A whimsical fairy-like creature with pink skin, several eyes, and long, green hair, resting its head on its hands

Fairy New Moon in Taurus: Unlocking the Door to Enchantment & Wonder

On May 7th at 8:22 PM PST, the Fairy New Moon in Taurus will cast a magical glow upon the collective. This Fairy New Moon invites a time of enchanting renewal, encouraging us to explore our dreams and desires with a grounded yet whimsical spirit.

Explore our latest blog post to learn more about the Fairy New Moon. We provide practical tips and simple rituals that can help you use this time to manifest your wishes and reconnect with nature. Whether you want to understand how this lunar phase affects you, or you're looking to embrace its enchanting energy, our guide is here to support you every step of the way.

Just a quick note—this guide is packed with insights. Feel free to immerse yourself completely or jump to the sections that intrigue you most. It's designed for you to explore at your own pace.

Why is it Called the Fairy New Moon

whimsical fairy creature with pink skin, a third eye on its forehead, delicate flowers in its hair, and a serene expression, surrounded by lush greenery and flowers

 The Fairy or Sidhe (pronounced “Shee'') New Moon, gains its name from the mystical realms of the Sidhe in Celtic folklore. The Sidhe are fairy folk or ancient spirits of the Earth who are associated with the lush rolling hills and mounds of both Ireland and Scotland. In lore they are often depicted as beautiful, powerful, otherworldly, and sometimes capricious beings. 

This New Moon signals a time of enchantment and transformation brought on by the thinning of the veil near the Gaelic Festival of Beltane in May. As this dark moon ripens, it ushers in the magic of mid-spring—a period teeming with life, mystery, and wonder. 

This celestial occasion is your invitation to delve into the mysteries of the land around you and to connect more deeply with the Earth and its spirits. Reflect upon your spiritual journey, establish heartfelt intentions, let the Fairy New Moon motivate you to dream passionately and to sow the seeds of your innermost aspirations.

Fairy New Moon Themes 

A fairy-like garden dreamscape featuring a serene atmosphere with blurred flowers and greenery

Under the illumination of the Fairy New Moon, a path of whimsical dreams and mystical connections unfolds—seize this opportunity to revitalize and enrich your life with the following themes:

Allow Yourself to Dream Again:

Let the Fairy New Moon reignite your imagination. This is a time to rediscover your dreams and envision possibilities that stretch beyond the mundane. Embrace this chance to reimagine your future and celebrate the potential that lies within and ahead of you.

Embrace Childlike Wonder:

The Fairy New Moon invites you to reconnect with the sense of awe and excitement that comes from seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Delight in the magic of the small and the spectacular alike, and let this rejuvenation of spirit infuse joy into your daily life.

Connect with the Unseen:

With the rise of the Fairy New Moon, tune in to the subtle energies and spirits that whisper just beyond the veil of the visible. This lunar phase swathed in the darkness of the night sky is an ideal moment to acknowledge and communicate with the unseen forces around you, enhancing your spiritual awareness and deepening your connection to the mystical.

Enter the Grounded and Stable Realm of Taurus

A close-up of a calm, brown and white cow in a forest setting, with the phrase "Taurus the Bull" repeated multiple times.

Taurus, often symbolized by the sturdy bull, is all about stability, comfort, pleasure, and a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. As the ruler of the second house, Taurus brings a comforting presence combined with a strong desire for material security and sensual experiences.

Are you a Taurus or know someone who is? Then you're familiar with their calming charm and their affinity for situations that indulge their senses. However, Tauruses are not just lovers of comfort; they excel in environments that allow them to showcase their reliability and patience.

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus is deeply sensual and focused on practical growth, often cultivating a life that is both luxurious and grounded. This makes Tauruses natural providers, inspiring others with their pragmatism and down-to-earth, yet powerful energy.

Influenced by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Tauruses are drawn to experiences that satisfy their need for aesthetic and sensory pleasure. This planetary connection enhances their love for aesthetics and drives their pursuit of a comfortable, well-appointed life and environment.

