Navigating the Mourning Moon in Gemini: Finding Release and Relief

Navigating the Mourning Moon in Gemini: Finding Release and Relief

As the clock strikes 1:27 AM PST on November 27th the Full Mourning Moon will arrive.

With the coming of this Full Moon, it brings the conclusion of another lunar cycle into fruition. In this guide, we journey into the heart of the Mourning Moon’s Symbolism.

Mourning Moon Symbolism

In the still of the night, the November Full Mourning Moon ascends, its surface a mosaic of silver and shadow against the cosmic sea of darkness. This image captures the moon in breathtaking detail, highlighting the craters and seas that tell tales as old as time. The moon's ethereal glow is a beacon for contemplation and release, embodying the essence of the Mourning Moon's symbolism: reflection, transition, and the quiet anticipation of the winter ahead.

The November Full Moon earns its name, the Mourning Moon, from the changing seasons and the contemplative atmosphere that accompanies this time of year. The term "Mourning Moon" suggests a connection to the transitioning landscape as nature prepares for the winter months, shedding leaves and embracing a dormant period.

During this time of year, the world around us begins to engage in deep reflection and preparation for the colder season ahead as leaves fall and frost sets in. The name "Mourning Moon" captures the spirit of November, symbolizing a time of quiet reflection and readiness for the winter to come.

Unraveling the Deep-rooted Themes

The Mourning Moon is symbolically rich and significant, representing some of the following themes and ideas:

꩜ Stillness and Reflection:

This period invites us to engage in introspection and reflect on the changing seasons, both in nature and in our lives. As the cold of winter sets in we are encouraged to slow down and take stock of what it is we have in this season of stillness.

꩜ Preparation:

Just as nature prepares for the dormancy of winter, the Mourning Moon encourages us too to prepare and create solid foundations in our lives, fostering a sense of security and stability.

꩜ Adaptability:

The changing landscape and transition to winter highlight the need for adaptability and resilience. The Mourning Moon symbolizes our capacity to thrive in ever-changing circumstances, much like the natural world around us.

꩜ Release and Relief:

As the Mourning Moon graces the night sky, it invites us into a tranquil space, a sacred interlude between the fading autumn and the emerging winter. This celestial moment serves as a poignant reminder to turn inward, seeking solace within us amidst the shifting seasons.

In the delicate dance between fall's retreat and winter's arrival, the Mourning Moon encourages us to release that which weighs heavily on our hearts, ushering in a profound sense of relief.

Embracing the Connective Duality of the Twins

Under the November Full Mourning Moon in Gemini, the celestial twins manifest in the earthly bond between two individuals. This image evokes the duality of Gemini, showing two people lying on the ground, their hands nearly touching, reflecting the intimate yet distinct connection. The pale light casts their figures in a soft contrast against the sandy earth, symbolizing the Gemini themes of communication and connection, and the union of two souls mirroring the twin nature of the sign.

Gemini, the curious intellectual of the zodiac, rules the third house and is symbolized by the versatile twins, representing adaptability and communication. As a mutable air sign, Gemini approaches life with a multifaceted and communicative perspective, valuing curiosity and versatility above all.

They have an innate ability to explore the diverse facets of existence and unravel the complexities of communication, making them adept at navigating the intricate web of connections in their lives.

Under the airy influence of Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, Gemini's communicative and adaptable nature becomes evident. Mercury influences their ability to process information swiftly and engage in dynamic exchanges, making them skilled at handling matters of intellect, language, and connection.

Gemini embodies the qualities of Mercury, fostering an environment of versatility, communication, and unyielding intellectual curiosity, which mirrors the core essence of the sign.

Full Moon in Gemini Lessons

  • ꩜ What aspects of my life require adaptability and communication for transformation and growth?
  • ꩜ Where can I engage in diverse and dynamic exchanges to explore the intellectual mysteries within myself?
  • ꩜ What versatile skills, curiosities, and intellectual passions should I embrace and nurture during this lunar phase?

Unlocking the Gemini Sagittarius Polarity

At the crescendo of this lunar phase, we stand at the crossroads of the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini.

This celestial alignment marks a captivating interplay of energies, situated at opposite ends of the zodiacal spectrum, showcasing the dynamic polarity between these two signs. Much like the magnetic opposition of the Earth's poles, astrological polarities highlight the contrasting qualities inherent in each sign.

Within the Sagittarius-Gemini axis, a quest for knowledge and expansive exploration (embodied by Sagittarius) collides with the inquisitive, communicative spirit (symbolized by Gemini).This cosmic dance urges us to navigate the tension between the desire for broad horizons and the fascination with diverse, interconnected details.

As the Gemini Moon seeks intellectual variety, the Sagittarius Sun propels us toward overarching truths and philosophical exploration, creating a celestial paradox that sparks a lively interplay of ideas and perspectives.

Witch Tip: this polarity is all about finding balance between looking at the big picture (Sagittarius) and looking at the little picture (Gemini)!

