An open book lies in natural light, its pages adorned with delicate pink cherry blossoms—a symbol of spring and renewal. The blossoms evoke the spirit of the Pink Moon, representing transformation and depth as found in Scorpio's influence.

Pink Moon in Scorpio: Unearthing Your Emotional Vulnerability and Nurturing Your Heart's Center

On April 23rd at 4:49 PM PST the Pink Moon in Scorpio will cast a transformative glow upon the collective. This Pink Moon invites a period of powerful introspection, encouraging us to explore our inner landscapes with bravery and intensity.

Explore our latest blog post to learn more about the Pink Moon. We provide practical tips and simple rituals that can help you use this time to make positive changes in your life. Whether you want to understand how this lunar phase affects you, or you're looking to embrace its transformative energy, our guide is here to support you every step of the way.

Just a quick note—this guide is packed with insights. Feel free to immerse yourself completely or jump to the sections that intrigue you most. It's designed for you to explore at your own pace.

Why is it Called the Pink Moon? 

A lush cluster of vibrant pink phlox flowers in full bloom, symbolizing the abundance and vitality of the spring season.

The Pink Moon, named after the vibrant wildflower Phlox subulata that blankets the springtime earth, heralds a season of change. As it rises, it brings with it the beauty of mid-spring— a time rich with emotion and ripe for reflection.

This lunar event is your invitation to dive deep into the process of rebirth. Reflect on your personal growth, set meaningful goals, and prepare for a season rich with new possibilities. Let the Pink Moon inspire you to embrace change, plant the seeds of your deepest desires, and gear up for a chapter full of potential and new beginnings.

Pink Moon Themes 

An open book lies in natural light, its pages adorned with delicate pink cherry blossoms—a symbol of spring and renewal. The blossoms evoke the spirit of the Pink Moon, representing transformation and depth as found in Scorpio's influence.

Under the glow of the Pink Moon, a journey of emotional renewal and sensual discovery awaits—embrace this time to transform and enrich your life with the following themes:

Celebrate Emotional Awakening: 

Let the Pink Moon light up your inner world. This is a time to dive deep into your feelings, to understand the subtle shifts within you. Embrace this chance for growth through self-reflection and recognize the resilience you’ve built along the way.

Luxuriate in Sensuality & Pleasure: 

The Pink Moon invites you to indulge in the joys of life. Celebrate your senses—touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound—and reconnect with the pleasures that make life rich. This is a perfect moment to appreciate the beauty that life offers and to connect deeply with your desires.

Opening the Energetic Heart: 

With the rise of the Pink Moon, feel your heart's energy expand. This lunar phase enhances your capacity for love and empathy, making it easier to open up, give and receive love, and deepen your emotional connections with others.

Enter the Transformative and Mystifying Waters of Scorpio 

A simple line drawing of a scorpion in a shade of pink, with the word 'Scorpio' beneath it, representing the astrological sign known for its intensity and depth.

Scorpio, often symbolized by the resilient scorpion, is all about intensity, transformation, and delving deep into the mysteries of life. As the ruler of the eighth house, Scorpio combines a captivating presence with a profound desire for meaningful connections and life-changing experiences.

Are you a Scorpio or know someone who is? Then you're familiar with their magnetic charm and their penchant for challenging situations that test their mettle. Scorpios are not just survivors; they thrive in demanding environments that push their limits.

As a fixed water sign, Scorpio is deeply emotional and focused on personal growth, often exploring the emotional and psychic depths. This makes Scorpios natural leaders, inspiring others with their charisma and enigmatic, yet potent energy.

Influenced by Pluto, the planet of rebirth, Scorpios are drawn to transformative experiences that reveal hidden truths. This planetary connection strengthens their emotional resilience and drives their quest for profound, life-altering encounters.

The scorpion's defensive posture, with its barbed stinger, perfectly encapsulates Scorpio’s approach to life: protective yet ready to engage. Just like a rose combines delicate petals with protective thorns, Scorpios know when to open up and when to set firm boundaries to protect their emotional well-being.

Scorpio Full Moon Lessons 

With the Full Moon in Scorpio, we are called to embrace the following lessons:

Explore Emotional Depths: 

This moon phase is a perfect time for deep self-reflection. Dive into your emotions—consider your most intense feelings, hidden fears, and the transformative power they hold. Scorpio’s energy encourages us to face these inner truths, understand our emotional triggers, and learn how to build resilience.

