Unlocking the Door to Community & Joy Under the Mead New Moon in Gemini

Unlocking the Door to Community & Joy Under the Mead New Moon in Gemini

On June 6th at 5:38 AM PST, the Mead New Moon in Gemini graces the skies with its fresh, lively energy. This is your moment to spark curiosity and open the doors to new ways of expressing yourself.

Join us in our latest blog post, where we share practical tips and simple rituals to help you embrace this intellectual and social energy. Whether you're looking to understand how this lunar phase influences your life or wanting to tap into its communicative power, we've got you covered.

Just a quick note—this guide is brimming with insights. Immerse yourself fully or skip to the sections that intrigue you most. It’s designed for you to explore at your own pace.

Why is it Called the Mead New Moon?

The Mead New Moon is named for the time when honey is harvested and mead is traditionally made. It's also the origin of the term "honeymoon," when newlyweds would drink mead to celebrate their union.

This New Moon marks a period of renewal and progress, mirroring the busy activity of bees creating honey. It symbolizes levity, merriment, and the celebration of bonds that unite us.

As the Mead New Moon fills the night sky, it invites you to reflect on the connections you nurture—both in your community and within yourself. Celebrate life's sweetness, foster your intellectual and social growth, and appreciate the unique interactions that enrich your journey.

Mead New Moon Themes

Under the refreshing energy of the Mead New Moon, a journey of simplicity and community awaits you. Embrace this time to transform and enrich your life with these themes:

Return to Simplicity:

Let the Mead New Moon guide you back to the basics. It's a time to simplify your life, declutter your mind, and focus on what truly matters. Embrace this New Moon as an opportunity to find peace in simplicity and clarity in your intentions.

Embrace Community:

Under the glow of the Mead New Moon, focus on your connections with others. Strengthen bonds, foster new relationships, and engage with your community. Like bees working together to create honey, find joy in collaboration and mutual support.

Celebrate the Little Joys:

With the rise of the Mead New Moon, take time to appreciate the small, everyday pleasures. This lunar phase encourages you to find happiness in simple moments, recognizing the beauty in life's minor details. Celebrate these little gems of happiness.

Witch Tip: Simplify your life, embrace community, and celebrate the little joys. The Mead New Moon invites you to focus on what matters, strengthen bonds, and find happiness in life's simple moments.

Enter the Cerebral and Curiosity-Driven Realm of Gemini

Gemini, symbolized by the dynamic twins, is all about communication and adaptability. This sign is curious and versatile, always eager to explore and learn.

Sharp Intellect and Social Skills:

Ruling the third house, Gemini blends sharp intellect with a knack for social interaction. They thrive in environments where they can express their quick-witted and communicative spirit, connecting ideas and people effortlessly.

Adaptable and Inquisitive:

As a mutable air sign, Gemini adapts easily, always evolving with a focus on learning and sharing knowledge. Geminis are naturally inquisitive, able to see multiple perspectives and find innovative solutions.

Mercury's Influence:

Guided by Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and travel, Gemini shines in their agile and articulate approach. Mercury enhances Gemini's ability to think on their feet and engage in stimulating conversations, emphasizing their desire to explore diverse ideas and connect deeply with others.

Twin Symbolism:

The twin symbolism represents Gemini's duality and versatility, highlighting the exchange and interaction between two people.

This includes sharing information, ideas, and trade, illustrating beings who balance multiple interests and navigate intellectual and social realms. Gemini's quest for knowledge and connection drives them to expand their understanding and adapt gracefully to life's dynamic experiences.

Gemini New Moon Lessons

With the New Moon in Gemini, you are invited to embrace the following themes:

Embrace Communication:

This is the perfect time to enhance your communication skills and express your thoughts clearly. Reflect on how you share ideas and interact with others. Gemini’s energy encourages open dialogue, active listening, and exchanging diverse perspectives.

Pursue Self-Expression:

Gemini teaches that authentic self-expression leads to deeper understanding. This New Moon invites you to explore and express your true self, whether through writing, speaking, or creative endeavors. Align your actions with your inner voice to foster genuine connections and personal fulfillment.

Foster New Ideas:

This is a time for intellectual exploration and innovation. Gemini’s energy, full of curiosity and mental agility, urges you to welcome new ideas and fresh perspectives. Reevaluate your goals, brainstorm creative solutions, and pursue your interests with enthusiasm. This New Moon supports intellectual growth and the birth of new concepts.

