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New Hare Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries: Honoring Rebirth & Welcoming Profound Shifts

Mark your calendar for April 8th, 11:21 AM PST, when the New Moon in Aries ushers in a time of renewal and pioneering spirit. This celestial event, enhanced by a solar eclipse during Mercury Retrograde, promises a significant transformation, urging us to approach life's changes with boldness and innovation.

Our latest blog dives deep into the Aries New Moon, offering wisdom, rituals, and practical tips to harness this energetic shift. Whether you're exploring the impacts of this lunar phase or looking to infuse your life with vibrant, fresh energy, our guide is crafted to support your journey.

And a friendly reminder—this piece is rich with information. Feel free to dive in all at once or explore sections that spark your interest—this piece is designed to be navigated in the way that best suits you.

Why is it Called the New Hare Moon?  

A brown rabbit in a field of green, surrounded by wildflowers and grasses, capturing the essence of fertility and new beginnings during the Hare Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries.

Named after the hares that emerge across the countryside in this season, the New Hare Moon embodies early spring's dynamic vitality. Rising after the Spring Equinox, it ushers in an era of expanded daylight and warmth, a period when the earth revives, and both flora and fauna come alive with energy, bringing a palpable sense of renewal and burgeoning growth.

This lunar phase calls on us to engage with the awakening world, sparking reflections on our growth, rejuvenation, and the possibilities for our personal unfolding. The Hare New Moon invites us to welcome transformation, plant our intentions, and ready ourselves for a season rich with potential, vibrant energy, and new beginnings.

New Hare Moon Themes 

An array of spring flowers in earthen pots, with bright yellow daffodils and delicate purple pansies, representing the vibrant awakening and fertile energy of the April New Moon/Solar Eclipse.

The New Hare Moon shines as a symbol of fertility and renewal, offering a perfect moment to contemplate these fundamental themes amidst the blossoming spring season:

Celebrate Life's Renewal:

The New Hare Moon marks a season of fertility and rebirth, inviting us to connect with nature's resurgence and the cycle of renewal. It's a time to appreciate the beauty in new beginnings and the potential they hold.

Purify and Make Way for the New:

This lunar phase encourages us to cleanse our lives, refreshing our spaces and selves. It's an opportunity to release the past, clearing a path for growth and new possibilities, aligning with spring's rejuvenating energy.

Embrace Progress with Patience:

Progress unfolds naturally, mirroring the gentle shift from winter to spring. The New Hare Moon reminds us to move forward with grace, trusting the timing of our personal growth. It celebrates the strength found in gentle, steady advancement and the unfolding of our aspirations.

Enter the Daring and Bold Realm of Aries

A serene lamb stands amidst a field of bluebells, capturing the essence of Aries' bold and pioneering spirit, set against the vibrant rebirth of nature during the New Moon phase.

Aries, symbolized by the ram, embodies the essence of courage, initiative, and leadership. Ruling the first house, this zodiac sign combines a fearless, pioneering spirit with a passionate drive for individuality and action. Aries is about forging ahead with boldness and confidence, excelling in environments that challenge their strength and valor.

As a cardinal fire sign, Aries ignites action with enthusiasm and determination, focusing on personal achievements and the pursuit of excitement. This makes those born under Aries naturally inclined leaders, capable of inspiring others with their assertiveness and relentless energy.

Guided by Mars, the planet of power, aggression, and physical energy, Aries thrives on competition and the thrill of the challenge. Mars' influence bolsters Aries' physical vigor and competitive nature, enhancing their determination to conquer any obstacle. This planetary guidance fuels their desire for adventure and their fearless approach to life.

The ram symbol reflects Aries' headstrong and adventurous nature, portraying a being committed to pioneering and exploration. This symbolizes Aries' assertive and sometimes impulsive tendencies, always ready to leap into action and lead the way, embodying the essence of courage and individuality.

Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse Lessons 

With this New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries, we are called to embrace the fiery lessons that this sign brings to light: 

Reevaluate Self-Relationship:

The Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse invites deep introspection into how we perceive and treat ourselves. It’s a time to reflect on our self-image, inner dialogue, and the way we express our needs and desires. Encouraged by Aries’ emphasis on individuality, this phase prompts us to reassess our authenticity, identify where we may be compromising ourselves, and find ways to foster our personal growth and happiness.

Adopt Transparent Honesty:

Aries’ hallmark of directness calls for us to embrace transparency in our communications. This period urges us to express ourselves with clear integrity, removing any ambiguity from our interactions. It’s an opportunity to align our words and actions with our true intentions, promoting straightforward and sincere exchanges.

Lead with Confidence:

The Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse empowers us to take leadership in both personal and professional realms. Aries, representing the warrior and pioneer, motivates us to confidently steer our endeavors. Now is the time to reevaluate our objectives, hone our strategies, and lead our projects with boldness. Embracing Aries’ courageous spirit, we are equipped to overcome obstacles and chart a successful course. 

The themes of the Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse encourage us to take charge of our lives, fostering a spirit of independence, sincerity, and the joy of self-discovery. This celestial event steers us toward a vibrant, assured way of being.

Other Astrological Happenings 

A hand holding a white teacup filled with fresh, green herbs, overlaid with the affirmation 'My Vision is crystal clear even in chaos' repeated against a backdrop of striped blue and white fabric, symbolizing clarity and focus during the Aries New Moon.

With all lunations there are various factors that provide subtle influences from the heavenly bodies above on both the individual and the collective of society at large. Here are a few important astrological and planetary placements to consider and work with under the culmination of this New Moon: 

Mercury Retrograde 

Starting April 1st, we find ourselves in the first Mercury Retrograde of the year, a phase that calls for reflection, careful reassessment, and patience amidst communication, travel, and technological challenges. Coinciding with April Fools' Day, this timing adds a touch of irony, encouraging us not to take the inevitable hiccups too seriously and to maintain a sense of humor.

This period is an opportunity to pause and reconsider our approaches to communication, projects, and our reliance on technology, advocating for a more thoughtful pace. It's a crucial time for double-checking facts and fostering clearer, more patient interactions. Misunderstandings may be more common now, yet this phase also holds potential for revealing truths and deepening our insights into both personal and professional spheres.

Amidst Aries' impulsive energy, Mercury Retrograde advises a balance between action and contemplation. It's a reminder to harness Aries' drive for action with careful planning and patience. This approach helps us avoid miscommunications and errors, transforming challenges into chances for careful progress and strategy refinement.

Throughout this Mercury Retrograde, we're encouraged to prioritize reflection over action, to fine-tune rather than initiate, and to communicate with intention. By adapting to this period's demands, we can leverage its challenges as opportunities for growth and clarity, laying a stronger groundwork for the future as Mercury goes direct.

Solar Eclipse Along Aries/Libra Axis 

This Solar Eclipse unfolds under the vibrant Aries Sun, featuring an awe-inspiring celestial event where the Moon aligns with the Sun, casting a shadow that momentarily dims our daylight. This occurrence, part of a sequence spanning from April 20th, 2023, to March 25th, 2025, along the Aries-Libra axis, invites us to explore the delicate dance between assertiveness (Aries) and collaboration (Libra). 

Amid this Solar Eclipse, the cosmos advises against elaborate rituals or spellwork. Instead, it offers a natural orchestration of energetic shifts, promoting a period of rest, meditation, and introspection. As the Sun and Moon conjure their magic, it’s a prime moment to yield to eclipse energies, embracing quietude to discover or illuminate aspects of our lives needing attention.

This celestial phase may also cast light on the global and personal arenas' ongoing struggle between authoritative dominance and democratic leadership. Be mindful of this time revealing the stark contrast between pursuits for personal gain versus collective well-being.

