Strawberry Moon Cake: A beautifully decorated cake topped with fresh strawberries, cherries, and apricots, capturing the essence of the Strawberry Moon celebration.

Strawberry Moon in Capricorn Celebrating Growth and Progress on the Threshold Between Spring and Summer

On June 21st at 6:08 PM PST, the Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates the skies with its grounded and ambitious energy. This is your moment to revel in how how far you've come as you step into the Summer months prepared to claim your fulfillment.

Join us in our latest blog post, where we share practical tips and simple rituals to help you harness this disciplined and transformative energy. Whether you're looking to understand how this lunar phase influences your life or wanting to tap into its structured power, we've got you covered.

Just a quick note—this guide is brimming with insights. Immerse yourself fully or skip to the sections that intrigue you most. It’s designed for you to explore at your own pace.

 Why is it Called the Strawberry Moon?

Strawberry Moon Symbolism: A close-up of fresh strawberries being picked from the plant, symbolizing the harvest and abundance themes of the Strawberry Moon.

The Full Moon of June earns its name “Strawberry Moon'' as this lunation coincides with strawberry harvesting in the Northern Hemisphere. Peaking during the threshold between Spring and Summer this Full Moon holds a sense of fruition and abundance, mirroring the rich, ripe berries ready for picking.

The Strawberry Moon marks a period of fulfillment and abundance, reflecting the culmination of efforts and the harvest of what has been nurtured. It symbolizes sweetness, joy, and the rewards of hard work and dedication.

As the Strawberry Moon illuminates the night sky, it invites you to celebrate the fruits of your labor—both in your personal and communal life. Embrace the abundance, nurture your growth, and appreciate the achievements and connections that have blossomed as Spring shifts into Summer.

Strawberry Moon Themes 

Strawberry Moon Cake: A beautifully decorated cake topped with fresh strawberries, cherries, and apricots, capturing the essence of the Strawberry Moon celebration.

Under the warm glow of the Strawberry Moon, a journey of reflection and celebration awaits you. Embrace this time to transform and enrich your life with these themes:

Take Stock of your Growth & Progress:

Let the Strawberry Full Moon guide you to reflect on your personal journey. It's a time to assess your growth, recognize your achievements, and identify areas for further development. Embrace this Full Moon as an opportunity to acknowledge your progress and set intentions for future growth.

Bloom & Harvest: 

Under the glow of the Strawberry Full Moon, focus on harvesting the fruits of your labor. This is a period to enjoy the rewards of your hard work and dedication. Like the ripening of fresh strawberries, allow yourself to savor the success and abundance that you've cultivated.

Honor the Threshold Between Spring and Summer: 

With the rise of the Strawberry Full Moon, celebrate the transition between spring and summer. This lunar phase encourages you to appreciate the vibrant energy of late spring and prepare for the warmth and activity during the arrival of the Summer Solstice. Honor this threshold by acknowledging the beauty and bounty of the season.

Witch Tip: Take stock of your growth, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and honor the threshold between spring and summer. The Strawberry Full Moon invites you to reflect on your journey, enjoy your achievements, and celebrate the vibrant transition of the seasons.

 Enter the Driven and Diligent Realm of Capricorn  

Capricorn Sign: A woman holding a white goat, symbolizing the Capricorn zodiac sign, with vibrant floral embroidery on her clothing, reflecting the earthy and nurturing qualities of Capricorn.

Capricorn, symbolized by the mythical sea goat, a creature of earth and sea who is all about ambition and resilience. This sign is about as disciplined and practical as it gets, always striving for success and stability.

Strong Ambition and Determination:

Ruling the tenth house, Capricorn blends strong ambition with a deep sense of responsibility. They thrive in environments where they can set and achieve long-term goals, demonstrating their unwavering determination and strategic mindset.

Disciplined and Practical:

As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn is stable and committed, focusing on practical solutions and steady progress. Capricorns are naturally industrious, able to plan meticulously and execute their plans with precision, ensuring sustainable success.

