Close-up of vibrant green acorns nestled among the rich, dark green lobed leaves of an oak tree, symbolizing new beginnings and growth, in alignment with the New Oak December Moon and the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius.

Illuminating the New Oak Moon in Sagittarius: A Guide to Growth & Prosperity

On December 12th, 2023, at 3:32 PM PST in Sagittarius, the New Oak Moon marks the beginning of a fresh lunar cycle, aligning with the onset of winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

This guide explores the significance of the New Oak Moon, offering a comprehensive overview for those seeking insights, rituals, or moments of introspection.

Tailor your exploration to your needs—whether that means quickly browsing through or engaging deeply, this resource is your guide to a personal lunar journey.

Celebrating the New Oak Moon: How It Shaped Winter Survival

Close-up of vibrant green acorns nestled among the rich, dark green lobed leaves of an oak tree, symbolizing new beginnings and growth, in alignment with the New Oak December Moon and the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius.

The 'New Oak Moon' symbolizes the deep-rooted connection between nature and time, particularly prominent in December's lunar phase. This term, revered by both Indigenous tribes and European settlers in North America, served as a navigational aid in aligning lunar cycles with seasonal changes.

But why is it named the 'Oak Moon'?

The answer lies in the practicality of the season: during the frosty depths of December, oak wood was indispensable. It provided essential warmth and means for cooking, a critical resource for survival during the harsh winter months. This name thus reflects both a natural phenomenon and a historical reliance on nature's resources for human endurance.

New Oak Moon Themes: Cultivating Inner Strength and Deepening Nature Connections

Draw Inspiration from the New Oak Moon:

  • Embrace Your Strength: Just like the steadfast oak braves winter, let the New Oak Moon inspire your inner fortitude. It's a time to face life's challenges with renewed vigor and resilience.
  • Reconnect with Nature: This moon phase is a beautiful reminder of our deep ties to the natural world. It encourages us to live in harmony with our surroundings, acknowledging our role in the greater ecosystem.
  • Transform and Renew: The oak sheds its leaves in a cycle of renewal, a process mirrored by the New Oak Moon. Use this time to let go of what no longer serves you, making room for new beginnings and personal growth.

Embracing the Spirit of Sagittarius: The Adventurous Philosopher

Painting of a centauress under a December moon, embodying the spirit of Sagittarius. With her human torso rising from a horse's body, she reaches out to a branch, as if to touch the moon. The scene blends mythology with astrology, reflecting the adventurous and free-spirited nature of Sagittarius against a backdrop of an ancient oak tree bathed in the soft moonlight.

John La Farge (American, 1835-1910). Centauress, 1887

Sagittarius, symbolized by the centaur aiming an arrow skyward, epitomizes a relentless quest for knowledge and exploration. This zodiac sign, ruling the ninth house, seamlessly blends adventurous spirit with a philosopher's wisdom.

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius embodies a passionate, expansive approach to life, prioritizing wisdom and exploration. This orientation naturally equips Sagittarians with a keen ability to unearth deep truths and traverse diverse life journeys.

Governed by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and higher learning, Sagittarius' traits of adventure and scholarship are magnified. Jupiter's influence enhances their capacity to explore new realms and assimilate wisdom, adeptly navigating belief systems, philosophical concepts, and spiritual growth.

Reflecting Jupiter’s qualities, Sagittarius fosters an environment of adventure and wisdom, driven by an unquenchable thirst for truth, which truly captures the essence of the sign.

Lessons from the New Oak Moon in Sagittarius:

With this New Oak Moon nestled in the sign of Sagittarius, it's worth considering the following lessons that the mutable fire sign has to offer:

  • Embrace Adventure: Sagittarius encourages you to embrace adventure and explore new horizons, both literally and figuratively. It's a time to break free from routine and seek out new experiences.
  • Expand Your Mind: This is an ideal time for expanding your knowledge and understanding of the world. Whether through travel, education, or simply exploring different perspectives, Sagittarius encourages a broadened perspective.
  • Seek Truth: Sagittarius has a strong affinity for seeking the truth and living in alignment with one's beliefs. It prompts you to reflect on your own beliefs and values and make any necessary adjustments.