Common sensations during this eclipse include a drain on energy or emotions, feelings of lethargy, mood fluctuations, a lack of focus, disturbances in sleep patterns, or an uptick in vivid dreams. These experiences, particularly any intense dreams, warrant close attention—they may carry significant messages.

Now is the time for introspection, allowing the quiet brought on by this Solar Eclipse to infuse clarity into your considerations. Despite the energetic backdrop of Aries Season urging action, this period of calm offers invaluable insight, preparing you to harness Aries' dynamic energy effectively as you move forward.

Witch Tip: This is a lot of chaotic energy and the best way to combat it is to flow with it rather than against it. If things go weird, wrong, or not as planned, keep it easy breezy covergirl and allow space for redirection and change. 

New Hare Moon Correspondences 

A cozy and mystical setting with a lit egg-shaped candle in an egg holder, chocolate eggs wrapped in gold foil, a small bouquet of baby's breath, and freshly baked cookies on a dark wooden table, alluding to the warmth and renewal themes of the Aries New Moon.

Embrace the energy of the New Hare Moon with these essential correspondences, crafted to enhance your rituals and spiritual reflections during this lunation. 

Whether you are taking your first steps on your lunar journey or are a seasoned practitioner, these elements provide a rich source of inspiration for deepening your connection to this distinctive lunar phase. 

New Hare Moon Herbal Allies 

An illustration of Passiflora incarnata, also known as passionflower, displaying its intricate purple and white flowers, lush green leaves, and coiling tendrils, alongside its fruit, representing the plant's calming properties in herbal medicine.
A Botanical Image of Passiflora Incarnata (Artist: Unknown)

Enhance your New Moon rituals with these powerful plants who can aid you if the energy of this lunar phase plus the eclipse, and Mercury retrograde is too stimulating on your nervous system: 

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata): 

Emblematic of tranquility, Passionflower is revered for its calming effects, particularly in reducing anxiety and promoting restful sleep. Its gentle sedative properties soothe the nervous system, making it an ally in times of stress or insomnia.

How to Consume: Passionflower can be enjoyed as a tea, offering a peaceful respite at day's end, or taken as a tincture or capsule for more concentrated support. Its delicate floral notes make it a pleasant addition to nighttime routines, inviting relaxation and serene slumber.

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis):

A beacon of light and calm, Lemon Balm uplifts the spirit while gently easing anxiety, restlessness, and minor digestive discomfort. This herb harmonizes the mind-body connection, fostering a sense of ease and well-being.

How to Consume: Lemon Balm can be savored in teas, blended into herbal infusions, or consumed as a tincture or supplement. Its subtle lemony fragrance and flavor enhance its soothing effects, making it a delightful herb for nurturing relaxation and digestive health.

Hops (Humulus lupulus):

Hops, with its robust sedative qualities, are traditionally used to improve sleep quality and ease restlessness. This nervine herb contributes to a relaxed state of mind, reducing anxiety and paving the way for a restful night's sleep.

How to Consume: Often found in sleep-promoting tea blends, Hops can also be taken as a tincture or in capsule form. Its distinctive bitter flavor is best balanced with other herbs, contributing to a potent relaxation blend.

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis):

Known as nature's sedative, Valerian root deeply relaxes the nervous system, aiding in the reduction of anxiety and improving sleep quality. Its grounding energy promotes a calm, peaceful state, facilitating a deep and restorative sleep.

How to Consume: Valerian can be consumed as a tea, though its earthy taste may be an acquired preference, or taken as a tincture or capsule for ease of use. Its powerful relaxant properties make it a staple herb for those seeking a natural way to unwind and rest.

Understanding Nervines:

Nervines are a category of herbs specifically revered for their ability to support the nervous system. These botanicals offer a calming and stabilizing effect, helping to ease stress, anxiety, and tension. Incorporating nervines into your daily routine, especially during moments of heightened stress or before bedtime, can significantly contribute to mental and emotional equilibrium.

