A beautiful African American woman walks in the forest in a dark black blouse as her hand touches a tree she is representing the mutable Earth sign of Virgo the maiden.

Harvesting the Energy of the September Corn New Moon in Virgo

On September 14th, of 2023 the New Moon will be gracing our skies at 6:40 PM in the reserved yet deliberate sign of Virgo marking the beginning of a new cycle. But what does this all mean and what other interstellar happenings are going on? Well, let's dive into it! 

Corn New Moon

An image of clothes on a clothesline and a bag filled with fresh greens overlooking the Moon thats rising high in the sky

This upcoming lunation is known as the corn moon or harvest moon. This is the moon that occurs between late Summer and Autumn for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere of the world. 

The name "Corn Moon" comes from the fact that this is the time of year when corn (maize) crops are usually ready for harvesting in many parts of North America.

Native American tribes and other agricultural communities would often give names to the moon based on the activities or natural events associated with each month. Since August and September are when corn is traditionally harvested, it makes sense that this full moon would be called the "Corn Moon". 

Meaning of this New Moon 

An image of a corn maize at dusk to coincide with the corn new moon.

As this moon lies on the threshold between Summer and Autumn you can choose to see this period as an important gateway that aligns with the newness of the new moon.

Where there are thresholds comes the opportunity to begin a new path or endeavor making this New Moon a fortuitous time to start fresh with certain projects or goals. 

Corn the staple food this moon is named after is indicative of the bounty of mother earth and is thus associated with concepts like: 

Life, death, and rebirth

During this specific lunar phase there is this feeling of “you reap what you sow” indicating that our future is inevitably shaped by our current actions, and as always making room for gratitude to see the abundance that is with us right now even as we work diligently towards our goals. 

How to Harness New Moon Energy 

While all phases of the moon are unique and powerful, New Moon’s are especially beneficial for those desiring to begin a new venture or start fresh with certain goals. When I think of New Moons and how to harness its energy the first word that comes to my mind is: “potential”. 

During New Moons I like to think about what kind of positive change I can bring to my life and from there I take actionable steps to manifest that potential into reality through meditation, spellwork, and taking simple but guided steps forward to level up my goal here in the 3-D. 

Enter the Realistic and Sensible Realm of Virgo

An image of an African-American woman in a white and black dress standing on ornate front porch with ivy vines representing the sign of Virgo.

Enter the Earth-bound realm of Virgo where everything is neatly paired down into its most fundamental and natural form. This is the nature of Virgo’s title as the Virgin or maiden, where its virginal status speaks to the signs ability to stay true or pure to itself unobstructed by the influence or tampering of outside forces. This makes for a well-preserved sense of self and identity that Virgo will carry through all its undertakings. 

Governed by Mercury the planet of communication and expression Virgo is naturally analytical, curious, and methodical with its ability to compartmentalize and sort large swaths of information into its respective domain.

Virgo is also self-sufficient and self-contained in its approach to life and will happily research, study, and examine things beyond a first glance in order to fully grasp and understand themselves and the world. 

New Moon in Virgo Lessons 

With this New Moon residing in the sign of Virgo it’s worth considering the following lessons that the mutable earth sign has to offer:

How can I better compartmentalize all my obligations to allow for greater balance in my life?
What areas in my life do I allow the opinions of others to hold influence over me? 
How can I stay true and preserve the most fundamental parts of myself? 

New Moon in Virgo Harmonizing with Uranus and Opposing Neptune 

Other energies that will have influence over the vibe of this New Moon come from our planetary neighbors of Uranus and Neptune lending their flavor to the cosmic stir-pot. 

This New Moon in Virgo will be harmonizing with Uranus meaning the energy of these two planetary bodies will be supporting one another and working together.

With Uranus representing change and progression and the Moon governing our emotions and subconscious you can expect to feel some positive shifts in regard to your internal world in the form of clarity or sudden intuitive downloads.

On the other hand, Neptune will be opposing this New Moon in Virgo which could try to sow seeds of doubt within your intuition. Neptune may try to test your newfound outlook with a few well-placed illusions and tricks, yet the key here is to stay strong, grounded, and logical like a Virgo. 

Witch Tip: Neptune may try to throw you off course just when you were starting to feel a sense of stability however the lesson here is to stand strong in the stability that truth and clarity so often brings. 

Alignments & Correspondences 

An image of a green tarot deck surrounded by dried herbs and amber colored candles.

For those who wish to deeply engage with the energy of this New Moon, consider this curated list of associated elements to enrich your personal rituals or spiritual practices. Suitable for both the seasoned practitioner and those new to moon-aligned activities, these correspondences offer insightful avenues for exploration and guidance.

Herbal & Resinous Allies

Incorporate the following herbs, barks, or essential oils into your practices to align with this Full Moon’s Energy:

Chamomile: for peace and calm

Mugwort:  to aid in wisdom and observation 

Marjoram: for love and happiness and the protection of dreams 

Thyme: to assist with healing and purification 

Cinnamon: to conjure up good luck and prosperity 

Morning Glory: the flower of Virgo

Animal Allies for this period

Tap into or call upon the energy of some of the following animals to align with this New Moon: 

𓆏 Bats: are associated with the harvest season as they are attracted to bonfires that so often coincide with the period between late Summer and Fall.

