An image of a cream colored ram who is meant to represent the astrological sign of Aries peacefully eating grass in a field.

Aries Full Harvest Moon: Embracing Passion and Ambition

On September 29th the Full Harvest Moon in Aries will begin in the early hours of 2:57 AM PST bringing yet another fruitful lunar cycle to a close right at the beginning of the Autumnal season.

Why is it Called the Harvest Moon?

A beautiful Autumn Harvest Moon glows above field of wheat at dusk.

The term "Harvest Moon" refers to the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, which typically falls in September or early October in the Northern Hemisphere.

The "Harvest Moon" gets its name from the additional illumination it provides during the evening hours. Historically, this extra light enabled farmers to extend their working hours in the fields, ensuring that crops were gathered before frost or bad weather threatened. Before the era of electric lighting, this bright full moon was a crucial ally for farmers, allowing them to fully reap their harvest.

Did You Know? The Harvest Moon stands out due to its striking amber-orange glow and its low angle in the sky. These distinct features are a result of its specific position relative to the horizon at this time of year.

Decoding the Harvest Moon: Its Rich Symbolism in Nature and Spirituality

The Harvest Moon is symbolically rich and significant representing some of the following themes and ideas:

Abundance & Harvest - It represents the bountiful harvest of crops that comes at the end of the growing season. This abundance is not only a source of great physical and spiritual sustenance but is also a cause for celebration and gratitude.

Illumination & Enlightenment - The bright amber glow of the Harvest Moon represents a time when the darkness is pushed back with the Moon’s glow guiding us through the longer nights. In this respect the harvest moon represents the light of knowledge and wisdom that can help navigate life's challenges.

Change & Transformation - The Harvest Moon also symbolizes the changing of seasons with the transition from summer to autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks a shift in the natural world, as days become shorter and temperatures drop. This transition can symbolize the impermanence of life and the cyclical nature of the seasons.

Set Foot into the Fiery & Driven Realm of Aries 

A group of five Ram graze in a field of grass representing the astrological sign of Aries.

In the first house of Aries, we are welcomed by the energetic and pioneering figure of the Ram. Aries, with its free-spirited and independent nature, never lingers or remains stagnant. This cardinal fire sign dives into challenges without hesitation, making it a natural leader in many pursuits.

Guided by Mars, a planet that influences our primal instincts and fervor, Aries exudes a dynamic, assertive energy. It's a fitting pairing: Mars's raw power with Aries's direct drive.

Significantly, Aries's horns also feature in the "Horn of Plenty" or cornucopia, symbolizing abundance. This aligns perfectly with the essence of the Harvest Moon. The relentless energy of Aries, always pushing towards its objectives, aims to manifest prosperity and success.

Full Moon in Aries Lessons

With this Full Moon residing in the sign of Aries it’s worth considering the following lessons that the cardinal fire sign has to offer:

꩜ How can I be more proactive and initiatory with my goals and aspirations?

꩜ How can I keep things in my life more straightforward and uncomplicated?

꩜ What areas in my life can I implement healthy challenges?

Aries-Libra Polarity Explained

At this lunar phase's climax, we find ourselves at the axis between the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries. This is an intriguing interplay of opposites, as both signs sit on opposing sides of the zodiac wheel, creating a dynamic of polarity. Just as the North and South poles represent opposing extremities, in astrology, polarities reflect contrasting characteristics of astrological signs.

In this Aries-Libra axis, there's a call for equilibrium between individualism (embodied by Aries) and community (symbolized by Libra). This period can evoke tension, as the Aries Moon yearns for autonomy, while the Libra Sun seeks harmony and balance between parties.

Witch Tip: Embrace self-awareness during this phase. Recognize and respect your needs as well as those of others. Though challenging, this energy guides us towards establishing robust boundaries and harmonizing our commitments to both self and community.


A scene of red/gold apples, peachy colored candles, and books against a dark green velvety backdrop.

For those drawn to the power of the Full Harvest Moon, here's a thoughtfully curated list of elements to enhance your rituals or spiritual pursuits. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning to align with lunar energies, these associations provide valuable pathways for discovery and inspiration.