Saturn's Influence:

Guided by Saturn, the planet of structure, agriculture,  discipline, and time, Capricorn excels in their methodical and patient approach. The Saturnian energy influences Capricorn's ability to persevere through challenges and build lasting foundations, emphasizing their desire to create a stable and prosperous future.

Sea Goat Symbolism:

The sea goat symbolism represents Capricorn's perseverance and strength, highlighting their ability to navigate many different harsh terrains (like rocky mountains and choppy waters). This includes setting ambitious goals, overcoming obstacles, and achieving success through discipline and hardwork, illustrating a being who balances the depth of emotions with practical ambitions. Capricorn's quest for stability and accomplishment drives them to excel and maintain a disciplined approach to their endeavors.

Capricorn Full Moon Lessons 

With the Full Moon in Capricorn, you are invited to embrace the following themes:

Embrace Discipline:

This is the perfect time to reflect on your responsibilities and commitments. Capricorn’s energy encourages you to take ownership of your duties and strive for excellence. Embrace discipline and structure to achieve your goals and build a solid foundation for your future.

Pursue Ambition:

Capricorn teaches that ambition and hard work lead to success. This Full Moon invites you to set high standards and pursue your dreams with determination. Align your actions with your long-term goals, and remember that perseverance and patience are key to achieving lasting success.

Foster Practical Solutions:

This is a time for practical thinking and problem-solving. Capricorn’s energy, grounded and methodical, urges you to find realistic and effective solutions to challenges. Reevaluate your strategies, plan meticulously, and implement steps that lead to tangible results. This Full Moon supports productivity and the realization of your ambitions.

Witch Tip: Embrace discipline, pursue your ambitions, and foster practical solutions. The Capricorn Full Moon urges you to take charge of your duties, work diligently towards your goals, and find effective ways to overcome obstacles for lasting success.

Other Astrological Happenings 

Astrology Strawberry Moon: An artistic depiction of the sun and stars with the text, "Your Soul left you a Map that was traced in the language of the Stars," highlighting the cosmic connection of the Strawberry Moon.

Each Full Moon brings a unique energetic influence from surrounding celestial events. Understanding these additional astrological and planetary happenings can help you navigate the opportunities and challenges in your life.

Let's explore the key planetary placements during this Full Moon and see how they might shape your journey ahead.

Welcome to ♋︎ Cancer Season 

The wheel of the zodiac will turn on June 20th, ushering in the start of Cancer Season as the sun enters the nurturing and sensitive sign of the Crab.

This shift from the light, airy energy of Gemini to the watery, emotional presence of Cancer marks a time for embracing sensitivity and emotional depth.

This season invites us to indulge in self-care, family time, and the comfort of home, focusing on emotional growth and security, and building on the social interactions enjoyed during Gemini Season.

As we move under this sign, take a moment to appreciate the warmth and security of home and the depth of your connections.

Did You Know?

Each year, the sun travels through the 12 zodiac signs, creating distinct periods known as Sun Seasons, each lasting about a month. These seasons influence our general mood and energy—like feeling curious during Gemini Season or seeking stability in Taurus Season.

Meanwhile, the moon cycles through all zodiac signs in just a month, changing our emotional landscape every few days. Noticing these shifts can help you align your actions with the cosmic flow, making the most of each season’s unique vibe!

☉ Sun in ♋︎ Cancer Forms an Opposition with ☾ Moon in ♑︎ Capricorn 

The Sun in Cancer forming an opposition with the Moon in Capricorn brings a dynamic tension between emotional needs and practical responsibilities. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, emphasizes home, family, and nurturing, while Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, focuses on ambition, structure, and discipline. This opposition invites us to find a balance between our personal lives and our professional ambitions.

Cancer's influence encourages us to tend to our emotional well-being and foster close connections, emphasizing the importance of self-care and support. Capricorn's energy, on the other hand, urges a more disciplined approach to life and work pushing us towards our goals and responsibilities outside the home.

Witch Tip: Balance emotional needs with practical responsibilities. The opposition between the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn invites you to harmonize your personal and professional life, nurturing your well-being while pursuing your ambitions with discipline and determination.