The bull’s hardy nature, with its ready stance, perfectly encapsulates Taurus’s approach to life which is to use their durability and robustness to create lasting change. Just like a lush garden combines beauty with hard work, Tauruses know when to push and dig and when to step back and enjoy the fruits of their labor, always protecting their peace and seeking enjoyment in simplicity.

Taurus New Moon Lessons 

With the New Moon in Taurus, we are invited to embrace the following lessons:

Cultivate Stability and Comfort:

This moon phase is an ideal time for grounding yourself in what provides security and comfort. Reflect on your material needs—consider your desires for physical comfort, financial stability, and the nurturing environment they create. Taurus’s energy encourages us to find our footing, appreciate the resources we have, and learn how to establish a more stable and comforting life.

Enjoy Sensual Pleasures:

Taurus teaches us that sensuality is a pathway to deeper satisfaction. This is a chance to indulge your senses and find joy in the tangible aspects of life. By aligning your actions with what feels good and enriching, you open up to a life filled with simple pleasures and genuine contentment.

Embrace Growth and Prosperity:

This is a time of flourishing and abundance. Taurus, a sign associated with growth and prosperity, urges us to plant the seeds of our future endeavors now. Reevaluate your assets, refine your financial plans, and nurture your ambitions with patience. This moon’s energy supports steady personal growth and the blossoming of your endeavors.

The themes of the Taurus New Moon encourage us to root ourselves in the beauty of the present, fostering a spirit of practical appreciation, luxurious enjoyment, and the growth that comes with nurturing our dreams and comforts.

Other Astrological Happenings 

A cosmic scene showing a spiral of stars and planets in space, accompanied by the text "All the Stars are out tonight."
Art: Wenzel Hablik "Firmament" 1913

With all lunations there are various factors that provide subtle (and sometimes not-so subtle) influences from the heavenly bodies above on both an individual and collective level.

Here are a few important astrological and planetary placements to consider and work with under the culmination of this New Moon: 

Venus Moves Back into Taurus

When Venus returns to Taurus, it's like a breath of fresh air for matters of love and comfort. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, feels right at home in Taurus. This transit encourages us to enjoy life's pleasures and focus on what brings us joy and stability. It's a great time to appreciate simple comforts, indulge in self-care, and strengthen relationships.

New Moon in Taurus Conjuncts Jupiter

The New Moon in Taurus aligning with Jupiter brings a wave of optimism and opportunity. Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance, so this conjunction is perfect for setting goals and starting new ventures. It's a positive and expansive energy, encouraging us to think big and embrace possibilities for growth and prosperity.

Uranus Brings Drastic Shifts Under this New Moon

With Uranus influencing the New Moon in Taurus, expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything. Uranus is known for bringing sudden changes and shaking things up when we least expect it. This transit encourages us to embrace change and be open to new innovative ways of thinking. It's a time to break free from worn out routines and welcome unconventionality, even if it feels a bit unsettling at first. 

Fairy New Moon Correspondences 

Embrace the energy of the Fairy New Moon with these powerful correspondences, crafted to enhance your rituals and spiritual reflections during this lunation. 

Whether you are taking your first steps on your lunar journey or are a seasoned practitioner, these elements provide a rich source of inspiration for deepening your connection to this distinctive lunar occurrence. 

Fairy New Moon Herbs

A wicker basket filled with mushrooms and greens, accompanied by a large piece of fungi, reminiscent of a forest bounty.

Adequate, high-quality sleep is essential for overall well-being and particularly vital for dream work, including lucid dreaming. Incorporating lucid dream herbs into your nightly routine can promote vivid dreams and enhance your REM sleep, a stage crucial for memory, learning, and emotional regulation.

Discover below how these revered herbs can enrich your dream experiences and stabilize your sleep cycle. By enhancing your REM sleep with these herbs, you not only boost cognitive and emotional health but also gain the ability to consciously explore and control your dreams, leading to more restful nights filled with insightful dreaming.

𓇻 Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris): 

Symbolic of protection and psychic vision, Mugwort is celebrated for its ability to enhance lucid dreaming and intuitive insights. Its calming properties can settle your mind and prepare you for vivid dream explorations.

