A crab stands serenely on wet rocks on a beach during the New Moon in Cancer

Home, Family, and Self-Care: Exploring the New Moon in Cancer

On July 17th, @2:32 PM EDT the New Sturgeon Moon in the empathic water sign of Cancer will usher in a flood of emotions as we enter a brand-new Lunar Cycle that is overflowing with potential. 

Why is it called the New Sturgeon Moon? 

A Sturgeon fish serenely glides through the bottom of a freshwater lake on the night of the Sturgeon New Moon

This New Moon earns its name from one of the largest fish in North America– the prehistoric-looking sturgeon, which can grow up to 6 meters in length depending on species and females can live well over 100 years in some cases. 

In the Pacific Northwest where I’m from the most common type of sturgeon to be found is the White Sturgeon 

This specific period of time we’ve just entered coincides with when sturgeon are most readily caught in North America. Thus, the name Sturgeon Moon. 

Sturgeon is Sadly Endangered

This ancient looking fish who has remained untouched by evolution since the Jurassic period, who is renowned for its long life is actually under threat due to habitat degradation and overfishing which is deeply impacting their almost mythic longevity. 

Currently almost ⅔ of the 26 species are endangered perhaps most prominently due to overfishing and illegal poaching as the sturgeon’s caviar/eggs are always highly in demand. 

The Symbolism 

The meaning of the sturgeon moon coincides with a period of harvest as the fish is plentiful at this time of year, it is the time for sowing seeds of prosperity, and for engaging in activities that nourish our souls. 

The spirit of the sturgeon is a fertile one and the freshwater fish is known for its high reproduction rate, as well as its outstanding longevity. For this reason, I view the Sturgeon New Moon as a period to begin creating strong foundations within our lives so that we can claim greater levels of health, wealth, and prosperity, much like the long-lived and fruitful nature of the sturgeon. 

Other Names for this Lunar Phase

Different cultures and regions have alternate names for this New Moon based on their own traditions and geographic viewings of different natural phenomena. This moon has many more names than Sturgeon New Moon that offer equally unique snapshots into meaning and power this latest lunation, here are some of my favorites from around the world as well as those from the indigenous tribes here in the states:

  • Ricing Moon or "Manoominike-giizis", Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe)
  • Lynx Moon (Celtic)
  • Corn Moon "Skumoone Neepãʔuk", Mahican Dialect, Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Wisconsin
  • Grain Moon (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Lightning Moon (Northern Europe)
  • Blackberry Moon (Odatagaagomini giizis) Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe)

Planting Seeds of Potential with the New Moon 

Bust of Selene in a clypeus, detail from a strigulated lenos sarcophagus. Roman artwork.

Bust of Moon Goddess Selene in a clypeus, detail from a strigulated lenos sarcophagus. Roman artwork.

While certainly not as shiny as the Full Moon, the New Moon remains largely unseen like a seed still dormant in the ground. It’s a deep inhale before the exhalation, and its shadowy nature masked under the veil of the night sky is similar to the fertile darkness encountered in the womb. 

The New Moon corresponds to the setting of our goals, inviting in fresh energy, and planting seeds for success. 

New Moon’s represent the beginning steps of our manifestation, making it a great time to focus on our intent and dream up our goals to be nurtured through the lunar cycle before its energy is harvested come the time of the next Full Moon.

Remember: The objective for New Moon’s is to envision or plan for something that can be developed over a complete lunar cycle. 

 During New Moons I always like to ask myself the following questions: 

  • “What do I want to conceive?”
  • “What do I want to nurture over one complete Lunar Cycle or until the next Full Moon?” 
  • “What inspired and actionable steps can I take to nurture said desire to fruition?”

Explore the Empathic World of Cancer 

A Hermit Crab who symbolizes the Astrological sign of Cancer scuttles on the grainy sand of a beach during daytime

Cancer the hard-shelled crab is the gentle and heart-centered cardinal water sign who is characterized by its innate humanitarian desire to nurture and nourish others through its unrivaled empathy. 

Ruled by the moon, Cancer finds itself right at home during this new moon– its ruling planet. 

In astrology the moon governs our subliminal and subconscious realm. It represents our mental and emotional tides that give our inner world its color, which embodies the protective nature of the crab who carries on its back both its home and greatest source of protection– it's hard shell. 

Cancer is contemplative, feeling, and tender in its approach to life, and it finds joy and purpose in playing the role of the compassionate caretaker. 

As we Greet this New Moon it's worth considering: 

  • How do I navigate my inner world? Is my subconscious a place of comfort or anxiety?  
  • How do I take care of myself and others without forgoing my bandwidth or giving up my boundaries? 
  • How can I open up to exploring my emotional depths, how can I be more open with myself and in turn others? 

Cancer New Moon Highlights the Importance of our Relationship to Home

Cancer, the ruler of the heart, is also deeply tied to home, domesticity, and family. This is a time to deepen and reevaluate our personal lives—to nourish the foundations that we call home whether it is a place, a trusted group of people, or the safety we can feel with ourselves. 

This New Moon in Cancer is asking us to get comfortable and spend some much-needed time tending to our personal lives and inner world.

Witch Tip: I recommend taking this next period a bit slower than usual and put away a slot of dedicated time to tune into yourself and your inner circle of friends and family. This could also be a good time to declutter your home, cleanse, and open up your space to this period's fresh new energy.

Moon in Cancer Forms an Opposition with Pluto 

The Dwarf Planet Pluto who rules over change in astrology sits regally against the shadowy vacuum of space

This New Moon in Cancer forms an opposition with the planet Pluto who is ruled by the intense and passionate Scorpio.