♇  Pluto ℞ Retrograde in ♒︎ Aquarius and ☉ Sun in ♋︎ Cancer Quincunx 

The retrograde motion of Pluto in Aquarius forms a complex quincunx with the Sun in Cancer, bringing a mix of energies that affect you deeply.

What is a Quincunx Aspect?

A quincunx aspect happens when two planets are 150° apart, which is about five zodiac signs of distance. This creates a challenging energy because the signs and planets involved are in contrasting elements and modalities. The energy of a quincunx is best described as holding two conflicting truths about oneself and the world. However, working and healing through a quincunx can lead to greater self-integration and a deeper sense of balance.

Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius: 

Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius illuminates the struggle for power within the collective illuminating the disharmonies and injustices within society at large forcing us to reckon with the demons of our modern world. 

Sun in Cancer:

The Sun in Cancer brings a nurturing and protective energy, focusing on home, family, safety, and emotional security. This aspect highlights the importance of compassion and the need for empathy and deep emotional connections.

Navigating this Quincunx: 

During this Quincunx the core of your being (Sun in Cancer), which makes space for compassion and empathy, may seem at odds with our current paradigm (Pluto ℞ in Aquarius). The key to harmonizing this aspect is to stand firm in your compassion and morals in order to combat the shadowy aspects of our society. By embracing your innate empathetic nature and the need for deep transformative change, you can find a way to harmonize these conflicting energies and contribute positively to the world in a healing manner.

Strawberry Moon Correspondences 

Embrace the energy of the Strawberry Moon with these powerful correspondences, crafted to enhance your rituals and spiritual reflections during this lunation.

Whether you are taking your first steps on your lunar journey or are a seasoned practitioner, these elements provide a rich source of inspiration for deepening your connection to this distinctive lunar occurrence.

Strawberry Moon Herbal Allies 

Strawberry Moon Herbal Allies: Close-up of ripe raspberries on a branch against a blue sky, symbolizing the natural abundance and healing properties associated with the Strawberry Moon.

To celebrate the arrival of the Strawberry Moon, let’s explore a few herbal allies who come to us in the form of berries. 

Witch’s Safety Disclaimer: While herbs offer many health benefits, they may interact with medications or health conditions. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new herbal regimen, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication. Use this as a guide, not a substitute for professional medical advice.

𓆸 Strawberry Leaf (Fragaria Vesca):

Strawberry leaf supports gentle detoxification and revitalizes the body, helping you feel refreshed and invigorated.

How to Use: Brew strawberry leaf tea by steeping the dried leaves in hot water for 10 minutes. Drink regularly to support your body's natural cleansing processes and boost overall vitality.

𓆸 Raspberry Leaf (Rubus Idaeus):

Raspberry leaf strengthens and tones the reproductive system, making it ideal for women's health and wellness.

How to Use: Make raspberry leaf tea by steeping the dried leaves in hot water for 10 minutes. Enjoy this tea regularly to support reproductive health and balance.

𓆸 Hawthorn Berry (Crataegus Monogyna):

Hawthorn berry supports heart health and emotional well-being, promoting a sense of calm and stability.

How to Use: Brew hawthorn berry tea by simmering the berries in water for 15 minutes. Alternatively, make hawthorn berry preserves or incorporate them into oxymels for a delicious and therapeutic treat. Enjoy these preparations to nurture your heart, both physically and emotionally, enhancing overall well-being.

Strawberry Moon Animal Allies 

Strawberry Moon Runes and Tarot Reading: An open book, tarot cards, and a candle with the text, "May you Find Yourself Again in this Season of Growth," highlighting the spiritual and reflective aspects of the Strawberry Moon.

During this Full Moon the following animal allies have stepped forth to shower us with their wisdom.

Listen closely with your intuition and heart, and you’ll hear which ally is calling to you under this Full Moon.

𓇙 Ladybug:

Ladybugs, with their vibrant colors and gentle presence, symbolize luck and protection. Their delicate nature and beneficial role in the garden remind you to appreciate the small joys and blessings in life. Allow the ladybug to guide you in finding happiness in simple moments and to feel protected and lucky in your endeavors.