Witch Tip: Communicate openly, express yourself, and welcome new ideas. The Gemini New Moon urges you to engage in dialogue, be authentic, and embrace fresh perspectives for growth and new beginnings.

Other Astrological Happenings

Each New Moon brings unique energy influenced by surrounding celestial events. Understanding these additional astrological happenings can help you navigate the opportunities and challenges in your life.

Let's explore the key planetary placements during this New Moon and see how they might shape your journey ahead.

Five of the Major Celestial Bodies are in the sign of ♊︎ Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini is accompanied by a powerful alignment of five major planetary bodies: the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. This celestial gathering amplifies Gemini's energy, bringing transformative influences to your life.

Sun and Moon:

The union of the Sun and Moon creates a potent new beginning, emphasizing clarity in self-expression and emotional understanding. Set intentions for personal growth and effective communication.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enhances your ability to form meaningful connections. Its presence in Gemini encourages nurturing relationships and appreciating diverse perspectives. Expect increased social interactions and a desire for harmonious exchanges.


Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, heightens intellectual agility and curiosity. With Mercury in its home sign, your communication skills are sharpened. This is an ideal time for sharing ideas, learning new things, and engaging in stimulating conversations.


Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, magnifies Gemini's influence, encouraging you to broaden your horizons. Embrace an optimistic outlook, seek new experiences, and pursue wisdom. This is a time for intellectual exploration and embracing the unknown.

This powerful unification of Gemini’s energy brings a heightened sense of communication, social connection, and intellectual growth. Use this time to break free from old patterns, explore new ideas, and connect deeply with those around you. The collective energy is ripe for innovation and celebrating diverse perspectives.

☾ Moon in ♊︎ Gemini squares off with ♄ Saturn in ♓︎ Pisces

The New Moon in Gemini forms a tense square with Saturn in Pisces, bringing a mix of energies that affect you deeply.

Moon in Gemini:

The Moon in Gemini fosters curiosity and communication, encouraging you to explore new ideas and engage in lively interactions. This influence pushes you to think quickly and adapt to changing circumstances.

Saturn in Pisces:

Saturn in Pisces brings a stern and contemplative energy, challenging you to balance your dreams with reality. This aspect may make you feel torn between your emotional needs and your responsibilities.

Navigating the Tension:

This square between the Moon and Saturn creates a tension that can be both challenging and transformative. You might feel that your desire for freedom conflicts with your obligations. However, facing these challenges head-on can help you integrate Gemini's curiosity with Pisces' deep wisdom.

Practical Steps:

Stay mindful of internal and external pressures. Use this energy to reevaluate your goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Focus on clear, honest communication and be open to constructive criticism.

Key Takeaway:

The square aspect during this New Moon invites you to balance exploration and responsibility. Embrace the lessons of this alignment to grow stronger, more disciplined, and more attuned to the realities of your dreams.

What is an Astrological Square? An astrological square is when two planets are 90 degrees apart on the zodiac wheel, creating tension and conflict. This challenging aspect pushes you to take action and resolve issues, leading to growth and development by overcoming obstacles.


Embrace the energy of the Mead New Moon with these powerful correspondences, crafted to enhance your rituals and spiritual reflections during this lunation.

Whether you are taking your first steps on your lunar journey or are a seasoned practitioner, these elements provide a rich source of inspiration for deepening your connection to this distinctive lunar occurrence.

Mead New Moon Herbs

In honor of the Mead New Moon, let’s explore a few powerful herbal allies for creating flower essences.

Flower essences are natural remedies made by infusing flowers in water and preserving the solution with alcohol, capturing the spiritual and energetic imprint of the flower. They support emotional and spiritual well-being, promoting balance and harmony within the body and mind.

Witch’s Safety Disclaimer: While herbs offer many health benefits, they may interact with medications or health conditions. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new herbal regimen, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication. Use this as a guide, not a substitute for professional medical advice.

𓆤 Wild Rose (Rosa Canina):

Wild Rose lifts your spirit and restores enthusiasm, combating feelings of apathy and resignation.

How to Use: Add a few drops of Wild Rose flower essence to water or take it directly under the tongue. Use regularly to rekindle your passion for life and overcome emotional stagnation.