Cultivate Vulnerable Strength: 

Scorpio teaches us that vulnerability is a form of strength. This is a chance to express your deepest truths and shed any masks. By aligning your outer actions with your inner complexities, you open up to more meaningful and genuine interactions.

Embrace Transformation: 

This is a time of change and renewal. Scorpio, a sign synonymous with rebirth, urges us to let go of what no longer serves us to make room for new beginnings. Reevaluate your life’s path, refine your goals, and navigate your transitions with confidence. This moon’s energy supports profound personal growth and renewal.

The themes of the Scorpio Full Moon encourage us to dive uninhibited into our emotional cores, fostering a spirit of introspection, brave authenticity, and the rejuvenation that comes with embracing change. 

Other Astrological Happenings

A colorful graphic with the text 'Welcome to Taurus SZN' in bold yellow lettering, overlaying a dreamy, blurred background of yellow and pink flowers, signifying the sensual and grounded energy of Taurus season.

Taurus Season Begins 

The wheel of the zodiac will turn on April 19th, bringing the start of Taurus Season as the sun enters the steady sign. This shift from the fiery energy of Aries to the calming, grounding presence of Taurus marks a time for embracing stability and routine over spontaneous action.

During Taurus Season, it's all about slowing down to build and nurture. Think of it as a time to deepen your roots—much like a tree—securing a solid foundation for sustained growth. This period invites us to savor the sensory delights of the world, focus on what gives lasting satisfaction, and strengthen the beginnings made during Aries Season.

Let Taurus's nurturing spirit envelop you, encouraging patience and indulgence in life's pleasures while you focus on building lasting value in your life. As we move under this sign, take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty around you and the comforts it brings.

Did You Know?

Each year, the sun travels through the 12 zodiac signs, creating distinct periods known as Sun Seasons, each lasting about a month. These seasons influence our general mood and energy—like feeling energetic during Aries Season or seeking stability in Taurus Season. 

Meanwhile, the moon cycles through all zodiac signs in just a month, changing our emotional landscape every few days. Noticing these shifts can help you align your actions with the cosmic flow, making the most of each season’s unique vibe!

Scorpio-Taurus Opposition 

This Full Moon in Scorpio, opposing the Sun in steady Taurus, presents a unique challenge: finding the right balance between change and comfort. Imagine a tug-of-war between Scorpio’s deep, transformative energies and Taurus’s craving for stability and predictability. This celestial opposition invites you to examine and harmonize these opposing forces within yourself.

Are you clinging to what's comfortable, or are you ready to embrace transformation? This Pink Moon shines a light on this internal conflict, urging you to reflect on your values and emotional needs. It’s a moment to find middle ground, acknowledging both your need for security and your drive for change.

Despite the tension, this lunar event offers a potent opportunity for growth. It encourages you to blend Scorpio's introspective intensity with Taurus's practical resourcefulness. Dive deep into your inner world to uncover hidden truths, while also fortifying your bases and resources.

As you navigate this time, the stars challenge you to integrate Scorpio's depth with Taurus’s nurturing, without losing sight of your comfort or your courage. This is a reminder that true stability often stems from bravely confronting and integrating our deepest changes. It's a call to cultivate both emotional courage and practical resilience.

Mercury Goes Direct 

On April 25th, Mercury will start moving direct again after its retrograde phase. But what does that mean? When planets 'go direct,' they end their apparent backward motion and resume their normal forward path through the sky. This shift from retrograde to direct brings us into a 'shadow period' that lasts for about two weeks, where Mercury gradually picks up speed.

Though the change is gradual, it marks a significant decrease in the confusion and disruption often associated with Mercury Retrograde. You might start to feel a sense of relief and momentum—it's an excellent time for clearer communication and smoother progress in your plans.

As we move out of the retrograde and into this direct phase, take the chance to apply what you've learned during the retrograde. Now's the time to finalize those adjustments and communicate with a new clarity. Emerging from this period, you can turn past challenges into stepping stones for growth and lay a strong foundation for your next steps. This strategic approach prepares us to move confidently beyond the shadow period, armed with insights and readiness for the future

Pink Moon Correspondences 

Embrace the energy of the Pink Moon with these powerful correspondences, crafted to enhance your rituals and spiritual reflections during this lunation. 