𓆏 Bears: Powerful and highly revered bears represent strength and fortitude and the power of creating or nurturing strong bonds whether it be with family or friends.

𓆏 Bees: Ever humble is the hardworking bee a symbol of everyday blessings and sweet miracles. They represent the beauty of teamwork, organization, and time management and make a powerful ally to those working hard on their dreams and goals.

𓆏 Snakes: Snakes are resourceful, cunning, and often associated with life, death, and rebirth, as well as transformation. They represent fluidity within the natural order of life.

𓆏 Toads: Toads represent altered states of consciousness as well as the magic of the earth itself with their ability to camouflage with the natural world as well as their ability both poison and heal. The toad makes a strong ally for those looking to connect with their intuition and to heighten their state of being. 


Work with some of the following colors in your practices to resonate with the New Moon:



Balance the elements of Air 🜁  and Earth 🜃 this New Moon.

Body Parts for Physical Workings

If you are looking to connect deeper with your body under this virgo New Moon, the Virgin correspondence to the following body parts with a focus on finding your center

Digestive Tract 

Crystals & Stones 

Engage with and utilize some of the following grounding, cleansing, and luck drawing crystals:

Hematite Quartz: for strong grounding 
Fire Agate: to provide spiritual protection 
Buddstone: for grace and stability 
Epidote: to assistance with manifestation 

Deities & Spirits

Connect with deities and spirits associated with good luck, good harvests, and prosperity under this New Moon such as:

𓆏 Freyja- The Norse goddess of love, beauty, war, and witchcraft.

𓆏 Ceres/Demeter- The Greek/Roman goddess of agriculture, prosperity, harvest, and grains.

𓆏 Persephone/Prosperpina- The Greek/Roman goddess of Spring and the Underworld as well as the daughter of Demeter and wife of Hades/Pluto.

𓆏 Thor-The Norse god of Thunder, lightning, storms, and strength.

𓆏 Freyr- The Norse hero god of agriculture and good harvests and the twin brother of Freyja.

𓆏 Forest Spirits- Connect with the local forest spirits of your area to become more in tune with the energy of the Earth and to revitalize and rekindle your relationship with the Mother Gaia. 

Activities & Magical Workings for the New Moon in Virgo 

An image of various white, pink, and purple morning glories hanging on dark green vines.

Spend time connecting with nature and soaking up the last bits of Summer as we prepare for Autumn.

Sip Mugwort or chamomile tea for a calming burst of psychic intuition.

Pick a goal, just one goal, that you wish to focus on over the course of this next Lunar Cycle or until the September Full Moon (September 29th) to amplify its energy and magnitude. 

Prepare for Mabon happening September 21st!

New Moon in Virgo Journal Prompts 

A Green Witch in a billowy white blouse journals with a quill pen in a dark moody candlelit room.

Journaling offers a rich canvas for introspection and self-exploration. The prompts below are tailored to the energies of Virgo. These journal prompts will ask you to write about, reflect on, and explore your core values and how you can stay true to them! 

New Moon in Virgo Journal Prompts:

Feel free to work with all of these prompts or to simply choose the one that your intuition gravitates to the most!

Reflect on Your Core Values: What are the values that are most important to you in life? Take some time to identify and write down your core values. Then, consider how staying true to these values can help you remain resilient in the face of external pressures.

Identify External Influences: List some recent instances where external forces or opinions have had an impact on your decisions or emotions. Describe these situations in detail and analyze how they made you feel. Were these influences in alignment with your values and goals?

Mindfulness and Self-awareness: Explore the concept of mindfulness and self-awareness. How can these practices help you become more aware of external influences as they occur? Discuss any mindfulness techniques or strategies you can employ to stay grounded and true to yourself.

Setting Boundaries: Reflect on the boundaries you have in place with others, whether they are personal, professional, or social boundaries. Are these boundaries clear and effective in protecting your independence and values? How can you strengthen these boundaries if needed?

Building Inner Strength: Write about ways you can build inner strength and resilience. Consider past experiences where you successfully resisted external pressures. What strategies, habits, or coping mechanisms helped you maintain your integrity and self-belief during those times?

Final Reflections: Wisdom of the Corn Moon for Expansion and Self-Growth 

An ornate moon and sun charm lies suspended in darkness symbolizing the coming of the New Moon in Virgo.

On September 14th the New Moon in Virgo offers us an opportunity to begin anew and build a stronger sense of self as we begin to cross over the threshold of Summer into Fall. As we begin this foray into the chillier months ahead use this New Moon to create new goals that align with the most core attributes of yourself.

A Glimpse of What’s Ahead: 

Up and Coming: Mabon/Fall Equinox occurs September 21st. Get ready to welcome in the Autumn Season!

Full Harvest Moon in Aries occurs September 29th will be lighting up the sky so stay tuned! 

In the interim, consider Virgo’s messages, tap into the New Moon's energies, and stay curious about the cosmos. Till next time Witches! Happy Moon gazing!


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