𓆤 Agrimony (Agrimonia Eupatoria):

Agrimony helps those who hide their inner turmoil behind a cheerful facade, promoting emotional honesty and inner peace.

How to Use: Place a few drops of Agrimony flower essence in water or take it directly under the tongue. It gently brings unresolved emotional pain to the surface, fostering genuine tranquility.

𓆤 Honeysuckle (Lonicera Caprifolium):

Honeysuckle helps release nostalgia and embrace the present, ideal for those stuck in the past.

How to Use: Incorporate Honeysuckle flower essence into your routine by adding drops to water or taking them directly. It aids in letting go of past regrets and focusing on current experiences.

𓆤 Rock Water (Aqua Petra):

Rock Water supports flexibility and adaptability, helping those who are overly rigid or perfectionistic to embrace a more balanced approach to life.

How to Use: Add a few drops of Rock Water essence to water or take it directly. It cultivates self-compassion and a more relaxed attitude towards life's challenges.

How to Prepare a Flower Essence:

To prepare flower essences, place freshly picked flowers in a bowl of clean, pure water and let them infuse in direct sunlight for several hours. Strain the water and preserve it with an equal amount of brandy. Store the essence in a dark glass dropper bottle for easy use later.

Mead New Moon Animal Allies

During this New Moon the following animal allies have stepped forth to shower us with their wisdom.

Listen closely with your intuition and heart, and you’ll hear which ally is calling to you under this New Moon.


Honeybees, industrious and community-focused, symbolize cooperation and the importance of teamwork. Their diligent work and ability to produce sweet honey remind you to find joy in collaborative efforts and to value the connections within your community. Allow the honeybee to guide you in fostering harmonious relationships and working together towards common goals.


Geese, with their migratory patterns and strong sense of family, represent loyalty and the power of unity. Their coordinated flights and mutual support remind you to stay connected to your loved ones and to trust in the strength of your community. The goose encourages you to navigate life's changes with grace and to rely on the support of those around you.


Toads, adaptable and resilient, symbolize transformation and inner strength. Their ability to thrive in various environments reminds you to embrace change and to find strength in your adaptability. The toad encourages you to look within for the courage to face challenges and to trust in your ability to transform and grow.


Peacocks, with their vibrant plumage and regal presence, symbolize self-expression and the celebration of individuality. Their dazzling display reminds you to embrace your unique qualities and to express yourself boldly and authentically. The peacock inspires you to show your true colors and to take pride in your individuality, encouraging self-confidence and creativity.

Let these allies inspire you to embrace community, navigate change with resilience, and celebrate your unique self as you move forward on your journey.

Witch Tip: Trust your intuition when selecting an animal ally. Reflect on what qualities you need most during this New Moon—community and teamwork (Honeybee), loyalty and unity (Goose), transformation and resilience (Toad), or self-expression and individuality (Peacock). Let your heart guide you to the ally that resonates with your current journey.

Runes & Tarot for the Mead New Moon

Engage with the following tarot cards and runes to align and seek clarity during this New Moon.

*Please note: I've personally cast and shuffled these runes and cards, tuning into the collective energy for insights during this lunar phase.

Witch Tip: As you read this section, notice the parallels between the runes, tarot cards, and the themes of this New Moon. How do these elements resonate with your life right now? Trust your intuition and uncover the guidance waiting for you. Dive in, spot the connections, and let your inner wisdom lead you to new insights and empowerment.


Kenaz: The Torch of Illumination and Knowledge

Kenaz, derived from the Old Norse term for "torch," illumination, knowledge, and creativity, embodying the enlightening force of fire and the spark of inspiration. It encourages embracing understanding and insight, revealing hidden truths and nurturing creativity.

What This Means for You

Under the Mead New Moon, Kenaz invites you to seize opportunities for intellectual and creative growth. Focus on mental and creative development—start new projects, enhance communication skills, or explore new ideas.

Raidho: The Journey of Movement and Change

Raidho, derived from the Old Norse word for "ride" or "journey," represents movement, travel, and the journey of life, symbolizing progress and the rhythms of change. It encourages embracing the path ahead and learning from experiences and transitions

What This Means for You

The energy of Raidho will prompt you to embrace progress, movement, and change. Focus on your life's journey—embark on new adventures, make significant changes, or explore new paths.

