3 Full Moon Rituals to Try

3 Full Moon Rituals to Try

When the moon is directly opposite the sun our monthly lunar cycle has peaked, we’ve entered full moon energy. Let go of anything holding you back, resentments, distractions, habits, people or things. Now is the time to cleanse and renew with some full moon rituals.

1. Cleanse and Charge your Crystals

Crystals have a memory, similar to us humans they absorb everything around both the good and bad. Using moonlight to purify and charge your crystals is an easy way to collect full moon energy. simply round up all your crystals, deposit them in a pretty bowl or basket and weather permitting place them out all night to bathe in the moonbeams. Alternatively you can line your windowsills with your crystals.

2. Try Moonbathing

Our ancestors were guided by the sun and the moon, aligning with the earth’s cycles is our innate inheritance. However in this age it’s easy to lose touch with the natural waxing and waning rhythms of earth. Return to your nature, connect with the full moon lunar energy by either taking a moonlight walk, or by simply sitting under its light.

3. Make Moon Water

Moon water

Fill a jar with clean water. Fun tip: if you have any water safe crystals throw them into the container as well. Once you have your jar filled with all the necessary ingredients, place outside or on your windowsill. To learn about moon water uses and applications check out Helpful Moon Water Basics.

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