The Magic of Mirrors in Spellwork

The Magic of Mirrors in Spellwork

Today’s blog is about all things Mirrors! We’ll discuss some cool and unique ways you can integrate them into your spellwork as well as interesting ways they have been used around the globe! 

The power of mirrors lies in their ability to reveal to us that which we cannot see on our own. Whether it's our face, body, or true self, the reflection in the mirror's edge shows us a truth. Mirrors have been considered gateways to the spiritual realm and used as tools for divination and meditation practices for centuries. These reflective surfaces offer insights into what we're not aware of, and provide opportunities for personal growth and self-reflection.

What is Catoptromancy?  

Captromancy is a form of divination using a mirror or reflective surface. You can think of it as a sub-category in the larger category of scrying which we use to gain clarity and insight into certain aspects of ourselves or the possible future.

The word Captromancy derives itself from the Greek Words κάτοπτρον or Katoptron meaning “Mirror” and μαντεία or Manteia translating to “Divination”. 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall 

Mirrors provide a reflection of what is always present, yet the image is subjective. It could be a comforting sight or a terrifying one depending on the observer. Many people feel intense fear, scrutiny, and self-loathing when they look into the mirror. The reflective surface can feel like a dangerous portal to the unknown, magnifying insecurities and illusions

To take a look at one’s self in the mirror is vulnerable, and seeing whatever it is we need to see as it truly is, requires bravery, compassion, and patience. But we can use magic as a means to gain empowerment and understanding as we navigate the chambers of our psyche. 

Why use a Mirror in Spellwork? 

Mirrors serve as a powerful tool in the world of spellwork, offering a unique window into our innermost selves. Whether used for meditation, scrying, or communication with spirits and deities, mirrors can provide valuable insights and clarity. For those seeking to cultivate self-love, acceptance, and emotional healing, mirrors are an excellent resource when working with love and beauty deities such as Freyja or Aphrodite.

How to use a Mirror in Spellwork

Integrating mirrors into our spellwork requires vulnerability, patience, and some basic knowledge of protection especially if you are going to be using one to communicate with spirits and deities! 

Ways you can use a Mirror:

  • As a focal point for meditation
  • As an object for scrying and divination 
As an object to establish communication between spirits and deities

    Mirror Meditation and Mirror Mantras

    For those seeking to enhance their meditation practice and develop a greater sense of self-love, using a mirror can be a powerful tool. By focusing on your reflection, you can begin to let go of negative self-talk and cultivate a more positive, empowering relationship with yourself. Whether you're struggling with body image issues or simply looking to deepen your connection to your inner self, a mirror can provide a helpful anchor for your practice.

    If you choose to recite a mantra while looking in the mirror you can treat it like having a candid conversation with yourself. This can be especially useful if you are trying to practice speaking more kindly to and about yourself. (Remember words and the way we talk to ourselves are Spells! That's why it's called spelling!”) 

    If we can embody our wounded ideologies through negative thoughts, doubt, and self-rejection, then we can do the opposite, using light and compassion as our equalizer. Hence, if you can see yourself speaking, receiving, and embodying these phrases of acceptance, love, and positivity via watching yourself in the mirror you can open up the doorway to further merging with your healthiest happiest self. 

    Mirrors as an Object for Scrying and Divination 

    All you need to attempt this method is a candle, your mirror, and a quiet dark room. Light your candle, place your mirror in a position that's easiest for you to look into, and settle into a relaxing position. 

    It’s best to treat this method like a meditation session or a breathing exercise. When you have everything all setup it should feel like you're peering into a deep black tunnel or void, and for this reason some people will even use mirrors with blackened surfaces from materials such as obsidian (more on that in a second). 