Eihwaz: The Strength of Resilience and Endurance

Eihwaz from Old Norse meaning "yew tree," symbolizes resilience, endurance, and the cycle of life and death, representing perseverance and protection. It encourages standing firm in the face of challenges, embodying inner strength and transformation through adversity.

What This Means for You

Under the Mead New Moon, Eihwaz calls you to embrace resilience and transformation. Focus on inner strength—overcome obstacles, endure difficult times, or embrace change.


𓇽 The Knight of Pentacles: Steadfastness and Practicality

The Knight of Pentacles symbolizes dedication, responsibility, and a methodical approach to achieving goals. It encourages focus on practical matters and persistence with patience and diligence.

What This Means for You

If you're working towards a goal, the Knight of Pentacles reminds you to value the process and effort required. Balance ambition with careful planning and consistency. Embrace a steady pace and remain focused on your objectives, prioritizing diligence and reliability to achieve long-term success.

𓀗 The Hermit: Search for Deeper Truth and Wisdom

The Hermit symbolizes the search for deeper truth and the need for solitude in pursuit of wisdom. It encourages stepping back from the world to focus on your inner journey and connect with your inner guidance.

What This Means for You

If you're seeking clarity, the Hermit reminds you to value the wisdom from within. Balance engagement with the external world with the need to retreat and reflect. Embrace solitude as a powerful tool for self-discovery, prioritizing inner peace and wisdom to nurture your well-being.

𓋇 The Six of Wands: Victory and Recognition

The Six of Wands symbolizes triumph, public recognition, and the celebration of success. It reflects a time of honor and reward, encouraging you to enjoy the fruits of your labor and take pride in your achievements.

What This Means for You

If you're experiencing success, the Six of Wands reminds you to value your achievements and the journey that led to them. Celebrate your victories and share your success with those who supported you. Acknowledge your hard work, embrace positive feedback, and recognize the joy of shared triumph and communal pride.

Body Parts for Physical Workings

As the New Moon rises, we shift our focus to the lively energy of Gemini and the parts of the body it influences: the arms, hands, lungs, and nervous system. These areas are crucial for tapping into Gemini's dynamic and communicative power.

Here’s a guide to understanding their importance and enhancing their health during this New Moon:

Arms and Hands

  • Importance: The arms and hands are central to Gemini’s themes of communication and dexterity. These regions facilitate physical tasks and symbolize our ability to connect and interact with the world. They resonate with Gemini’s love for exchange and its role in sharing ideas and information.
  • Maintaining Health: Engage in regular activities that promote hand and arm strength and flexibility, such as yoga, stretching, or specific exercises for hand dexterity. Be mindful of repetitive strain and take breaks during extensive use to prevent common issues like tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Importance: The lungs are vital for breathing and oxygenation, reflecting Gemini’s association with the breath of life and communication. Healthy lungs support clear thinking and vitality, mirroring Gemini’s energetic and adaptable nature.
  • Maintaining Health: Practice deep breathing exercises, avoid smoking, and maintain good indoor air quality. Engage in aerobic activities that enhance lung capacity, such as brisk walking, running, or swimming, to promote respiratory vitality.

Nervous System

  • Importance: The nervous system is crucial for transmitting signals between the body and the brain, aligning with Gemini’s role in communication and mental agility. A healthy nervous system supports quick thinking and adaptability, key traits of Gemini.
  • Maintaining Health: Manage stress through relaxation techniques like meditation, adequate sleep, exercise, and a balanced diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Herbal allies such as chamomile and ashwagandha root, which are nervines and adaptogens, can also promote relaxation and nervous system balance.

Understanding and nurturing these areas can help you tap into Gemini's communicative and dynamic energy, enhancing your overall well-being during this New Moon.

Mead New Moon Crystals

Connect with the bright, optimistic energy of the Mead New Moon by engaging with these crystals:

𓆤 Amber: Warmth and Healing Energy

Amber's rich, golden hues carry the sun's energy, providing warmth and healing. It promotes well-being, cleanses negative energy, and encourages positive thoughts. Use Amber to harness inner strength and vitality.

𓆤 Carnelian: Courage and Motivation

Carnelian, a vibrant orange stone, stimulates motivation and courage. It boosts confidence, enhances creativity, and drives action. During the Mead New Moon, let Carnelian inspire you to take bold steps and pursue new ideas with enthusiasm.

