Two Goats stand on a mountainside against a blue sky overlooking the horizon of a new dawn representing the dawn of the Full Moon in Capricorn.

Embracing Structure and Success: Everything You Need to Know About the Full Moon in Capricorn

In the early morning hours of July 3rd, 2023, at 7:38 AM EDT, the Full Buck Super Moon in the grounded and pragmatic sign of Capricorn will grace the skies marking the completion of yet another full Lunar Cycle. But what does this all mean and how might it affect you? Well let’s dive into this latest Lunar forecast and see what’s up!  

Why is it called the Buck Full Moon? 

An image of the moon against an inky indigo blue sky as a flower reed gently dances in the wind

During July, male deer typically begin to develop antlers covered in velvety fur. This period marks the early stages of their antler growth cycle. As a result, the full moon of July became known as the "Buck Moon" to signify this particular phase in the life cycle of deer. 

The Meaning

I attribute the meaning of the Buck Moon to the acknowledgement of our innate power and strength, which aligns with the gallant boldness of the young buck. Male Deers, both young and old, are marked by a powerful strength and force that lends to their agile spirit. This spirit strives to test its power by engaging in worthy character-building challenges. Similarly we too can engage in such challenges like taking up a new skill or practicing at something we’ve been struggling with. 

Because of this I see the Buck Moon as a period for us to step into our empowerment and really ground ourselves in the feeling of being fully connected to our body as well as the present moment. 

Other Names for this Moon Around the World

Different cultures and regions have alternate names for this full moon based on their own traditions and geographic viewings of different natural phenomena. This moon has many more names than Buck Moon that offer equally unique snapshots into meaning and power of the July moon, here are some of my favorites from around the world as well as those from the indigenous tribes here in the states:

  • Wyrt Moon or Herb Moon Celtic (Wyrt is an old English word for plant or herb) 
  • Hay Moon (Anglo Saxon) 
  • Blueberry Moon or Miini-giizis in Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe)
  • Stringbean Moon or Ohyotsheli in Oneida
  • Ameku which means “Mid-Summer Moon”, in the language of the Kalapuya tribes of present-day Oregon 
  • Hiyeswa Tiriri Nuti which meansThunderstorm Moon” originates from the Catawba people of North Carolina
  • Meerkat Moon from South Africa (where my family’s from!) 

What is a Supermoon?

An image of a Full blue moon against a ink black night sky

If you hadn't guessed from the intro this Full Moon is a Supermoon, but what does that mean? And how can we utilize that energy in our spiritual practices? 

Let me explain: A supermoon is a term used to describe a full moon or a new moon that occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit, known as perigee. This proximity makes the Moon appear slightly larger and brighter in the night sky compared to a regular full moon. Supermoons can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than a regular full moon, and they occur several times a year. 

Fun Fact: This particular Supermoon will be only 224,895.4 miles away from Earth, which will only be superseded by next month's Blue Moon which will venture even closer to us. 

How to use Supermoon energy to Maximize your Spells

In terms of Witchcraft and Spirituality, you can choose to see Supermoons as a hyper juiced up New or Full Moon depending on what phase it’s occurring in. Because this Supermoon is occurring on a Full Moon, the energy is amplified and will bring a heightened energy to your spells and magical workings. 

In magic, we use Full Moons to release or finalize our spells before starting a new cycle with the fresh energy of the New Moon. One of my personal favorite things to do on Full Moons is to take an herbal bath. I do this to cleanse my energetic field of any stagnant or old energy that may have attached itself to me. 

Witch Tip: If you feel like your cleansing baths aren’t scrubbing away that stagnant energy or you just don't have access to a tub due to a smaller space, try taking a shower with your herbs instead. Running water is incredibly effective in washing away spiritual grime. Or if you still want to take an herbal bath, bring a cup or pitcher with you to pour the water over yourself, taking care to pay special attention to your head where most negative or old energy likes to linger. 