    You are mostly going to be staring into this darkened surface for a while meditating on a certain idea or question, you'd like more clarity or insight on. You may even start to see shapes, colors, and symbols appear on the surface. The best tip I can provide to help these images come forth as clearly as possible is to let your eyes relax and don’t try to force your vision, and if this is your first time attempting something like this know that it's okay if nothing happens! It's very common for these sessions to be very uneventful the first couple times you try them but that's why practice makes perfect! 

    Mirrors as Objects for Communication with Spirits and Deities 

    Alright this is the topic where we start to get into the more infamous side of Catoptromancy and if you remember games like Bloody Mary, you’ll understand that are a lot of folkloric superstitions and apprehensions tied to using mirrors as gateways for communication between the realms above, below, and neighboring to ours. While there are certain things to be aware of, communicating with a deceased loved one or trusted deity is nothing to fear, if you invoke them properly while putting up proper wards against anything that would want to interfere. 

    The key to avoiding unwanted entities during spiritual sessions is proper warding and protection. Treat your spiritual practice like you would treat your home, and ensure that you have the proper safeguards in place. It is important to set clear intentions and use protective tools, like herbs, sigils, or casting circles, to create a safe space. Just as you wouldn't leave your front door unlocked, don't leave yourself vulnerable to unwanted energies.

    Bonus: Famous uses of Magic/Enchanted Mirrors 

    Obsidian mirrors have a long history of being used for divination in various cultures around the world. Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has been prized by many ancient cultures for its sharp edges and reflective properties. When polished to a high shine, obsidian can be used as a mirror, and its reflective surface has been used in divination practices for centuries.

    One of the most well-known historical accounts of obsidian mirrors being used for divination comes from the ancient civilization of Mesoamerica. The Aztecs, for example, used obsidian mirrors in their religious ceremonies, and believed that they could use these mirrors to communicate with the gods. The Aztec god Tezcatlipoca was often depicted holding an obsidian mirror, and it was believed that he could use this mirror to see into the future and predict the outcome of battles.

    Borgia Codex (c. 1500 CE)

    Borgia Codex (c. 1500 CE)

    The Maya civilization also used obsidian mirrors for divination, and they believed that these mirrors could reveal hidden knowledge about the world and the gods. Maya priests would often use obsidian mirrors to communicate with the gods and to predict the outcome of important events such as wars and harvests.

    In addition to the Mesoamerican cultures, obsidian mirrors were also used for divination in ancient China. The Chinese believed that these mirrors had the power to reveal the truth about a person's destiny, and they were used by fortune-tellers and diviners to predict the future.

    Obsidian mirrors were also used in ancient Greece and Rome, where they were associated with the goddess Hecate, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, and the night. It was believed that Hecate could use an obsidian mirror to see into the future and to communicate with spirits.

    The use of obsidian mirrors for divination has a long and fascinating history, and these mirrors continue to be used by modern-day practitioners of divination and spirituality.

    Obsidian Shards Close up

    You can purchase a pure obsidian mirror online or make your own scrying mirror using thrifted photo frames and black paint. Pure obsidian, a type of volcanic glass, is known for its ability to absorb negative energy and clear auric fields, making it an ideal protector from psychic attacks. Obsidian mirrors are not only a useful tool but also a beautiful decorative piece that can help clear stagnant energies and aid in catoptromancy.

    Making your own scrying mirror is more cost effective and can be a fun way to add a personalized touch especially if you enjoy a good DIY. Moody Moons’ has an excellent blog on how to go about making your own scrying mirror.


    Mirrors are much more than just reflective surfaces. They hold the potential to teach us a lot about ourselves and reveal the mysteries of what we cannot see. Whether used for meditation, scrying, or as a means of communicating with spirits and deities, mirrors are powerful tools for gaining clarity and insight. It is important to approach using mirrors in spellwork with vulnerability, patience, and basic knowledge of protection. By doing so, we can embark on a journey of self-discovery, deepen our meditation practice, and even communicate with the divine. So, go ahead and give it a try, for as the saying goes, "mirror, mirror on the wall..."

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