relight it. However it is not the end if you have to put the spell on pause and extinguish the flame, especially if you know you'll be unable to monitor the candle throughout the day.

            This is typically why I burn candle spells during days I know I'm free, or I use smaller tealight candles which will have a quicker burn time (about 3-5 hours). Tealights are great when time is limited, they get the job done quickly and with minimal cleanup afterwards as most come in their own tin.

                    Analyzing your Candle Spell

                    How will you know if you’ve had a successful candle spell? Good question! There a couple tell tale signs to pay attention to that will help you determine the success of your spell. One is a consistently tall bright flame that melts through the wax quickly. This indicates little to no blockages and strong manifestation results are in order.

                    Whereas a weak flame that burns the wax slowly could show that there is something interfering with your manifestation, in which I recommend to discover what that source is as soon as possible so that it can be unblocked. My experience has shown me with that a slow burning dim candle is a spiritual communication explaining that a specific manifestation may experience delays due to forces outside of our control or have undesirable consequence. 

                    Signs your Candle Spell Worked

                    • Check in with how you feel! I usually feel very peaceful and confident after performing a successful candle spell whereas during my weaker manifestations I lit the candle and a sense of worry or uneasiness filled me. It’s a feeling akin to completing a test and knowing instantly you've  bombed. Versus remembering all the correct answers with ease and striding out knowing that you’ve just aced it. 
                    • A candle that goes out mid-spell is also going to be a dud and will point to an extreme blockage of sorts. This is spirit’s way of saying I can’t proceed any further with this spell because there is a significant blockage that I 'm unable to move for you in the present. In which I would say to immediately consult an oracle system and communicate with your ancestors, spirit guides, angels, or tutelary deities. Get illuminated on the origins of the blockage, where is it coming from and what you need to do to open it. 

                    Charging candles is a dynamic and fast paced way to manifest and bring about our desires into the 3-D in an actionable way while adding our personalized energy and intent and watching it literally spark our dreams into reality. I also appreciate how candle spells show in real time the prognostics of how our spell is being received so that we can know if we need to pivot and unblock or simply sit back and quite literally watch the magic happen.

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