Explore the Pragmatic World of Capricorn 

Capricornus as a sea-goat from Urania's Mirror (1825)

Capricornus as a sea-goat from Urania's Mirror (1825)

Capricorn— the mythical sea-goat is a driven and highly ambitious fixed Earth sign, who is characterized by a strong sense of duty and responsibility, often using it’s quick and practical thinking to oversee a task to completion. 

Ruled by the planet Saturn who governs karma, structure, restriction and limitations, Capricorn is an authoritative figure who deals in black and white conditions. 

However, these firm expectations aren’t meant to be cruel as much as they are meant to teach others about the importance of understanding the inner workings of the world around us so that we can turn limitation into opportunity. 

As we Greet this Full Moon it's worth Considering: 

  • Where do I need to create stronger boundaries with myself and others?
  • Where do I need to exercise more discipline?
  • And how can I better define my vision for the future in a way that is tangible and achievable? What are the parameters for my goals? 

Cancer Season Begins 

Cancer the crab from Urania's Mirror (1825)
Cancer the crab from Urania's Mirror (1825)

Cancer Season began June 21st during Summer Solstice and will end July 22nd paving the way for Leo season to take center stage. Cancer is a highly empathetic and hyper-intuitive water sign whose ruling planet is the moon. 

During Cancer season the main themes involve embracing our emotional depths and the power of our intuition. Introspection and exploration of our subconscious is key at this time. 

You may even find that your dreams are more vivid in this season as Cancer rules the ever-flowing tides of the astral realm with sensitivity and care. This is a great month to write down or document any dreams you have as your subconscious and intuition may be more heightened during this period. 

Sun in Cancer Forms an Opposition with Moon in Capricorn 

image of and blue and gold antique astrological clock with all twelve zodiac signs

Just as the Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius was marked by the opposition of Sagittarius and Gemini, this Full Moon brings us a polarity between the energies of Capricorn and Cancer. 

A Quick Refresher on Polarities and Oppositional Forces in Astrology

In astrology, there are six polarities in total among the 12 zodiac signs. You can think of these polarities in the same way Chinese Philosophy views the interconnected duality of Yin and Yang, where the two forces engage in a unified pushing and pulling. Cancer and Capricorn is one such polarity. 

Though there may be an energetic tug of war between the practical Earth and the empathic water sign, polarities or oppositions are nothing to be feared in astrology if you are aware of how these energies can challenge each other and how they can correspond to areas in your life they may need some extra care. 

Balance Between Work & Home 

Capricorn and Cancer represent the polarities between our work life and our private life, with Capricorn embodying our career and studies, while Cancer personifies our home and family affairs. 

This Full Moon highlights the importance of balancing and reconciling between our work and home life, especially if one or the other has been monopolizing your time and energy. Now is the time to reflect on how you’ve been balancing work and family, and if it's been to your benefit or your detriment. 

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces & How to Make Peace with Old Father Time

Chronos and his child by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, National Museum in Warsaw, a 17th-century depiction of Titan Cronus as "Father Time," wielding a harvesting scythe

"Chronos and his child" by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, National Museum in Warsaw, a 17th-century depiction of Titan Cronus as "Father Time," wielding a harvesting scythe.

Saturn has gone into retrograde as of June 17th in the sign of Pisces and will be stationed there until November 4th of this year, and will leave its post-retrograde zone on February 7th, of 2024. 

Titan King Saturn 

As stated previously Saturn governs authority, rules, discipline, and regulation. In mythology Saturn or Kronos in Greece was a Titan and the father of Zeus who ate his children to prevent himself from being dethroned as the King of the Gods. That is, until his wife, the clever Titaness Rhea, tricked him into swallowing a stone in order to save Zeus at birth. Because of this well-thought-out trick, Zeus was able to survive and grow into adulthood where he saved his siblings, usurped his father, and took his place as King. 

