A clay water jar hangs in the sun symbolizing the Aquarius the Water-Bearer and the Sturgeon Full Moon.

What to Know about the Full Sturgeon Supermoon in Aquarius

On August 1st, at precisely 2:31 PM EDT, the Full Sturgeon Supermoon will reach its zenith within the benevolent and visionary sign of Aquarius, signifying the end of yet another Lunar Cycle. But what does this celestial event signify and how might its potent energy influence you? Let's delve into this upcoming forecast and see what the celestial realm has in store!

Sturgeon Moon: Why the Name?

A photo of the Prehistoric-looking Sturgeon fish gracefully gliding in the water of a rocky lake symbolizing the Sturgeon Full Moon.

North American tribes named August's full moon the "Sturgeon Moon," after the giant, long-living fish they caught abundantly during this time.

Sturgeon Moon Symbolism

The Sturgeon Moon stands for abundance, longevity, and endurance, echoing the sturgeon's tenacity. It represents a bountiful harvest and the earth's life cycle. As it illuminates the sky, it's a moment to appreciate blessings and prepare for the shift from summer to fall.

Sturgeon Moon Alternative Names

Different cultures bestowed other names on this moon, each reflecting late summer's bounty and crop maturity.

  1. Blackberry Moon - Denotes wild blackberries' ripening (Anishinaabemowin, Ojibwe)
  2. Green Corn Moon - Marks corn's maturing stage
  3. Moon When All Things Ripen - Symbolizes late summer's harvest (South Dakota Sioux)

A Month of Auspicious Happenings

August 2023 is incredibly special this year because you and I get to witness some of the following: 

  • Two Full Moons in one month both of which are Supermoons
  • This first Full Moon coincides with the Lughnasadh a traditional Gaelic Festival that celebrates the halfway point between Summer and Fall
  • The last Full Moon this month (Aug 30th) will be a Blue Moon which only occurs every 2.5 years 

What is a Supermoon?

A Photo of a Beautiful Full Moon in a Quiet Field of Flowers symbolizing the Power of a Supermoon.

A Supermoon occurs when the moon, in its elliptical orbit, comes closest to Earth, a point called perigee. Due to its close proximity, the moon can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than when it's at its farthest point or apogee, also known as a Micromoon. In fact, during this Supermoon, the moon will be just 358,880.82 km away, offering us a closer, more luminous view.

How to Utilize Supermoon Energy in your Practices

Full Moons are powerful allies in magical practices. They represent the culmination of our intentions and spells, providing the final flourish before we transition to a new cycle ushered in by the invigorating energy of the New Moon.

When the moon is at perigee, or closer to Earth, its energy amplifies, giving your magical practices an extra boost. Think of Full Moons as the 'Seal of Completion', your celestial approval stamp that solidifies and finalizes your intent.

This is an excellent time to cleanse your tools, living space, and yourself. Consider making Moon Water by filling a glass jar with water and leaving it outside or near an open window to bask in the moonlight.

Here's a little tip: Speak your intentions into the water before exposing it to the moonlight. Water is highly receptive and can take the form of whatever you infuse into it, so be sure to pour a little love into it before letting it soak in the moon's radiant energy.

Embracing the Humanitarian and Independent Spirit of Aquarius

A 4th century BCE Terracotta Oinochoe (Jug), from Southern Italy.

A 4th century BCE Terracotta Oinochoe (Jug), from Southern Italy.

Step into the world of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Depicted as a divine entity dispensing life-giving waters from the skies, Aquarius symbolizes a source of profound wisdom and healing. As an air sign, Aquarius naturally personifies intellect, communication, and creativity.

Under the rule of Uranus, the planet of sudden change, invention, and revolution, Aquarius is celebrated for its free-thinking, individualistic, and trailblazing spirit.

Aquarius stands as the Zodiac's visionary, constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo to breathe fresh insights into our understanding. Their innate humanitarianism, paired with an unquenchable curiosity, positions them as social pioneers, always ready to advocate for causes and ignite transformative change for the collective good.

As we Greet this Full Moon it's Worth Considering

  • Where do I need to exercise more open-minded curiosity with myself and the world around me?
  • What outdated ideas are holding me back from achieving greater integration with my goals and desires?
  • Where can I challenge the norm to let in fresh new perspectives and ideas?
  • Where can I dare to dream bigger and break through the confines of what I think is possible? 

Roman marble bust depicting Ganymede, dating to the 2nd century

 Fun Fact: Did you know the constellation Aquarius, recognized as the Water Bearer, has fascinating links to Greek mythology? It's said to represent Ganymede, the handsome son of King Tros of Troy. Zeus, the king of the gods, was so taken with Ganymede's beauty that he invited him to Mount Olympus. There, Ganymede served as Zeus's cupbearer. So, next time you spot the Aquarius constellation, remember its ties to this intriguing tale from ancient Greece.

Sun in Leo Opposes Moon in Aquarius: A Balancing Act

An image of a male Lion in the blue light of dusk staring at the viewer over his shoulder symbolizing the majesty of the Zodiac sign Leo.