𓇙 Rattlesnake:

Rattlesnakes, with their transformative shedding process, represent renewal and growth. Their ability to shed their skin and emerge renewed reminds you to embrace change and personal transformation. The rattlesnake encourages you to let go of the old and welcome new beginnings with confidence and strength.

𓇙 Grey Wolf:

Grey wolves, known for their strong social bonds and keen instincts, symbolize loyalty and intuition. Their pack mentality and survival skills remind you to trust your instincts and value your connections with others. The grey wolf inspires you to rely on your inner wisdom and to find strength and support within your community.

Witch Tip: Trust your intuition when selecting an animal ally. Reflect on what qualities you need most during this Strawberry Moon—luck and protection (Ladybug), renewal and growth (Rattlesnake), or loyalty and intuition (Grey Wolf). Let your heart guide you to the ally that resonates with your current journey.

Strawberry Moon Runes & Tarot 

Engage with the following tarot cards and runes to align and seek clarity during this Full Moon.

*Please note: I've personally cast and shuffled these runes and cards, tuning into the collective energy for insights during this lunar phase.

Witch Tip:  As you read this section, notice the parallels between the runes, tarot cards, and the themes of this Full Moon. How do these elements resonate with your life right now? Trust your intuition and uncover the guidance waiting for you. Dive in, spot the connections, and let your inner wisdom lead you to new insights and empowerment.


Sowilo: The Rune of Success and Vitality

Sowilo, derived from the Old Norse term for "sun," symbolizes success, vitality, and enlightenment, embodying the radiant energy of the sun and the power of life. It encourages embracing positivity, clarity, and the drive for achievement.

What This Means for You

Under the Strawberry Moon, Sowilo invites you to seize opportunities for success and personal growth. Focus on your goals—pursue your ambitions, embrace optimism, and illuminate your path with clarity and determination.

Jera: The Harvest of Patience and Reward

Jera, derived from the Old Norse word for "year" or "harvest," represents cycles, patience, and the rewards of hard work. It symbolizes the natural rhythm of growth and the fruition of efforts. It encourages trusting in the process and reaping the benefits of perseverance.

What This Means for You

The energy of Jera will prompt you to appreciate the cycles of life and the rewards that come with patience and determination. Focus on your long-term goals—acknowledge the progress you've made, celebrate your achievements, and trust that your efforts will yield fruitful results.

Kenaz: The Torch of Illumination and Knowledge

Kenaz, derived from the Old Norse term for "torch," represents illumination, knowledge, and creativity, embodying the enlightening force of fire and the spark of inspiration. It encourages embracing understanding and insight, revealing hidden truths, and nurturing creativity.

What This Means for You

Under the Strawberry Moon, Kenaz invites you to seize opportunities for intellectual and creative growth. Focus on mental and creative development—start new projects, enhance communication skills, or explore new ideas.


𓆱 Eight of Wands Reversed: Delays and Frustration

The Eight of Wands reversed symbolizes delays, obstacles, and a lack of progress. It suggests that plans may be stalled, and communication might be disrupted, leading to frustration.

What This Means for You

If you're facing setbacks, the Eight of Wands reversed reminds you to be patient and adaptable. Balance your expectations with the reality of delays and use this time to reassess and refine your plans. Embrace the pause as an opportunity to gain clarity and prepare for future progress.

𐃯 Two of Cups Reversed: Disconnection and Imbalance

The Two of Cups reversed symbolizes disconnection, imbalance, and misunderstandings in relationships. It indicates a need to address issues of communication and emotional harmony.

What This Means for You

If you're experiencing inner turmoil due to emotional strain, the Two of Cups reversed encourages you to recenter and reharmonize. Address misunderstandings, pain and heartache to restore harmony. Embrace open dialogue, healing, and mutual respect to nurture your emotional connection to self and others.

𓅼 Five of Cups: Loss and Healing

The Five of Cups symbolizes grief, loss, and the process of healing. It reflects a time of emotional pain and the need to acknowledge and process these feelings.