The Severities of Saturn 

With Saturn there is both the fear of authority and the fear of losing it, which can make it a tricky placement to master or to heal from as Saturnian energy can be very unforgiving in upholding the law. Which is also why Saturn the planet and the god rule the harsh flow of time which neither bends nor yields to anyone. 

Working with Saturn Retrograde 

With Saturn Retrograding in Pisces (aka appearing to be moving backwards in its orbit) the Planet of Order is wanting to tame the wishy-washy energy of Pisces who represents the unfixed nature of water. Finding creative ways to provide structure for ourselves and being clear in our understanding of the responsibilities we’re committing to will help you to flow with Old Father Time rather than against him. 

Sensual Venus Lights Up the Sky July 7th

On July 7th Venus will be providing us stargazers with a real treat. While the Dawn Star is already an extremely luminescent marvel, she’ll be at her brightest point this month for the rest of 2023. So be sure to look in the direction of the sunset on July 7th to spot Venus’ beauty in full effect! 

Alignments & Activities for this Full Moon

For those keen on immersing themselves in the energy of this Full Moon, here is a list of associated elements to incorporate into your personal practices. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or someone seeking a starting point for spells, these correspondences can serve as useful guides or starting off point: 

  • Herbal and Resinous Allies: Incorporate honeysuckle, myrrh, sandalwood, lemon balm, gardenia, orris root, or frankincense into your practices to channel the energy of this Full Moon.
  • Colors: Work with shades of blue, gray, and silver to resonate with the moon's energy.
  • Elements: Balance the energies of water, fire, and air in your workings for a harmonious experience.
  • Spells and Magical Workings: Consider the following spells for this phase: 
    • Grounding rituals
    • Cleansing spells 
    • Protection spells
    • Cord-cutting spells 
    • Working or meditating with the element of Earth 
  • Deities and Spirits: Connect with deities and spirits such as: 
    • Artemis/Diana 
    • Earth Elementals
    • Fairy Folk
    • Freyr
    • Cernunnos 
    • Pan 

Embracing these correspondences can deepen your connection with the New Moon and enrich your spiritual journey.

Journal Prompts

image of a journal surrounded by purple and blue flowers.

Journaling is an excellent opportunity for introspection and self-discovery. The following prompts are inspired by the Cancer-Capricorn polarity, in that they ask you to openly and honestly reflect on your work and home life. Here are the following prompts: 

  • Reflect on your current work-life balance: Take some time to assess your current situation. How do you currently balance your work and home life? Are there any areas where you feel out of balance or overwhelmed? Write about your observations and feelings.
  • Identify your priorities: Consider what matters most to you in both your work and home life. What are your top priorities in each area? How do these priorities align with your values and long-term goals? 
  • Explore boundaries: Boundaries play a crucial role in achieving work-life balance. Examine your boundaries between work and home. Are there clear boundaries in place? Do you find it challenging to separate your work and personal life? Journal about potential boundary adjustments or new boundaries you could establish.
  • Brainstorm integration strategies: Instead of viewing work and home as separate entities, consider ways to integrate them harmoniously. How can you bring elements of your personal life into your work and vice versa? Explore creative ideas to foster synergy between the two areas and promote a sense of balance.

Remember, journaling is a personal and reflective process, so use it as a safe space to brainstorm ideas, reflect on your experiences, and discover strategies that work best for you in achieving a healthy work-life balance. 

The Wrap-Up

As we prepare to greet this latest Full Moon remember to dedicate this special time to reflection and release. The completion of this Lunar cycle is here to provide you the opportunity to get clear on your responsibilities and commitments while staying true to your heart’s center and the emotional truths it bears within it. 

 May this Full Moon in Capricorn help you navigate the path towards your highest achievements and goals. Remember to embrace your own unique journey and let the magic of this lunar cycle unfold. 

Thank you for joining me in this latest blog post and I’ll see you again for the New Moon in Cancer on July 17th! Happy moon-gazing witches! 


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