This traditional use, deeply rooted in herbal medicine, promotes relaxation, supports restful sleep, and fosters overall well-being by nurturing the body's innate capacity for self-regulation and balance.

Witch Tip: Integrating these nervines into your evening routine, especially under the calming influence of the night sky, can enhance their soothing effects. This practice not only aligns you with the rhythms of nature but also supports your journey toward inner peace and rejuvenation.

Witch’s Safety Disclaimer: While herbs offer a multitude of health benefits, it's essential to approach herbal supplementation with caution and awareness. Not all herbs are suitable for everyone, and their interactions with medications or conditions can vary. Always consult with a healthcare professional, such as a doctor or a qualified herbalist, before starting any new herbal regimen, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have existing health concerns. Remember, natural does not automatically mean safe for everyone. Use this information as a guide and not as a substitute for professional medical advice.

New Hare Moon Animal Allies 

A group of chickens perched on a fallen log in a lush green setting, evoking the themes of natural order and community associated with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries.

𓃹 Hare:

A symbol of fertility, quickness, and the dawn of spring. Hares, with their rapid movements and breeding prowess, embody the spirit of new beginnings and the vibrant energy of the natural world reawakening.

They resonate with the themes of the Hare Moon, reminding us of the rapid pace at which life can transform, celebrating the rebirth that comes with spring, and the dynamic changes we experience in our own lives.

Hares encourage us to embrace change with agility and to find joy in the renewal and boundless possibilities that spring offers, fostering a sense of growth and vitality in our journey.

𓃹 Horse:

Emblematic of freedom, strength, and the power of movement. Horses, with their majestic presence and powerful strides, symbolize the expansive energy and the spirit of adventure that accompany the changing seasons.

They align with the themes of the Hare Moon, inspiring us to embrace the freedom of the open field, the strength within us, and the joy of galloping towards new horizons.

Horses remind us to take charge of our direction with confidence and to revel in the sheer power and grace of life's journey, encouraging us to pursue our paths with vigor and passion.

𓃹 Falcon:

Representative of precision, vision, and the heights of achievement. Falcons, known for their extremely sharp eyesight and remarkable hunting abilities, mirror the Hare Moon's focus on clarity of purpose and the pursuit of one's goals.

As creatures that soar to great heights, they teach us the value of a clear perspective, the importance of focusing on our aspirations, and the thrill of diving into opportunities with precision and determination.

Falcons guide us to view our lives with sharp insight and to embrace the challenges and triumphs of the journey with a focused and fearless spirit.

𓃹 Chicken:

A symbol of fertility, new beginnings, and the cycles of life. Chickens, with their daily contributions of eggs and their role in the farmyard ecosystem, embody the essence of continuous creation and the nurturing of life.

They resonate with the themes of the Hare Moon, reminding us of the simple yet profound cycles of growth and renewal that pervade our lives.

Chickens encourage us to appreciate the daily renewals, the nurturing of potential, and the joy found in the rhythms of nature, fostering a sense of connectedness and abundance in our lives.

Runes & Tarot 

A spread of tarot cards featuring the sun and the King of Cups, a candle, and a tin of Rosebud Salve, arranged on a quilt alongside a cup of herbal tea, signifying the introspection and clarity brought forth by the Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse.

Engage with the following tarot cards and runes to align and seek clarity during this New Moon. 

*Please note: I've personally cast and shuffled these runes and cards, tuning into the collective energy for insights during this lunar phase.


Uruz: Strength and Resilience

Uruz, meaning "Aurochs," symbolizes strength, raw energy, and the untamed aspects of nature. This rune embodies the primal force and endurance of the aurochs, an ancient and now-extinct species of wild cattle, channeling the vitality and resilience required to face life's challenges. Much like the formidable aurochs it represents, Uruz serves as a reminder of our inner strength and the instinctual power that lies within us, urging us to tap into our potential and to overcome obstacles with courage and determination.