Herbal & Resinous Allies

Incorporate the following herbs, barks, roots, or essential oils into your practices to align with this Full Moon’s Energy:

    Pine: for spiritual resilience, longevity, and enlightenment

    Mugwort: for auric cleansing and the dispelling of negativity

    Bergamot: to enhance one's discernment and intuitive force

    Skullcap: for attracting abundance and soothing the spirit

    Valerian: to cleanse and bring harmony to the mind and home

    Animal Allies for this period

    Tap into or call upon the energy of some of the following animals to align with this Full Harvest Moon:

    𓃖 Cows/Cattle: In the olden days cattle were a true symbol of a wealth, and the more cattle a family owned the wealthier they were. Cows and cattle are truly sacred animals giving us both milk (nourishment) and crops (abundance). For this reason the Cow is a wonderful ally to work with regarding abundance, fertility, positivity, stability, and strength.

    𓃖 Jackal: Wise and cunning the Jackal often takes the form of a divine trickster or strategist depending on how one views their antics. Related to dogs, wolves, and foxes the jackal is a symbol of adaptability as well as life, death, and rebirth. The Jackal spirit is a fabulous ally to call upon if you are struggling with challenges like productivity, organization, or mapping out your next steps. Let the Jackal’s cunning nature guide you during the Harvest Moon.

    𓃖 Hedgehog: The hedgehog is a petite fortress of protection with its 5,000 protruding quills. Though menacing in appearance the spikes of the hedgehog bear no poison and thus this shrew is a symbol of non-aggressive paths of defense. If you are struggling to put up firm boundaries, call upon the gentle yet firm spirit of the hedgehog to assist you in finding quick resolutions.

    𓃖 Donkey: Donkey’s have been an integral ally to civilization since its earliest centuries and for good reason as the stubborn and strong nature of the donkey is able to take on great burdens for the sake of expansion, however on the flip they will retaliate when pushed too far. The spirit of the donkey is a naturally aligned helper and can assist you if you feel overworked and overburdened at this time. Call upon the spirit of the donkey to help you take stock of and release unneeded burdens to lighten your load.

    Tarot & Runes for this Period

    An altar dedicated to the Norse goddess of love, war, and magic Freyja showcasing amber runes

    Work with or ask questions with the following tarot cards and runes to align with and gain clarity under the Harvest Moon:


    Fehu - the Cattle rune who is associated with themes of prosperity, wealth, and abundance.

    Gebo - the Gift rune symbolized by the “ᚷ” symbol is associated with themes of fair exchange, balance, and a harbinger of economic and emotional prosperity.

    Wunjo - the Flag rune who is associated with themes such as joy, celebration, community, and the overall harmony between friends, lovers, and family.


    The Empress - the card of nature, abundance, pleasure, and creative expression.

    Six of Pentacles - the Minor Arcana card of generosity and charity.

    Seven of Pentacles - the Minor Arcana card of long-term planning, perseverance, and growth.


    Work with some of the following colors in your practices to resonate with the New Moon:



      Balance the elements of Fire 🜂Air 🜁, and Earth 🜃 this Full Moon.

      Body Parts for Physical Workings

      If you are looking to connect deeper with your body under this Aries Full Moon, the Ram corresponds to the following body parts with a focus on the faculties and sensitivities present within our head such as our:


        Crystals & Stones

        Engage with and utilize some of the following abundance, gratitude, joy, and prosperity drawing crystals:

          Imperial Topaz: for inspired manifestation

          Mahogany Obsidian: for creating true security

          Yellow Sapphire: for creating rich success

          Green Apatite: for cultivating happy abundance

          Himalayan Gold Quartz: for basking in limitless joy

          Note: all of these stones are currently for sale on my favorite ethically owned and sourced crystal shop Moonrise Crystals based out in Hawaii! Check them out to shop and learn more about crystals and ethical sourcing!