  • How to Use: Enjoy Mugwort as a tea before bedtime to induce vivid dreams, or use it in sachets placed under your pillow to enhance psychic dreaming.

𓇻 Catnip (Nepeta cataria): 

Known for its soothing effects on the nervous system, Catnip promotes relaxation and helps prepare the body and mind for a restful sleep, enhancing dream recall and vividness.

  • How to Use: Savor Catnip in a soothing tea at bedtime to calm the mind and encourage restful, dream-rich sleep, just watch out for your cat as they may want to join in on your cup of tea! 

𓇻 Valerian (Valeriana officinalis): 

Often referred to as 'nature’s tranquilizer,' Valerian aids in reducing anxiety and promoting deep, restorative sleep, which is conducive to lucid dreaming. 

  • How to Use: Valerian can be taken as a capsule or tincture, or brewed into a strong tea at bedtime to support deep sleep and vivid dreams.

𓇻 Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera):

Renowned for its adaptogenic and rejuvenating properties, Ashwagandha supports overall vitality and helps manage stress levels, making it easier to relax and enter a state conducive to vivid dreaming and restful sleep. 

  • How to Use: Ashwagandha can be taken in capsule form or as a powder mixed into warm milk with honey and cinnamon, or as a nighttime tea blend to enhance relaxation and improve sleep quality, setting the stage for insightful dreams. 

Witch’s Safety Disclaimer: While herbs offer numerous health benefits, they aren't suitable for everyone due to potential interactions, especially with medications or existing health conditions. Always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any new herbal regimen—particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication. Use this as a guide, not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Animal Allies of the Fairy New Moon 

A serene ginger and white cat lying in a garden surrounded by purple flowers, conveying the essence of a fairy-tale scene.

During this New Moon the following animal allies have stepped forth to shower us with their wisdom. Listen closely with your intuition and heart, and you’ll hear which ally is calling to you under this New Moon. 

The Queen Bee:

Queen Bees are symbols of the divine feminine, leadership and community organization. Their role in guiding and sustaining their hive reminds you to embrace your natural leadership qualities and foster a nurturing environment. They inspire you to take charge with confidence and see the collective thrive under your guidance and care, especially under the nurturing qualities of the New Moon in Taurus.

The Cat:

Cats embody independence, the unseen realm, and intuitive knowledge. Their graceful, calculated movements and deep connection to their instincts remind you to trust your inner guidance and cherish your personal sovereignty. They encourage you to move through life with an agile mind and a self-reliant spirit, embracing the stability that this Dark Moon offers.

The Dungeness Crab:

Dungeness Crabs symbolize resilience and protection. Their hard shells and ability to navigate complex environments remind you to safeguard your personal boundaries and adapt to your surroundings with resilience. They inspire you to maintain a strong exterior while managing life’s complexities, aligning with the Taurisian themes of security and perseverance.

The Violet-Green Swallow: 

Violet Green Swallows are symbols of divine joy and agility. Their swift, acrobatic flights and vibrant presence remind you to enjoy the freedom of movement and the beauty of the natural world. They encourage you to approach life with a light heart and a keen eye for the opportunities that spring forth under this lunar phase.

Fairy New Moon Runes & Tarot 

A tarot card deck being held by a person, with the text "Like the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars that shine, I am always in alignment.

Engage with the following tarot cards and runes to align and seek clarity during this New Moon. 

*Please note: I've personally cast and shuffled these runes and cards, tuning into the collective energy for insights during this lunar phase.

Witch Tip: As you explore this section, notice the intriguing parallels between the runes, tarot cards, and the themes of this New Moon. How do they resonate with your life right now? What connections can you spot? Align with your intuition to uncover the guidance that’s been patiently awaiting you. Let your inner wisdom lead you to new insights and empowerment.

Runic Guidance 

Gebo: The Power of Gift and Partnership

Gebo, from the Old Norse for "gift," embodies the harmonious balance of giving and receiving. It symbolizes the importance of generous reciprocity and equal exchange—enhancing relationships and fostering mutual respect.

This rune encourages us to appreciate the value of partnerships and the flow of mutual energy between individuals, whether through material gifts, time, or emotional support.

