An image of a powerful Lioness serenely laying on a bed of grass and white flowers representing the beauty and prestige of the Leo New Moon.

New Moon in Leo: Insights, Tips, and Astrological Forecast

In the hush of the early morning hours the New Moon will reach its peak on August 16th, 2023 @2:38 AM PST in the dignified and regal sign of Leo. With the coming of this latest New Moon we will be stepping into the beginning of a brand new lunar cycle teeming with fresh energy and the promise of renewal.

But what does this all mean? How will the latest celestial events of the starry night sky affect us down here on Earth? Well let’s explore all the happenings of this latest lunation and see what’s in store for us!

Harnessing the New Moon’s Energy

An image of a Blue New Moon against a blue purple background evokes the energy of the New Moon in Leo.

Though this is the time where the moon is the least visible, I find this particular phase to be one of the most powerful as the hidden, shadowy, and womb-like nature of the New Moon speaks to the genesis of great and opportune potentiality.

During New Moons we clear the scoreboard, set the clocks back, and hit the energetic refresh button both within ourselves and our spiritual practices. It is a time to get clear on our vision for the future and to mindfully take inspired actions towards that vision.

To harness New Moon energy, you can:

  • 🌀 Journal or script
  • 🌀 Use powerful affirmations that coincide with your goals
  • 🌀 Get crispy clear on your intentions and manifestations
  • 🌀 Take the plunge on a new project or creative endeavor
  • 🌀 Set small easy attainable goals for yourself to achieve over the course of one full Lunar cycle/until the next Full Moon.

My personal Example: This New Moon I’m going to set the goal of speaking more kindly to myself and celebrating all my progress big and small over this next lunar cycle!

Realm of Leo: Understand its Essence

A pale white lion stares boldly into the viewers eyes with a regal air invoking the energy of the New Moon in Leo.

Leo—the radiant lion and fixed fire sign is a courageous sovereign within the astrological wheel and is a characteristically strong and bold leader. Leo in all its majesty has a strong sense of rulership and dominion over its individuality that makes this bold being stand out from the crowd.

Leo is ruled by the Sun who governs our life purpose as well our consciousness which represents our Ego, and creative life force. Essentially the Sun is the face we put out into the world, it’s the parts of us we proudly parade or show off in the light of day as a part of our soul’s unique identity.

Leo’s New Moon Lesson: Take pride in who you are!

This New Moon in Leo draws attention to lessons that involve invoking our best selves and taking pride in who we are at our core. This is the time to fully let our inner child roam free and to express ourselves with unabashed joy and creativity.

As we greet this New Moon it's worth considering:

  • ⚜️ Where can I let loose and have more fun with my life and creative endeavors?
  • ⚜️ How can I take more pride in myself? What would help me to see and feel all the amazing progress I’ve made thus far?
  • ⚜️ How can invoke my best/higher self? How can I show up as my most aligned self through simple and attainable daily habits?

Witch Tip: For tarot enthusiasts, try this Leo-themed spread using The Sun card, symbolizing boundless joy. Shuffle your deck, then locate The Sun card. The card above The Sun identifies what needs healing for joy and self-acceptance. The card below suggests the steps to initiate that healing process.

New Moon in Leo Squares Uranus: What you Need to Know

Painting by Karl F. Schinkel titled "Uranus Surrounded by the Dance of Stars".

    Painting by Karl F. Schinkel titled "Uranus Surrounded by the Dance of Stars".

    🌀 Uranus' Significance: Uranus stands for change, innovation, and forward-thinking. It challenges traditional norms, pushing for progress and objectivity.

    🌀 What Does a Square Mean in Astrology? When we say two celestial bodies are "squared," we mean they're 90° apart. This angle creates tension or disharmony, requiring us to reconcile and learn from the conflicting energies.

    🌀 Effects of Moon in Leo Square Uranus: This combination may spark feelings of rebellion. There's a pull to challenge the norm, to stand out and assert our uniqueness.

    🌀 Caution: With this rebellious energy, it's essential to reflect. Are you genuinely expressing yourself, or are you reacting out of ego or defiance? Constructive rebellion can empower, but destructive actions can harm.

    Witch Tip: Examine your motivations. Are they rooted in genuine self-expression or ego? Your actions now can hint at deeper issues related to self-worth and security.

    Retrograde Galore: What it Means for Us

    Painting titled: "The Coming of Night" by Wilfred de Glehn.

    "The Coming of the Night" by Wilfred de Glehn.

    Yes, you read that correctly. Seven planets which include our celestial neighbors Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will be retrograding at the same time.

    For a quick refresher retrograde is a motion that refers to the apparent backward movement (think of the moonwalk dance move) of a celestial object against the backdrop of the sky.

    In an astrological sense retrogrades represent reflection, revisitation, and reevaluation for both the individual and the collective. In this state the energy associated with the retrograding planet manifests in more subconscious or internalized ways which if gone unchecked or unacknowledged can spiral into the more common retrograde symptoms.

