Preparing for the Buck New Moon in Gemini: Everything You Need to Know

Preparing for the Buck New Moon in Gemini: Everything You Need to Know

In the late hours of June 18th, 2023, at precisely 12:37 AM, EDT, the final New Moon of the Spring will softly illuminate our skies, bidding a gentle adieu to the season before we herald the invigorating warmth of the Summer Solstice/Litha.

Why the Buck New Moon, you ask?

This seasonal lunar event is named after the 'buck' – the male deer that begin to grow their notable antlers during this time of year. These antlers, in their nascent stages, are swathed in a velvety texture through the summer, mirroring the subtle changes and growth we experience in our own lives.

The phrase 'young buck' usually brings to mind someone who is young, full of energy, loves adventure, and fiercely values their independence.

This spirit of youth and exploration is a fitting reflection of this New Moon's energy, as we find ourselves embracing the future with renewed courage and an inspirational zest for life.

It is worth noting, this New Moon is also recognized by several other names, including the Hay Moon, Thunder Moon, Herb Moon, and Blessing Moon. Each title unfolds a different aspect of this celestial event, painting a vibrant tapestry of interpretations and associations.

Deer and Stag Symbolism: The Embodiment of Grace and Strength

A majestic deer standing tall in a serene forest, embodying grace and strength.

The deer and the stag, richly steeped in symbolism, are widely recognized as graceful messengers. Their swift and nimble nature symbolizes the existence of numerous alternate paths leading us towards a singular goal.

Despite their gentle demeanor, these creatures carry an underlying warrior spirit. This attribute becomes evident in the display of power and resolve when two male deer lock horns in a test of strength.

In the realm of mythology and religion, these majestic creatures hold significant associations. In ancient Greece, they are linked with Artemis, the audacious goddess of the hunt.

Cernunnos, the horned-god from Celtic mythology, is another deity profoundly connected with deer and stags. Renowned as the lord of beasts and the wild, Cernunnos is venerated today in numerous neopagan and Wiccan circles, where he is invoked as the intermediary between humans and nature.

Drawing from my own heritage, in Japan—where part of my family originates—deer are esteemed as symbols of longevity. They stand alongside other creatures celebrated for their long lives, like the tortoise.

Frequently, you'll find depictions of deer accompanying Jurojin, one of the Seven Lucky Gods, known for blessing humans with long and joyful lives.

These various cultural connections exemplify the universal appeal and diverse significance of deer across the globe.

Exploring the Cerebral Universe of Gemini

A depiction of the Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux, representing the cerebral universe of the Gemini zodiac sign.

Gemini, an energetic mutable air sign, is characterized by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, innate curiosity, and a tendency towards lively conversation.

Ruled by Mercury—the planet governing technology, daily interactions, and socialization—Gemini embodies duality, the exchange of ideas, and engaging dialogue.

Small talk holds no allure for this sign; Gemini dives deep, seeking substantive, mind-enriching wisdom and understanding.

Renowned for adaptability and sociability, Gemini finds joy and purpose in learning from and interacting with others.

As we greet this New Moon, it's worth pondering:

  • What opportunities for thoughtful interaction can you foster?
  • How can you enhance communication patterns with yourself and others to create a more profound learning environment?
  • Where can you improve your listening skills, both towards yourself and others?

Reflect on these questions to make the most of this New Moon.

The primary themes of this lunar cycle align perfectly with Gemini's curious and cerebral nature, with communication and socialization taking center stage. It's an opportune moment to reassess and recalibrate our patterns of communication.

A tip to bear in mind:

"Be conscious of your words. They are spells in disguise—that's why it's termed 'spelling.'"

Harness the power of your words to shape your world during this Gemini New Moon.

New Moon, New You

The New Moon is synonymous with setting goals, inviting fresh energy, and planting seeds for success. These seeds, once sown, hold the promise of growth and abundance, ready to be reaped during the ensuing Full Moon.

The objective is to envision or plan for something that can be nurtured and developed over a complete lunar cycle.

The New Moon period is that crucial time to gain clarity about our desires, setting the stage for a month of growth and care, culminating in a bountiful harvest come the next Full Moon which will be in Capricorn and occur on July 3rd.

Save the Date for Summer Solstice/Litha

Sun setting over a sunflower field, summer solstice, longest day of the year.