The essence of Uruz is one of transformation and regeneration, mirroring the aurochs' ability to navigate harsh environments and emerge stronger. It encourages us to embrace change, harnessing our inherent toughness and adaptability to thrive under any circumstances. Uruz's presence in our Lunar forecast signifies a period of profound growth and the awakening of dormant energies, inspiring us to assert our independence and to boldly claim our space in the world.

Moreover, Uruz emphasizes the importance of facing life with a fierce heart and an unwavering spirit. It resonates with the raw, unrefined aspects of our being that, when honed and directed, can lead to significant breakthroughs and achievements.

An effective way to connect with the energy of Uruz is to engage in activities that ground you in your body and the natural world. Physical exertion, whether through exercise, outdoor labor, or simply walking in nature, can help you embody the strength and resilience Uruz represents.

Sowilo: Success and Illumination

Sowilo, meaning "Sun," is the rune of success, navigation, and the vital energy that sustains life. This rune embodies the essence of the sun itself, radiating warmth, vitality, and the promise of illumination. Just as the sun traverses the sky, bringing light to dispel shadows, Sowilo is a beacon of clarity, guiding us toward our highest truth and potential. Its nature is akin to that of a guiding star, offering direction and encouragement to pursue our paths with confidence and purpose.

Like the sun's relentless journey across the heavens, Sowilo symbolizes the unstoppable force of willpower, success, and the pursuit of personal excellence. It inspires a divine warmth within us, fueling our ambitions and lighting the way through darkness. Sowilo’s presence in our Lunar forecast is a powerful omen of victory and achievement, urging us to bask in the glow of our accomplishments and to harness the energy of the sun for personal growth and enlightenment.

Sowilo also carries the significant message of navigation, reflecting the sun’s historical use by the seafaring Northern Germanic people who relied on the sun to chart their courses across the unknown seas. This ancient practice of celestial navigation highlights Sowilo's role as a guiding light that can help us navigate challenges and decisions with clarity and purpose. 

An effective way to tap into the energy of Sowilo is to stand in the sunlight or face directly east to where the sun rises, close your eyes, and feel the warmth on your face. As you soak in the sun's rays, visualize its energy filling you with strength and clarity. This simple act connects you to the ancient power of Sowilo, aligning you with the sun’s endless vitality and the rune’s promise of success.

Ansuz: Communication and Divine Insight

Ansuz meaning “God” or “Mouth” is the rune of communication, divine messages, and the potency of words. The very nature of this rune is deeply tied to the god Odin who is a notorious trickster, poet, shaman, and wandering nomad. Much like Odin, the rune Ansuz inspires divine ecstasy that brings forth inspiration, and maybe even madness, as well as the binding power of words and sounds that give our stream of thought a material form. 

Breath, language, poetry, and ideas are all conscious parts that effortlessly flow out of this rune, and its presence in our Lunar forecast brings a powerful message. Ansuz is directly linked to the very essence of human consciousness, expression, and communication. This rune encourages us to express our truths boldly and to remain open to wisdom that may come our way. Ansuz invites us to engage in clear, inspired communication, fostering connections that are built on honesty and mutual understanding, reflective of Aries' straightforward nature.

An easy way to connect with the energy of Ansuz is to simply take a deep breath in through your nose making sure to fill your stomach with air on your inhale, and then as you exhale do so through your mouth and listen for the whooshing sound of your breath that goes “whoooooo”. That is the energetic signature of Ansuz which is deeply intertwined with our mouth and breath. 


𓇢𓆸 Page of Wands: Creative Beginnings and Courageous Ventures 

The presence of the Page of Wands in a reading is a vibrant herald of imaginative beginnings, echoing the energy of initiating ventures that sparkle with creativity and zeal. This card embodies the nascent spark of an idea or passion, suggesting that a new and exhilarating prospect has made its way into our lives. With the Page of Wands making its appearance, it's a signal that something innovative and full of potential is on the horizon, ready to be explored and developed.