Witch Tip: Harness the Oak Tree's Power in Your Spellwork. The oak tree is powerfully aligned with Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, making it a potent Jovian (Jupiter-related) plant ally. Its strong connection to Jupiter's themes, such as growth, prosperity, and abundance, makes the mighty oak an ideal choice for enhancing spells focused on these aspects.

Understanding the New Oak Moon-Neptune Square: Tackling Procrastination and Self-Deception

Close-up photograph of vigorous waves crashing onto a pebbled shore, symbolizing the dynamic energy of the New Oak December Moon in Sagittarius. The restless movement of the water reflects the mutable quality of Sagittarius, while the clarity of the image captures the tension of the moon squared with Neptune, suggesting a search for balance between exploration and introspection.

The New Oak Moon in Sagittarius, squared with Neptune, brings a complex astrological dynamic. In astrology, a square occurs when two celestial bodies are at a 90-degree angle, indicating tension and potential conflict. This particular square between the New Moon and Neptune is likely to trigger procrastination and self-deception, creating hurdles in pursuing our significant goals, which Sagittarius influences.

The New Moon, a symbol of new beginnings, aligns closely with our innermost desires. At the same time, Neptune governs our dreams and intuition, often luring us towards escapism. This alignment challenges us to distinguish between fantasy and reality. It urges us to pursue our aspirations realistically while staying in touch with our creative and imaginative selves.

New Oak Moon Magic: Essential Elements and Correspondences

A mystical altar bathed in the warm, diffused light of a secluded room, capturing the essence of the New Oak December Moon in Sagittarius. Ritualistic objects, including candles emitting wisps of smoke, brass bowls, a ceremonial cup, and an ornate bell, are thoughtfully arranged on a cloth-covered table. The scene evokes the expansive and spiritual energy of Sagittarius, inviting reflection and introspection during this lunar phase.

Embrace the power of the New Oak Moon with these essential correspondences, designed to enrich your rituals and spiritual practices. Whether you're just beginning your lunar journey or are an experienced practitioner, these elements offer a wealth of inspiration for deepening your connection to this unique lunar event.

Herbal and Resinous Allies for the New Oak Moon:

Vivid holly leaves and bright red berries stand out in a wintry scene, symbolizing the enduring vitality during the New Oak December Moon in Sagittarius. The holly, with its prickly edges and hardy nature, represents the resilient and adventurous spirit of Sagittarius, while the berries add a pop of color, hinting at the fiery energy of this zodiac sign during the quiet chill of December.

Incorporate the following herbs, barks, roots, essential oils, or even fruit into your practices to align with this New Moon’s Energy:

꩜ Pine 

꩜ Juniper 

꩜ Holly 

꩜ Nutmeg 

꩜ Cranberries 

꩜ Rosehip

Animal Allies for the New Oak Moon:

Harness the energies of these animal allies, renowned for their strength, endurance, and connection to nature, to resonate with the New Oak Moon:

𓆱 Deer: Symbolic of grace, gentleness, and connection to the forest.

𓆱 Eagle: A powerful symbol of vision, freedom, and spiritual insight.

𓆱 Bear: Associated with strength, courage, and introspection.

𓆱 Wolf: A symbol of community, intuition, and the wild spirit within.

Runes & Tarot for the New Oak Moon:

An evocative tarot spread featuring the Ace of Wands, Queen of Pentacles, and Seven of Swords cards, laid out next to a smoldering bundle of herbs, a crystal sphere, and scattered petals. This mystical arrangement captures the introspective and guiding energy of the New Oak December Moon in Sagittarius, suggesting a time for seeking wisdom and direction through spiritual practices.

Engage with the following tarot cards and runes to align and seek clarity during the New Oak Moon:

Please note: I've personally cast and shuffled these runes and cards, tuning into the collective energy for insights during this lunar phase.

Runes for the New Oak Moon:


Kenaz, represented by the 'ᚲ' rune, symbolizes knowledge, illumination, and creativity. It encapsulates enlightenment, understanding, and the transformative power of passion. This rune encourages the pursuit of wisdom and inspiration, highlighting the role of knowledge in achieving enlightenment.

Kenaz stands as a symbol of intellectual growth and creative awakening. It suggests that true wisdom emerges from the light of understanding and awareness. Representing the creative and transformative fire, it guides towards clarity, learning, and skill mastery.