What This Means for You

If you're dealing with pain or loss, the Five of Cups reminds you to value the healing process and allow yourself to grieve. Balance the recognition of what has been lost with the potential for new opportunities. Embrace your emotions and seek support to move forward with resilience and hope.

Body Parts for Physical Workings 

Strawberry Moon Field: A person holding a container filled with freshly picked strawberries in a lush strawberry field, capturing the essence of harvest and abundance during the Strawberry Moon.

As the Full Moon rises, we shift our focus to the grounded energy of Capricorn and the parts of the body it influences: the knees, bones, and skin. These areas are crucial for tapping into Capricorn's disciplined and resilient power.

Here’s a guide to understanding their importance and enhancing their health during this Full Moon:


    • Importance: The knees are central to Capricorn’s themes of structure and mobility. They facilitate movement and symbolize our ability to support and progress through life. They resonate with Capricorn’s focus on ambition and the steady pursuit of goals.
    • Maintaining Health: Engage in regular activities that promote knee strength and flexibility, such as yoga, stretching, or specific exercises for joint health. Be mindful of avoiding strain and take measures to protect your knees during physical activities.


      • Importance: The bones provide the structural foundation of the body, reflecting Capricorn’s association with stability and endurance. Healthy bones support overall strength and resilience, mirroring Capricorn’s disciplined and robust nature.
      • Maintaining Health: Ensure a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, and engage in weight-bearing exercises like walking, running, or resistance training to promote bone density. Regularly check bone health and consider supplements if necessary.


      • Importance: The skin is the body's largest organ and the first layer of our immune system acting as a protective barrier, aligning with Capricorn’s role in providing structure and defense. Healthy skin supports overall well-being and mirrors Capricorn’s focus on maintaining a strong and resilient exterior.
      • Maintaining Health: Maintain a skincare routine that includes hydration, sun protection, and proper cleansing. Incorporate foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants to support skin health. Herbal allies such as aloe vera and calendula can help soothe and nourish the skin.

      Understanding and nurturing these areas can help you tap into Capricorn's disciplined and resilient energy, enhancing your overall well-being during this Full Moon.

      Strawberry Moon Crystals 

      Strawberry Moon Crystals: Close-up of various crystals, highlighting their natural beauty and the energy they bring to the Strawberry Moon rituals.

      Connect with the vibrant, transformative energy of the Strawberry Moon by engaging with these crystals:

      𓆸 Red Aventurine: Vitality and Confidence

      Red Aventurine's rich, red hues infuse you with vitality and confidence. It promotes physical strength, boosts self-assurance, and encourages action. Use Red Aventurine to harness inner power and embrace new challenges.

      𓆸 Green Opal: Renewal and Emotional Healing

      Green Opal's soothing green tones offer renewal and emotional healing. It supports emotional balance, enhances heart-centered connections, and fosters personal growth. During the Strawberry Moon, let Green Opal guide you towards emotional well-being and rejuvenation.

      𓆸 Hematite Quartz: Grounding and Clarity

      Hematite Quartz combines the grounding properties of Hematite with the clarity of Quartz. This crystal enhances focus, provides stability, and clears negative energy. Use Hematite Quartz to stay grounded and maintain mental clarity as you navigate new opportunities and transitions.

      Connecting with these crystals can help you embrace the transformative energy of the Strawberry Moon, enhancing your vitality, emotional healing, and mental clarity during this lunar phase.

      Strawberry Moon Colors

      𓇙 Red 

      𓇙 Yellow 

      𓇙 Green 

      𓇙 Orange 

      Strawberry Moon Deities

      Strawberry Moon Deities Freyja: A woman wearing intricate gold jewelry, symbolizing the goddess Freyja's beauty and strength, reflecting the divine connection during the Strawberry Moon.

      𓆸 Freyja: The Goddess of Love and War

      Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and war, embodies the duality of passion and strength. Her connection with the Strawberry Moon brings themes of love, sensuality, and empowerment.

