Close-up of a russet-colored cow with long, curved horns and a gentle gaze, standing amidst green foliage, embodying the essence of the Taurus zodiac sign with nature elements, in context of the Full Blood Moon

Blood Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse: Journeying through Taurus Energy and Samhain Secrets

As the clock strikes 1:24 PM PST on October 28th, just three days shy of Samhain's onset, the Full Blood Moon will gracefully align with a partial Lunar Eclipse under the steadfast gaze of Taurus.

Marking the conclusion of another lunar cycle, this celestial event ushers us into the deepening shadows of the months ahead. In this guide, we journey into the heart of the Blood Moon's mysteries and illuminate the potent energies of the impending partial Lunar Eclipse.

Blood Moon Symbolism: Unraveling the Deep-rooted Themes

"A striking image of the Full Blood Moon, glowing in a deep reddish hue against a dark sky, with a hint of starry specks visible in the surrounding cosmos, signifying its presence in the zodiac sign of Taurus."

The Full Blood Moon is symbolically rich and significant representing some of the following themes and ideas:

꩜ Family and Ancestry:

The age-old saying, "blood is thicker than water," underscores the deep bonds of family. Blood ties are not just about genetics; they are the threads connecting us to our ancestry. It's apt that October, with its thinning veil between our world and the ancestral plane, should host the Blood Moon.

꩜ Primal Passion:

Blood often symbolizes the fiery intensity of our emotions, especially those of love and desire. When the Blood Moon graces our skies, it serves as a reminder of the raw and primal nature of human feelings.

꩜ Perseverance Above All:

The adage "to fight through sweat, blood, and tears" captures the spirit of determination and resilience, especially when confronted with formidable challenges or transformative changes.

꩜ Life's Essence:

Across diverse cultures, blood stands as a testament to life itself. It embodies vitality and the very essence of existence, flowing from the heart and nourishing every part of us, echoing themes of birth and creation.

The Partial Lunar Eclipse: A Simple Breakdown

Imagine the Sun, Earth, and Moon lining up in a straight line. In this scenario, the Earth is right in the middle. When this happens, the Earth's shadow falls on the Moon. This event is called a lunar eclipse. But sometimes, only a part of the Moon is covered by Earth's shadow. This is what we call a "Partial Lunar Eclipse." It's like when someone stands in front of a light, and only part of the room gets dark.

Now what does this energetically mean for you? Knowing that only a portion of the Moon is entering the Earth’s shadow you may want to address or pull back the veil on certain elements in your life that may be obscured from your current perspective. Maybe there’s a situation or a specific relationship that needs a double-take to truly see the full picture or nature of a certain state of affairs.

Witch Tip: If you're not sure, double-check! Eclipse energy likes to reveal to us our blindspots. Now is a great time to check in and take a good look at your perception of certain situations and to see if any important details have been flying under the radar.

Embracing Taurus Energy: Solid Foundations and Sensual Delights

Close-up of a russet-colored cow with long, curved horns and a gentle gaze, standing amidst green foliage, embodying the essence of the Taurus zodiac sign with nature elements, in context of the Full Blood Moon

Taurus, the unwavering anchor of the zodiac, governs the second house and is symbolized by the steadfast bull, representing determination and stability. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus approaches life with a grounding and practical perspective, valuing reliability and patience above all. They have an innate ability to cultivate a sense of security and material comfort, making them masters of building a solid foundation for themselves and others.

Under the gentle sway of Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and abundance, Taurus's sensuous and nurturing nature becomes evident. Venus influences their creative and aesthetic sensibilities, making them appreciators of art, fine cuisine, and all things beautiful. Taurus embodies the qualities of Venus, fostering an environment of tranquility, sensuality, and enduring affection, which mirrors the core essence of the sign.

Full Moon in Taurus Lessons

꩜ Where can I build more solid foundations?

꩜ Where do I need to exercise more patience in my current endeavors?

꩜ What are my long term ambitions and goals?