This card represents the budding opportunity to channel our raw enthusiasm and vibrant energy into a project or path that has ignited our interest. It encourages us to lean into the excitement of these fresh starts, reminding us that the fervor we possess for this new adventure is a powerful catalyst for growth and discovery.

However, the Page of Wands also acknowledges the common apprehension of feeling unprepared or too inexperienced to embark on such ventures. If you find yourself hesitating, concerned about your lack of expertise or the risk involved, this card serves as your encouragement to proceed. It's a message that the time is ripe for embracing what stirs your spirit, urging you not to let doubts about skills or experience deter you. Instead, embrace the opportunity to dive into the unknown, learning and expanding as you go.

The Page of Wands, under the current celestial influences, invites us to seize the initiative with both hands, embracing the journey of innovation and self-expression. This card assures us that embarking on this path is not just about the destination but about the enriching experiences and growth that come from venturing into new territories. It's a call to action to pursue our passions with open hearts and minds, ready to embrace the abundance and success that awaits us as we step into the realm of possibilities with courage and optimism.

𓇢𓆸 King of Cups: Emotional Wisdom and Steady Leadership 

The appearance of the King of Cups signifies the mastery of emotional depth and the power of calm leadership. This card embodies the power of emotional intelligence, suggesting that a period of stability and compassion has entered our lives. With the King of Cups making his presence known, it indicates that we are in a position to navigate our feelings and those of others with wisdom and empathy, offering a steady hand in turbulent waters.

This card symbolizes the mature handling of relationships and emotional matters, encouraging us to balance our heart and mind in decision-making. It urges us to draw upon our inner reserves of understanding and kindness, reminding us that our capacity for emotional connection is a significant source of strength and leadership.

Moreover, the King of Cups recognizes the challenges of managing complex emotions and the necessity of emotional equilibrium. If you find yourself in a situation requiring diplomacy or a nuanced understanding of human dynamics, this card reassures you of your capability to provide guidance and support. It's a testament to the power of compassionate leadership and the positive impact of maintaining emotional integrity in all dealings.

Under this New Hare Moon, the King of Cups calls for us to embody grace and emotional acuity, embracing the role of a wise counselor or a nurturing leader. This card highlights the importance of emotional maturity in fostering healthy relationships and environments, assuring us that navigating life's emotional waters with kindness and understanding leads to deeper connections and mutual respect.

The King of Cups, with its emphasis on emotional wisdom, invites us to lead with our hearts, showing us that true leadership comes from understanding, patience, and the ability to remain composed amidst chaos. It's an encouragement to embrace our emotional depth as a source of strength, guiding us towards a path of emotional fulfillment and the achievement of a harmonious and compassionate existence.

𓇢𓆸 Five of Cups: Reflection, Loss, and Renewed Hope

Finally, the  Five of Cups appears in our reading to signal a moment of reflection on loss and disappointment, yet it also carries the undercurrent of hope and moving forward. This card describes a moment of grief and the process of coming to terms with what has been left behind. With the Five of Cups making its presence known, it highlights the importance of acknowledging our sorrows and the feelings of regret that may accompany certain life events, emphasizing the necessity of facing our emotions to heal and grow which the King of Cups alluded to prior.

This card represents the journey through sadness, where focusing too much on what has been lost can blind us to the possibilities that still exist. It encourages us to lift our gaze from the spilled cups to the ones still standing, symbolizing the unexplored opportunities and undeveloped prospects that await us. The Five of Cups urges us to find a balance between mourning our losses and recognizing the potential for new beginnings and emotional renewal.

Moreover, the Five of Cups speaks to the resilience of our spirit in the face of emotional hardship. If you find yourself grappling with disappointment or sorrow, this card serves as a gentle reminder that not all is lost. There is still a path forward that leads out of the shadows of past regrets, guided by the light of hope and the strength found in acceptance.