Whether you are taking your first steps on your lunar journey or are a seasoned practitioner, these elements provide a rich source of inspiration for deepening your connection to this distinctive lunar occurrence. 

Pink Moon Herbs for the Energetic Heart

Close-up of a refreshing pink beverage in a clear glass with ice cubes and vivid pink rose petals, evoking a sense of healing and heart-opening during the Pink Moon period.

Caring for your energetic heart is essential for emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. By incorporating heart-opening herbs into your daily life, you can promote emotional stability and openness, especially important during times of emotional upheaval or when deepening connections with others. Below, discover how these revered herbs can support your heart health and bring balance to your life

𓇢𓆸 Rose (Rosa spp.):

Symbolic of love and openness, Rose is valued for its ability to heal emotionally and encourage self-love. Its calming properties can soothe your heart and uplift your spirit in times of distress.

How to Use: Enjoy Rose as a fragrant tea to comfort your heart or use it in tinctures and essential oils for deeper emotional impact.

𓇢𓆸 Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.):  

Known for strengthening heart function and easing anxiety, Hawthorn promotes a balanced and protected emotional state.

How to Use: Savor Hawthorn in teas, syrups, or as a tincture. Its slightly sweet taste adds to its comforting properties, making it ideal for supporting both heart health and emotional wellness.

𓇢𓆸 Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin): 

Often called the 'tree of happiness,' Mimosa helps relieve anger and sadness, bringing joy and lightness to the heart.

How to Use: Mimosa can be prepared as a tea from its flowers and bark, or taken as a tincture for more concentrated emotional support. Its mild, floral flavor adds a touch of brightness to blends, enhancing its mood-lifting properties. 

Founder of the American Herbalist Guild Micheal Tierra divulges that use of the flowers imparts a feeling of lightness whereas the bark is considered to be a more grounding remedy. 

𓇢𓆸 Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca): 

As its name suggests, Motherwort acts as a comforting maternal figure, easing heart palpitations and reducing anxiety. It is renowned for its ability to strengthen heart health and stabilize emotions, particularly during times of hormonal shifts or stress.

How to Use:  While Motherwort can be steeped as tea, its slightly bitter taste is often better in a tincture, frequently combined with other herbs for enhanced soothing effects.

Witch’s Safety Disclaimer:

While herbs have many health benefits, they're not suitable for everyone. Their interactions and dosages can vary, especially with medications or existing conditions. 

Always consult a healthcare professional, like a doctor or qualified herbalist, before starting any new herbal treatments, particularly if you're pregnant, nursing, or on medication.

Remember, 'natural' doesn't always mean safe. Use this information as a guide, not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Pink Moon Animal Allies  

A beautiful swallowtail butterfly with black and yellow markings perched delicately on a vibrant pink zinnia flower amid a green garden, symbolizing transformation and the blooming of nature.

Nature's creatures—chickadees, honeybees, swallowtail butterflies, and swans—make ideal allies for this lunar event. Each offers unique insights and energies that you can integrate into your Full Moon practices, helping you to harness the powerful transformations brought by the Pink Moon in Scorpio.

𓋇 Chickadee: 

Chickadees are symbols of cheerfulness and adaptability. Their lively calls and social nature remind you to embrace communication and savor the joys of community. They inspire you to adapt with a smile and find strength in the connections that make life vibrant.

𓋇 Honeybee: 

Honeybees embody hard work, cooperation, and the sweetness that comes from diligence. They encourage you to appreciate the power of teamwork and celebrate the rewards that come from shared efforts. Embrace their lesson: every small contribution matters toward achieving great results.

𓋇 Swallowtail Butterfly: 

The transformation of swallowtail butterflies from caterpillars to majestic flyers mirrors your own potential for growth. They encourage you to embrace changes gracefully and emerge with new perspectives. Let their beauty remind you that personal evolution can be a stunning process.

𓋇 Swan: 

Swans symbolize grace, love, and emotional depth. Their serene presence and enduring bonds teach you the beauty of commitment and the strength found in loyalty. They invite you to glide through life’s challenges with dignity and cherish the deep, lasting connections that enrich your journey.

Pink Moon Insights with Runes & Tarot 

A spiritual setup featuring a tarot card spread, an open journal with red writing, dried herbs in a wooden bowl, and a pink candle, suggesting a ritual of self-discovery and alignment.

