The Sevenfold Retrograde of 2023: What It Means for Us

The Sevenfold Retrograde of 2023: What It Means for Us

Have you been feeling a bit out of sorts lately and can't quite pinpoint why? Before you blame it on stress or the weather, you might want to look skyward for answers.

In 2023, seven planets will be in retrograde all at the same time—a rare occurrence that can affect everything from your mood to your decision-making.

Fortunately, you're not alone in navigating this astrological maze. This article serves as your go-to survival guide, providing practical advice and actionable tips to help you not just survive but thrive during this sevenfold retrograde.

Understanding Retrogrades

1960s-inspired illustration of a girl with a black bob hairstyle wearing a red turtleneck, encircled by planets, symbolizing Understanding Retrogrades

Do you know what it means when a planet is "retrograde"? It's when, from our vantage on Earth, a planet appears to move backward in its path. But this isn't just a visual dance; it's an energy shift. Each planet exudes its unique vibe, and when in retrograde, its energy dives deep within, prompting introspection.

This year is unique: Mercury, Venus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune—all are dancing backward simultaneously. The combined introspective pull from seven planets? It's an unparalleled time for reflection and intense experiences.

A Closer Look at each Retrograde and What They Mean for You

Beyond the science of astronomy, retrogrades hold profound symbolic significance for many, affecting both personal and collective emotions and behavior. So what can these planetary shifts teach us? Let's explore each retrograde, understand its potential impact on our lives, and offer a useful survival guide for each one.

☿ Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: The Endless Pursuit of Perfection

Planet Mercury suspended in deep space, representing the concept of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and the endless pursuit of perfection.

Start & End Date: Aug 23rd, 2023-Sep 15th, 2023

Mercury, known as the Messenger Planet, governs communication, technology, and how we interpret information. When Mercury goes into Retrograde in the careful and methodical Earth sign of Virgo, it takes on an overly practical approach, affecting our decision-making with perfectionist tendencies.

This Retrograde reminds us that while striving for perfection can seem appealing, it often acts as a barrier, keeping us from potential failure but also success. In seeking to avoid disappointment and blame, we may inadvertently hinder our own triumphs and growth.

This period is a timely reflection on finding balance and not letting perfectionism hold us back.

Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit in Virgo:

💻 Find Your Balance with Goals: Let's keep it real. Perfection sounds great, but is it always achievable? Set some realistic standards for yourself, but don't be afraid to dream a bit too.

💻 Healthy Perfectionism vs. Overdoing It: Know yourself and recognize when you're pushing for healthy excellence or tipping into obsession. It's a fine line, but you've got this.

💻 Learn from Those Oops Moments: Failed attempts? They happen to the best of us. Instead of letting perfectionism hold you back, see every mistake as a lesson. Keep engaging, keep trying, and remember, it's about the journey, not just the destination.

♀ Venus Retrograde in Leo: Excess and Clarity in Finances & Relationships

Planet Venus illuminated against a dark space backdrop with shiny stars, symbolizing Venus Retrograde in Leo and themes of excess and clarity in finances & relationships.

Start & End Date: July 22nd, 2023-Sep 3rd, 2023

Venus, the planet that rules love, creativity, and finances, shines a light on our desires for connection and pleasure. It's all about valuing ourselves and those around us.

As Venus retrogrades in the expressive Leo, she turns inward, seeking satisfaction, but with a twist. Leo's love for life's luxuries warns us against going overboard during this phase.

This retrograde nudges us to watch for excess and may uncover some hidden anxieties in our relationships. So, it's time to be mindful and enjoy the good things in life—but in moderation.

Venus Retrograde Survival Kit in Leo:

🕊️ Keep an Eye on Those Luxuries: We all love a little indulgence, especially in Leo season. Enjoy the finer things, but don't let your wallet feel the burn.

🕊️ What's Your Love Language?: Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Spend some time reflecting on what makes your heart sing and how you connect with those you cherish.

🕊️ Dive Deep Into Your Emotions: Leo's fiery energy might want you to roar, but this retrograde is a time to introspect. Check in with your feelings, acknowledge those inner stirrings, and let your heart guide the way.