Scorpio Taurus Opposition: Seeking Balance in the Full Moon

The Taurus-Scorpio opposition creates a captivating celestial conversation, marked by the Full Moon in Taurus directly opposing the Sun in Scorpio. In astrology, an opposition occurs when two celestial bodies are positioned directly across from each other astrological chart, which sets the stage for potential tension between the contrasting qualities of the two signs.

Taurus, governed by Venus, embodies stability, sensuality, and an appreciation for life's earthly pleasures. Taureans are known for their grounded nature and their desire for security and comfort. In contrast, Scorpio, where the Sun currently resides, is symbolized by intensity, transformation, and a penchant for delving deep into the mysteries of existence. Scorpios thrive on uncovering hidden truths and confronting life's complexities.

This opposition accentuates the need to find equilibrium—a delicate dance between the pursuit of stability and the exploration of profound transformation. During this Full Moon, it is essential to honor the dichotomy within the astrological spectrum. While embracing the Taurean qualities of stability and sensory experience, one should also acknowledge the transformative power and the depth-seeking nature of Scorpio.

Full Blood Moon Correspondences

Close-up of pomegranate halves revealing their rich, ruby-red seeds, evoking the deep, vibrant hues of the Full Blood Moon, symbolically linked with the fertile and sensual characteristics of Taurus.

For those drawn to the power of the Full Blood Moon, I've curated a list to elevate your rituals and spiritual engagements. Both novices finding their lunar footing and seasoned practitioners will find these associations rich in exploration and inspiration.

Herbal & Resinous Allies

Incorporate the following herbs, barks, roots, essential oils, or even fruit into your practices to align with this New Moon’s Energy:

  • Burdock Root: for warding and flushing out negativity 
  • Cherries: for cultivating love and passion 
  • Pomegranate: to represent blood and for use in fertility spells 
  • Myrrh: to elevate your sacred space or to call in spirits 
  • Pine: for purification, healing, and renewal

Animal Allies

Harness the energies of these animal allies who are known for their deep bonds and familial connections to resonate with the Full Blood Moon:

  • 𓃽 Wolf: Known for their strong social bonds and pack structure. They work together in hunting, caring for their young, and protecting their territory. Wolf packs often consist of a dominant alpha pair and their offspring.
  • 𓃽 Prairie Dogs: Small, burrowing rodents that live in complex underground communities. They communicate with one another through a series of distinctive calls and work together to protect their burrows and share the duties of lookout, food gathering, and childcare.
  • 𓃽 Otters: Known for their playful nature, and they engage in playful activities not only for enjoyment but also as a way to bond and strengthen social ties within their groups.
  • 𓃽 Elephants: Highly social animals that form close-knit family groups. These groups, led by a matriarch, provide support, protection, and care for one another. Elephants are known for their strong emotional connections and the way they mourn their deceased members.

Tarot & Runes: Guidance for the Full Blood Moon

wo editions of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck rest against a backdrop of warm-toned fabric. The tarot covers feature a symbolic illustration of a figure with raised hand holding a candle, surrounded by spiritual elements like a chalice and pentacle. To the side, a beaded strand, reminiscent of runes, lies partially visible. These mystical tools suggest a deeper exploration and guidance during the powerful Full Blood Moon in Taurus phase

For this Full Blood Moon, I've handpicked tarot cards and runes just for you. After personally casting and shuffling, I've tuned into our shared energy to bring insights for this special lunar phase. Dive in and find your clarity.


  • Raidho: The Road rune Raidho denotes to travel and embarking upon a chosen path with determination. Raidho can also indicate the forthcoming of a journey or embarking upon a new path in life.
  • Eihwaz: Symbolizing the Yew Tree, Eihwaz channels themes of life, death, rebirth, and transformation. It's a reminder of the soul's eternal nature.
  • Nauthiz: The need-fire often denotes the energy of resistance. Nauthiz’s energy is akin to rubbing two sticks together to create the friction necessary to spark a fire. Nauthiz is the tension/opposition required to create growth.


Seven of Swords:

The seven of Swords in tarot typically represents deception, cunning, or a need for strategic thinking. It often suggests a situation where someone is attempting to outsmart others or avoid a difficult truth. Oftentimes the seven of swords encourages caution, discretion, and reflection in regard to your actions and decisions.