Engage with the following tarot cards and runes to align and seek clarity during this Full Moon. 

*Please note: I've personally cast and shuffled these runes and cards, tuning into the collective energy for insights during this lunar phase.

Witch Tip:  As you read through this section, take note of the intriguing parallels between the runes, tarot cards, and the themes of this Full Moon. How do these elements resonate with your life right now? Challenge yourself to align with your intuition and uncover the guidance that has been patiently awaiting you. What connections can you spot? Dive in and let your inner wisdom lead the way to new insights and empowerment.


Kenaz: Illumination and Knowledge

Kenaz, from the Old Norse for "torch," embodies the enlightening power of fire. It symbolizes clarity, insight, and understanding—illuminating our paths and revealing hidden truths. This rune encourages us to embrace our intellectual and creative potential, sparking innovation and intellectual growth. As a beacon of knowledge, Kenaz inspires us to explore new ideas, solve complex problems, and express our discoveries boldly.

What This Means for You

Engaging with Kenaz's energy means activating your curiosity and creativity. Whether you're learning a new subject, diving into an artistic endeavor, or participating in thoughtful discussions, each activity helps harness the transformative power of Kenaz. Let this rune guide you through complexities with wisdom and inspire you to reveal and pursue unseen possibilities.

Algiz: Protection and Connection

Algiz, derived from the Old Norse word for "elk," represents protection, defense, and a close bond with nature. This rune is synonymous with the elk’s protective stance, embodying guardianship and vigilance. Algiz, much like the elk’s formidable antlers, reminds us of our ability to defend and establish boundaries, encouraging us to secure our personal spaces and maintain spiritual wellness.

What This Means for You

Algiz's energy invites you to tap into your protective instincts and spiritual connections. It's a call to enhance personal defenses, ward off negativity, and create safe, sacred spaces. Engaging with Algiz can mean meditating, spending time in nature, or using protective symbols and rituals to strengthen your spiritual clarity and boundaries.

As Algiz appears in our Lunar forecast alongside the Moon in Scorpio, it echoes the lunar message of vulnerability and the need for strong boundaries to protect your energy and well-being. This period highlights the importance of honoring your protective and sacred aspects, fostering security and spiritual fulfillment.

Witch Tip:   Algiz serves as a powerful protective charm, commonly worn or displayed on objects and spaces for safeguarding. A captivating way to see Algiz—and other runes—in action is in the Half Timbered Houses of Germany. These buildings showcase runic symbols embedded in their intricate woodwork. It's a beautiful example of spellcrafting and runework visible in everyday life.

Jera: Harvest and Cycles

Jera (pronounced “year-a”), meaning "year" or "harvest," celebrates the cycles of nature and the rewards of patience and perseverance. Representing the natural progression of seasons, this rune is a powerful reminder of the rhythm and balance needed for growth and renewal. Just as the seasons cycle from sowing to reaping, Jera encourages us to embrace these natural rhythms, guiding us to align our efforts with the right timing and patiently nurture our plans.

What This Means for You

Jera's influence suggests a time of coming full circle, a period to appreciate both the process and the outcome. It's a call to embrace slow and steady progress, recognizing the importance of timing in achieving lasting success. This aligns closely with Taurus Season’s guidance on patience and steady effort.

Engaging with Jera's energy can be as simple as gardening, observing natural cycles, or planning long-term projects. These activities mirror the sustainable, rhythmic nature of Jera, helping you tap into its harmonious and productive energy, and leading to meaningful achievements.


Nine of Wands: Resilience and Perseverance

The Nine of Wands in a reading symbolizes resilience. It appears when we are close to completing a significant phase, having endured numerous challenges. This card represents not just survival but strategic defense—it urges us to protect our achievements and maintain the progress we’ve made.

What This Means for You

If you're feeling fatigued or defensive, the Nine of Wands reminds you to prepare for one final push to secure your hard-won victories. It calls for tapping into your deep reserves of strength and using the wisdom gained from past struggles to navigate the last challenges.

Under the current celestial influences, this card reinforces the importance of staying vigilant. It encourages us to draw on our inner strength and the endurance we’ve developed through our journey’s challenges, ensuring that our efforts culminate in lasting success. As we approach our goals, the Nine of Wands reminds us to remain alert and assertive, highlighting the critical role of resilience in achieving and safeguarding our achievements.