Mark your calendars for the Summer Solstice, or Litha, happening on Wednesday, June 21st, at 7:58 AM Pacific Time. At this time, the Sun will enter the cardinal water sign of Cancer, infusing our transition into the passionate heat of summer with a comforting touch of sweetness, courtesy of Cancer's nurturing energy.

The Summer Solstice is especially noteworthy as it marks the longest day of the year for those residing in the Northern Hemisphere. This includes countries such as the United States, Canada, Russia, and parts of Europe.

As we greet the sun's zenith, let's embrace the radiant energy of the season and the exciting opportunities it brings.

Alignments and Activities for This New Moon

For those keen on immersing themselves in the energy of this New Moon, here is a list of associated elements to incorporate into your personal practices. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or someone seeking a starting point for spells, these correspondences can serve as useful guides.

  • Herbal and Resinous Allies: Incorporate honeysuckle, myrrh, sandalwood, lemon balm, gardenia, orris root, or frankincense into your practices to channel the energy of this New Moon.
  • Colors: Work with shades of blue, gray, and silver to resonate with the moon's energy.
  • Elements: Balance the energies of water, fire, and air in your workings for a harmonious experience.
  • Spells and Magical Workings: Consider engaging in green witchcraft, road opening spells, or divination practices. You could also consider spells designed to enhance confidence and leadership skills, reflecting the dynamic energy of this lunar phase.
  • Deities and Spirits: Connect with deities and spirits such as Hel, Artemis, Aphrodite, Juno, Cerridwen, Freyr, and the Fairy Folk to add a divine touch to your practices.

Embracing these correspondences can deepen your connection with the New Moon and enrich your spiritual journey.

Navigating Neptune's Disillusioning Tides

The triumph of Neptune standing on a chariot pulled by two sea horses mosaic from the mid to third century AD.

An astrological phenomenon to note during this lunar month is the square formation between the moon and Neptune. In astrology, a square refers to two planets positioned at a 90° angle to each other. This aspect often heralds a challenging or discordant energy that requires us to face and resolve certain issues.

The square formation between this specific lunation and Neptune may bring about challenges related to disillusionment and a skewed perception. You might struggle to see a situation, a specific individual, or an institution for what they truly are, as opposed to what you wish them to be.

Neptune, named after the Roman god of the sea, governs dreams, the subconscious, and our emotions. At its best, Neptune's energy inspires us to delve into our spiritual essence and operate from an intuitive and dream-like perspective.

However, this celestial balance can tip when Neptune finds itself in challenging astrological positions. What was once mystifying can become confusing and frustratingly ambiguous.

The manifestation of this astrological square in our lives can be manifold, but remaining aware of its potential effects enables us to think more critically and honestly when evaluating ourselves and others.

Some ways this aspect may surface include:

  • Formulating ambitious plans without a clear directive or task delegation
  • Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and others
  • Exhibiting hypersensitivity to feedback and criticism
  • Resorting to distraction or deception to avoid difficult or uncomfortable conversations
  • Letting past guilt or blockages resurface and disrupt your peace of mind

*Note: There are other significant astrological aspects such as conjunctions, sextiles, trines, and oppositions. We'll explore these in greater detail in their dedicated blog posts. Stay tuned!

Journal Prompts: Reflecting on Gemini’s Influence

Sunshine yellow coffee mug next to an open journal, journal prompts for New Moon in Gemini

For those who find solace in journaling, the Gemini New Moon provides a perfect opportunity for introspection and self-discovery. The following Gemini-inspired prompts may guide your reflections:

1. How can I enhance my communication skills in both personal and professional contexts? Where do I encounter challenges when expressing myself, and how can I nurture deeper connections with others?

2. To what extent am I aware of my nonverbal cues (e.g., body language, facial expressions, tone of voice) during conversations? How can I ensure that my nonverbal communication aligns with my intended message?

3. How do I navigate conflicts or disagreements? Do I aim for open and respectful communication, or do I lean towards conflict avoidance? How can I foster healthy conflict resolution skills?

In Closing

As we edge closer to the Buck New Moon in Gemini, let's dedicate time to self-reflection, learning, and growth. This new lunar cycle offers a golden opportunity to embrace change and improve various facets of our lives—from communication skills to emotional intelligence.

Remember, words are potent; they carry the power of spells. Use them wisely during this lunar period. May this Gemini New Moon illuminate your path to wisdom, courage, and a profound understanding of yourself and others. Embrace the journey, and let the magic of this lunar cycle unfold.

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