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Hunter's New Moon in Libra: Realigning and Rebalancing

On October 14th at 10:55 AM PST, the New Moon in Libra heralds a fresh lunar cycle, coinciding with the Northern Hemisphere's embrace of autumn. This guide delves into the nuances of the Hunter's Moon and sheds light on the accompanying solar eclipse's energies.

Whether you're seeking insights, rituals, or introspective moments, this comprehensive overview has something for everyone. Navigate it at your own pace, skimming sections or diving deep, it's your lunar journey.

The Significance of the Hunter's Moon

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The "Hunter's Moon" stands as a testament to time, echoing through centuries as the moon's October mantle. Both Indigenous tribes and European settlers in North America leaned on such names to chart the dance of lunar months with the seasons.

But why "Hunter’s Moon"? Simply put, October was a canvas of opportunity for hunters. As winter's whisper grew louder, nature responded – animals, plumper and more vivacious, moved with an urgency that made them easier to spot. And in this arena, the October moonlight became an ally, casting its generous glow, guiding hunters through the deep veils of night.

Embracing the Hunter's Moon Themes

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The Hunters New Moon is symbolically rich and significant representing some of the following themes and ideas:

꩜ Courage & Skill:

Embodied in the act of hunting are the virtues of bravery, patience, and prowess. The Hunter's New Moon represents not only the tenacity of the hunt but also the expertise needed to track and secure prey.

꩜ Harmony with Nature:

Indigenous cultures underscore the need for a symbiotic relationship with nature. A responsible hunter, treading lightly and sustainably, stands as a symbol of humanity in balance with the rhythms and bounties of the natural world.

꩜ Survival Instinct:

At its core, hunting is a testament to our primal drive for survival. This age-old skill reflects humanity's innate ability to adapt, persist, and flourish, even when faced with adversity.

꩜ Life's Eternal Cycle:

The hunter is privy to nature's intricate dance of life and death. Hunting embodies this delicate balance, where life is taken to sustain another, echoing the ceaseless cycle of birth, existence, and eventual return to the earth.

Solar Eclipse Dynamics

An image of the moon entering into an eclipse with the sun and changing from white to an amber-red.

On the day of the New Moon, we'll also witness a solar eclipse—an annular one, to be precise. This means the Moon, in its elliptical orbit, is positioned a tad farther from Earth.

So, instead of completely concealing the Sun, it forms a radiant ring or annulus around its edges. Often termed the "ring of fire" eclipse, this celestial event is not just a visual spectacle but a symbolic one too.

Solar eclipses resonate with themes of:

  • ✺ Transformation
  • ✺ Rebirth
  • ✺ Spiritual Awakening
  • ✺ A balance of light and dark in the cosmic dance

As we approach this day, the palpable eclipse energy may manifest in feelings of:

  • ✺ Low energy or sluggishness
  • ✺ Burnout
  • ✺ Irritability
  • ✺ A sense of being unfocused or disorganized
  • ✺ Forgetfulness
  • ✺ Feeling more spacey than usual

For my Pacific Northwest dwellers: Mark 8:08 AM for the onset of the eclipse's partial phase and 9:25 AM for its peak. And wherever you're reading from, do adjust for your local time.

Witch Tip: Harness this solar eclipse's transformative energy. It's the perfect moment to let go of the old and wholeheartedly welcome the new!

Libra's Gentle Balance

Golden scales delicately balance crystals on a witch's altar covered in amber-colored bottles and plants.

Libra, the intellectual mediator of the zodiac, rules the seventh house and is symbolized by the scales that signify balance. As a cardinal air sign, Libra evaluates every situation with keen insight, ensuring fairness and thoroughness. They have a knack for seeing all perspectives with precision, making them champions of negotiation rather than confrontation.

The influence of Venus, the planet driving our creative, financial, and romantic inclinations, is prominently evident in Libra's diplomatic nature. Venus embodies the role of a peacekeeper, shaping our attitudes towards love and finances, reflecting the very essence of balanced Libra.

New Moon in Libra’s Lessons

With this New Moon nestled in the sign of Libra its worth considering the following lessons that the cardinal air sign has to offer:

꩜ How can I practice making peace with myself and those around me?

꩜ Where can I establish more order and harmony in my life to create greater balance?

꩜ How can I build my negotiating skills without compromising my principles and values?

Correspondences: Ritual Elements for the New Moon

An image of red alcohol in a glass near a bowl of roasted chestnuts nestled under a tree.

For those drawn to the power of the Hunter’s New Moon, I've curated a list to elevate your rituals and spiritual engagements. Both novices finding their lunar footing and seasoned practitioners will find these associations rich in exploration and inspiration.