As a symbol of reciprocity, Gebo inspires us to engage in fair exchanges, promoting harmony and connectedness.

What This Means for You

Engaging with Gebo’s energy under the Fairy New Moon in Taurus means nurturing your relationships and honoring the principle of balance in exchanges.

Whether you're sharing resources, offering support, or receiving kindness, each act of giving and taking helps harness the cooperative power of Gebo.

Let this rune guide you in building stronger, more equitable relationships, and inspire you to cultivate a spirit of generosity and gratitude in your interactions.

Uruz: Strength and Vitality

Uruz, from the Old Norse for "aurochs," embodies the raw power and vitality of the wild ox. It symbolizes strength, courage, and physical health—enhancing our resilience and fortitude.

This rune encourages us to tap into our primal energy, invigorating both body and spirit. As a symbol of endurance, Uruz inspires us to embrace challenges, overcome obstacles, and foster our inner power.

What This Means for You

Engaging with Uruz’s energy under the Fairy New Moon in Taurus means harnessing your strength and grounding yourself in the stability of the earth.

Whether you're focusing on physical health, building endurance, or cultivating courage, each action helps channel the powerful energy of Uruz.

Let this rune guide you in developing resilience, pursuing your goals with determination, and inspiring you to embrace your innate vitality and strength.

Thurisaz: Preparation and Protection

Thurisaz, from the Old Norse for "giant," or “Thorn,”embodies the power of preparation and protection. It symbolizes the necessity of clearing the way and creating a solid foundation—akin to tilling the ground before planting a garden.

This rune encourages us to harness our strength and foresight to prepare for future growth. As a symbol of defensive power, Thurisaz inspires us to protect what we value and lay the groundwork for new endeavors.

What This Means for You

Engaging with Thurisaz’s energy under the Fairy New Moon in Taurus means preparing for growth and safeguarding your goals.

Whether you're clearing obstacles, building a solid foundation, or protecting your aspirations, each action helps channel the fortifying energy of Thurisaz.

Let this rune guide you in cultivating a strong and secure environment, inspiring you to proactively prepare for future success and nurture the seeds of your ambitions.

Ingwaz: Potential and Fertility

Ingwaz, named after the Old German god of fertility “Yngvi” embodies hidden potential and new beginnings. It symbolizes the quiet power of dormant energy, like a seed resting underground before it bursts forth with new life.

This rune encourages us to recognize the latent possibilities within us and in our environment, nurturing our ideas and dreams until they are ready to bloom. As a symbol of fertility, Ingwaz inspires us to cultivate our inner strength and prepare for future growth.

What This Means for You

Engaging with Ingwaz’s energy under the Fairy New Moon in Taurus means acknowledging the hidden potential within and preparing for renewal.

Whether you're nurturing a creative project, fostering personal growth, or planning for the future, each action helps channel the latent energy of Ingwaz.

Let this rune guide you in cultivating patience, tending to your inner landscape, and preparing for the blossoming of your hidden talents and ambitions.

Tarot Guidance 

Something unique happened while I was shuffling cards for this New Moon's energy—three cards marked by the number four emerged from three different suites. But what does that mean, and how do we interpret this in our reading?

The Meaning of the Number 4 in Tarot

 Seeing cards marked by any number in succession is significant and carries with it the message of something important being emphasized within the energy and message of the reading.

In Tarot, the cards marked by the number four speak to themes regarding stability, predictability, consistency, and security. These cards often symbolize a firm foundation, whether in relationships, career, or personal growth, suggesting that a strong base has been established and is now providing a sense of safety and reliability.

Conversely the number four can be indicative of stagnancy, boredom, and moments of unshifting stasis, as well as a lack of movement or progress. This number can also point to an overemphasis on control or routine, potentially leading to a sense of being stuck or uninspired.

How to Interpret:

In a reading, the appearance of multiple fours may suggest a need to assess whether one’s current foundations are fostering growth or inhibiting it.

The fours invite us to evaluate our circumstances, relationships, and ambitions, encouraging us to reinforce what's working well while being mindful of areas where rigidity or predictability may be limiting our potential for change or creativity.

