A Full Blue Supermoon overlooks a pier on the sea at night.

Discovering the Magic and Mysticism of the Full Blue Supermoon

If you've ever marveled at the beauty of a full moon or the grandeur of a supermoon, prepare for something even more exceptional: a Full Blue Supermoon which will occur August 30th @6:35 PST.

This unique event combines three significant lunar phenomena into one, making it not just a night sky spectacle but a moment filled with spiritual and emotional potential.

Are you curious about how this celestial alignment might impact your life? Read on to find out.

Full Blue Supermoon. What is it?

A image of a blue supermoon above the ocean

In case the title didn't tip you off, this Full Supermoon isn't just super—it's also a Blue Moon, adding an extra layer of magical potency to this Lunar phase.

Contrary to its name, a Blue Moon isn't about hue; it's a term that denotes an additional full moon occurring within a specific time frame. The widely accepted definition is that a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month featuring two full moons.

You've probably heard the saying, "Once in a blue moon," used to highlight something rare or extraordinary. That's because Blue Moons are infrequent visitors, gracing our skies roughly every two to three years. Quite the rarity, indeed!

Fun Fact: The phrase "Once in a blue moon" has historical roots going back to the 16th century. The term "blue" actually derives from the Old English term for "betrayer," as this moon departs from typical lunar patterns within a season.

Brightest Moon of the Year

That’s Right! This moon is set to be the most brilliant of all the four Supermoons for the remainder of 2023.

Fun Fact: This luminescent celestial body will be a mere 222,043 miles away from Earth, appearing 14% larger and 30% brighter in the night sky.

Blue Moon Spiritual Symbolism

Spiritually blue moons symbolize some of the following concepts: 

🧿 Self discovery & inner reflection 

🧿 Hopes & wishes for the future, dreaming big 

🧿 Powerful, unusual, unforeseen shifts 

🧿 A rare, lucky, fortuitous or out of the ordinary chance 

🧿 A time of serendipitous coincides and synchronicities

The Deeper Significance of this Full Blue Supermoon

The central theme of this impending lunation urges us to reframe our perceptions of particular events in our lives. You know those sensations and experiences you crave more of, yet only encounter "Once in a blue moon"? This Full Moon is an invitation to delve deep, to discover what's been missing, sporadic, or infrequent in our daily existence.

Harnessing the Potent Energy of the Supermoon in Your Magical Practices

Full Moons are stalwart companions in the realm of magical work, marking the pinnacle of our intentions and spellcraft. They add those final, shimmering touches before we spiral into a fresh cycle sparked by the invigorating aura of the New Moon. During a Supermoon, Earth's celestial companion draws closer, magnifying not just its luminosity but also the potency of our magical workings!

Enter the Psychic Dreamscape of Pisces

A Photo of the painting The Birth of Venus (Cabanel), 1863

The Birth of Venus (Cabanel), 1863

Step into the whimsical, dream-laden world of Pisces, often depicted as the Zodiac's twin fish swimming in opposing directions. As a water sign, Pisces embodies the multifaceted energy of duality, mirroring the harmonious yet conflicting forces we encounter in life—much like the ocean tides that alternately surge and retreat.

Governed by Neptune, the planet associated with dreams, inspiration, psychic intuition, and illusion, Pisces is renowned for its mystifying, liquid, and intensely emotive essence.

Innately complex in its emotional landscape and empathic by nature, Pisces can effortlessly peer beneath superficial layers. With ease, the sign navigates the murky waters of our subconscious, touching the core of both our loftiest dreams and our darkest fears.

Pisces Full Blue Supermoon Lessons:

With this Full Moon shining in the sign of Pisces it’s worth considering the following lessons that the mutable water sign has to offer:

    🧿 How can I find greater balance within the duality of both my light and shadow aspects?

    🧿 How can I rise above the illusions of my physical experience to integrate more with my intuition and inner knowing?

    🧿 How can I bring more peace to my inner world?

    🧿 Do I rule my subconscious realm or does my subconscious realm rule me?

    Virgo & Pisces Polarity

    A woman stands in a white flowy cottage core dress on a dark seaside cliff overlooking the ocean.

    As the Sun nestles in the calm and steady Earth sign of Virgo, the ethereal energy of the Full Moon in Pisces may find itself in a dynamic tension with Virgo's grounded pragmatism. In astrology, polarities serve as contrasting energies—think of it as the cosmic North and South, pulling in opposite yet interconnected directions.

    While Virgo governs our daily responsibilities, Pisces oversees our spiritual pursuits. This celestial tug-of-war beckons us to strike a harmonious balance between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

    In navigating the Virgo-Pisces polarity, aim to carve out sacred space for spiritual nourishment, all while keeping your feet firmly planted in the day-to-day. Ignoring one end of this cosmic spectrum may result in a sense of dissatisfaction, making you either too nebulous and ungrounded or overly skeptical to invite spiritual growth.

    Witch Tip: Get imaginative with merging magic and mundanity! Don't compartmentalize; instead, intertwine these realms in ways that enrich and resonate uniquely with you!