The Magician: Mastery and Manifestation

The Magician card in a tarot reading signifies mastery and the power to manifest desires. It symbolizes the moment when personal power and potential are fully realized, embodying the active initiator who uses knowledge, skill, and resources effectively to achieve objectives.

What This Means for You

This card encourages decisive action and confidence, reminding you that you have all the necessary tools to turn visions into reality. It’s a powerful prompt to "use all the tools in your toolbox," emphasizing the dynamic application of your abilities to reach your goals.

However, The Magician also underscores the responsibility that accompanies such power. If you're uncertain about your path or the ethics of your choices, this card advises aligning your actions with your higher values and intentions. It’s a call to use your power wisely, remembering that true mastery lies in both the ability to achieve and the wisdom of your choices.

The Magician is a beacon for those ready to lead and create, urging you to act with authority and creativity. This card is a clear signal that now is the time for proactive behavior and leadership, ripe for bringing your projects to fruition.

Embrace your potential, wield your skills with creativity and discipline, and step confidently into your role as a creator. The Magician invites you to believe in your ability to shape your destiny and direct your future towards outstanding outcomes.

King of Cups Reversed: Emotional Instability and Mismanagement

The King of Cups reversed in a tarot reading indicates emotional turbulence and challenges in managing feelings effectively. This reversal reflects a departure from the emotional maturity typically represented by this card, suggesting potential emotional manipulation, moodiness, or withdrawal.

What This Means for You

This card encourages a close examination of how you manage your emotional responses and the effects they have on others. It serves as a caution to not let emotions overwhelm you or cloud your judgment, especially in professional or interpersonal relationships.

If you're struggling with emotional regulation, the King of Cups reversed advises seeking balance and regaining control over your emotional state. It invites you to address any underlying issues disrupting your emotional equilibrium, highlighting the need for self-awareness and honest self-reflection.

Under current celestial influences, this card underscores the importance of restoring harmony both within yourself and in your relationships. It calls for approaching emotional challenges with maturity and aligning your emotional expressions with your core values to ensure your actions reflect your true intentions and foster a more stable, compassionate environment.

Eight of Swords Reversed: Reluctance and Unfinished Business

The Eight of Cups reversed in a tarot reading highlights hesitation to move forward and a difficulty in letting go of past attachments. This position suggests emotional stagnation due to clinging to unfulfilling or detrimental situations, underlining a fear of embracing necessary changes for emotional growth.

What This Means for You

This card challenges you to critically examine your attachments and consider whether they still serve a positive purpose in your life. It represents the struggle of concluding essential life chapters that hinder personal development.

The Eight of Cups reversed warns against avoiding the necessary emotional work or making premature decisions that could stall your progress. If you find yourself revisiting old issues without finding resolution or avoiding tough decisions, this card suggests it’s time to confront these patterns head-on.

Under the influence of the Pink Moon in Scorpio, this card encourages a bold confrontation with your fears of change and stepping out of your comfort zones. It underscores the importance of healing and finding closure to move forward effectively.

This card is a call to action to resolve doubts, make peace with the past, and undertake the emotional work needed to advance. The Eight of Cups reversed reminds us that growth often requires facing uncomfortable truths, ensuring we are not held back by unresolved emotions or unfulfilling connections.

Body Parts for Physical Workings 

A woman in a sheer, ruffled garment inhales the fragrance of a white rose against a clear sky, embodying a moment of serene beauty and connection with nature.

As the Pink Moon casts its glow, we turn our focus to the transformative energy of Scorpio and the parts of the body it influences: the reproductive, excretory, and cardiovascular systems, along with the blood. 

These areas are essential for tapping into Scorpio's regenerative power. Here’s a guide to understanding their importance and enhancing their health during this Full Moon. 

Let’s harness this celestial event to rejuvenate and strengthen these vital systems, aligning with Scorpio’s powerful essence.

Reproductive System

  • Importance: The reproductive system is central to Scorpio’s themes of life, death, and rebirth. This system not only relates to physical procreation but also symbolizes the creation of new ideas and metamorphosis within ourselves. It resonates with Scorpio’s deep, renewing qualities and its role in personal and relational rebirths.
  • Maintaining Health: Maintaining hormonal balance through proper diet, regular exercise, and stress management can promote reproductive health. Regular check-ups and being attentive to the body’s signals are also crucial for early detection and management of any issues.