𓆤 Tangerine Quartz: Joy and Creativity

Tangerine Quartz infuses your life with joy and creativity. Its radiant hues promote a positive outlook, playfulness, and innovation. This crystal helps you embrace new beginnings with a joyful and creative spirit.

𓆤 Yellow Aventurine: Optimism and Balance

Yellow Aventurine brings optimism and balance. It supports a positive attitude, enhances decision-making, and encourages a balanced approach to life's challenges. Under the Mead New Moon, use Yellow Aventurine to stay centered and positive, promoting emotional stability and well-being.

Mead New Moon Colors





Mead New Moon Deities

Juno: The Queen of the Gods and Guardian of Marriage

Juno, the Roman goddess and protector of marriage and childbirth, is honored during the month of June, a popular time for weddings.

During the Mead New Moon, her essence emphasizes commitment, partnership, and the sacred bonds of marriage. Juno's presence encourages you to honor your relationships and celebrate the unions that bring stability and joy to your life.

Green Man: The Spirit of Nature and Renewal

The Green Man symbolizes rebirth and the cycle of growth in nature. His connection with the Mead New Moon brings themes of rejuvenation and the celebration of life.

The Green Man’s presence encourages you to reconnect with nature, appreciate the cycles of growth, and find joy in the renewal of your surroundings.

Clíodhna: The Fairy Queen of Beauty and Transformation

Clíodhna, the Irish fairy queen, represents beauty, transformation, and enchantment.

During the Mead New Moon, her essence highlights the magic of transformation and the beauty of change.

Clíodhna invites you to embrace the enchanting aspects of life and welcome transformative experiences with an open heart. She calls you to appreciate the beauty in your life and to be transformed by the magic of new beginnings.

Frigga: The Goddess of Wisdom and Domestic Harmony

Frigga, the Norse goddess of wisdom, forethought, and domestic harmony, is the motherly protector of home and hearth.

Her connection with the Mead New Moon brings themes of nurturing, wisdom, and the importance of home. Frigga encourages you to cultivate a harmonious and nurturing environment, value the wisdom of foresight, and care for your loved ones.

Witch Tip: To choose a deity, reflect on your current needs and intentions. If you seek commitment and partnership, connect with Juno. If renewal and nature's cycles resonate with you, the Green Man is your guide. For transformation and embracing beauty, turn to Clíodhna. Meditate on these themes and let your intuition guide you to the deity that best aligns with your journey.

Mead New Moon Activities

For the Mead New Moon, engaging in activities that resonate with simplicity, community, and celebrating life's little joys beautifully aligns with this New Moon's refreshing essence. Here are some curated activities to enhance your experience:

Simple Living Practices

The Mead New Moon's energy encourages a return to simplicity. Take this time to declutter and simplify your living space.

Organize and clear out unnecessary items. Embrace minimalist practices by focusing on what truly brings you joy and utility. This will help you create a serene, harmonious environment that reflects the simplicity of this New Moon.

Community Gathering

Celebrate community and strengthen social bonds under the Mead New Moon. Host a small gathering with friends or family.

Share a meal, engage in meaningful conversations, or enjoy a collaborative activity. This fosters a sense of connection and mutual support, enhancing your appreciation for the people in your life.

Celebrate the Beauty of Everyday Life

Find joy in simple, everyday moments. Engage in activities that bring you happiness, such as reading a favorite book, taking a leisurely walk in nature, or indulging in a hobby.

Celebrating these little joys aligns your energy with the New Moon’s theme of appreciating life’s simple pleasures.

Mead Making or Tasting

Explore the ancient art of mead making or enjoy a tasting session. Try making mead, a honey-based beverage, or visit a local meadery to sample different varieties.

This activity connects you with tradition and embodies the communal and celebratory spirit of the Mead New Moon.

Final Thoughts & Best New Moon Wishes

As the Mead New Moon in Gemini arrives, take a moment to embrace the fresh, vibrant energy it brings. This is your opportunity to explore new ideas, express yourself authentically, and strengthen your connections.

Use the practical tips and rituals in this guide to fully engage with your life under this New Moon. Simplify your life, build community, and find joy in everyday moments.

Embrace this period of renewal with an open heart. Let the Mead New Moon be a catalyst for your growth, inspiring you to connect deeply and thrive on your unique journey. Thank you for being here, and I look forward to sharing more under the next Full Moon.


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