As a reminder, Kenaz signifies that insight and creativity are key in navigating challenges, fostering innovative ideas and solutions.


Tiwaz, marked by the 'ᛏ' rune, represents victory, honor, and justice. It embodies strength, leadership, and the pursuit of noble goals, advocating for steadfastness to principles and maintaining fairness and integrity.

This rune signifies a period of personal fortitude and leadership, emphasizing that true victory comes from honorable actions and commitment to noble causes. Tiwaz is a symbol of standing firmly for justice and righteousness.

𓁺 Odin’s Rune

The Odin's Rune, represented by a blank rune, is a modern addition to rune readings, unlikely to have been part of historical practices. However, its role in contemporary divination is significant.

In modern readings, this blank rune symbolizes the unknown and unpredictable aspects of fate. Its presence suggests that some mysteries are beyond our understanding, indicating that the current question or situation may not have a definitive answer or outcome. It serves as a reminder of the limits of our knowledge regarding fate's intricacies.

Tarot for the New Oak Moon:

𓆱 Five of Swords

The Five of Swords symbolizes the complex nature of conflict, underscoring the notion that victory often comes with significant costs. It serves as a reminder that winning can carry a heavy price, particularly in terms of damaged relationships or compromised principles.

This card encourages introspection following a conflict, urging you to reflect on what it truly means to win or lose. It highlights the importance of considering the consequences of your actions, both on yourself and others, and acknowledges the potential hollowness of a victory gained at the expense of valuable connections or ethics.

Furthermore, the Five of Swords is a call to learn from discord. It stresses the value of compromise and negotiation, and the often difficult lessons that arise from disagreements. This card invites you to reassess your approach to conflict, emphasizing empathy and understanding as key tools in resolving disputes and healing rifts.

𓆱 Ten of Pentacles

This card typically signifies a period of culmination and fulfillment, particularly in areas of family, wealth, and security. It indicates a phase where your hard work is paying off, allowing you to enjoy the stability and abundance you have cultivated.

The card prompts you to reflect on how your accomplishments affect you and your loved ones. It emphasizes the value of family and community bonds, suggesting your efforts contribute to a legacy that supports the well-being and prosperity of future generations. It's a reminder to cherish these connections and the sense of fulfillment they bring.

𓆱 Ace of Swords

This card represents the power of clarity and intellectual breakthroughs, often indicating a new or sudden understanding. It suggests you're experiencing a moment of clarity that dispels confusion or uncertainty, revealing truth and fostering a fresh outlook.

It encourages embracing clear thought and effective communication, emphasizing the value of truth and justice. The card advises using intellect and reason to tackle life's challenges and highlights the importance of facing truths, however difficult, with precise and honest thinking and communication.

Colors for the New Oak Moon:

Work with the following colors in your practices to resonate with the New Oak Moon:

  • 𓇼 Deep Green: For the energy of the oak tree and nature.
  • 𓇼 Gold: For abundance and expansion.
  • 𓇼 Purple: For spiritual insight and transformation.
  • 𓇼 Blood Red: For passion and courage.

Elements for the New Oak Moon:

Balance the elements of Fire 🜂 and Earth 🜃 during this New Moon.

Body Parts for Physical Workings for the New Oak Moon:

If you are looking to connect deeper with your body under this New Oak Moon in Sagittarius, the archer corresponds to the following body parts with a focus on the faculties and sensitivities present within our hips and legs.

  • 𓆱 Thighs: The seat of physical strength.
  • 𓆱 Hips: Representing flexibility and adaptability.
  • 𓆱 Liver: Associated with detoxification and renewal.

Crystals & Stones for the New Oak Moon:

Engage with and utilize some of the following transformative and healing crystals known for their brilliant green hue to align with the Oak New Moon.

  • 𓇼 Green Jade: to attract good luck 
  • 𓇼 Serpentine: for grounding yourself spiritually 
  • 𓇼 Buddstone: for creating graceful stability 
  • 𓇼 Moss Agate: for cultivating peaceful growth

Deities & Spirits for the New Oak Moon:

Portrait of a Slavic forest and hunting goddess, possibly Devana, set against a twilight backdrop. Her gaze is contemplative and strong, capturing the sagacious energy of the New Oak December Moon in Sagittarius. Adorned with traditional jewelry and an intricate headdress, her appearance is regal and embodies the untamed spirit of the wilderness, resonating with the adventurous and free-spirited nature of Sagittarius.