Herbal and Resinous Allies for the Hunter’s New Moon

Incorporate the following herbs, barks, roots, essential oils, or even fruit into your practices to align with this New Moon’s Energy:

  • Nutmeg: to promote luck and heightened spiritual states 
  • Cinnamon: for protection, warmth, and passion 
  • Cypress: to inspire peace, spiritual renewal, and transformation 
  • Pine: for spiritual resilience, longevity, and enlightenment
  • Ginger: to empower, heal, and heat up the mind/body/spirit

Animal Allies for the Hunter’s New Moon

Harness the energies of these animal allies, renowned for their hunting prowess or protective instincts, to resonate with the Hunter’s New Moon:

𓆃 Scorpion: A creature of potent danger and transformation, the scorpion's venomous sting isn't for the faint of heart. While they may appear intimidating, scorpions rely more on touch than sight. Seek their guidance when looking for clarity or purging toxic cycles from your life.

𓆃 Owl: Symbolic of wisdom and mystery, owls are master hunters. Their specialized feathers grant them silent flights, while their keen eyes pierce the night. For a deeper connection to intuition and clairvoyance, turn to the spirit of the owl.

𓆃 Jaguar: Revered for courage and strength, jaguars are guardians of both the underworld and jungle in Mayan lore. Their comfort in water sets them apart from other big cats. If you’re navigating challenging emotional depths, invoke the jaguar's spirit for guidance.

𓆃 Vulture: Affectionately termed "Nature’s clean-up crew," vultures are unlikely, yet powerful guides. Their scavenging plays a vital role in environmental purification. When burdened by unresolved emotions or past events, seek the vulture’s help to cleanse and renew.

Tarot & Runes for the Hunter’s New Moon

A spread of tarot laying on a wooden table with dried herbs and flowers organically strewn about.

Engage with the following tarot cards and runes to align and seek clarity during the Hunter’s New Moon:

Please note: I've personally cast and shuffled these runes and cards, tuning into the collective energy for insights during this lunar phase.


Thurisaz: Often known as the Hammer rune, Thurisaz speaks to self-empowerment, defensiveness, and the art of breaking barriers. It embodies using tools both for creation and destruction.

Eihwaz: Symbolizing the Yew Tree, Eihwaz channels themes of death, rebirth, and transformation. It's a reminder of the soul's eternal nature.

Berkano: Representing the Birch tree, this rune captures the essence of the divine feminine. Its energies revolve around motherhood, birth, and creation, reminiscent of the nurturing warmth of Earth's inner womb.


The Seven of Wands: This Minor Arcana card prompts you to reflect on times you've stood your ground, facing challenges or opposition head-on. It's about holding your position with determination.

Death: A Major Arcana card, Death is not to be feared but embraced. It signifies inevitable change, urging you to let go of the old to welcome new beginnings.

The Five of Wands: Another Minor Arcana, this card delves into the realms of healthy competition and the drive to stand out. Whether it's a race to a goal or proving oneself, it's about harnessing one's competitive spirit.

Colors for the Hunter’s New Moon

Work with some of the following colors in your practices to resonate with the New Moon:

  • 𓆃 Various shades of brown
  • 𓆃 Dark green
  • 𓆃 Yellow/gold
  • 𓆃 Earthy or neutral camouflage tones that match your environment

Elements for the Hunter’s New Moon

Balance the elements of Air 🜁 and Fire 🜂 during this New Moon.

Body Parts for Physical Workings for the Hunter’s New Moon

If you are looking to connect deeper with your body under this Libra New Moon, the Scales correspond to the following body parts with a focus on the faculties and sensitivities present within the lower body and epidermis such as our:

  • ✺ Hips
  • ✺ Lower back
  • ✺ Kidneys
  • ✺ Skin

Crystals & Stones for the Hunter’s New Moon

Engage with and utilize some of the following transformative and healing crystals inspired by the beauty and mystery of the wilderness and outdoors:

Outback Jasper: for unlocking your independent spirit

Moss Agate: for inspiring peaceful growth and healing

Spessartine Garnet Matrix: for those who desire to find empowerment in every aspect of life

Chiastolite: to help you explore and gain deeper insights into your soul’s spiritual purpose

Deities & Spirits for the Hunter’s New Moon

An ancient Fourth-Pompeian-Style Roman wall painting depicting a scene of sacrifice in honor of the goddess Diana; she is seen here accompanied by a deer. The fresco was discovered in the triclinium of House of the Vettii in Pompeii, Italy.

An ancient Fourth Pompeian-Style Roman Wall Painting depicting a scene of sacrifice in honor of the goddess Diana. 

𓆃 The Morrigan: Renowned in Celtic lore as the goddess of war and sovereignty, The Morrigan embodies fierce prophecy. A formidable shapeshifter, she often takes on the forms of ravens and crows. Through her, one can perceive the intertwined mysteries of life, death, creation, and destruction.

