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Finding Meaning in Nature: The Basics of Flower Divination

Flower divination, also known as flower reading or flower scrying, is a form of divination that uses flowers to gain insight into the past, present, or future. Flower divination can take many forms, from meditating on a particular flower to interpreting the messages conveyed in a flower arrangement. It can be used for personal reflection, spiritual guidance, or as a tool for making important decisions.

The Basics of Flower Divination

Flower divination involves the use of flowers and plants to provide guidance and insight. It is believed that each flower has its own energy and symbolism, and that by interpreting the messages of the flowers, one can gain a deeper understanding of their own life and the world around them.

There are many different techniques that can be used in flower divination, each with their own unique approach. Some methods involve using the physical properties of flowers, such as their color, scent, or shape, while others involve interpreting the emotions and feelings that arise when working with flowers.

Different Flower Divination Techniques to Try

🌸 Floromancy:

Also referred to as anthomancy, floromancy operates on the belief that signs and messages can be interpreted from the shapes and patterns of flowers and their petals. Floromancy was particularly popular during the Victorian era, often used to provide insight into matters of love and romance. One popular method of floromancy you may have unknowingly practiced as a kid was to pluck petals from a flower while reciting the phrase, "he loves me, he loves me not...".

During the Victorian era in England, floromancy was popular, and one practice involved pairing two un-bloomed flowers and inscribing the initials of two lovers on the stems. After placing the flowers in a secret location for ten days, the diviner would observe various omens, such as whether the flowers intertwined, which would indicate that the man and woman whose initials were used would be married.

🌸 Flower Psychometry:

Also known as intuitive flower reading, it is a method that uses symbolism, intuition, and flower knowledge to interpret messages. By examining factors like the color, condition, stem, shape, and leaves of the flower, along with its habitat, growth habits, and name, an intuitive reading can be developed. By combining these observations, one can gain insight into their current life situation or receive guidance on how to proceed.

🌸 Flower Gazing Meditation:

A form of meditation that involves gazing at a flower or other object to quiet the mind and enhance focus and concentration. During the practice, the meditator sits comfortably in front of the flower, observing its shape, color, and texture while maintaining a soft, unfocused gaze. This meditation can also be used as a form of divination. To use flower gazing meditation in this way, the meditator may ask a question or set an intention for guidance or insight before beginning the practice.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a believer in the power of flower divination or simply find the concept intriguing, exploring the language of flowers and their symbolic meanings can be an illuminating experience. So next time you receive a bouquet of flowers or see a particularly beautiful blossom, take a moment to consider what it might be trying to tell you!

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