    Moon in Conjunction with Saturn

    This Full Moon finds itself in a potent conjunction with Saturn. In astrological terms, a conjunction unfolds when two celestial bodies cozy up in the same zodiac sign or degree, merging their energies to magnify each other's influence. In this alignment between the Moon and Saturn, their combined energies guide us toward a lucid, sober examination of our emotional terrain.

    The Moon holds dominion over our emotional world, while Saturn stands as the overseer of law and order. This celestial synergy—this melding of energies—serves as a stark reality check, compelling us to assess whether we've been managing our emotions in ways that are both mature and constructive.

    Correspondences for this Full Moon

    An image of a blue velvet spell book and a jar of Moonwater in a Green Witch's Home.

    For those who wish to deeply engage with the energy of this Full Moon, consider this curated list of associated elements to enrich your personal rituals or spiritual practices. Suitable for both the seasoned practitioner and those new to moon-aligned activities, these correspondences offer insightful avenues for exploration and guidance.

    Herbal & Resinous Allies

    Incorporate the following herbs or essential oils into your practices to align with this Full Moon’s Energy:

    • Lavender
    • Tea Tree
    • Blue Tansy
    • Yarrow
    • Scotch Pine
    • Jasmine


    Consider using these notoriously lucky numbers in your workings:

    • 3
    • 4
    • 7
    • 8


    Work with some of the following colors in your practices to resonate with the New Moon:

    • Various shades of blue
    • Turquoise
    • Silver
    • White

    Body Parts for Physical Workings

    Pisces is connected to the following body parts:

    • Feet
    • the Lymphatic system
    • the function of glands


    Balance the elements of Water 🜄 and Earth 🜃 this Full Moon.


    Engage with and utilize some of the following psychic enhancing and luck drawing crystals:

    • 💎 Azurite – for Positive Transformation
    • 💎 Merlinite – for performing High Magic
    • 💎 Blue Aragonite - for Deppening Intuition
    • 💎 Blue Apatite - for Heightening Happiness & Creativity

    Deities & Spirits

    Connect with deities and spirits associated with good luck and the moon:

    • Hekate/Trivia
    • Selene/Luna
    • Diana/Artemis
    • Lakshmi
    • 7 Japanese Lucky Gods/ Shichifukujin (七福神)

    Activities and Magical Workings for this Full Blue Supermoon

    This Full Blue Supermoon beckons us to reignite our dreams and manifest greater luck and prosperity. To align yourself with these lunar energies, consider engaging in the following rituals or exercises.

      🧿 Make Good Luck Sachet.

      🧿 Take a cleansing Full Moon inspired bath with lavender and tea tree essential oil or bath salts.

      🧿 Make Full Blue SuperMoon water by filling a Mason Jar with clean water and leaving it out in the moonlight.

      🧿 Meditate and visualize on your most special wish or desire.

      🧿 Leave offerings to Lunar Deities like Selene/Luna or Hekate/Trivia.

      🧿 Go out Moongazing and marvel at how big and bright this Full Moon is!

        Full Blue Supermoon Journal Prompts

        An image of a blue velvet spell book sitting on a windowsill next to a large Citrine crystal.

        Journaling offers a rich canvas for introspection and self-exploration. The prompts below are tailored to the energies of Pisces and invite you to engage in Free Association Writing.

        This technique encourages you to jot down your thoughts without censorship, judgment, or conscious direction, serving as a conduit to reveal your subconscious ideas, emotions, and memories. It's a method to allow your innermost thoughts to flow effortlessly onto the page

        Full Moon in Pisces Journal Prompts:

        Feel free to work with all of these prompts or to simply choose the one that your intuition gravitates to the most!

        🌀 Word Association:

        Choose a single word, any word that comes to mind, and write it at the top of your journal page. Then, for the next 10 minutes (or any duration you prefer), write down whatever thoughts, memories, or emotions are triggered by that word. Don't try to make logical connections; simply let your mind wander.

        🌀 Image Exploration:

        Find an image, whether it's from a magazine, the internet, or something you draw yourself. Paste or draw the image at the top of your journal page. Then, spend the next 10 minutes writing about the thoughts, feelings, or memories that arise as you look at this image. Explore why it resonates with you.

        🌀 Random Thought Dive:

        Throughout the day, jot down any random thoughts or phrases that pop into your head on a small notepad or your phone. Later, take one of these thoughts or phrases and use it as a starting point for your free association writing. Write for 10 minutes about where that thought takes you, no matter how unrelated or disjointed it may seem.

        🌀 Emotion-Centric Stream:

        Instead of starting with a word or image, begin with an emotion. Choose an emotion you're currently feeling or one that you've been grappling with. Write the emotion at the top of your page and then let your thoughts flow for 10 minutes, exploring the origins, triggers, and associations connected to that emotion.

        Final Reflections: A Once in a Blue Moon Opportunity for Inner Growth

        This Full Blue Supermoon is more than a spectacle—it's a cosmic call to action. This rare celestial event nudges us to explore both our deepest dreams and our daily realities. From the emotional depth of Pisces to the grounded sensibility of Virgo, it's a moment for spiritual and emotional fine-tuning.

        So as you gaze up at this radiant moon, remember: it's not just about marveling at what's rare but also about finding the extraordinary in the everyday. Opportunities like these come "once in a blue moon," so let this moon's radiant glow illuminate both your inner world and the path ahead. 🌕✨


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