♇ Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius: Revealing the Dark Underbelly of the Society

Planet Pluto situated in space amidst twinkling stars, symbolizing Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius and the theme of revealing the dark underbelly of society.

Start & End Date: May 1st, 2023-Oct 10th, 2023

Pluto, the ruler of the Underworld, governs our deep encounters with transformation, particularly the hidden and subconscious. When in retrograde, its power to reveal weak spots and dark corners intensifies. Think of it as unveiling our collective shadow.

Now, mix Pluto's introspection with Aquarius's energy, governed by Uranus—the planet of swift change and collective vision—and you're in for some abrupt awakenings about society and its intricate gears.

But here's the deal: when faced with these profound realizations, will you sink into despair or will you rise, ignited, ready to champion change? This Retrograde's vibe is "Power to the People!"

Pluto Retrograde Survival Kit in Aquarius:

🔥 Stand Up or Sit Down?: The world's got its flaws, but guess what? You've got a voice. Stand tall against those injustices, inspire change, and let others feel that fire too.

🔥 Keep Your Cool When Triggered: Emotions can flare, especially now. When they do, take a deep breath, ground yourself, and remember who's in charge: you.

🔥 Together, We're Powerful: The world's challenges might seem overwhelming, but together, we're unstoppable. Remind yourself and others of that strength. Because when we unite, the world better watch out!

Fun Fact: The last time Pluto was in Aquarius (from 1778 to 1798), the world witnessed the American Constitution's birth and the fiery French Revolution. As they say, "History often echoes itself." Keep an eye out; we might just feel that same revolutionary pulse in 2023.

♃ Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus: Slow your Roll Big Things Take Time

Planet Jupiter glowing amidst brightly shining stars in the dark expanse of space, representing the concept of Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus and the mantra 'Slow your roll, big things take time. 

Start & End Date: Sep 4th, 2023- Dec 30th, 2023

Known as the planet of abundance, good luck, and expansion, Jupiter doesn't hold back on amplifying everything it touches, whether that's fortunate breaks or the not-so-lucky ones.

But with Jupiter cozying up in Taurus, a sign deeply linked to money and material matters, things take a different turn. Taurus encourages Jupiter to put on the brakes, urging a more practical approach to ambition.

So during this retrograde, the message is clear: Slow down and take a thoughtful look at those big ideas. Sometimes, it's the measured steps that lead to real growth.

Jupiter Retrograde Survival Kit in Taurus:

🧭 Embrace the Slow Burn: Let's be real; quick success can be dazzling, but sometimes the best things take time. So, no need to sprint — enjoy the marathon.

🧭 Practical Dreams: Got grand visions? Fabulous! But let's ground them. Break those dreams into bite-sized, daily tasks. Consistency beats the occasional burst of energy that fizzles out.

🧭 Celebrate the Small Wins: Here's a little wisdom for you — every step forward, no matter how tiny, is still progress. Remember, slow growth has its own charm.

♄ Saturn Retrograde in Pisces: Stick with Structure

Close-up of Saturn and its rings set against the dark backdrop of space, illustrating the theme of Saturn Retrograde in Pisces and the importance of sticking with structure.

 Start & End Date: June 17th. 2023-Nov 3rd, 2023

Saturn, our cosmic disciplinarian, is all about playing by the rules and owning up to our responsibilities. It's like that strict teacher from school who was tough but made you the best version of yourself.

Now, with Saturn taking a backspin in dreamy Pisces, there's a temptation to get lost in the clouds, maybe even shirk a few duties. But, heads up! Saturn's not about to let us off the hook that easily. It's nudging, okay maybe more like pushing us to tighten up where things have gotten lax.

This retrograde might feel like a cosmic reality check, but embrace it. By fortifying your foundations, you'll not only stand taller but walk with a newfound swagger. Dive into the challenge; it's the universe's quirky way of leveling you up.

Saturn Retrograde Survival Kit in Pisces:

Lean Into Commitment: Remember those goals? Dig your heels in and see them through. If things aren't quite fitting, tweak and adjust. Flexibility is the key, but keep your eye on the prize.