The Five of Cups invites us to delve into our feelings, to truly understand the depth of our disappointments, and to begin the healing process. This card underscores the significance of emotional recovery and the courage it takes to look beyond our immediate grief to the future that awaits us.

The Five of Cups, with its emphasis on recovery and moving forward, encourages us to acknowledge our losses while also opening our soul to the promise of new possibilities. It teaches us that healing comes from embracing both our vulnerabilities and our capacity for resilience, guiding us towards a future where we can find joy and fulfillment once again. It's a call to action to shift our focus from what has been to what can be, embracing the lessons learned and the growth achieved through our experiences of loss.

Witch Tip: read through this section and see what parallels and messages you can find within the runes and cards to see how they may relate to your life at the time of this New Moon? There are a lot of interesting parallels between the runes and the tarot cards? Can you spot them? Align with your intuition to find the guidance that has patiently been waiting for you. 

Body Parts for Physical Workings 

A person holds a small mirror reflecting their eye and curls, amidst a verdant garden scene, suggesting self-reflection and the personal insights available during the Aries New Moon.

Under this New Hare Moon, attention is drawn to the bold and pioneering spirit of Aries, guiding us to focus on the parts of our body that fall under its influence: the head, face, and muscles. These areas are crucial for initiating action and embodying the assertive essence of Aries. 

Here's a simple guide to recognizing their significance and fostering their well-being in sync with this New Moon: 

Head & Face 

  • Importance: The head and face are not only central to our identity and expressions but also house the brain, our decision-making and action-initiating organ. This resonates with Aries' leadership qualities and its role in beginning cycles. 
  • Maintaining Health: Regular mental exercises, adequate hydration, and ensuring sufficient rest can promote the health of the brain. Skincare routines that cater to your individual needs can keep the face fresh and vibrant.


  • Importance: Muscles symbolize the strength and action-oriented nature of Aries, enabling movement and physical activity, which are vital for maintaining our body's vitality and vigor. 
  • Maintaining Health: Engaging in regular physical activity, ensuring proper nutrition with a focus on proteins and vitamins that support muscle repair and growth, and allowing time for muscle recovery and rest are essential for maintaining muscular health.

Aligning with the New Hare Moon in Aries, focusing on and empowering these areas of the body can enhance our overall well-being, mirroring the energetic and courageous essence of Aries.

New Hare Moon Crystals 

Engage with and utilize some of the following crystals that are known for their gentle and comforting energy to align with the New Moon:

𓃹 Mangano Calcite: to nurture the sacred heart within 

𓃹 Rhodonite: for Emotional balance 

𓃹 Apricot Agate: to attract sweet peace 

𓃹 Garnierite: to attract wisdom and great healing 


𓇢𓆸 Pastel yellow 

𓇢𓆸 Pastel Pink 

𓇢𓆸 Pastel green 

𓇢𓆸 Pastel purple

Deities & Spirits for the New Hare Moon 

A statue of the goddess Ixchel seated on a crescent moon with a rainbow arching behind her against a blue sky with clouds, symbolizing fertility, medicine, and weaving in Mayan culture, resonating with themes of femininity and creation.
A statue of the Goddess Ixchel at the Temple of Ixchel in Isla Mujeres "The Isle of Women"

𓃹 Rhiannon:

In Welsh mythology, Rhiannon, associated with horses and the moon, embodies the themes of resilience, transformation, and the pursuit of justice. Much like the seasonal shift celebrated by the Hare Moon, Rhiannon’s story—from being falsely accused and then vindicated to her deep connections with horses—reflects themes of overcoming obstacles and renewal.

As the New Hare Moon rises, it echoes Rhiannon’s enduring spirit, reminding us to persevere through trials, trust in the process of transformation, and find empowerment in truth. Her narrative inspires us to embrace the journey of healing and the rebirth that follows adversity, offering strength and guidance as we navigate our own paths of renewal and redemption.