Devana by Andrey Alekseyevich Shishkin, 2013

𓆱 Athena/Minerva

Athena, also known as Minerva in Roman tradition, is the goddess of wisdom, strategy, and warfare. She is famously said to have emerged fully formed and armored from the head of her father, Zeus, also known to the Romans as Jupiter.

Athena is a prominent figure in ancient art, with numerous coins and statues bearing her image, and many temples were built in her honor. Legend holds that her birth occurred on a dark moon on the third day of the new month though some scholars debate this exact timing, however many have come to associate the dark moon with her.

Her main festival, the Panathenea, was an elaborate celebration held every four years. This grand event spanned several days, culminating on the 28th day of Hekatombaion, the first month of the ancient Athenian calendar.

𓆱 Freyja

Freyja, the venerable Norse goddess, embodies the potent trifecta of love, war, and witchcraft. She is often depicted majestically arriving in a chariot drawn by two gray cats.

According to Värend, Sweden's folk traditions, it is believed that during the Christmas season, Freyja graces the land. On Christmas Eve, she is thought to visit and gently shake the apple trees to endow them with the promise of a bountiful harvest.

As a gesture of gratitude and reverence, it is customary for the people to leave several apples untouched on the trees after the harvest, offering them to the benevolent goddess as a token of their appreciation.

𓆱 Devana

Devana is revered in Slavic mythology as the goddess of the wilderness, encompassing woods, nature, hunting, and the moon.

She is affectionately known as the "Mother of the Forest" and embodies aspects of war, fertility, and sexuality. Her veneration by contemporary Slavic pagans often includes the use of forest herbs, highlighting her role as a protector of natural remedies.

Depicted as a formidable and autonomous figure, Devana is imagined wandering the untamed wild lands, sword at the ready.

As Christianity spread among the Slavic peoples, the characteristics of Devana, a pagan deity, were either replaced or assimilated into the Christian figure of 'Matka Boza Gromniczna,' also known as 'Our Lady of the Thundering Candle'.

Road Opener Spell for the New Oak Moon

A close-up of a woman's hands gently shielding a flickering candle flame, the warmth of the light contrasting with the rich, dark textiles of her traditional clothing. This image conveys the contemplative energy of the New Oak December Moon in Sagittarius, symbolizing the light of wisdom and guidance during the introspective lunar cycle, and the protection of our inner flame against the cold, expansive winter night.

New Moons, especially during the New Oak Moon period, are ideal for initiating new endeavors. The influence of Jupiter, which fosters expansion, makes this time perfect for a Road Opener Spell. This spell is designed to clear obstacles and attract new opportunities.

Key Elements of the Spell:

  • Candles: Use red, orange, or green candles, symbolizing the clearing of paths.
  • Herbs: Incorporate basil, cinnamon, lemongrass, and vetiver. These herbs not only aid in the spell but also help in dispersing stagnant energy.
  • Location and Symbols: While traditionally performed at crossroads, you can adapt by using the symbol of an “X” to represent intersecting paths. Draw this symbol on your candle or place it near it.
  • Carving Intentions: Enhance the spell by carving your intentions directly onto the candle, focusing your thoughts and goals.
  • Keys: Include keys or key imagery as a part of your ritual to symbolize unlocking new paths.
  • Intention: Your intention is the most crucial component. While other elements serve as symbolic amplifiers, your focused intention is key to manifesting your goals in the material world.

Remember, the effectiveness of the spell hinges on the power of your intention, with other elements serving to enhance and direct this energy.

Final Reflections for the New Oak Moon

A lantern symbolizing the light of the December Oak Moon.

As the New Oak Moon rises in Sagittarius, it's a moment for us all to tap into its unique energy. This lunar phase is all about embodying strength, resilience, and a deeper bond with nature—qualities that mirror the enduring spirit of the oak tree.

In these times, just like the oak withstands the cold of winter, you too have the inner strength to overcome challenges. Let Sagittarius, the symbol of the free-spirited seeker, inspire you to broaden your horizons, embark on new adventures, and pursue your truths.


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