𓇻 Four of Pentacles: Stability and Security

The Four of Pentacles in a reading symbolizes stability. It appears when we are focused on securing what we have achieved and maintaining control over our resources. This card represents not just financial security but also emotional and spiritual well-being—it urges us to value what we have and protect our sense of security.

What This Means for You

If you're feeling cautious or protective, the Four of Pentacles reminds you to appreciate the stability you have created. It calls for balancing your desire to hold on to your achievements with the need to remain open to new opportunities.

During the New Moon this card reinforces the importance of establishing strong foundations. It encourages us to value our resources and the security we've developed through our careful planning and diligence, ensuring that our efforts lead to lasting comfort and stability.

As we embrace this new phase, the Four of Pentacles reminds us to maintain a healthy balance between holding on to what we cherish and being open to future growth, highlighting the critical role of stability in nurturing our well-being.

𓇻 Four of Cups: Contemplation and Reassessment

The Four of Cups in a reading symbolizes introspection. It appears when we are in a state of contemplation, often feeling dissatisfied or uninspired.

This card represents not just emotional detachment and boredom but also the need to reevaluate our current situation—it urges us to look inward and consider what we truly desire moving forward.

What This Means for You

If you're feeling apathetic or withdrawn, the Four of Cups reminds you to reflect on your current emotional state. It calls for reassessing your wants and needs and being open to new possibilities that may align more closely with your values.

Under the current celestial influences of the Fairy New Moon in Taurus, this card reinforces the importance of turning inward and evaluating what brings true satisfaction and meaning to our lives. It encourages us to step back from distractions and focus on our emotional well-being, ensuring that our efforts are directed towards fulfilling our deeper desires rather than just going through the motions of life.

As we navigate this introspective phase, represented by the moon at its darkest point, the Four of Cups reminds us to remain open to new opportunities and perspectives, highlighting the critical role of self-reflection in achieving emotional clarity and fulfillment.

𓇻 Four of Wands: Celebration and Harmony

The Four of Wands in a reading symbolizes joy and celebration and peace within our home and familial connections. It appears when we have achieved a significant milestone or are experiencing a period of harmony and stability.

This card represents not just success but also the importance of celebrating our achievements and the beauty of shared happiness—it urges us to revel in life's joyful moments and appreciate the supportive connections around us.

What This Means for You

If you're feeling content or looking for a reason to celebrate, the Four of Wands encourages you to embrace these moments of happiness. It calls for recognizing and sharing your successes with others, creating an atmosphere of comfort, unity, and festivity.

This card highlights the importance of finding joy in our accomplishments and the relationships that uplift us. It encourages us to celebrate our achievements, however big or small, and to acknowledge the supportive environment that has contributed to our success.

As we experience this harmonious phase, the Four of Wands reminds us to embrace celebration and togetherness, highlighting the critical role of joy and shared happiness in fostering a sense of fulfillment and well-being. In tandem with the Four of Pentacles and the Four of Cups, the Four of Wands calls the collective to realign our focus with what truly matters, which goes beyond material concerns.

This card invites us to reconnect with our friends, family, and community, and to nourish our hearts to dispel any ennui or scarcity mindset.

Body Parts for Physical Workings 

A whimsical fairy-like creature with pink skin, several eyes, and long, green hair, resting its head on its hands

As the New Moon rises in Taurus, we turn our attention to the stabilizing influence of this earthy sign, particularly how it affects the neck, throat, vocal cords, and thyroid gland. These areas are key to harnessing Taurus's expressive strength and grounding energy.

This celestial event offers a perfect opportunity to nurture and strengthen these essential systems, tapping into the enduring spirit of Taurus.

Below, you’ll find insights into the significance of these body parts and practical tips for boosting their health during this New Moon.

Neck and Throat

  • Importance: The neck and throat are central to Taurus’s themes of voice and stability. These regions not only facilitate communication but also symbolize the expression of personal desires and the sustenance of life through swallowing. They resonate with Taurus’s strong, reliable qualities and its role in personal expression and security.
  • Maintaining Health: Maintaining good posture, regular vocal rest, and hydrating adequately can promote neck and throat health. Gentle neck stretches and being mindful of strain can also prevent common issues.