Full Mourning Moon Correspondences

Amidst the quiet reflection that the Full Mourning Moon in November invites, this image captures the essence of natural correspondences that align with the lunar energy. Sprigs of lavender, with their calming scent and delicate purple flowers, lie in the foreground, a symbol of tranquility and cleansing. In the background, soft-focused hands work with green herbs, evoking the preparation of rituals or remedies, blending the physical with the spiritual under the moon's introspective glow.

For those drawn to the power of the Full Mourning Moon, I've curated a list to elevate your rituals and spiritual engagements. Both novices finding their lunar footing and seasoned practitioners will find these associations rich in exploration and inspiration.

Herbal & Resinous Allies

Incorporate the following herbs, barks, roots, essential oils, or even fruit into your practices to align with this Full Moon’s Energy:

  • ✺ Cedar
  • ✺ Vanilla
  • ✺ Mugwort
  • ✺ Common Sage
  • ✺ Peppermint 

Animals Allies & Agents of the Natural World

Harness the energies of these animal allies to connect with the tranquil energy of the Full Mourning Moon:

❅ Manatee:

Also known as sea cows, these creatures are generally slow-moving and gentle marine mammals. They are herbivores and are often seen peacefully grazing on aquatic plants.

Manatees are deeply connected to the life force that is the breath and they epitomize the importance of generosity, compassion, and the healing power of water. 

❅ Sloth:

A slow-moving, arboreal mammal native to Central and South America, sloths are known for their slow movements and a lifestyle that involves spending the majority of their time hanging upside down in trees.

Given the peaceful nature of this Full Moon the ally of the sloth seems a good fit for those who need to slow down and take a more deliberate approach to life.

❅ Capybara:

Is the largest rodent in the world and is native to South America. Capybaras are semi aquatic mammals that are well-adapted to a variety of habitats, including grassy plains, savannas, and dense forests.

They are known for their social behavior and are often found in groups. This large rodent renown for its chill behavior teaches us to go with the flow and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Tarot & Runes: Guidance for the Full Mourning Moon

In this tranquil composition, the spiritual tools of introspection are laid out under the Mourning Moon's gaze. A bundle of lavender, synonymous with peace and purification, accompanies a spread of dark, ornate rune cards, each bearing ancient symbols. The cards, arrayed with intention, suggest the practice of seeking guidance, while the lavender's calming presence invokes a serene atmosphere, inviting a reflective pause in the ritual of divination during the Full Mourning Moon.

For this Full Moon, I've handpicked tarot cards and runes just for you. After personally casting and shuffling, I've tuned into our shared energy to bring insights for this special lunar phase. Dive in and find your clarity.


ᛁ Isa:

Represented by the "ᛁ" symbol, is the rune of ice. It signifies stillness, patience, and the unavoidable aspects of life. Isa prompts a moment of contemplation, urging acceptance of the natural order.

Like gazing into an icy mirror, Isa suggests a time for inner reflection, acknowledging that in stillness, clarity and insights can emerge.

ᚹ Wunjo:

Wunjo, symbolized by the "ᚹ" symbol, is the rune associated with joy and harmony. It embodies the essence of happiness, shared bliss, and the fulfillment of desires. Wunjo encourages an appreciation of positive outcomes and the joy that can be found in both personal and interpersonal experiences.

Like basking in the warmth of shared joy, Wunjo signifies a time of harmony, contentment, and the realization that fulfillment can be achieved through connection and positive interactions.

ᛏ Tiwaz: 

Symbolized by the "ᛏ" symbol, Tiwaz is the rune associated with themes of victory, honor, and justice. It embodies the essence of strength, leadership, and the pursuit of righteous goals. Tiwaz encourages a commitment to principles and a focus on upholding fairness and integrity.

Like standing on a firm pillar of justice, Tiwaz signifies a time of personal strength, leadership, and the understanding that victory can be achieved through honorable actions and dedication to noble causes.


The World:

Signifies the culmination of a journey, representing a state of harmony and accomplishment.

This card suggests that you have reached a significant milestone, and now is the time to celebrate your achievements, recognizing the interconnectedness of all elements in your life.

It encourages you to embrace the unity of your experiences and acknowledge the cycles of growth and transformation.

Eight of Pentacles:

Represents a time of focused work and continuous improvement, where the journey itself becomes as significant as the end result.

The Eight of Pentacles encourages a dedicated and disciplined approach to your endeavors, emphasizing the value of honing your skills and striving for excellence in your pursuits.

Nine of Cups:

This card is often referred to as the 'Wish Fulfillment' card, symbolizing emotional satisfaction, fulfillment, and a sense of abundance. It signifies the attainment of desires, suggesting a time of joy and emotional well-being.

The Nine of Cups encourages you to savor the positive aspects of life, appreciate the fulfillment of your wishes, and take a moment to revel in the emotional richness that surrounds you. It represents a state of contentment and emotional prosperity.