𓃹 Freyja:

In Norse mythology, Freyja, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, as well as war and death, represents the multifaceted nature of life and the balance between opposing forces. The New Hare Moon, with its emphasis on fertility and new beginnings, mirrors Freyja’s domains of passion and regeneration.

Her presence during this lunar phase encourages us to embrace love in all its forms, to seek beauty and pleasure in the world around us, and to acknowledge the depth and complexity of our emotional landscapes. Freyja’s warrior aspect reminds us that strength and vulnerability are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary forces that drive growth and transformation.

𓃹 Ixchel:

In Mayan mythology, Ixchel, the goddess of the moon, love, and fertility, as well as weaving and medicine, reflects the interconnectedness of life, creativity, and healing. The New Hare Moon’s emphasis on renewal and fertility echoes Ixchel’s nurturing and creative energies.

Her presence inspires us to harness our creative potential, to weave our dreams into reality, and to embrace the healing powers of love and compassion. Ixchel reminds us of the cyclical nature of life and the importance of balance and harmony in fostering health and wellness, both in ourselves and in our relationships with others.

𓃹 Flower Fairies:

Embodiments of the spirits of flowers, representing the natural magic and vitality of the earth’s flora. As the New Hare Moon marks a time of heightened growth and fertility, the flower fairies symbolize the delicate strength, beauty, and ephemeral nature of life in bloom.

Their presence during this lunar phase encourages us to connect with the subtle magic all around us, to find joy and wonder in the natural world, and to nurture the growth and flourishing of our own inner gardens. These nature spirits remind us of the importance of tending to the small, beautiful moments and the magic inherent in nature’s cycles of growth and renewal.

 New Hare Moon/Solar Eclipse Activities

A decorative round mirror with a detailed white frame, reflecting a lush backdrop of light pink morning glory flowers, symbolizing self-reflection and the blossoming possibilities of the New Moon in Aries.

For the New Hare Moon and the accompanying Solar Eclipse, engaging in activities that resonate with themes of rebirth, rest, introspection, and the profound transformation brought by this celestial occurrence beautifully aligns with the New Moon's current essence. Below are some carefully curated activities to enhance your experience of the New Hare Moon/Solar Eclipse:

Rest and Recharge:

The energy of the eclipse is intense and may leave us feeling drained. Whenever possible, dedicate time specifically for rest and rejuvenation. This could mean indulging in a favorite book, engaging in gentle stretches, meditating, or simply allowing yourself a refreshing nap. Use this time to nourish your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being, creating a sanctuary of peace and regeneration.

Declutter Your Space:

Coinciding with a period of release, this Eclipse presents the perfect opportunity for a thorough decluttering of your living environment. If you've been contemplating a closet clean-out or home declutter, now is the ideal time to part with items that no longer serve you, freeing up both physical and mental space. Undertaking this clear-out as a ritual during the New Moon/Solar Eclipse can amplify the sense of letting go and renewal.

Digital Detox:

While staying on top of essential tasks and communications is important, consider setting aside part of your evening or night to disconnect from digital devices. This digital detox allows for a return to self, especially if you've been feeling disconnected, aimless, or mentally cluttered. Allocating time away from screens can open up space for rest, deep reflection, engaging in a creative hobby, or fostering closer connections with loved ones. Integrating this practice into your New Moon and Solar Eclipse rituals can be a profoundly grounding and clarifying experience.


A vibrant display of multicolored tulips in full bloom, representing the blossoming and diverse potentials available during the Aries New Moon in April 2024.

Let the New Hare Moon in Aries motivate you to assert your will, to initiate meaningful changes, and to celebrate the relentless drive that propels life forward. This is a time to reflect on personal empowerment, fresh starts, and the vast expanse of potential that awaits us. Whether through energetic ritual, contemplative meditation, or embracing the fiery themes of Aries, this phase is a vibrant reminder of our capacity for self-direction and the perpetual cycles of action and evolution.


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