Vocal Cords

  • Importance: The vocal cords, fundamental for speech and singing, symbolize Taurus’s connection to voice and sound. They play a key role in how we express ourselves and interact with the world, mirroring Taurus’s expressive and artistic nature.
  • Maintaining Health: Avoiding excessive shouting or whispering, staying hydrated, and managing allergies can help maintain vocal cord health. Professional singers and speakers may also benefit from regular check-ups with a laryngologist to preserve vocal health.

Thyroid Gland

  • Importance: The thyroid gland, located in the neck, regulates metabolism and energy use within the body. It plays a vital role in maintaining overall vitality, reflecting Taurus’s emphasis on physical well-being and life’s pleasures.
  • Maintaining Health: Eating a diet rich in iodine, selenium, and zinc, regular exercise, and monitoring thyroid function can support thyroid health. Managing stress and avoiding exposure to environmental toxins are also crucial for maintaining thyroid wellness.

Let’s embrace the nurturing energy of the Taurus New Moon to care for these essential areas, fostering a sense of well-being that resonates with Taurus’s life-affirming energy.

Fairy New Moon Crystals 

A close-up of a sparkling amethyst crystal, showcasing its vibrant purple color and natural geometric facets.

Engage with and utilize some of the following crystals that are known for their dreamy and intuitive energetic effect on the spirit to align with the Fairy New Moon:

Amethyst: to soothe the mind and inspire tranquility

Amethyst is renowned as a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It's believed to cleanse one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments, acting as a barrier against lower energies and unhealthy environments. The calming and regal nature of amethyst helps to quiet the mind, facilitating mindfulness and heightened awareness.

Ruby Kyanite: for energetic balance and vitality

Ruby Kyanite combines the fiery energy of Ruby and the aligning properties of Kyanite. This stone is thought to invigorate the body promoting a balanced energetic flow that enhances vitality and strength.

It is particularly noted for its ability to instill passion with equilibrium, making it a powerful tool for the brave and the curious. The stone is also purported to enhance lucid dreaming as well as dream recollection. 

Larimar: to connect with the serenity and wisdom

Larimar is prized for its dreamy ocean-like qualities, known to embody the tranquil blues and soothing essence of the sea.

It is believed to calm emotions, bring clarity, and facilitate inner wisdom and understanding. Larimar helps to bridge the gap between the heart and the mind, offering peace and balance to those who carry or wear it.

Star Sapphire: to enhance focus and clarity

Star Sapphire is celebrated for its extraordinary appearance and metaphysical properties. It is believed to bring clarity and focus to the wearer, enhancing concentration and unlocking intuition.

The star effect of the sapphire symbolizes the ability to reach deeper spiritual truths, offering guidance and insight into one’s personal path.

Witch Tip: Are you a crystal enthusiast concerned about the ethical implications of crystal mining, particularly its impact on communities and the environment? Explore my top pick for ethically sourced crystals at Moonrise Crystals, where you'll find a range of responsibly harvested crystals. Shop with peace of mind, knowing your purchases support fair wages, safe conditions, and the well-being of workers.

New Fairy Moon Colors

𓇻 Deep or Light Purple

𓇻 Soft Pinks 

𓇻 Periwinkle Blue 

𓇻 White

Fairy New Moon Deities & Spirits 

A person's face with dramatic purple eye makeup and shiny crystal hair accessories, radiating a sense of celestial elegance meant to be the Goddess Asteria
Photo: Model Lily Cole 

Asteria: The Starry Maiden 

In ancient Greek mythology, Asteria is the Titan goddess of shooting stars, nocturnal oracles, and the mother of Hekate the goddess of Witchcraft. Her essence during the Fairy New Moon mirrors the mysterious and infinite possibilities of the starry night sky.

As a master astrologist and augur she invites us to gaze upwards and explore the secrets of the cosmos, to seek guidance from the stars, and to dream big.

Asteria’s presence under the New Moon is a celestial call to explore the hidden depths of our destiny and to trust in the cosmic signs that light our way through the darkness, guiding us toward our true paths.