Excretory System

  • Importance: The excretory system, including organs like the bladder and colon, symbolizes Scorpio’s role in the elimination and restorative processes. It is essential for purging toxins from the body, thereby playing a key role in both physical and emotional cleansing.
  • Maintaining Health: Staying hydrated, consuming a diet rich in fiber, and regular physical activity can support the health of the excretory system. Mindful habits such as reducing intake of processed foods and increasing natural, wholesome foods aid in maintaining optimal function.

    Cardiovascular System

    • Importance: The cardiovascular system, encompassing the heart and blood vessels, plays a vital role in the distribution of nutrients and the removal of wastes, echoing Scorpio’s cycles of reformation.
    • Maintaining Health: Regular cardiovascular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet low in saturated fats and high in fiber, and monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol levels can promote heart health. Avoiding smoking and managing stress are also key to supporting cardiovascular wellness.


    • Importance: Blood, the carrier of oxygen and nutrients to cells and the transporter of waste products away from cells, is fundamental to our body’s renewal process. It symbolizes Scorpio’s deep-seated power for transformation at the most cellular level.
    • Maintaining Health:  Eating a diet rich in iron and vitamins, staying hydrated, and regular health check-ups to monitor blood health can keep this vital fluid functioning optimally.

    Pink Moon Crystals 

    Close-up of pale pink rose quartz crystals, their gentle hue and translucent quality conveying a sense of calm and emotional healing associated with the Pink Moon

    Engage with and utilize some of the following crystals that are known for their brilliant pink hue and comforting energy to align with the Full Moon:

    𓇢𓆸 Rose Quartz: to nurture the heart with unconditional love

    Rose Quartz is often hailed as the stone of unconditional love and emotional healing. It's believed to open the heart to all forms of love—self-love, familial love, friendship, and romantic love. The soothing vibrations of rose quartz help to calm emotions and bring peace to relationships.

    𓇢𓆸 Pink Opal: for emotional balance and tranquility

    Pink Opal is thought to be a stone of peace and tranquility. It is especially noted for its energies in healing emotions, soothing the heart, and providing a sense of love, peace, and hope. It also aids in dissipating stress, worry, and anxiety.

    𓇢𓆸 Mangano Calcite: to nurture the sacred heart within

    Mangano Calcite is revered for its gentle energy that resonates deeply with the heart’s center. It is known for its ability to infuse one’s aura with tranquility and well-being, helping to mend emotional wounds and foster a nurturing, loving environment.

    𓇢𓆸 Thulite: to inspire enthusiasm and affection

    Thulite is celebrated for its ability to enhance charisma, passionate energy, and enthusiasm. It stimulates the heart chakra, encouraging a more substantial, affectionate expression of love. Thulite is also believed to inspire grace and eloquence.

    Pink Moon Colors

    𓋇 Pink 

    𓋇 Magenta 

    𓋇 Pastel Purple 

    𓋇 Pastel Green 

    Pink Moon Deities & Spirits 

    A painting of a mythological figure surrounded by a swirl of colorful flowers and butterflies, representing the goddess of flora and spring in a dynamic expression of growth and beauty.
    Image Art for the Killers Single titled "Caution"

    𓇢𓆸 Thriae: 

    In ancient Greek mythology, the Thriae were nymphs of prophecy and wisdom, often depicted as bee maidens who foretold the future. Like the nurturing essence of the Pink Moon, the Thriae symbolize the sweet potential of what lies ahead. 

    Their presence during this lunar phase encourages us to embrace foresight and the wisdom found in nature’s rhythms, to gather the nectar of knowledge and to trust in the insights that guide our paths. 

    They remind us that life’s truths are often whispered in the quiet hum of the natural world, offering guidance as we seek to understand our own destinies and the cycles of growth around us.

    𓇢𓆸 Flora: 

    In Roman mythology, Flora is the goddess of flowers and the season of spring—a celebration of rebirth and blossoming. Her essence during the Pink Moon is a testament to the lavish unfolding of life at its most vibrant. 

    She invites us to indulge in the beauty and variety of the natural world, to plant the seeds of joy and to witness the splendid tapestry of colors weaving through our lives. 