Balance the elements of Water 🜄 during this period.

Colors for the Mourning Moon

Work with some of the following colors in your practices to resonate with the Full Moon:

  • ꩜ Dark Brown 
  • ꩜ Grey
  • ꩜ Purple
  • ꩜ Black
  • ꩜ Sage Green 
  • ꩜ White 

Crystals for the Mourning Moon

Engage with and utilize some of the following transformative and healing crystals inspired by the calming and reflective energy of the Mourning Moon. 

  • ꩜ Blue Fluorite: for clear thinking 
  • ꩜ Gray Agate: for gentle balance
  • ꩜ White Calcite: for soul healing 
  • ꩜ Trolleite: for a flowing calmness

Body Parts for Physical Workings

If you are looking to connect deeper with your body under this Full Mourning Moon in Gemini, the twins correspond to the following body parts with a focus on the faculties and sensitivities present within our arms, hands, and respiratory system:

  • ✺ Hands 
  • ✺ Arms 
  • ✺ Lungs 

Deities & Spirits for the Full Mourning Moon

the Cailleach, the divine hag of Gaelic tradition. Swathed in a cloak with a severe yet wise expression, she embodies the crone aspect of the Triple Goddess, representing the winter season. Her gaze is intense and knowing, suggesting a deep connection with the cycles of nature and the transformative power of the Full Mourning Moon. The runes on her garment imply a mastery over ancient wisdom, fitting for the Mourning Moon's themes of reflection and transition.

"Cailleach" Illustration by John Duncan in Wonder Tales from Scottish Myth and Legend (1917)

Come meet the deities and spirits who preside over the threshold between Fall and Winter.

❅ Hel:

Born of Loki, the trickster god, and the giantess Angrboða, Hel—whose name translates to "Hidden"—reigns as the Norse goddess of death.

She presides over the land of Helheim, one of the nine realms nestled deep within the ancient and twisted roots of Yggdrasil, the Cosmic Tree.

❅ Cailleach:

Also known as the "Cailleach Beira" in Scottish and Irish mythology. She is often regarded as a divine hag or crone, symbolizing winter, and is both a creator and destroyer of landscapes.

Cailleach is often linked to the changing of the seasons, particularly the harshness of winter, and she is believed to be a guardian of the natural world's cycles and rhythms.

❅ Skaði:

A Norse giantess and a figure in Norse mythology. She is often associated with winter, mountains, and skiing.

Skadi is best known for her marriage to the sea god Njord, and her story is often told in connection with the Æsir-Vanir war.

❅ Banshee:

The Banshee is a supernatural being in Irish folklore, often depicted as a female spirit who foretells death through mournful wailing.

Her appearance and cries are believed to serve as warnings of impending death within a family. Some Banshees are purported to watch over musicians feeling attracted to their melodic songs.

3 Mourning Moon Activities

Captured in this image is a quaint scene of daily life, resonating with the grounding energy of the Mourning Moon. Lines of laundry stretch across an urban backdrop, with an array of garments in various hues drying in the open air. The assortment of clothing, swaying gently above the rustic stairway, mirrors life's simple rhythms and the Full Moon's call for reflection on the domestic front. It's a snapshot of preparation and cleansing, symbolic activities associated with the Mourning Moon, as we seek to clear the old and make way for the new.

Activities for the Full Mourning Moon will coincide with themes relating to Winter Preparation, grounding, introspection, and reflection. Feel free to try out any of these practices to enrich your Full Moon experience:

  1. Home Protection and Blessings: This would be a good time to lock down and protect your home from any negative influences before going into the Winter season, conversely it would also be beneficial to bless your home and invite in something new and fresh. 
  2. Winter Prep Organization and Clean-Out: Maybe not the most glamorous of magical activities but moving stagnant energy out of your home by donating old things and organizing what you have may just be the reset you need to prepare for Winter. 
  3. Runic Meditation: Explore the runes from my blog and discover the benefits of runic meditation. It's a straightforward practice where you focus on individual runes, each representing energies like acceptance, harmony or honor. This meditation helps you connect with the specific energies you feel called to work with.

Full Moon Wrap-Up 

As the Mourning Moon's cycle peaks, the frost-kissed landscape captures the essence of November's introspective spirit. This image, with its rural homes nestled behind a veil of icy branches and grasses, tells of the natural world's quiet slumber. The contrast of the warm brown earth against the frost suggests the merging of autumn's end with winter's onset, reflecting the Mourning Moon's theme of transition and the deep stillness that invites us to reflect and prepare for the colder days ahead.

As the Full Mourning Moon rises, we are being called to embrace this period and usher in a period of introspection, adaptability, and a harmonious balance as the seasons morph from gilded harvest of Fall to the serene silence of Winter. Every season offers a chance to grow and reflect. Use this time, dear reader, to navigate your path ahead.


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