Pluto, named after the Hidden One, the Chthonic god of the underworld, like roots beneath the Earth holds within it our closely kept fears and compulsions. Pluto highlights the parts of ourselves that must come to light in order to progress on our soul’s journey. 

For Pluto these are necessary trials that must be faced despite their perceived ruthlessness in order to evolve. 

For this reason, the dwarf planet is associated with death and transformation, and brings with it fears, anxieties, or dogmas that need to be untangled like a dense and heavy root ball. 

With it in opposition to this New Moon or 180° apart from it, the two planetary bodies have the potential to create tension between one another in regard to an out-of-control subconscious that is riddled with paranoia and fear for situations that may not even come pass or that are a result of facing outside resistance or setbacks.

If this energy seems too ruthless, recall that Pluto rules over transformation and as a result rebirth. While its lessons can seem harsh at first glance, if you look beneath the shadowy surface, you’ll see that Pluto is really just preparing you for the next big evolution by showing you the parts of yourself that you need to bring into the light and heal with clarity. 

True North Node Enters Aries

A Juvenile young lamb with cream colored fleece looks gently into the camera symbolizing its connection to the astrological sign of Aries.

The North Node will enter Aries on the day of the New Moon and along with the South Node in Libra will remain stationed there until January 11th of 2025.

What is the North Node?

The North Node also called the “Dragon’s Head” rules over our goals for this lifetime and the steps we’ll need to take in order to fulfill our karmic destiny. 

It’s a tricky placement to master, as it will usher us to heal or resolve certain imbalances in order to achieve and align with our soul’s purpose. 

I’m highlighting this specific placement rather than the South Node as that placement indicates what you’ve already mastered previously. The North Node tells us where we’re heading this lifetime and what things we’ll need to improve on to master our destiny.

The lessons of the North Node in Aries

Aries the ram is a cardinal fire sign known for its independent and pioneering energy that is always the first spring to action in almost any given scenario. 

In a North Nodal Placement, the fiery sign of Aries will beckon us to lean into its action-orientedness by trusting our instincts and leading without fear. This requires a certain degree of self-confidence and trust in one’s ability to navigate the rocky and unknown terrain of life. 

Aries will make you reevaluate your codependences to people and places and will beckon you to stand up for something lest you fall for anything.

For the next two years the North Node in Aries will provide opportunities for bravery and boldness. It will push you to be your own leader, to trust yourself and your needs, and to continue onward even when the challenges are uncomfortable. 

Witch Tip: With the North Node in Aries remember this: “Action quells anxiety.”

 Alignments & Activities for this New Moon 

The Goddess of the Moon Selene with sleeping Endymion, fresco in the fourth Pompeian style.

The Goddess of the Moon Selene with sleeping Endymion, fresco in the fourth Pompeian style.

For those keen on immersing themselves in the energy of this latest New Moon, here is a list of associated elements to incorporate into your personal practices. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or someone seeking a starting point for spells, these correspondences can serve as useful guides or starting off point: 

  • Herbal & Resinous Allies: Incorporate rosemary, jasmine, chamomile, rue, lilac, bergamot, basil, frankincense, heliotrope into your practices to channel the energy of this New Moon.
  • Colors: Work with shades of gold, yellow, green, white, and red to resonate with this period's energy.
  • Tarot Correspondences: The Chariot, The Moon, and II of Cups.
  • Elements: Balance the energies of Water, Earth, and Air.
  • Body Parts for Physical Workings: Connect with your Heart space/heart chakra which corresponds to the astrological sign of Cancer. 

Connect with deities like: 

  • Hekate
  •  Selene
  • Artemis 
  • Demeter
  • Het-Heru
  •  Auset
  • Hestia
  •  Vulcan
  •  Tehuti

Spells & Magical Workings: 

  • Cleansing
  • Sowing (planting seeds)
  • Manifesting
  • Spells for good luck and success
  • Spells for abundance and prosperity

Embracing these correspondences can deepen your connection with the New Moon and enrich your spiritual journey.

Journal Prompts

Journaling is an excellent opportunity for introspection and self-discovery. The following prompts are inspired by the sign Cancer and the home. These prompts ask that you openly and honestly reflect on your home life especially in regard to what has been conducive to its overall harmony versus what’s been detracting from it.

New Moon in Cancer Journaling Prompts:

🦀 Reflect on your current home life: What aspects of it bring you joy and make you feel nurtured? And what areas could be improved or enhanced to create a more nurturing environment?

🦀 Reflect on your communication patterns within your home: How effectively do you express your needs, listen to others, and resolve conflicts? Are there any improvements you can make to foster open and nurturing communication?

🦀 Consider your daily routines and schedules: How consistent and organized are they? How can you establish or enhance routines that promote stability, such as regular meal times, designated quiet hours, or consistent sleep schedules?

🦀 Imagine your ideal day at home: Think about a day filled with nurturing activities, connections, and a sense of well-being. Describe this day in detail and consider how you can incorporate elements of it into your daily life.

Remember, journaling is meant to be a personal and reflective process. Use it as a safe space to brainstorm ideas, reflect on your experiences for how you can cultivate and nurture a more relaxing and fulfilling home life that leaves you feeling recharged and relaxed. 

The New Moon Wrap Up

As we welcome the Sturgeon New Moon in Cancer, let's draw strength from the abundance of the sturgeon and reflect on our emotional connections, personal relationships, and our sense of home. Use the energy of this New Moon to set intentions that echo your deepest desires and establish strong foundations in your life.

Thank you for joining me in this latest blog and be sure to mark your calendars for the Sturgeon Full Moon which will happen August 1st, in the sign of Aquarius! 


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