As the Full Moon in Aquarius forms an opposition to the Sun in Leo, we witness an intriguing celestial dialogue. In astrological terms, an opposition occurs when two celestial bodies sit directly opposite each other on the astrological chart, creating potential tension between the energies of the two signs.

Leo, ruled by the Sun, represents self-expression, creativity, and personal power. Leos are vibrant individuals, who often prefer to shine solo in the spotlight. Conversely, Aquarius, where the Full Moon currently resides, symbolizes the collective, standing for innovation, humanitarianism, and social connections. Aquarians thrive in communal settings, delighting in community-based problem-solving.

This opposition, thus, highlights the need for a delicate balance—a dance between the individual and the community. During this Full Moon, it's key to honor both ends of this astrological spectrum. As you express your individuality and personal power, channeling your inner Leo, you should also recognize the significance of collaboration and community, invoking your Aquarian energy.

By acknowledging and harmonizing these counteracting forces, you can foster balance, enhancing both your individual journey and your communal relationships. Essentially, this Full Moon lights the way to synchronizing personal aspirations and communal needs, guiding you towards a fulfilling and balanced life.

Moon Square Jupiter: Revelations on the Horizon

A photo of the planet Jupiter against the dark vacuum of space.

Astrologically, a Moon square Jupiter creates a compelling interplay between our emotional sphere, instinct, and security (personified by the Moon) and the broad, optimistic energy of Jupiter, symbolizing growth, abundance, and wisdom. In astrology, a square aspect represents a challenge or tension that calls for resolution or integration.

Under these circumstances, the emotional world depicted by the Moon may conflict with your aspiration for growth and expansion symbolized by Jupiter. This could instigate deep self-exploration, leading to transformative insights or changes in your thinking.

This Moon-Jupiter square can ignite change, nudging you from your comfort zone, and urging you to deepen your emotional comprehension. However, it can also intensify emotions, resulting in exaggerated responses or a tendency for excess. Consequently, remaining grounded during this period is crucial.

Conversely, this celestial aspect can usher in a wave of optimism, enhancing your intuitive insights and capacity for personal evolution. It can shed light on paths previously hidden, spark ambitious visions, and stoke your drive to aim high. You might find yourself dreaming larger, pondering life's grander questions, or uncovering new opportunities previously unconsidered.

So, while navigating this Moon squaring Jupiter energy, remain receptive to the potential for revelations and significant shifts in perspective. Welcome growth opportunities and allow Jupiter's expansive energy to guide you toward profound wisdom and abundance.

Alignments & Activities for this Full Moon

For those who wish to deeply engage with the energy of this Full Moon, here's a collection of associated elements that you can incorporate into your personal rituals or practices.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or simply seeking a starting point for moon-aligned activities, these correspondences can provide valuable insight and direction:

  • Herbal, Plant, and Resinous Allies: Incorporate hazel, rue, rosemary, cedar, chamomile, citruses like orange and lemon, apples, corn, wheat, and sunflowers
  • Colors: Work with shades of gold, yellow, green, and red to resonate with the moon's energy.
  • Elements: Balance the energies of water, fire, and air in your workings for a harmonious experience.
Spells, Activities, and Magical Workings: Consider the following spells for this phase: 
  • Abundance rituals & spells
  • Focus on bringing in or deepening your levels of gratitude
  • Take a cleansing bath to wash away stagnant energy
  • Make Supermoon Water
  • Leave offerings of honey and bread for local Fairies or honey and garlic for the goddess Hekate who we leave offerings for at the beginning and end of a month
  • Smoke cleanse your home
  • Meditate outside under the moonlight 

Connect with deities and spirits such as: 

  • Hepheastus/Vulcan
  • Thor
  • Ares/Mars
  • Lugh
  • Artemis/Diana
  • Freyr
  • Freyja
  • Hekate
  • Forest and water spirits

Journal Prompts for the Full Moon in Aquarius

Journaling presents a brilliant avenue for introspection and self-discovery. Leveraging the energies of Aquarius and Leo, these prompts invite you to deeply and candidly explore your unique individuality and how it can be harnessed to effect meaningful changes in your communities and the broader world.

  • What does individuality mean to you? Take some time to define what it means to be a unique individual.
  • Consider the various roles you play in life (e.g., friend, sibling, employee). How can you maintain your individuality while fulfilling these roles?
  • Write a letter to your future self, envisioning the person you want to become in terms of individuality. What steps can you take now to align with that vision?
  • Finally, describe the kind of impact you want to have on the world as an individual. How can your unique qualities contribute positively to the people and communities around you?

Remember, journaling is meant to be a personal and reflective process. Use it as a safe space to brainstorm ideas, reflect on your experiences for how you can cultivate a greater sense of self and purpose.

Full Moon Wrap-Up

As the Sturgeon Supermoon lights up the sky, it brings with it an invitation to explore your deepest self and connect more meaningfully with those around you. This Aquarius Full Moon encourages you to tap into your inherent individuality while valuing the bonds you share within your community. Seize this moment to create, grow, and work collectively, using the Full Moon's energy as your beacon guiding you towards a future of shared experiences and understanding.


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