          Deities & Spirits

          Connect with deities and spirits associated with good luck, good harvests, and prosperity under this Full Moon such as:

          𓃖 Freyja - The Norse goddess of love, beauty, war, and witchcraft is often intrinsically tied to the harvest and themes of abundance and plentifullness. She is associated with the beauty and the fiery luster of amber and gold which is sacred and synonymous to her presence.

          𓃖 Chang’O - the Chinese goddess of the Moon whose symbol is the Jade Rabbit. She's associated with themes of beauty, immortality, and the moon. The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is celebrated in her honor on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, when the moon is believed to be at its fullest and brightest.

          𓃖 Pomona - the Roman goddess of fruit trees, gardens, orchards, and fruitful abundance. Her most common symbols are orchard fruits like apples and grapes as well as pruning knives.

          𓃖 Brighid - the Irish Mother goddess of fire, healing smithcraft, and poetry. She is regarded as the patroness of cows and rules over nature and fertility. Her name means “The High One” or “Exalted One” and she is a highly beloved figure in Irish culture and mythology.

          𓃖 Hestia/Vesta - The Virginal Greek/Roman goddess of the sacred flame and the home. Hestia or Vesta is regarded as the protector and heart of the home represented by the hearth. Hestia/Vesta was so central in Greece and Rome that offerings were made to her at the beginning of every meal.

          Fun fact: My beloved Sphynx cat is named after the goddess Hestia.

          𓃖 Harvest & Crop Spirits - Connect with the local harvest and crop spirits of your area to become more in tune with the abundant energy of the Earth.


          An image of lemons, figs, tea, and a vanilla scented candle on a countertop.

          Activities for the Full Harvest Moon will coincide with themes relating to abundance, celebration, transition, and change. Feel free to try out any of these practices to enrich your Full Moon experience:

          Go Moon gazing: If the Harvest Moon is visible in your area why not take a look at the amber-colored spectacle?

          Visit a fruit orchard or farmers market: This is a great time to go pick or buy fresh local fruits and veggies of the harvest like apples, grapes, pumpkins, and corn. Even better if you use these fruits and veggies as a decoration or offering on your altar space.

          Take time to rest, reset, and balance out: Rest after labor is very important! Take this time to rest, clean, decompress, or organize both your physical and mental space to make room for fresh new energy. 

          Light a Orange or Green Abundance Candle: Use this candle to symbolize your intentions for the Fall season.

          Journal Prompts 

          An image of mushrooms ready for harvest near handdrwan diagrams of mushrooms.

          Journal using the Seven of Pentacles from the tarot's Minor Arcana as inspiration. These prompts explore patience, growth, perseverance, and enduring efforts. Harness them to connect with your long-term goals, guided by the Harvest Moon!

          Harvest Moon Journal Prompts:

          Evaluating Your Commitments: Just as the figure in the Seven of Pentacles examines their investments, take a moment to reflect. Where are you dedicating your time, energy, and resources? Ensure these commitments resonate with your overarching goals and values.

          The Virtue of Patience: Growth is a journey that demands both time and patience. Ponder upon areas in your life where effort is ongoing but results are yet to manifest. How can you sustain patience and remain faithful to the journey, trusting that the fruits of your labor will emerge?

          Celebrating Your Triumphs: The Seven of Pentacles heralds a phase of reaping rewards. Recognize and celebrate the milestones and successes achieved through your perseverance and dedication. How do these accomplishments uplift you?

          Reflect and Refine: As the figure in the card contemplates potential changes, so should you. Are there commitments that no longer align with your purpose? What tweaks can be made to better your chances of success?

          Vision for the Future: Focus on your long-term aspirations. Do your present efforts support these ambitions? Chart out actionable steps to bridge the gap between your current state and desired future.

          Patience and Growth Under the Harvest Moon + Final Reflections 

          A fire burns brightly near pine needles and leaves on a cold dark night.,

          As the Harvest Moon rises, let it remind us to balance our ambitions with harmony. With Aries driving us and Libra seeking equilibrium, it's essential to find our own pace. Every season offers a chance to grow and reflect. Use this time, dear reader, to navigate your path ahead.


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