      Freyja’s presence encourages you to embrace your passions, celebrate your inner beauty, and find strength in your desires. She invites you to honor both your gentle and fierce aspects, fostering a balanced and empowered self.

       𓆸 Diana of Ephesus: The Great Mother and Protector

      Diana of Ephesus, the ancient goddess of fertility, nature, and protection, symbolizes nurturing and abundance. Her essence during the Strawberry Moon highlights the importance of care, growth, and the cycles of nature.

      Diana’s presence encourages you to nurture yourself and others, appreciate the natural world, and honor the cycles of growth and renewal. She calls you to protect and cherish the abundance in your life and to foster a deep connection with nature.

      𓆸 Qadesh: The Goddess of Sacred Ecstasy

      Qadesh, the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, beauty, and sacred ecstasy, represents the divine connection between pleasure and spirituality. Her essence during the Strawberry Moon emphasizes the sacredness of joy and the power of embracing your sensuality.

      Qadesh’s presence invites you to explore the sacred aspects of pleasure, celebrate your sensuality, and find spiritual fulfillment through joy and connection. She encourages you to honor your body and soul, finding harmony between physical and spiritual desires.

      Witch Tip: To choose a deity, reflect on your current needs and intentions. If you seek passion and strength, connect with Freyja. If nurturing and abundance resonate with you, Diana of Ephesus is your guide. For sacred joy and divine sensuality, turn to Qadesh. Meditate on these themes and let your intuition guide you to the deity that best aligns with your journey.

      Strawberry Moon Activities 

      Strawberry Moon Picnic: A picnic setup with fresh strawberries, cherries, glasses, and a pitcher of strawberry-infused drink, capturing the essence of celebration and nourishment under the Strawberry Moon.

      For the Strawberry Moon, engaging in activities that resonate with the themes of harvest, nourishment, and celebrating the start of summer aligns beautifully with this Full Moon's vibrant energy. Here are some curated activities to enhance your experience:

      Strawberry Picking

      The Strawberry Moon's energy invites you to connect with the earth and enjoy the fruits of the season. Spend time picking strawberries at a local farm or garden.

      Engage in the simple joy of harvesting ripe, juicy strawberries. This activity not only provides fresh, delicious fruit but also helps you appreciate the abundance and beauty of nature's bounty.

      Milk and Honey Full Moon Bath

      Embrace the nurturing and luxurious energy of the Strawberry Moon with a soothing milk and honey bath, a practice famously enjoyed by Cleopatra.

      Fill your bath with warm water, adding milk and raw honey (preferably local) to create a nourishing soak. This ritual promotes relaxation, self-care, and a sense of indulgence. The lactic acid in milk gently exfoliates the skin, while honey provides natural hydration and antibacterial properties, leaving your skin soft and rejuvenated. Light candles and play soft music to enhance the experience.

      Summer Solstice Celebration

      As the Strawberry Moon aligns with the start of summer, celebrate the Summer Solstice with joyful activities and gatherings.

      Host a celebration to honor the longest day of the year. Enjoy outdoor activities like picnics, bonfires, or a walk in nature. Share this time with loved ones, embracing the warmth and energy of the season. This celebration marks a time of renewal, light, and the vibrant energy of summer.

      Final Thoughts and Full Moon Wishes

      Strawberry Moon Summer Solstice: An artistic depiction of women dancing around a bonfire at sunset, symbolizing the joyous celebration of the Summer Solstice and the vibrant energy of the Strawberry Moon.

      As the Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn bursts fourth with the arrival of Summer Solstice, take a moment to embrace the grounded and transformative energy of this time. This is your opportunity to celebrate growth and progress, honor the transition between seasons, and set your intentions for the warmer months ahead.

      Use the practical tips and rituals in this guide to fully engage with your life under this Full Moon. Celebrate how far you've come on the path to creating and carving out the life you want to live.

      Embrace this period of celebration and merriment with an open heart. Let the Strawberry Full Moon and the Summer Solstice be catalysts for your growth, inspiring you to connect deeply and thrive on your unique journey. Thank you so much for joining me in this latest blog, and I look forward to sharing more under the next lunar phase.


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