Witch Tip: The seven of swords is a helpful card to work with under the Partial Lunar Eclipse as it will help you to see or address any loose threads that may be flying under the radar for you at this time.

✺ Four of Pentacles:

This minor arcana card from the suite of pentacles often represents a person who is holding tightly to their material possessions or financial security, sometimes to the point of being overly possessive or afraid of change. It can signify a reluctance to let go of what one has, potentially hindering personal growth or relationships. In a broader sense, it suggests a need to find a balance between financial stability and being open to new opportunities and experiences.

✺ Queen of Swords:

Ruler of the Suite of Swords alongside the King of Swords the Queen of Swords in tarot typically represents a person who possesses qualities of intellect, independence, and clear communication. When this card appears in a reading, it often suggests the need for rational thinking, objectivity, and the ability to make tough decisions with a compassionate but firm approach.


Balance the elements of Earth 🜃 and Water 🜄 during this period.

Colors for the Blood Full Moon

Work with some of the following colors in your practices to resonate with the Full Moon:

  • Orange 
  • Black 
  • Deep Brown 
  • Dark Purple
  • Various shades of red or burgundy/wine colors

Body Parts for Physical Workings

If you are looking to connect deeper with your body under this Full Blood Moon in Taurus, the Bull correspond to the following body parts with a focus on the faculties and sensitivities present within our neck and shoulders such as our:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Throat
  • Jaw

Crystals & Stones for the Full Blood Moon

Engage with and utilize some of the following transformative and healing crystals inspired by the The red color of the blood moon and the coming of Samhain:

  • Almandine Garnet: for passionate peace
  • Bloodstone: to connect with your inner spiritual warrior
  • Black Moonstone: to explore hidden wisdom and arcane mysteries 
  • Spiderweb Obsidian: for calling down clarity and and releasing old cycles

Deities & Spirits for the Full Blood Moon

Image captures a pair of gently-held hands cradling an old, faded photograph framed in a weathered blue border. The photograph reveals a group of individuals, presumably ancestors, seated in a pastoral setting, their faces telling tales of days long past. The surrounding ambiance is dimly lit, creating a sense of intimacy and reverence. The delicate rings on the holder's fingers and the soft focus in the background amplify the mood of remembrance, emphasizing the act of connecting with one's lineage during the powerful energy of the Full Blood Moon in Taurus.

𓃽 Hekate/Trivia:

The goddess of Witchcraft and Crossroads Hekate (Greek) or Trivia (Roman) comes alive on the precipice of thinning veils. It is traditional to leave out bread, garlic, lavender, and honey for her at the beginning or end of a month or Full Moons.

𓃽 Sekhmet:

A fierce lioness Sekhmet is the Egyptian goddess of war and medicine. She is a solar deity and is often given the epithet “The Eye of Ra” Sekhmet can be both bloodthirsty and fierce as she can be protective and healing.

𓃽 Persephone/Proserpina:

Persephone (Greek) or Proserpina (Roman) is the goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld. During Fall and Winter this Chthonic goddess rules over the underworld with her Husband Hades/Pluto, and only during the Spring/Summer months will she return to the above world to be reunited with her mother the goddess of harvest Demeter/Ceres.

𓃽 Ancestral Spirits:

With the thinning of the veil and the coming of Samhain this is a fabulous time to connect with your ancestors or create an ancestral altar in your home.

