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Summer Solstice 7 Card Tarot Spread

Hello and welcome! Summer Solstice is here, today, June 21st, and with it comes the joy of longer days, relaxed picnics, and strolls along the beach.

To make the most of this sunny season, I've created a handy 7-card tarot spread especially for the Solstice.Think of this as your personal guide, tailored to unlock the unique insights and opportunities that summer presents.

Advice for Reading and Interpreting the Cards & their Messages

Before we jump into the spread, here are a few straightforward tips to enhance your tarot reading experience:

  • Open Mind: Always approach your reading with an open and receptive mindset. This allows you to fully connect with the insights the cards provide.
  • Jot It Down: As soon as you draw your cards, write them down. Also, note any initial thoughts, feelings, or images that come to mind. This initial gut reaction often holds the key to understanding your reading.
  • Keep a Record: By noting your impressions and the cards drawn, you can track patterns, themes, and important messages. This also gives you a reference point to revisit later.
  • Clarifying Cards: If something within your spread isn't clear or you wish to delve deeper, don't hesitate to draw additional cards for clarification.

With these tips in mind, let's delve into the specifics of this card spread.

Your 7 Card Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

A vibrant image displaying a Summer Solstice Tarot Spread. Seven tarot cards are laid out. Each card, rich with symbolic artwork, represents a specific aspect of the Solstice as detailed in an accompanying key. The key provides clear explanations linking each card to its meaning.

Card I: The Sun's Illumination

What is coming into the light? What is being revealed to me at this time?

Card I is your guide to understanding what the Universe or Spirit is currently illuminating for you. This card helps you uncover the hidden aspects of your journey, particularly significant if you're grappling with the Universe's demands. Paying attention to this card may provide the clarity you're seeking.

Card II: Summer Bloom

What is blossoming in my life? Where am I experiencing growth and abundance?

After deciphering the Universe's directions for this season from Card I, Card II steps in to illustrate areas where you can expect significant growth. This card paints a picture of potential improvements and the burgeoning abundance in your life.

Card III: The Sun's Strength

Where in my life am I being called to be strong, persistent, or courageous?

With its association with life-force energy and self-governance, the Sun symbolizes vitality. Card III offers actionable guidance on leveraging your willpower to catalyze changes. If you feel stuck, this card will highlight where you need to exercise discipline, mastery, courage, and confidence.

Card IV: The Sun's Nourishment 

What aspects of my life need more attention, love, or nurturing for better growth?

Just as the Sun nourishes and enables growth in a plant, Card IV brings to light the areas of your life needing care and attention. This card encourages you to consider where you should direct your love and nurturing energy for optimal growth.

Card V: Longest Day, Shortest Night

What do I need to do to find balance in my life between my work (day) and my rest and personal life (night)?

Summer days, long and warm, offer the potential for leisure if we manage our time wisely. Card V suggests ways to create a balanced lifestyle, effectively dividing your time between day and night obligations. It will guide you towards managing your commitments to ensure a smooth flow to your days, without stress or rush.

Card VI: Solstice Fire

What needs to be energetically cleansed or released? What no longer serves me?

Unnecessary burdens can hinder growth and expansion. Card VI illuminates aspects of your life that are outdated and ready for release. As part of Litha celebrations, we light bonfires symbolizing the Sun's power to purify doubts, fears, and negativity. Similarly, Card VI highlights what needs to be energetically cleansed and released for your healing and renewal.

Card VII: The Sun's Wisdom

What is the key lesson or wisdom that the universe is offering me during this solstice?

Card VII is my personal favorite as it encapsulates the crux of the entire reading, offering unique guidance for your journey. This card imparts the principal wisdom you need to harness during the summer months, ensuring you make the most of these warm, bright days.

Seven vibrant Tarot cards laid in a Summer Solstice spread pattern on an elegant lace tablecloth, with a skilled reader's hand intuitively guiding the reading, symbolizing spiritual insight and seasonal energy.

As we conclude this guide, remember that each card serves as a beacon on your personal journey, steering you towards growth, resilience, balance, and self-nourishment. This Solstice Tarot spread is your roadmap to a summer brimming with enlightenment and joy. Just as the sun nurtures the earth, let this be a time to deeply care for yourself.


Thank you for joining us on this introspective journey. Happy Summer Solstice!

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