Ditch the "I'll Do It Tomorrow" Vibe: We all have that little voice saying, "Eh, maybe later." Well, later is now. Dive into your dreams and aspirations, and remember: the universe loves a hustler.

Sturdy Foundations, Happy Life: Take a moment, reassess. Where in your world could a bit more stability make all the difference? Building strong bases now will pay off big time in the future.

♅ Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: Be Okay with not Getting Instant Results

Planet Uranus floating in the darkness of space, symbolizing the concept of Uranus Retrograde in Taurus and the importance of being okay with not getting instant results.

Start & End Date: Aug 28th, 2023-Jan 27th, 2024

Uranus is the speedster of the cosmos, always on the hunt for the next big shift and game-changing innovation But when Uranus goes retrograde in the slow-paced Earth sign of Taurus, things take a turn. It's as if Uranus is stuck in traffic, itching to speed up but forced to slow down.

Feeling restless? Bored with the same old? You might be tempted to jump headfirst into something new. But Uranus in this placement whispers a word of caution. Don't rush; don't make hasty decisions without a plan.

Instead, embrace the slow burn, the gradual transformation. Trust the process. Because meaningful change, the kind that sticks, often comes one careful step at a time.

Uranus Retrograde Survival Kit in Taurus:

🎭 Cherish Every Step: Even if it feels like you're moving at a snail's pace, value each small step you take. Progress, no matter how slow, is still moving forward.

🎭 Daily Dose of Betterment: Instead of grand leaps, focus on tiny daily actions that'll uplift and inch you closer to your goals. Ask yourself, "What's my one thing for today?"

🎭 Embrace the Lull: Feelings of boredom or stillness? Channel that energy. Let it be the calm before your creative storm, a space for innovation and self-reflection.

♆ Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: Navigating Illusions & Delusions

Beautiful blue Neptune set against the dark canvas of space, representing the theme of Neptune Retrograde in Pisces and the idea of navigating illusions and delusions.

Start & End Date: June 30th, 2023- Dec 6th, 2023

In the realm of Neptune retrograde, it's easy to get swept up by emotional tides that can cloud your judgment. Especially potent in the sign of Pisces, this phase urges us to remove our rose-colored glasses and confront reality—both within and around us.

Beware of Neptune's subtle effects, as they can sneak up on you, obscuring truths you need to face. Rather than being seduced by illusions or wishful thinking, take the opportunity to slow down, stay grounded, and opt for wisdom over fleeting whims.

Neptune Retrograde isn't about fostering delusion; it's an invitation to see things as they genuinely are and make decisions in alignment with your true self. Trust this transformative process and avoid getting carried away by deceptive emotional currents.

Neptune in Retrograde Survival Kit:

🌀 Embrace the Objective Observer Inside You: Let's face it, illusions and anxieties can cloud our judgment. But you have the power to see clearly. Stand unbiased, assess what's real and what's not. You've got this.

🌀 Don't Fall into the Mind's Traps: Rumination, anxiety, avoiding reality - sounds familiar? Stay alert, recognize these traps, and work through them. It's all about knowing yourself and not letting Neptune's retrograde pull you under.

🌀 Take a Breather, Slow Down: Feeling overwhelmed? Neptune's urging you to put on the brakes. Look at situations with clear eyes, and don't be lured by instant answers. Trust in your wisdom, and allow understanding to unfold naturally.

Wrapping it Up: The Significance of Retrogrades and Why Should We Care?

Collage art of a girl standing on a mountain with an unrealistically close moon in the night sky, symbolizing the wrap-up discussion on the significance of retrogrades and why we should care.

Retrogrades are more than just intriguing cosmic events; think of them as celestial signposts urging us to slow down and introspect. They offer dedicated opportunities to audit our lives.

It's not merely about chasing new horizons but also about refining the present and re-exploring what we may have bypassed. A linear journey might cause us to overlook the lessons learned in reflection, the joy of rekindling old passions, and the chance to correct course.

Retrogrades, with their inherent pauses, prompt us to deepen our understanding of our path, ensuring alignment with our genuine goals and desires. As we navigate through these seven retrograde periods, I encourage you to embrace the cycle, fine-tune your journey, and evolve into the most radiant version of yourself.


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