Freyr: Lord of the Good Harvest 

In Norse mythology, Freyr is the god of fertility, prosperity, and peace, and the strapping twin brother of the goddess of love Freyja. Freyr is often depicted as a ruler of the season's bounty and growth and much like the essence of the Fairy New Moon, Freyr symbolizes the fertile potential and abundance that can be cultivated during this time.

His presence encourages us to embrace growth and the abundance found in nature’s cycles, to cultivate the seeds of prosperity, and to trust in the fruitful outcomes that await us.

He reminds us that life’s blessings are often harvested through the harmonious union of effort and natural flow, offering guidance as we seek to enrich our lives and the land around us.

Danu: Mother of Fairies 

In Celtic mythology, Danu is the mother goddess and progenitor of all fairies. She is associated with rivers, fertility, and wisdom. Her essence during the Fairy New Moon is a testament to the flowing and nurturing forces of creation and magic at their most potent.

She invites us to connect deeply with the sources of life, to nurture the roots of our being, and to flow with the graceful rhythms that sustain the universe.

Danu’s presence is a reminder of the life-giving power of water and the wisdom it carries, encouraging us to drink deeply from the wellsprings of our own spirituality and to cherish the nurturing aspects of our lives.

Ljosalfar (the Light Elves): Bringers Joy and Luminosity 

In Norse mythology, the Ljosalfar are the light elves, beings of extraordinary beauty and luminosity, representing purity and brightness and their ruler is coincidently the handsome hero-god Freyr.

Their essence during the Fairy New Moon highlights the clarity and illumination that can emerge from embracing the inherent lightness in our spirits.

They encourage us to seek the light within and around us, to brighten our paths with clear intentions, and to reflect the luminous qualities that we wish to see in the world.

The Ljosalfar remind us that even in the darkest moments, the light of wisdom, joy, and purity is within reach, guiding us towards a brighter, more enlightened existence.

Fairy New Moon Activities

A whimsical garden scene with several large white swan-shaped boats nestled among pink flowers, evoking a peaceful and dreamlike setting.

For the Fairy New Moon, engaging in activities that resonate with themes of magic, dreams, and wishes beautifully aligns with the New Moon's enchanting essence.

Below are some carefully curated activities to enhance your experience of the Fairy New Moon:

Fairy New Moon Dream Work:

The energy of the Fairy New Moon is mystical and invites you to explore the realms of your dreams.

Dedicate time specifically for dream work, which could involve preparing a dream journal, using lucid dreaming techniques, or setting intentions before sleep to remember and understand your dreams.

Use this time to connect with your subconscious and uncover insights that may surface in your dreams, facilitating a journey into your deeper self.

Enchanted Forest Walk:

The Fairy New Moon is an ideal occasion to connect with the enchanting energy of the forest. Consider a tranquil walk through a nearby forest or park, where you can immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of the woods at night.

Observe the whispering trees, the rustle of leaves, and the soft pulse of life and energy all around you. Allow the magic of the forest to inspire awe and wonder, enhancing your connection to nature’s mysteries.

Make a Wish and Watch It Come True:

Embrace the magical potential of the Fairy New Moon by making a heartfelt wish. Write down your desires on a piece of paper, and perhaps light a candle to symbolize your intention, sending it into the universe.

Spend a moment visualizing your wish coming to fruition, trusting in the powerful energy of the new moon to aid in manifesting your dreams. This act of setting intentions can be a powerful catalyst for change and realization in your life.

Final Thoughts & Best New Moon Wishes 

A serene forest with sunlight filtering through the trees, creating an enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of a fairy tale.

 This Fairy New Moon, let Taurus's stabilizing energy guide you through a magical journey into your dreams and desires. It's a wondrous time for nurturing new beginnings and creating a foundation of comfort and joy. Reflect on your personal aspirations and the delightful evolution of your spirit and passions.

Use this moment to deepen your connections with nature and yourself, whether through meditation, enchanting rituals, or embracing Taurus's themes of stability and sensuality. This is your opportunity to align with your innermost wishes and to tap into the fertile power that this moon phase brings.


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