    Flora’s presence is a gentle reminder of the transient beauty that comes with each turn of the earth, encouraging us to savor the present and cultivate our own inner splendor.

    𓇢𓆸 Het-Heru (Hathor): 

    In Egyptian mythology, Het-Heru (or Hathor), the goddess of love, beauty, music, and joy, is akin to the luminescent Pink Moon that illuminates our emotional landscapes and fills them with harmony and pleasure. 

    Her presence during this phase is an invitation to bask in the arts, love, and the many pleasures of life. Het-Heru’s enduring spirit under the Pink Moon suggests a time to luxuriate in our sensual experiences and to harmonize our lives with the rhythm of the universe. 

    She encourages us to open our hearts to the melody of love and the vibrant dance of joy, ensuring that our personal journeys are enriched with beauty and grace.

    Pink Moon Activities 

    A serene and inviting tabletop scene featuring a soothing matcha latte with frothy milk, a conch shell, a pendulum with a blue crystal, a large quartz point, and a rose quartz heart. A notepad with a watercolor blue cat adds a whimsical touch.

    For the Pink Moon, engaging in activities that resonate with themes of emotional depth, pleasure, and introspection beautifully aligns with the Full Moon's essence. Below are some carefully curated activities to enhance your experience of the Pink Moon:

    Reflect and Meditate: 

    The energy of the Pink Moon is profound and may stir deep emotions. Dedicate time specifically for reflection and meditation. This could involve journaling your thoughts and feelings, participating in a guided meditation focused on emotional healing, or simply sitting quietly under the moonlight. Use this time to connect with your inner self and acknowledge any transformative thoughts or emotions that arise, facilitating a process of personal growth and emotional clarity.

    Embrace Nature's Beauty: 

    The Pink Moon is a perfect occasion to connect with nature's renewing energy. Consider a moonlit walk where you can observe the natural world at night, perhaps noticing the bloom of spring flowers or the scent of fresh earth. Allow the beauty of the moon and the tranquility of the night to soothe your spirit and inspire a sense of peace and wonder.

    Kitchen Witchcraft: Matcha Rose Latte for a Happy Heart

    Experience the mystical allure of my Matcha Rose Latte, thoughtfully crafted to align with the transformative energies of the Full Pink Moon in Scorpio.

    This tea merges the potent, revitalizing qualities of matcha with the enchanting floral undertones of rose, offering a moment of deep reflection and renewal perfect for this lunar phase.


    • ½ teaspoon high-quality ceremonial matcha powder
    • ¼ teaspoon organic pink rose powder (I get mine from here: Mountain Rose Herbs)
    • Hot water, heated to 175°F
    • Optional: Warm milk (soy, oat, or your choice) for creaminess
    • Optional: Maple syrup to sweeten


    • Chasen whisk (bamboo), or a milk frother, small whisk, or electric mixer


    1. Prepare Your Whisk: Soften the Chasen by soaking it in warm water. If using another tool, ensure it's ready.
    2. Sift Your Powders: Combine matcha and rose powders in your teacup or bowl to prevent clumps.
    3. Add Hot Water: Pour just enough hot water to cover the powders. Stir to fully dissolve.
    4. Whisk Vigorously: Use the Chasen or your selected tool to whisk in a W-shaped motion until the mixture is smooth and frothy.
    5. Adjust to Taste: Add more hot water or milk to reach your desired consistency. Sweeten with maple syrup if desired.
    6. Reflect and Rejuvenate: Sip your Rose Matcha Latte slowly, embracing its floral, earthy flavors as you meditate on the transformative power of the Scorpio moon.

    Closing Thoughts

    Two people in traditional yukata with their backs to the viewer, one taking a selfie with a smartphone, framed by lush greenery, capturing a modern moment in a setting of timeless tradition.

    This Full Pink Moon, let Scorpio's intensity guide you through a transformative journey into your deepest emotions. It's a powerful time for revolutionary change and profound renewal. Reflect on your personal growth and the continuous evolution of your spirit and emotions.

    Use this moment to deepen your connections, whether through meditation, meaningful rituals, or embracing Scorpio's transformative themes. This is your opportunity to truly connect with your innermost self and to tap into the regenerative power that this moon phase brings. Harness this energy to emerge stronger, more aware, and ready to face your future.


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