    Common Retrograde Symptoms:

    • 𓀦 Burnout or Lack of Energy
    • 𓀦 Arguments, disagreements, miscommunication
    • 𓀦 Unforeseen catalysts, delays, or sudden changes
    • 𓀦 Anxiety, heightened stress, or irritability
    • 𓀦 Rebellion or rejection of the status quo
    • 𓀦 A sudden rise in insecurity or self-doubt

    Planets Currently moonwalking in retrograde with dates:

    • Venus Retrograde July 23rd-Sept 4th
    • Mercury Retrograde August 24th-Sept 16th
    • Jupiter Retrograde Sept 5th-Dec 31st
    • Saturn Retrograde June 18th-Nov 4th
    • Uranus Retrograde Aug 29th-Jan 27th
    • Neptune Retrograde July 1st-Dec 6th
    • Pluto Retrograde May 11th-Oct 22nd

    If all these retrogrades worry you, or if you’ve struggled with retrograde energy in the past, practice going with the flow when this energy redirects you especially when it's uncomfortable or challenging. Oftentimes it's when we try to resist that we end up creating the most internalized strife.

    Witch Tip: Be sure to write down, screenshot, or save these dates for quick and easy reference to keep you up to date!

    Correspondences & Activities for the New Moon

    An image of a candle in a candle holder flickering a warm blue-pink light illuminating notes of paper.

    Herbal & Resinous Allies for the New Moon

    Incorporate the following herbs or essential oils into your practices to align with this New Moon’s Energy:

    • 𓆸 Lavender
    • 𓆸 Jasmine
    • 𓆸 Neroli
    • 𓆸 Blue Yarrow
    • 𓆸 Blue Tansy
    • 𓆸 Rosemary
    • 𓆸 Pettigrain


    Work with some of the following colors in your practices to resonate with the New Moon:

    • 𓇉 Various shades of blue (especially light blue)
    • 𓇉 white
    • 𓇉 gold

    Body Parts for Physical Workings

    • 𓃭 Heart & major arteries
    • 𓃭 Back & Spine


    Balance the elements of fire 🜂 and water 🜄


    Engage with lunar or intuitive powered crystals such as the following:

    • Selenite
    • Clear Quartz
    • Lapis Lazuli
    • Angelite
    • Iolite

    Spells & Magical Workings

    Consider some of the following spells and activities for this Lunar Phase:

    • 𓇗 Meditation & Visualization Practices
    • 𓇗 Cleansing or Psychic Enhancement Bath
    • 𓇗 Dream Magic & Spells for Good Sleep
    • 𓇗 Manifestation Magic
    • 𓇗 Divination Practices

    Deities & Spirits

    Connect with, leave offerings, or petition to the following deities or spirits this New Moon:

    • 𓃬 Hekate
    • 𓃬 Selene/Luna
    • 𓃬 Auset/Isis
    • 𓃬 Bastet/Bast
    • 𓃬 Ancestral Spirits
    • 𓃬 Spirit Guides

    Journal Prompts

    A woman journals her thoughts onto a notebook while sitting comfortably on a purple bed.

    Journaling is an excellent opportunity for introspection and self-discovery. The following prompts are inspired by the sign of Leo and showing up as our most authentic selves.

    These prompts ask that you openly and honestly reflect on how you can claim your power, step into the spotlight, and to take pride in your accomplishments thus far.

    New Moon in Leo Journal Prompts:

    🦁 1. Defining Personal Power: What does "personal power" mean to you? How would you describe it in your own words? Reflect on situations or moments when you have felt most empowered in the past.

    🦁 2. Identifying Strengths: List your strengths, skills, and qualities that contribute to your sense of power. How can you leverage these attributes to take control of various aspects of your life?

    🦁 3. Recognizing Self-Worth: Reflect on your self-worth and value as an individual. How does your perception of your worthiness impact your ability to claim your power? What actions can you take to reinforce your sense of self-worth?

    🦁 4. Facing Fears & Limiting Beliefs: Identify any fears, doubts, or limiting beliefs that have held you back from claiming your power. How have these beliefs influenced your decisions and actions? What steps can you take to challenge and overcome them?

    🦁 5. Taking Ownership of Choices: Reflect on the choices you've made in the past. Are there areas where you've given away your power by not making decisions aligned with your values and desires? How can you take ownership of your choices moving forward?

    Closing Thoughts & What's Next

    On August 16th, 2023, the New Moon in Leo offers a fresh start. Just like nature's cycles, our lives are filled with moments to reset, learn, and grow. Use this time to reflect and set intentions, with Leo's warmth and strength guiding the way.

    A Glimpse Ahead:

    🌕 Upcoming: The Blue Full Moon arrives on Wednesday, August 30th. Keep an eye out for insights on this unique event.

    🪐 7 Planets in Retrograde: With seven planets in retrograde motion, there's much to discuss. Stay tuned for a dedicated article exploring these celestial movements and their implications.

    In the interim, consider Leo's messages, tap into the New Moon's energies, and stay curious about the cosmos.


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