Full Blood Moon Tarot Spread- Wisdom from the Ancestral Garden

Image depicts a mystical and vibrant tarot spread layout themed around the Full Blood Moon in Taurus. Set against a lush backdrop of deep green foliage, hints of flowers, and a pumpkin, the words 'FULL BLOOD MOON' stand prominently at the top. Below, a crescent moon with a face looks out, and the title 'Wisdom from the Ancestral Garden-A Samhain Tarot Spread' is displayed. Five numbered, rectangular outlines suggest where cards should be placed. Each rectangle contains a specific ancestral-themed question:      Ancestral Guidance: What guidance/wisdom do my ancestors wish to share with me at this moment?     Ancestral Strength: What inherited strengths do my ancestors want me to tap into?     Ancestral Wounds: Which unresolved ancestral wounds need healing?     Ancestral Connection: How can I strengthen my connection to my ancestors? What is needed?     Ancestral Legacy: How will I carry forth my own ancestral legacy given the path I'm on?  To the right, there's a playful vintage illustration of a woman wearing a pointed hat, with a surprised-looking, carved pumpkin beside her. The watermark '' is subtly placed at the top right corner, indicating the creator of this evocative spread layout.

As Samhain approaches the veil between the land of the living and the dead grow thinner guiding us to the realm of our ancestors. This tarot spread is here to assist you in gaining guidance and wisdom from your forebears on the other side.

3 Full Blood Moon Activities to Try

Image showcases an atmospheric and intimate table setting, evoking the essence of the Full Blood Moon in Taurus and Samhain celebrations. At the forefront, a pale gray pumpkin rests, its twisted stem curling upwards, suggesting the season's harvest. Clustered on the table are vintage candlesticks of varying heights, one holding a burnt-out candle and another with a tall, glowing white one, casting a soft luminescence. Amidst the dim light, richly colored bouquets of marigold and white flowers rise in rustic glass jars, adding vibrancy and warmth. Scattered around are an assortment of foods: a plate of dark grapes, freshly baked bread rolls, and a wooden skewer threaded with cheese and cherry tomatoes. The ambience suggests a ritual or feast, capturing the deep connection to nature and ancestors during this spiritual time.

Activities for the Full Blood Moon will coincide with themes relating to family, ancestry, life, and death which are here to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your bloodline, and demystify the misunderstood nature of death.

1. Create or Tend to your Ancestral Altar:

October and the dawning of Samhain makes for a lovely time to set up an ancestral altar or to sprinkle a little extra care on one that has already been erected.This is also prime time to make offerings and sends prayers up to those who currently reside in the ancestral realm.

2. Spend time learning about Your Family Tree and Lineage:

This Full Moon is a great time to break out the old photos albums and share stories that bring the memory of passed loved ones back to life. Or, if you don’t know much about your family lineage or shared history this would be a powerful time to start digging deeper into your family’s heritage and traditions.

3. Dumb Supper by Candlelight:

A "dumb supper" is a ritual or tradition often associated with Samhain, also known as Halloween. It's a practice in which people come together to have a silent meal, typically in honor of and as a way to commune with the spirits of the deceased, particularly ancestors. A dumb supper usually has one or more empty seats at the table to symbolize the presence of the spirits. These empty seats are usually set with care, perhaps with a plate, utensils, and even a candle.

Full Moon Wrap-Up 

Image captures a serene moment in nature, symbolizing reflection and anticipation fitting for the 'Wrap Up + What's Next?' section. A foreground of lush, low-lying vegetation and delicate wildflowers sets the stage. Amidst this verdant setting, a warm, earth-toned cloth bundle with rustic ties rests, perhaps holding treasures or tools used during the Full Blood Moon in Taurus rituals. Just next to it, a vibrant yellow mug stands, capturing a stream of fresh brew pouring from a weathered, blackened kettle, hinting at a moment of pause and refreshment. The background reveals a soft-focus landscape of a tranquil lake, bordered by green terrains, evoking a sense of expansive possibility and future explorations under forthcoming moon phases.

Under the Blood Moon and the shadow of the Lunar Eclipse, we're drawn to life's cycles and our ancestral ties. It's a time to reflect, honor roots, and balance life's mysteries with reality. The Taurus Full Moon and Scorpio Sun dance between steadiness and change – it's a call to find our center.

What's Next?

Circle November 13th for the New Moon in Scorpio – a deep dive into transformation and rebirth. With Samhain on October 31st, gear up to celebrate ancestors, let go of the past, and shape the future. Look out for guides to make the most of these cosmic moments. Until then, tread the Blood Moon path with awe, thanks, and a receptive spirit.


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