𓆃 Hel: Born of Loki, the trickster god, and the giantess Angrboða, Hel—whose name translates to "Hidden"—reigns as the Norse goddess of death. She presides over Helheim, one of the nine realms nestled deep within the roots of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life.

𓆃 Artemis/Diana: Celebrated as the Virgin Goddess of the Hunt and nature's enigmas, Artemis (in Greek) or Diana (in Roman) stands as a masterful archer and guardian of forests and their creatures. Her deep lunar connections depict her as a goddess of the night and its stealthy pursuits.

𓆃 Ishtar/Inanna: Ishtar, or Inanna in Sumerian traditions, is the revered Mesopotamian goddess of love, fertility, conflict, and divine sensuality. Crowned the “Queen of Heaven,” her essence resonates with sacred femininity. Iconically represented with lions, owls, and an eight-pronged star, she is intrinsically tied to the Morning Star or the Planet Venus.

4 Activities for the Hunter New Moon

A truck off-roading in the forest with a dog sticker on the side of it.

Activities for the Hunter’s New Moon will coincide with themes relating to cultivating a deeper sense of courage, skill, and an appreciation/allyship with the natural world.

Feel free to try out any of these practices to enrich your New Moon experience:

1. Go for a Nighttime Stroll:

The nights are especially dark and quiet on those of a New Moon. If you feel comfortable and safe in your area to do so with a close friend or family member, taking a walk late at night can be a healing experience especially when the rest of the world is plunged into a gentle silence.

2. Leave an offering for nature:

The Hunter’s New Moon is a prime opportunity to express gratitude to the natural world. When considering offerings, it's crucial to be mindful of the environment, avoiding items like coins, perishable foods that may harm local wildlife, and non-native plants that might disrupt local ecosystems. Here are some eco-friendly offerings that harmonize with nature, and as a bonus, many are cost-effective:

  • Seed Bombs: Craft or purchase seed bombs made of native flowers or plants. When tossed into soil, they will eventually sprout, beautifying the space and helping local insect populations.
  • Native Tree Saplings: Plant a native tree as a lasting gift to nature. It will serve as a habitat, carbon sink, and more for years to come.
  • Birdseed: Offer birdseed for the local bird population. This helps feathered friends, especially during times when food might be scarce.
  • A Quiet Meditation: Sometimes, the best offering is your time and intention. Sit quietly in a natural space, offering your positive energies, gratitude, and prayers to the environment around you.

3. Water the local flora:

Fresh water is one of the purest cleanest gifts you can offer to the natural world. Pouring clean water on the roots of trees, flowers, or herbs is a wonderful gift and a great show of gratitude to the spirits who reside in and protect the woods. Avoid pouring libations like milk, juice, or alcohol which while still a kind gesture can cause fungal infections to plants like trees. 

4. Learn about the land you live on:

knowledge is power after all, and when we better understand something, it puts us in a better position to lend a hand. This Hunter’s New Moon would be a fantastic time to learn about the history of where you live and what kind of local flora and fauna your environment is known for.

Delving into the Hunter-Prey Dynamic: New Moon Journal Prompts

An image of a glass candle with a flame sits on a nightstand with books.

This New Moon, dive into the primal world of the Hunter-Prey dynamic. At its core, this relationship sees one entity—the hunter—chasing and consuming another—the prey.

Beyond the natural realm, this dynamic can shed light on our behaviors, responses, and tactics in life's myriad situations. By exploring these prompts, not only will you gain personal insights, but you'll also deepen your connection to the intricate web of life that binds us all.

Hunter-Prey Reflections:

꩜ Nature's Dance:

Investigate predator-prey relationships in the animal kingdom. Pick a distinct relationship and relate it to your life. What revelations emerge from these parallels?

꩜ Roles We Play:

Recall moments when you've been the "hunter," passionately chasing your ambitions. On the flip side, remember when you felt like the "prey," cornered by challenges. How have these contrasting roles sculpted your journey?

꩜ Walking in Different Shoes:

Embrace the viewpoints of both the hunter and the prey. How does this dual perspective foster empathy and enrich your understanding in daily interactions?

꩜ Inner Equilibrium:

Reflect on the balance between your inner "hunter" and "prey." How can harmonizing these instincts help you adeptly maneuver life's ups and downs?

Celestial Wrap Up & What’s Next!

A lone lantern sits atop a shelf casting light on the surrounding white walls worn with age and tarnish.

As we conclude our exploration of the Hunter's New Moon and its interplay with our lives, let's cast our eyes forward. The heavens have more in store for us: On the 28th, the celestial dance continues with the Full Blood Moon in Taurus.

An opportunity for further reflection and growth awaits. Mark your calendar, prepare your spirit, and let's continue this cosmic journey together. Until then, bright blessings on your celestial journey ahead!


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